Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 61

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Chapter 61


Translator: Mimi

Although Su Wenliang decided to let Bai Jingchen complete the task alone, in the end, he still followed Bai Jingchen to the valley, because the lingering sense of crisis in his heart made him worried.

This valley was not any different from other valleys.

There were several villages in the valley. The villagers were simple and honest, and they looked exceptionally tranquil and peaceful, without any abnormalities.

It was precisely because of this that this valley had been able to survive for so many years in the north territory of Rook Islet World, right under the Treasure Esteem Sect’s nose, which was the female cultivation sect where the female protagonist was staying, but few people have discovered the bizarre secret in it.

The reason why Su Wenliang chose this place as the training location was also because this task had always been unoccupied in the Heaven Spread Sect. The task’s reward was small, and the information provided was specious, so no one was willing to come over.

In the plot, when the female protagonist took the Core Formation stage’s male protagonist out to train, she casually chose this task. In the end, both of them almost died here. But because of this, Bai Jingchen got a great opportunity, and his cultivation base increased dramatically. His cultivation base rose from the early-stage of Core Formation to the late-stage of Core Formation.

Generally speaking, it was extremely difficult for cultivators in the Core Formation stage to advance. It took over a hundred years for ordinary cultivators to advance a level. However, the male protagonist directly crossed two levels, which was enough to prove the depth of the opportunity here.

Su Wenliang walked down the mountain with Bai Jingchen and passed the village. Here was very close to the Treasure Esteem Sect. As long as you cross a narrow mountain road, the Treasure Esteem Sect would be within sight, so a lot of cultivators were passing by here every year.

Thus the strangeness here was revealed.

There was once a man from a cultivation clan who took his servants to the Treasure Esteem Sect to marry the female cultivator he adored, but unexpectedly, on the way, this man suddenly disappeared.

The servants were shocked, and hurriedly counted the number of people, and found that except for the master, everyone else was still there. They were anxious and finally told this matter to the Treasure Esteem Sect and the clan.

The clan didn’t attach much importance to this man, so they delivered a task to the Heaven Spread Sect and ignored it.

Then the female cultivator of Treasure Esteem Sect, the female cultivator whom the missing man asked to marry, also disappeared on the third day after the man disappeared, leaving only a letter, which wrote: “This disciple is unfilial, can’t always accompany Master. I feel terrified, but Xuan Lang disappeared because of me, so I want to find him. I bid farewell.”

The female cultivator left, but she left a letter before leaving, so the people in the Treasure Esteem Sect didn’t care.

This matter seems to have been exposed in this way.

Little imagined, such a similar situation had happened numerous times, and the matter had been repeated from the distant past to today.

Before they knew it, they had entered the village, and Su Wenliang felt a chill in his heart almost instantly. The probing and peeping gazes from around him were like snakes that made people uneasy.

He frowned, as did Bai Jingchen, but for different reasons.

Su Wenliang used Yang Aohan’s appearance to show people outside, and Yang Aohan’s appearance was not bad, so he attracted the attention of many women in the village, most of them were beautiful young girls. Of course, with Yang Aohan’s look outside, and Su Wenliang’s inside, it seemed that in addition to the inherent pride, there was also some temperament and charm, so he also attracted the attention of many older women.

Their gaze was not appreciative, but evaluating and coveting.

Bai Jingchen immediately exploded. He fiercely glared at the woman with the most terrifying eyes. The woman unhappily rolled her eyes at him and shouted, “Sissy.”

Bai Jingchen, “......” ‘Master, can I kill her?

Su Wenliang didn’t pay attention to him. He walked straight to the only man here, the village chief, and said, “There is a snowstorm coming tonight. I and my junior-martial brother are going to the Treasure Esteem Sect on the other side of the mountain. I wonder if we can lodge for a night here?”

The village chief smacked his thick lips and said, “You can, please follow me.”

Su Wenliang said with a light smile, “Then, thank you for your trouble.”

The village chief ignored him. His eyes were hollow and muddy, and he looked like an extremely aged old man, but the deathly stillness in his eyes occasionally flashed, which made Su Wenliang’s heart tighten.

He had always been a courageous person, but thinking about the later progress of the plot and the current immersion, he felt like he was walking right into the trap step by step and experiencing horror movies himself.

Bai Jingchen followed behind him with a weary expression. This handsome man who looked like a flower was receiving hate and contempt from the women in the village, which made him lose some confidence in his appearance.

Most importantly, he hated the way those women looked at Su Wenliang. This was no longer pure admiration, but coveted him.

During these years when Bai Jingchen was aware of his own feelings, with the improvement of his cultivation base, the growth of knowledge, and the learning in dreams, so many things made his wisdom grow rapidly.

What followed was naturally the deepening of his feelings for Su Wenliang.

The desire for monopoly in his heart was getting stronger and stronger, and the gazes of these people were like daggers, falling on Su Wenliang’s body and piercing Bai Jingchen’s heart.

It took him a lot of effort to control his emotions from going berserk.

Su Wenliang was completely unaware of the entanglement in Bai Jingchen’s heart. He followed the village chief and was arranged by the village chief in a wooden house specially built for passers-by.

It was a little far away from most of the houses in the village. If one looked at it at night, one could hardly see the village’s situation.

The village chief said, “There are seven wooden houses here, and you two share one house. By the way, a few days ago, some fairies from the Treasure Esteem Sect came here to stay for a while and lived opposite you. Male-female different, I hope you will abide by the rules and don’t cross the line.”

The corner of Su Wenliang’s lips twitched, and he said with a smile, “Of course, thank you for your trouble, Village Chief.” Then, he handed over two low-grade spirit stones. The village chief nodded his head, turned around, and left.

