Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 54 (M)

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Chapter 54 (M)


Translator: Mimi

Bai Jingchen leaned against the tree as his eyes closed slightly. The cool wind blew by, and he suddenly saw a dream at this moment.

That was what he would see every time after he did the Double Cultivation with Su Wenliang, himself who lived in a different way.

He saw himself followed that female cultivator with a vague face for five years, learning what the Qi Refining disciple had to learn.

This female master, when teaching him, the method could be said to be gentle. She taught a lot of things every day. At the beginning, she taught him the cultivation world’s knowledge. She always said that if he wanted to improve his cultivation base, just practiced was not enough. The first thing to do was to understand this world.

Thus, she spent several months introducing Rook Islet World and the cultivation world.

Then, it took another half a year to teach him learning the basic level knowledge again. She wanted him to lay a solid foundation, so she was extra careful when explaining, and didn’t talk too much every day.

It was only in the next year, she began to teach him cultivation.

They spend most of their time practicing in a mountain with beautiful scenery, but there were always a few months every year where they conducted actual combat training in the training place at the back mountain of Heaven Spread Sect.

Himself in the dream, because of having a female master, became completely different from his current self, and even began to pay attention to his own elegance.

The most important thing was that Bai Jingchen would see Yang Aohan in this extremely long dream.

He had a deep impression of Yang Aohan.

Because he previously almost died in Yang Aohan’s hands.

At that time, he was looking down at him with an aloof appearance. The disdain in his eyes couldn’t be mistaken.

Bai Jingchen expressionlessly looked at his dream self was dealt with by Yang Aohan in various ways. He had resentment in his heart, but he never showed it. He learned to hide his emotions more and more.

Bai Jingchen couldn’t say how he felt in his heart.

He knew Su Wenliang occupied Yang Aohan’s identity, and for a part of the time, he would show people Yang Aohan’s unruly appearance.

But, he knew it wasn’t.

Su Wenliang didn’t appear in the dream, and everything went according to a very common rhythm.

Bai Jingchen recalled those scenes. Although he felt that during those five years, his cultivation base hadn’t improved, and his mental state seemed to remain stagnant, with no progress.

But what the female cultivator taught was at least partially useful.

Bai Jingchen slowly closed his eyes, wondering, what would he dream of this time Double Cultivation?

He didn’t know what kind of expression he would use to face Su Wenliang when he saw him.

He sat quietly, as the thoughts in his mind were spinning slowly. The waiting time was too long and hard to bear, and he even began to recall the cultivation knowledge he had seen in his dream.

When Su Wenliang arrived outside White Horse City at night, he saw Bai Jingchen sitting under the tree.

He frowned and jumped off his flying magic tool. He walked over, and saw Bai Jingchen with his eyes closed, under the faint moonlight, his exquisite and beautiful face carried a kind of peace and serenity.

Su Wenliang rarely saw him like this, so his heart was a little shaken. He came from modern times and had seen many beauties of all kinds, but there had never been a single person who could compare to Bai Jingchen’s beauty.

His heart suddenly skipped a beat. He explained to himself that it must be because of Bai Jingchen’s high attractiveness index that could cause disaster to the country. Everyone had a love for beauty, let alone a beautiful man like Bai Jingchen, who would be more beautiful and was known by everyone as the most beautiful man in Rook Islet World later on.

Su Wenliang explained so for himself, while slightly narrowing his eyes, and then walked over and raised his foot to kick Bai Jingchen’s leg. Bai Jingchen immediately opened his eyes and looked over. His eyes were flickering brightly. He didn’t look like a person who had just woken up.

Seeing that it was Su Wenliang who came, Bai Jingchen lowered his eyes, and said without people could hear the emotion in his voice, “Master, you are here.”

Su Wenliang replied “yeah” without caring and said, “Since you haven’t slept, then follow me.”

“Yes, Master.”

Su Wenliang turned around and jumped on his flying magic tool alone, while Bai Jingchen flew with his sword, and followed closely behind him to the deep mountain of White Horse Mountain.

