Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 53

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Chapter 53


Translator: Mimi

The bamboo slip that fell on the floor automatically extended. It was written:

The Love Snake Parasite was used by the high-level snake race in the higher realm in order to reverse the problem of the scarcity of offsprings. They created a kind of parasite that only effect the high-level snake race. Its function was intercourse between males and reproduction. The phenomenon and a snake-like Erotic Flower would automatically appear on the body of the high-level snake race. When the high-level snake race was planted with this kind of parasite, and the Erotic Flower bloom, not only would he lose his reason, but he will also release a female sweet fragrance that only the high-level snake race higher than himself could smell. This fragrance would cause the surrounding higher snake race to lose his mind. The two male snakes would attract each other and mate automatically...until the snake race with parasite conceived offspring for the higher snake race, he would regain his mind. The parasite would dissipate automatically after the birth of the offspring. During this period, the parasite wouldn’t have any effect on the body of the high-level snake race.

Bai Jingchen suddenly slumped on the floor. His dazed eyes, after falling on the bamboo slip, gradually became divergent.

He thought, ‘This may not be true, just like the news of Liang Wensu’s death has been confirmed to be false by me, so by analogy, the things written in this bamboo slip may also be false.’

But there was a very clear voice in his heart, saying, ‘You know this is true!

Bai Jingchen picked up the bamboo slip with a stiff expression. This time, he didn’t check it with his divine sense, but read every word with his own eyes.

Then, many details instantly came to his mind, details that he had noticed but never connected it together.

For example: At the very beginning, when he rescued Su Wenliang. That night, he suddenly heard a sound almost like a beast roaring. He ran over to check, and smelled a seductive sweet fragrance, and then lost his reason. When he woke up the next day, he found he had an intimate relationship with Su Wenliang.

The second time was in the cave. He smelled a similar scent and suddenly lost his mind. On the next day, Su Wenliang slapped him hard, and he felt the feeling of comfort after venting.

For example: he once saw with his own eyes Su Wenliang showed the Love Snake Parasite in his palm in front of him, which was exactly the same as the Erotic Flower described in the bamboo slip.

By the way, what did Su Wenliang say at the beginning, he said that this was a deal that lasted for about a hundred years, because when the parasite flared up, only he was by his side, so every night of full moon after that, he had Double Cultivation with him.

Bai Jingchen felt a sharp pain in his heart, and his expression became distorted. He tried his best to suppress the complicated emotions that were about to rush out and continued to uncover those secrets one by one that breaking all his understanding in this instant.

For example: the child who occasionally appeared in his mind, calling him “Father”. The nostalgia and ecstasy when he heard his voice, the unfounded love for this child, and the child’s insistence on calling him Father, and later he gave him a name himself.


So many, so many details, so many loopholes...

Bai Jingchen suddenly burst out laughing. He realized his stupidity at this moment. Since there were already so many details, why had he never discovered the truth behind these details?!

No wonder on that night over ten years ago, Su Wenliang was completely unsane and as vicious as a beast. No wonder although Su Wenliang forced himself, every time he saw him, he always looked angry, but even so, he still endured it, teaching and protecting him. No wonder the child’s voice appeared in his mind, and even called him father, and there was an indistinguishable intimacy between them; ......

It turned out that all of this was due to the effect of Love Snake Parasite.

Although Bai Jingchen didn’t understand why this Love Snake Parasite that only worked on the high-level snake race influenced him and Su Wenliang.

But he now clearly knew the problem that had troubled him for many years.

That was, it turned out that Su Wenliang, like himself, was forced by circumstances, not a pervert. Why did the child, who always appeared in his mind, called him father, and he even developed strong feelings of love and care for the child? It was because he was his own child, the child of himself and Su Wenliang. Most importantly, he finally understood the reason Su Wenliang had two extremely opposite attitudes when he treated him. His eyes were obviously full of hate, but he took care of him meticulously. It was because Su Wenliang was infected by the Love Snake Parasite, and he was the father of the child in his womb.


