Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 52.1

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Chapter 52 Part 1


Translator: Mimi

Seeing Bai Jingchen’s gaze fell on the old servant beside him, the frail man coughed a few times to attract his attention. When Bai Jingchen looked over, he said lightly, “This is my family servant. His cultivation base is the late-stage of Core Formation. I’m Li Zaiye. I wonder if the two of you will take the third task? If so, can you add me?”

Bai Jingchen didn’t speak, so Jiang Yanbei beside him took the initiative to say, “We have indeed got the task token, but since you already have a powerful servant by your side, why don’t you complete this task by yourself, rather want to cooperate with the two of us? If you are looking for the Flame Bird, then I will transfer this task to you, and we will take on a new task.”

Li Zaiye panicked when he heard this, and wanted to speak, but basically he was coughing whenever he spoke, and he tone was very low, or intermittent, so the old servant glanced at him, and then said with a serious face, “My master is physically inconvenient, and my only task in this trip with him is to protect him from harm. As for what he wants to do, it’s not under my control.”

Bai Jingchen understood what he meant and understood Li Zaiye’s current situation. He said, “I’m Bai Jingchen, and this is my fellow senior-martial brother named Jiang Yanbei. We are both in the Foundation Building stage. How about you?”

Li Zaiye coughed twice, as his face slightly red because of the severe cough. He said, “I’m at the late-stage Foundation Building, don’t be fooled by the fact that I’m look like this, my strength is not bad, it’s just that I accidentally ate poisonous plant a few days ago. I’ll recover in a few days, and I won’t hold you back.”

When Jiang Yanbei heard this, he pulled Bai Jingchen aside and started talking.

Jiang Yanbei said, “I think Li Zaiye is a decent person, and although he looks weak, it’s only temporary, so let’s count him in. If Li Zaiye joins, the Flame Bird is easy to deal with, and we can relax a lot.”

Hearing this, Bai Jingchen glanced at Li Zaiye, but immediately looked away without interest. He inadvertently caught a glimpse of the old servant beside him and unconsciously glanced a few more times. He always felt that this old servant was not simple. And this time, if Li Zaiye could join the team, it would indeed be very beneficial to him.

Bai Jingchen frowned and thought for a while, and finally nodded at Jiang Yanbei, expressing his agreement.

Jiang Yanbei walked to Li Zaiye and smiled warmly, “Since so, then I wish us a happy cooperation!”

Li Zaiye said with a smile, “Happy cooperation!” He looked in Bai Jingchen’s direction and smiled warmly. Bai Jingchen glanced at him and withdrew his gaze, then went to the manager’s location with Jiang Yanbei to register the task he had received.

On the other side, when Bai Jingchen and Jiang Yanbei went to register for the task, Li Zaiye proudly raised his eyebrows at the old servant beside him. The old servant glanced at him lightly, and then his gaze fell on Bai Jingchen’s body.

It was a look of inspection and evaluation, as if analyzing Bai Jingchen’s value and skill.

Bai Jingchen completely didn’t know. He and Jiang Yanbei made preparations in advance, and after receiving the task token, plus the registration task, the group of four left the city and walked towards White Horse Mountain.

They all flew with swords, so they were fast. After a quarter of an hour, they arrived at the foot of White Horse Mountain.

Bai Jingchen took out the increasing spiritual energy pill from his storage bag and took it, as did the others. Immediately afterwards, they entered White Horse Mountain.

Jiang Yanbei had a smile on his face all the way, and he fished for the information of this man named Li Zaiye seamlessly.

At this moment, it was already known that Li Zaiye was the concubine son of a cultivation clan, and the fights in the clan were very fierce. He had an older brother and a younger sister born from the first mother, and the other siblings had died in the clan’s internal disorder before they were grown.

Bai Jingchen just listened quietly, but he was a little puzzled by this person’s way.

Most people would hide this kind of family secret, instead of blurting it out like he did.

He took a few glances at Li Zaiye, and felt that there was nothing special about this person other than being too frail, so he stopped looking.

He thought about the task.

According to the task requirements, they need to kill the Flame Bird to get the demon core in its body, and get the egg of the Flame Bird. Bai Jingchen had a general understanding of White Horse Mountain, and he was more familiar with White Horse Mountain than the other three people.

Thus, this time, he was responsible for leading the way. He first drew a rough topographic map on the ground, and then drew out several suitable places for the Flame Bird to dwell, where the chances of finding the Flame Bird were much higher.

They encountered a lot of demonic beasts and spiritual plants on the road. Bai Jingchen seized any opportunity, almost solving and taking away all the spiritual plants and demonic beasts they saw on the way. No matter how less mosquito meat, the accumulation of these things could also get a lot of spirit stones.