His hunched back, amidst the white and dazzling snow, revealed a hazy and dead energy.

Su Wenliang turned his head expressionlessly and pushed open the door. The temperature here seemed to be a few degrees lower than outside, but it quickly heated up.

He looked at the burning firewood inside, and said to Bai Jingchen, “Go and put out all that firewood, you will stay in my room tonight.”

He looked at the firewood for a while, but he didn’t hear Bai Jingchen’s answer. In the past, no matter what he said, Bai Jingchen would immediately respond. What happened this time?

He turned his head to look at him with some doubts, but saw he didn’t follow in. He walked out with an unpleasant frown, and saw Bai Jingchen staring blankly at the female cultivator in red clothes standing at the opposite doorway.

The moment Su Wenliang saw the female cultivator clearly, he leaned against the door, and wrapped his hands around, as all the emotions in his eyes disappeared in an instant. He only thought of a sentence: the male protagonist and female protagonist finally met.

The female cultivator in red was the female protagonist Sikong Shang. Su Wenliang had met her several times, and a cultivator had an excellent memory, so even after more than ten years had passed, he still recognized the female protagonist at a glance.

The female protagonist seemed to have grown up a lot. She became taller, and her appearance looked mature. At this moment, her expression was indifferent and calm, and there was an ethereal temperament lingering all over her body. She was already extremely beautiful, and under the support of her temperament, her beauty was like a banished fairy, cold, solitary, and unattainable.

Su Wenliang thought that maybe because he changed the plot, the female protagonist seemed to be stronger and colder than in the plot. Her face was like an ice sculpture, with no expression at all, and it was almost a world apart from the gentle and kind woman in the plot.

Sikong Shang walked over, and when Su Wenliang thought she was going to fall in love with the male protagonist at first sight, he didn’t expect that she directly pass Bai Jingchen who was looking at her, and walked to Su Wenliang, and said in an indifferent voice, “Yang Aohan, why are you here?”

Su Wenliang was stunned, almost forgetting that his current appearance was Yang Aohan.

He raised his chin and said, “I brought my disciple here to do the task and learn through experience. What about you?”

Sikong Shang didn’t answer his question, but said, “Compared to more than ten years ago, you have changed a lot. Originally, I thought about going to the Heaven Spread Sect to find you in a few days, to conduct the double cultivation ceremony, but...judging by your current expression, it seems that it’s unnecessary.”

Su Wenliang, “......” ‘The double cultivation ceremony, what the hell is that!!! What is the rhythm of the female protagonist and the scumbag walking together!

Bai Jingchen, “......” ‘Master is mine!

Bai Jingchen threw all the indistinguishable emotions in his heart behind, and walked to Su Wenliang’s side, saying, “Master, who is this big sister?”

The corner of Su Wenliang’s eyes twitched, as he thought, ‘The female protagonist is not much older than you, what’s with such an address of “big sister”? What about your usual glib?

He said, “This is Sikong Shang, a female cultivator from the Treasure Esteem Sect. She met me a few times back then. Back then...” He sighed, although he didn’t know why he sighed, but sighing was just right, it was more than words.

So Bai Jingchen understood and suddenly realized.

Sikong Shang realized and smiled vaguely.

Su Wenliang continued, “This is my disciple, Bai Jingchen. Jingchen, this Sikong Shang is originally going to enter the Heaven Spread Sect and be accepted as a direct disciple by the sect master, but she ended up going to the Treasure Esteem Sect. So according to seniority, you should call her Junior-martial Aunt.”

Hearing this, Bai Jingchen smiled purely, and said, “Nice to meet you Junior-martial Aunt.”

Sikong Shang glanced at him indifferently, and said to Su Wenliang, “Since so, let’s leave it for now. As for the double cultivation ceremony's matter.” She said meaningfully, “It’s better to meet Uncle Yang and Sect Master to make a plan. See you later!”

After finished speaking, and making a pair of master and disciple in a mess, she turned around and left neatly.

Bai Jingchen silently stared at Su Wenliang’s face. Su Wenliang’s hair stood on end by his accusing and grievance eyes. He turned his head to him, his expression was indistinguishable, but his voice was full of unhappiness, as he said, “She is gone, what else to see? You go extinguish the fire, to save the firewood, and then take out the control temperature magic tool, the room is very cold.”

When Bai Jingchen heard him say cold, he immediately finished his order swiftly.

He sat on the stool and looked at Su Wenliang sitting on the bed, and then asked cautiously, “Yang Aohan and that Sikong Shang have a relationship as a future double cultivation Dao companion. Master, you kill Yang Aohan. Are you going to keep disguising yourself as him?”

Su Wenliang closed his eyes and said, “Yang Aohan is not dead. His soul is still there, but I destroyed his physical body. I will borrow his identity temporarily. When the matter between you and me is over, I will reshape a body for him, and then you will be able to handle your relationship with him.”

Bai Jingchen was helpless, so he didn’t speak again.

He stared at the female cultivator Sikong Shang because he found that this female cultivator was the female master whose face he couldn’t see clearly in his dream, so he was a little dazed.

He always thought it was strange, because he had never seen her in the Heaven Spread Sect, and he thought it was a character he created randomly in his dream, but he didn’t expect this person should have been in the Heaven Spread Sect. If this was the case, then she was his master in the dream, there was no doubt about it.

Bai Jingchen knew that he in the dream liked his master, Sikong Shang.

But in the real world, after seeing Sikong Shang, he didn’t feel the throbbing feelings in his heart at all. He just felt a little stunned and thought, ‘So there really is such a person.’

As for the double cultivation ceremony she mentioned, it had nothing to do with Su Wenliang. Even if it had something to do with Su Wenliang, he would get in the way and obstruct the progress between them!

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