When the truth of everything was before his eyes, revealed at once, and completely presented in front of his eyes.

Bai Jingchen was shocked, frightened, understood, and repented...At this moment, he was completely sure of the truth of this matter, but he still wanted to see Su Wenliang and ask him the truth in person.

Yes, he wanted to see him, he had to see him, he wished to see him!

Tonight was the night of full moon, and they were supposed to meet today. He wanted to ask him if the reason why he did all this for him was because of the Love Snake Parasite. Why did they have to Double Cultivate on the night of full moon? Was it just for the child in his womb...

Thinking of this, Bai Jingchen slowly walked out of the room with a distraught expression on his face. He put the spirit stones for the inquiry information on the table and then turned around and left staggeringly.

He was in a trance, but his feet never stopped walking in a direction, and when he stopped, he was startled. He looked at the surrounding environment and realized that he had actually arrived outside White Horse City.

He was standing in the middle of the road outside the gate of White Horse City, surrounded by people coming and going of the city, including mortals and cultivators.

He looked at these crowds. They were strangers, with unfamiliar faces. Even if some looked familiar, those people hurried past him, doing their activities. He stood still here, looking at the people with no end on the road, and finally he was the only one left.

He suddenly found that in this world, he seemed to be accompanied only by himself, feeling lost and desperate. He didn’t want to think about it further, so he walked to the tree by the roadside, and just sat on the grass under the tree casually.

He looked at the tree leaves above his head, and the sunlight and shade shone from between the leaves. It was still morning, and there was still a long time before night came.

Bai Jingchen closed his eyes. He knew it was not an easy thing for him to go to White Horse Mountain alone to find Su Wenliang deep in the mountains. Doing so wouldn’t help solve the problem. The final result was just hurt himself all over and made himself in a difficult situation.

So, he chose to stay here and wait for the night to come, waiting for Su Wenliang to pick him up.

He leaned his back against the uneven tree trunk, temporarily relaxing his thoughts.

Since the impulsive throwing the storage bag last time, he had been telling himself in his heart that before doing anything, he must first think clearly before deciding.

Therefore, he wanted to think more carefully and think clearly about what he should do.

He carefully listed in his heart. Su Wenliang was his master, the partner of Double Cultivation with him, and the person he believed loved. And now, he had another identity, that was, the “mother” of his unborn child.

Bai Jingchen originally wanted to ask Su Wenliang, asking him a lot of questions, and he was eager to know the answer. But at this moment, he suddenly regarded all of this as unimportant.

The only thing he remembered now was that he would always treat Su Wenliang well in his life.

Not only because of the child, not only because they conceived a son together, but also because he was lonely, and Su Wenliang used his own way to give him a “family” without him knowing it.

This sudden thought made him stunned for a moment, but immediately after, he agreed incomparably.

He thought to himself, ‘Even if I asked Su Wenliang and got the real answer, so what?’ Things had developed to this point, and even if the previous doubts were solved, it wouldn’t bring any change to reality.

After solving the doubt, what’s next? What would he face?

If he asked Su Wenliang about it in person, it would be equivalent to break the barrier between them with his own hands.

At that time, he would directly face Su Wenliang’s dislike. Su Wenliang would become unhappy because he learned the truth. Wasn’t the reason why Su Wenliang made up so many lies to deceive him because he didn’t want to tell him the truth?

With Su Wenliang’s personality, once he said it out, his attitude towards him would only become more extreme, and the relationship between them would be broken. Because of this action, he would push Su Wenliang further, until he could never touch him.

So...if this was the result after revealing the truth, was there still a need to reveal it?

Bai Jingchen couldn’t help asking himself this issue seriously in his heart.

Therefore, after analyzing the two results, he resolutely chose to conceal the fact that he knew the Love Snake Parasite, the child, and the truth.

So what to do next?

Since he had confirmed that it was him, then he would treat him well for the rest of his life. In this life, love Su Wenliang with his life and everything!

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