Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 57

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Chapter 57


Translator: Mimi

After Bai Jingchen bid farewell to Jiang Yanbei and Shangguan Jin, he flew with his sword towards the biggest fork in the road near to White Horse City.

As early as the night of full moon more than half a month ago, he made an appointment with Su Wenliang. They would meet here after he settled all the matters at hand and bid farewell to the friends he met during this trip to White Horse City.

When Bai Jingchen quickly rushed here, he saw Su Wenliang leaning against a tree. Under the shade of sunlight, his expression was quite tranquil, and his narrow and deep eyes were quietly looking into the distance.

A hint of infatuate and reminisce flashed in Bai Jingchen’s eyes.

They spent little time together in the past three years, which made Bai Jingchen a little regretful.

Obviously, when they were in the Aohan Peak of Heaven Spread Sect, the two of them looked at each other with disgust, and only maintained a superficial master-disciple relationship.

But today, a few years later, he had completely fallen and seemed to be unable to leave him anymore.

Bai Jingchen thought that fortunately, there was a Double Cultivation on the night of full moon every month, so that they could meet, otherwise it would be difficult to meet Su Wenliang.

He gazed at Su Wenliang in the crowd, until his cold eyes glanced over. Bai Jingchen suddenly sighed in his heart and then walked over with a warm smile on his face.

He walked to the front of Su Wenliang and stood still. He said in a gentle voice, “Sorry for late and trouble Master to wait for a long time.”

Su Wenliang looked at him with a quite indifferent expression. He had already noticed Bai Jingchen’s arrival when he was thinking about the next training arrangement. After all, they had been interacting for many years and had physical contact every month. So he was very familiar with Bai Jingchen’s aura.

He waited here, thinking that this person would come over soon, so he didn’t take the initiative to call him. But he didn’t expect him to stand by for so long without moving, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Su Wenliang’s eyes sized Bai Jingchen unobtrusively, with a somewhat dazed and surprised expression.

They hadn’t seen each other during the day for a long time. To be precise, they had hardly met except for physical contact.

But at this time, beside the road with such bright light, he really saw Bai Jingchen’s current appearance clearly.

He had changed a lot. Su Wenliang sighed in his heart.

This change was not only an improvement in cultivation base but also a change in his appearance and temperament.

He was already beautiful before, but now he was even more gorgeous, with a bit of stern and gentle temperament, making his beauty even more luminous and charming, making it difficult for people’s eyes to move away from him.

Su Wenliang turned his head with some difficulty, and said in a slightly low voice, “You’re not late, I just arrived too. Have all your affairs been settled?”

“Yes, Master, it’s all settled.”

“Good, let’s go.”

Su Wenliang took out the flying magic tool from his mustard space and flew towards the east territory of Rook Islet World.

After five or six days of flying, they arrived in a remote cultivation city.

Bai Jingchen said nothing along the way, and just flew behind Su Wenliang. He didn’t know what Su Wenliang’s next plan and arrangement was, but he sincerely believed him.

This remote cultivation city looked extremely desolate, saying that it was a city was actually praising it, because it didn’t look much bigger than a village.

Bai Jingchen glanced at the almost ruined city gate. When he saw Su Wenliang walked in with an expressionless face, he followed him into the city.

He looked at the sparse crowd on the street and the surrounding houses that seemed to be made of bricks, and his puzzlement deepened. He could feel that the spiritual energy here was extremely thin, and it was not a good place for cultivation, so he didn’t understand Su Wenliang’s plan.

He had doubts in his heart, but he didn’t express it out, and just followed behind Su Wenliang obediently. He saw Su Wenliang chose a fairly clean inn, booked a room, and stayed in.

They rushed all the way, so Bai Jingchen was a little tired. It was late now, and it was not suitable for moving at night, so Su Wenliang said that he would stay here for a night, and the rest would be discussed tomorrow.

After the two of them took a bath, they began to discuss the matter.

Before Bai Jingchen came, he knew nothing about Su Wenliang’s plan, so he just listened quietly.

Su Wenliang said, “In the next few days, a great opportunity will appear here. I don’t know what it is. It’s just that this opportunity has some relationship with you, and that’s why I brought you here.”

When Bai Jingchen heard this, he nodded to show that he understood. Su Wenliang continued, “I want you to get this opportunity. This is your training task during this period. This time, since the process will be somewhat dangerous, I will go with you. All you have to do is to cooperate with me, and take care of your own life. Don’t die.”

Bai Jingchen was stunned. He rarely heard Su Wenliang say such a thing, and he knew that Su Wenliang would never exaggerate the facts, so the danger he said was really dangerous, even life-threatening.

After realizing this, Bai Jingchen suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly said, “Since Master said that this opportunity has some relationship with me, the chance of me getting it is very high. So there is no need for Master to go with me. If I encounter danger, I will crush the jade talisman to seek Master’s help.”

Su Wenliang frowned, and said displeasedly, “Do as I said, I don’t want you to die inside. You don’t practice today and take a rest for a day. First nourish your mental, rest and recuperate, then I will take you to that place.”

Bai Jingchen was anxious in his heart. He heard the meaning of Su Wenliang’s words. It seemed that this opportunity was accompanied by a great threat, even taking his own life, and Su Wenliang would follow him to take risks.

Bai Jingchen suddenly didn’t want such an opportunity. After all, Su Wenliang was pregnant with his child. It would be bad if something happened.

So, Bai Jingchen pretended to be scared and said, “Master, since so, then let’s go back. I feel that my strength is not enough to get that opportunity, let alone...”

He gritted his teeth and whispered, “I don’t want to die, Master...”

Before he could finish his sentence, Su Wenliang threw an immobile talisman impatiently, and he was fixed there. He couldn’t move his body, let alone talk.

Su Wenliang had no patience, so he didn’t talk nonsense with him. The things he decided would never change easily, and he was determined to win this opportunity.

As for Bai Jingchen, who suddenly became greedy for life and afraid of death, Su Wenliang sneered. When did he have the right to speak in front of him?

Su Wenliang sat on the bed, seeing Bai Jingchen standing there particularly funny, he turned his eyes away, and began to recall the plot.

The reason why he came to this remote city was because it was vaguely mentioned in the plot that near this place, an Immortal’s Cave of a powerful cultivator who had gone to the higher realm to cultivate was about to suddenly appear.

The reason why it was vague meant that this matter had little to do with Bai Jingchen in this period. It was not until Bai Jingchen became a Core Formation cultivator that he accidentally got a picture scroll mustard space in this opportunity during his training outside.

Although this thing belonged to Bai Jingchen in the novel, the current plot had long been altered. Su Wenliang knew that this mustard space was extremely important for Bai Jingchen’s future growth, so naturally he didn’t want to let Bai Jingchen miss it.

Therefore, when they went out to train outside this time, he simply brought Bai Jingchen to the place where the incident happened, to get the picture scroll mustard space from the beginning, saving the time and effort.

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