Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 55

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Chapter 55


Translator: Mimi

This dream was a continuation of the previous one. The last time his dream ended was when he was practicing on the mountain.

But this time in the dream, what Bai Jingchen saw was his another self five years later. He was nearly thirty-four years old, and his cultivation base was at the peak of the early-stage Foundation Building.

The moment he entered the dream, he saw he was practicing sword.

His dream self was wearing a light blue robe, which looked exquisite in workmanship. He had never worn such fine-quality clothes.

Wearing this robe, with a gentle smile on his face, red lips and white teeth, his face was like jade, and he looked exceptionally gentle and handsome. Even he himself was almost dumbfounded when he saw it.

When he practiced his sword, his figure was flexible and elegant. In the mountains of falling flowers, together with the flying petals, he was unrestrained and flamboyant.

In the pavilion near to him, there was a female cultivator wearing a long white dress. She was still a woman whose appearance couldn’t be seen clearly, but Bai Jingchen intuitively felt that this female cultivator was his master in the dream. At this moment, she was looking at himself who was practicing his sword, and she seemed to be very focused and serious.

Bai Jingchen followed her sight, looked over, and saw him dancing with a sword, and he, who was full of gentle and elegant temperament, perfectly integrated with the beautiful scenery of the mountains, like a fine picture scroll, making people intoxicated unconsciously.

Bai Jingchen watched silently, but a kind of emotion rose in his heart. This person obviously had the same face as him, but because his temperament had undergone earth-shaking changes, the attractiveness he brought was also extremely astonishing.

Looking at himself like this, Bai Jingchen obviously felt as if he was experiencing all of this himself, but he completely couldn't control his action, and could only follow himself in the dream, doing strange and useless things one after another.

Bai Jingchen’s face was a little strange, and he naturally knew why he became like this in the dream.

Because in this dream, his master was not Yang Aohan who was making trouble for himself everywhere, but a female cultivator with a vague face who “save him from fire and water”.

In this dream, there was neither the lord of Devil Palace Liang Wensu, nor his master Su Wenliang. The dream seemed to have bent from here, and the turning point of fate was the night when he rescued Su Wenliang.

Thinking of this, Bai Jingchen’s expression suddenly shook. He firmly recorded this matter in his heart and planned to think about it carefully later.

He once again set his sights on this gentle self. Under the influence of this female master, he in the dream changed his style, either due to learn or due to curry favor with her.

He began to pick up and recite secular world books such as the Four Books and Five Classics of Confucianism. When he was practicing, he would deliberately pay attention to his moves. Even at night, he would occasionally practice smiling at the pond water...

Just like that, another five years of peace passed, and some secret things seemed to be deleted in the middle, so that Bai Jingchen felt that the dream this time was somewhat skipped up. He didn’t know why he had such a dream after the Double Cultivation, and he didn’t know the law of dreaming things, so he could only accept this dream.

Therefore, he couldn’t think about why many details were missing, and he couldn’t understand it. He only knew that in this dream, his dream self gradually became an elegant young man.

Bai Jingchen watched his transformation step by step, thinking of the real him in reality, a man who was almost not bother about trifles, slovenly in dress and manner, and didn’t care about his own image, he couldn’t help laughing when comparing the two.

In reality, he didn’t have time for those strange things.

Because his master was Su Wenliang, the teaching he arranged was tight and strict, so that he had no time to pay attention to his appearance and image.

Precisely because most of his energy was spent on cultivation, his cultivation base was rapidly improving, but he became more and more taciturn.

When Bai Jingchen experienced the dream, he unconsciously compared himself with him in the dream, and he saw the changes brought to his life after he put on this gentle mask.

He attracted his master’s attention, so that her gaze unconsciously fell on him more. The female disciples accepted him, and he befriended the male disciples, so he gradually gained many friends in the Heaven Spread Sect. When he went outside to learn through experience, because of his appearance and his seemingly extremely good-natured and gentle personality, he attracted many cultivators to take the initiative to cooperate with him and help each other.

Bai Jingchen suddenly understood a truth, that was sometimes it was necessary to disguise oneself properly.

Although he could see that his elegant actions in the dream were sincere, but the current Bai Jingchen, no matter what, couldn’t achieve the purity in the dream.

So he simply planned to disguise himself in this way to gain more advantages and benefits for himself.

Most importantly, he once saw Su Wenliang looking at his face in a daze. He knew he was good-looking, but he had always disliked his appearance.

This dislike reached its peak after Su Wenliang did the deed and ran away for the first time.