His goal was very firm, which was to earn spirit stones, enter the Siye Pavilion, and inquire about the Love Snake Parasite.

Thus, after walking all the way, the other three people were still empty-handed. Only Bai Jingchen’s storage bag was already full of things.

This trip was worthwhile, but even if he got such a thing, Bai Jingchen still wanted to complete the task.

Because after completing this task, he could exchange it for a hundred middle-grade spirit stones, and it would be divided equally between the three of them, so each person would get a lot of spirit stones, which was much more than him picking spiritual plants and killing demonic beasts everywhere.

As for the Flame Bird, as the name suggests, was a fire-attribute demonic beast with a red body. It naturally liked to live in places with high temperatures, especially near volcanoes.

There were many volcanoes in the White Horse Mountains, and the Flame Birds near some volcanoes had been killed by cultivators who came before, so Bai Jingchen’s group saw the trace of the Flame Bird when they entered the volcano.

So they went up the mountain road to look for the Flame Bird’s nest.

After several days of searching, they finally found it on the third day. The Flame Bird’s nest was located in a narrow gap at the top of the mountain.

The three of them discussed for a while, and decided that when the male Flame Bird went out to hunt, Jiang Yanbei would lure the female bird away from the nest to enter the set trap. Li Zaiye would stay on the side of the trap and kill the Flame Bird. And Bai Jingchen, who was agile, went up the mountain to take the Flame Bird’s eggs. After making the plan, when the male Flame Bird flew away from the nest on the next day, Bai Jingchen and Jiang Yanbei immediately flew with their sword, and arrived at the Flame Bird’s nest. They looked inside and saw a few fist-sized bird eggs and a female Flame Bird resting.

Jiang Yanbei acted according to the plan, lured the female bird away to the underground trap, and Bai Jingchen took advantage of this opportunity to enter quickly and take all the eggs.

In such a short time, the male Flame Bird had returned.

Bai Jingchen hurriedly threw the eggs into his storage bag, and quickly avoided the hot flame spewed out of the Flame Bird’s beak, and flew towards the ground.

There, Li Zaiye had captured the female bird and locked it firmly. When the male Flame Bird chased Bai Jingchen and swooped down, Li Zaiye activated the second trap, injuring the Flame Bird.

The flame bird became angrier because of this. He regarded Bai Jingchen as the culprit and rushed towards him.

But at this time, the old servant who hadn’t said a word for a few days suddenly made a move. He was a late-stage Core Formation cultivator, so it was almost effortless to deal with a middle-stage Core Formation Flame Bird.

He threw out the folding fan, bounding the Flame Bird in this fan magic weapon, and after a while, the Flame Bird stopped moving.

When the fan opened again, the Flame Bird’s blood and flesh disappeared in an instant, leaving only a round red demon core exposed.

Bai Jingchen glanced at him and felt a strange sense out of sorts at this moment. It was reasonable to say that this old servant was only protecting his master Li Zaiye, but Bai Jingchen found this person paid more attention and protection to him than to his master.

Such an anomaly had already made him vigilant in his heart, but there was no change on his face.

Jiang Yanbei didn’t seem to notice this. He took out another Flame Bird demon core, handed it directly to Bai Jingchen, and said, “Now that the Flame Bird demon core and eggs have been collected, then this task is over. Let’s go to the gate of White Horse City to hand over the task token and things. After exchanging it to spirit stones, let’s part ways.”

He also saw that something was wrong with this pair of master and servant. His purpose was to protect and monitor Bai Jingchen. Now that the cultivation of these two people was higher than him, then what he had to do was to dissolve their current relationship, and then go to find Bai Jingchen again later.

Before Li Zaiye could speak, he suddenly felt a strong wind blowing over.

His figure was exceptionally flexible, and he avoided it all at once.

But Bai Jingchen and Jiang Yanbei reacted slower. It wasn’t until Li Zaiye stood still that they followed his gaze and saw an elegant young man in white.

Under everyone’s gaze, the young man raised his chin slightly, and said, “I’ve taken a fancy to your Flame Bird demon core. You leave one for me, and I will spare you life.”

Bai Jingchen’s face darkened when he heard this. He had encountered many such things before, and he was most annoyed with this kind of people. He was about to speak, but Jiang Yanbei stopped him, and said, “Wait a minute, don’t be impulsive. This person’s background is not simple.”

Hearing this, Bai Jingchen looked at this young man, and saw that he was wearing a jade-white robe, with a jade pendant tied on his waist. He looked like a dandy in the secular world, and his appearance was really incurring people’s hate.

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