Su Wenliang didn’t go to the Immortal’s Cave he opened up, because Double Cultivation in the Immortal’s Cave would obscure the moonlight, so Su Wenliang changed the location. When he went to White Horse City to pick up Bai Jingchen, he first found a suitable place. That was on the top of the mountain where he opened up the Immortal’s Cave.

They landed on the top of the rocky mountain. Su Wenliang slammed his palm on the ground and immediately opened up a flat ground.

Su Wenliang took out a mansion treasure tool from his mustard space, threw it on the open ground, and it immediately formed a courtyard mansion.

He walked over and put a restriction on the gate, while Bai Jingchen followed behind him, staring at his abdomen when he was not paying attention.

Su Wenliang entered the courtyard. Such a treasure tool had little effect, but the environment was very good, and there was also the ground. He came to the courtyard full of flowers and plants and looked up at the full moon above his head.

Before he came this time, Liangchen had already fallen asleep, and to be safe, he even arranged a corresponding barrier on his abdomen to ensure that when he and Bai Jingchen Double Cultivated, the unborn Liangchen wouldn’t see it.

Su Wenliang injected his spiritual energy into the Erotic Flower in his palm. When the black flower appeared, he suddenly thought of the previous scene, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He walked to the garden and sat down. He looked up and saw Bai Jingchen stood aside seemed somewhat at a loss to know what to do, so he said impatiently, “Come here.”

Bai Jingchen walked over with a flushed face, and when the familiar sweet fragrance appeared, his body reacted almost instantly.

He walked to Su Wenliang and sat down. His body was extremely stiff, even more than the last time.

Seeing that he hadn’t moved for a long time, Su Wenliang turned his head to glance at him. He naturally could tell at a glance that this man was already lustful, but he didn’t know why he hadn’t pounced on him yet.

Su Wenliang waited for a while, and saw that Bai Jingchen still didn’t act, so he directly pushed Bai Jingchen down.

The four eyes met, and under the bright moonlight, he could clearly see Bai Jingchen below him, including his extremely long and thick eyelashes, his high and slightly delicate nose bridge, his red lips, and the bashful blush on his cheeks.

Su Wenliang himself was hot all over at this moment, and seeing that this person looked so beautiful, his heart couldn’t help stirring.

He leaned over to kiss down, and without too much foreplay, he directly kissed Bai Jingchen’s neck. At this moment, his brain was clear, and his senses were concentrated on the parts of their bodies that were close together.

He could clearly feel the hot and stiffness of the person under him, but just kissing like this, he suddenly didn’t know what to do, so he stopped, as his eyes fell on Bai Jingchen’s slightly trembling eyes.

He was a little vexed, and his body was clamoring for release, but he basically didn’t know how to proceed.

Not that he didn’t know what to do between two men, but because he still couldn’t seem to pass the threshold in his heart. He was a little confused. His heart clearly wished it, but he was strangely awake, and seemed to say no.

Every time they did it before, it was Bai Jingchen who took the initiative, so he was not fully proficient and unfamiliar with this kind of thing.

He sighed and turned over from Bai Jingchen and lay on the lawn beside him, looking at the full moon in a daze.

He didn’t know how long such a day would last...

But at this moment, the man beside him approached. He didn’t press up directly, but leaned his body, leaned in front of him, and slowly blocked his sight.

Su Wenliang closed his eyes, compromising, and a hot breath sprayed on his face, carrying a distinct masculine breath that couldn’t be mistaken.

Immediately after, the soft lips pressed against his lips. The temperature was hot and Su Wenliang felt the numbness and pleasure from where their lips touched.

He originally pursed his lips tightly to suppress his desire, but when Bai Jingchen kissed him patiently, he unknowingly relaxed his mouth. A hot tongue that didn’t belong to him opened his jaw and rushed in.

This was a kiss in the true sense, but it had a completely different feeling from the previous kiss. The previous kiss was passionate and rush with a pure desire to vent.