However, now he began to rejoice. He wanted to win Su Wenliang’s favor and wouldn’t make him angry anymore, so he had to start little by little.

His appearance itself was also a kind of resource and capital, which he had ignored before, or even deliberately forgotten.

But this time, he intended to change slowly, not seeking to achieve the true in the dream, but at least, to get some effect.

After Bai Jingchen made such a decision, he continued to observe and learn.

In the dream, he was learning the mortal’s knowledge, and even bought all the records of the preliminary round of imperial examinations to study again. He also learned it in the Bai clan, because the Bai clan’s upbringing was strict, and every child must at least be graceful, so besides appearance, the most important thing was temperament.

Learning the mortal’s knowledge could broaden their horizons and cultivate their temperament, so in the Bai clan, every child must go to school from the age of four.

Bai Jingchen also went to school when he was young, but because the first mother didn’t like it, he had to suspend his studies after only one year of learning.

But at this moment, he started to learn again in the dream, and Bai Jingchen helplessly followed suit.

The passage of time in the dream seems to differ completely from the outside world. Unknowingly, he had learned countless books and felt that his vision had become more open and his mind had become much broader. He used to only know that he need to improve his cultivation base, but he had neglected this aspect of learning.

After he finally finished learning, he truly felt that the influence of mortal’s knowledge on him almost brought earth-shaking changes. Not only that, he deliberately paid attention to his own image, and after getting used to it, he actually skillfully put on a gentle mask...

When someone woke him up, there was still a deep dazed look in his eyes. He blinked his eyes in confusion, and saw Su Wenliang squatting in front of him, already dressed neatly. Seeing that he was awake, Su Wenliang stood up, and took a few steps back, standing at a relatively far distance.

Su Wenliang lowered his eyes to look at him. There was an unclear emotion in his eyes, which seemed to be confusion and evaluation.

Bai Jingchen knew Su Wenliang woke him up. Thinking of the dream after this Double Cultivation, although he didn’t see more, this dream taught him a lot, and his wisdom also changed drastically. He could even hide all his emotions perfectly.

Bai Jingchen smiled lightly and said, “This disciple has trouble Master to wake me up. Please wait a moment, let me put on clothes.”

He stood up, and under Su Wenliang’s expressionless gaze, he put on his clothes calmly one by one.

After putting on the last piece of clothes, he said with a soft smile on his face, “What else is Master’s order? If there is nothing else, please allow this disciple to leave first.”

Hearing this, Su Wenliang frowned and said, “Where are you going, and what are you going to do?”

Bai Jingchen said gently, “Master ordered this disciple to work hard to improve his cultivation base in the next three years. I must seize the time to practice.”

Su Wenliang sneered when he heard this, and said, “I don’t know when you became so conscious and diligent. I won’t pursue the matter of your going to Siye Pavilion last time, but yesterday morning, why did you go to Siye Pavilion?”

Bai Jingchen said, “I have something important to inquire.”

“Oh.” Su Wenliang raised his voice, and then said coldly, “I seriously warn you here, don’t investigate any information about me. We are just in a benefit relationship, I teach you, and you Double Cultivated with me. Don’t make any small moves and don’t think about revealing my true identity to the public. Do you understand?”

Bai Jingchen stared at him closely, until Su Wenliang couldn’t restrain himself and wanted to turn his head away, before Bai Jingchen lowered his head as if nothing had happened, and said humbly, “Yes, this disciple understands. The next time I want to go to Siye Pavilion, I will definitely invite Master to accompany me.”

Su Wenliang was blocked by his words, but his heart became even more disturbed. He glanced at Bai Jingchen, then turned around and left quickly.

He returned to the Immortal’s Cave, sat on the white jade lotus seat, and thought the affectionate and lingering feeling last night must be his own illusion. Bai Jingchen was a straight man who couldn’t be straighter, and he himself was even more so. There would be no result between them. His care and friendliness to Bai Jingchen was just out of mission requirements.

They didn’t need a deeper relationship. Su Wenliang pursed his lips and thought with a displeased face, trying his best to ignore the inexplicable emotions in his heart. He didn’t need, so he didn’t have to figure it all out.

After seeing Su Wenliang leave, Bai Jingchen unconsciously mocked himself and smiled wryly, and said in his heart, ‘Look, this is Su Wenliang’s reaction. He is always monitoring me, for one reason or another. Now he doesn’t know that I admire him, but he has already warned me to keep my distance.’

Therefore, it was right for him to choose concealed this matter. Bai Jingchen let out a long sigh and walked down the mountain.

He still had to stay in White Horse City for three years. During this time, he should work hard to grow up first.

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