But this time the kiss was especially lingering, as if the two of them were really lovers, so there was this illusion that he seemed to be cherished by Bai Jingchen.

Their lips and tongues were hooked, and the tip of Bai Jingchen’s tongue lightly licked. At first, there was some restraint, but later, everything came naturally, a soft and powerful kiss, tender and lingering.

Bai Jingchen’s movements today were particularly gentle. Everything was like a slow-motion movie, and the rhythm became extremely slow. The caressing movements, the speed of expansion, the force of entering...

All the steps were the same as before. But this time, although they did it all night, they didn’t do it many times.

When Su Wenliang reached the ultimate peak, his misty eyes watched the swaying of the person on his body.

The hair strands scattered on the man’s body and fell on his chest. His cheeks were covered by black hair, and his face could hardly be seen, but Su Wenliang could feel that this time, Bai Jingchen seemed to be carefully observing him the whole time. If he frowned, Bai Jingchen’s movements would stop immediately. If he felt comfortable, Bai Jingchen would tentatively tease him again.

This feeling of being concerned and taken care of throughout the whole process was great, and the process was very wonderful.

His lips were kissed again, and all his muffled sounds were swallowed by Bai Jingchen, leaving nothing behind.

Bai Jingchen was too quiet today. He didn’t say a word or make a sound all night. He just held him tighter with both hands and wrapped him tighter with his body. After each slow entry, he always entered the deepest part of his body...

A night passed.

Su Wenliang was hugged and lay on Bai Jingchen’s body. The two of them overlapped and stuck together. When they made the last release, Su Wenliang looked up and saw the first light of the dawn.

His lips were already red and numb, and there was a tingling pleasure in that part of his lower body. When Bai Jingchen finally left his body, he was so sleepy that he didn’t even want to move a finger.

He saw Bai Jingchen closed his eyes. After venting, he would always fall asleep for a while.

The morning sun shone on his face, making his slightly indolent cheeks look as perfect and beautiful as a celestial being.

Su Wenliang moved his body, but found that Bai Jingchen hugged him tightly. Even if Bai Jingchen had fallen asleep, he still hugged him tightly, as if he was afraid that he would escape from him.

Su Wenliang moved a few times and then stopped. He was too tired and wanted to rest for a while. Although Bai Jingchen’s body was hard, compared to the hard and cold ground, he was warm and soft.

His body was exhausted to the extreme, and so was his mind. He powerlessly fell asleep.

Bai Jingchen only opened his eyes after a long time.

Only at this time did he dare to look at him like this. Su Wenliang fell asleep leaned on his shoulder.

At the exposed half of his face, one could see the frowning between his eyebrows and his red and swollen lips. His face was slightly sweaty, his skin was fair, and under such a display, he actually looked a little frail.

Bai Jingchen couldn’t help kissing his cheek, the tip of his nose to the side of his face, to the space between his eyebrows, and to his chin...nothing was missed.

He wanted to hold him in the tip of his heart and cherish him, but he didn’t dare to show it too much. Su Wenliang was too smart and keen. If he did too much, it would only make Su Wenliang realize this. He didn’t dare to imagine Su Wenliang’s expression and attitude afterwards. He might be angry and indignant, and even leave far away.

He knew Su Wenliang, he actually hated himself, but he had no choice but to establish such an almost abnormality and strange relationship with him.

Bai Jingchen sighed in his heart and then dropped a gentle as feather kiss on Su Wenliang’s face.

He was setting his mind on him, and at this moment, he was pouring all his heart and soul into him.

Even if Su Wenliang didn’t care, even if Su Wenliang didn’t know.

But, that was okay, as long as they were still together...

Bai Jingchen sucked Su Wenliang’s lips lightly, then looked up at the sky and closed his eyes.

He fell into a familiar dream. As always, the owner of the dream was himself.

The last time, he saw a dream that lasted for five years, and every bit seemed to be experienced by himself. This time, he wanted to see more about his other future...

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