Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 48

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Chapter 48


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang knew that Bai Jingchen had been poisoned by the Blue Iris Snake and would be unconscious for a period, so he sat on the bedside and pulled the sheet on the bed, covered Bai Jingchen’s important parts, and began to coax the little dragon.

He said to the little dragon in his mind, “It was my fault just now, I shouldn’t fierce with you, I just worried...” When he said this, his expression twisted for a moment, before continuing, “I’m worry about your father, sorry!”

The little dragon had been learning to speak from him during this period. He almost had an unforgettable memory, but sometimes he couldn’t say it out, so now he could understand what Su Wenliang said. He whimpered twice and said softly, “Papa...I...poked (chuō).”

Su Wenliang blinked his eyes, and it took a while to realize that what he said was “wrong (cuò)”. Su Wenliang couldn’t help being softhearted.

Although he didn’t talk with the little dragon for a long time, he knew that this little guy was a lively and sensible child.

After getting along for so many days, as long as it was what he said, the little dragon would listen carefully and remember it. Although most of the time he didn’t know the meaning of what he said, but at least his attitude was correct. So it seems that the little dragon was somewhat similar to Bai Jingchen.

Bai Jingchen was also like this, although he didn’t like himself, but when learning things, he was basically very good. In other words, he was very obedient. He could learn whatever he was asked to learn, and also very hardworking when learning alone.

Su Wenliang sighed, and continued to speak to the little dragon in a soft tone, “You can feel your father’s movements, right?”

This sentence was a bit complicated for the little dragon, so he said “Hi…huh?” in doubt, showing that he didn’t understand.

Su Wenliang changed it to a simple and easy-to-understand sentence, “Can you feel your father is hurt or in pain?”

The little dragon said “wu ya”, which was considered to be a response.

Su Wenliang said, “Then you kept calling your father in my mind before. Are you worried about him?”

The little dragon said “yeah”, and stammered, “Father...father, hurt...hurt, I...I know, um, I...just, know.”

The corners of Su Wenliang’s mouth hooked up as he said, “You are really your father’s good son. You care about him so much when you are still in my stomach.” His tone was a bit sour, but it was more of an exclamation. Creatures like dragons were completely beyond his prediction, which was why he was so surprised.

Hearing it, the little dragon said seriously and loudly, “Then...Papa, Papa also knows, Father is in pain, so, then...Papa is also, good Papa.”

Su Wenliang was amused, but couldn’t laugh anymore.

Because the little dragon said, “ Father, say...say Papa, Papa also know Father is in pain...yeah, papa is very, good...yeah, very good!”

Su Wenliang’s expression froze, as he suddenly remembered a problem, that was, the bond between the little dragon and Bai Jingchen was much stronger than the bond between him and the little dragon. So when he heard the little dragon speak, did Bai Jingchen hear it too?

That was why he changed so much in just a few days, throwing away the storage bag and jade talisman he gave him, fighting desperately with others and getting seriously injured, and in the end he was directly swallowed by the Blue Iris Snake...

Could it be that what he did was a subconscious escape?

The more Su Wenliang thought about it, his gaze became more and more gloomy. When he wanted to strangle Bai Jingchen, the little dragon said, “Yeah, father... doesn’t like me, he...he doesn’t, want me.”

Well, there were some mistakes in conveying. At that time, Bai Jingchen thought the little dragon recognized the wrong person, so he said doubtful words. But at this moment, when Su Wenliang was full of doubts and cruelty, the little dragon said this sentence, which simply detonated, and Su Wenliang immediately became angry.

He almost disregarded his image and wanted to abuse roundly, but the strict family education of over twenty years in modern times stopped him.

Su Wenliang took several deep breaths, until the anger subsided temporarily, then he stood up angrily and walked to the outside of the Immortal’s Cave, near the mountain forest.

He just sat directly on the boulder and looked into the distance, looking at the iconic layers of mist of White Horse Mountain, and lost in a daze.

The environment here completely coincided with his state of mind.

Since he transmigrated, he seemed to live in a maze, unable to see everything around him clearly, and couldn’t find the direction to go, until the system appeared, explained the fact that he was dead, and then showed a path that must be taken.

After that, because of various reasons, the relationship that should have been simple had become like a ball of wool, entangled with no head and tail, couldn’t find a clean break, straightforward solution.

At this moment, Su Wenliang suddenly hated Bai Jingchen unprecedentedly. Because Bai Jingchen was the male protagonist, he should protect him and was pregnant with his child, and the one who should be spurned in the end was also him.

He had always been reluctant to let Bai Jingchen know about his pregnancy. There was no need to develop a deeper relationship between them, just Double Cultivation, just for the sake of cultivation.

In fact, it was nothing. There were many one-night stands in modern times, and Su Wenliang could convince himself in this way. It was like finding a young and beautiful little lover, even though this lover was a man, even though he was the one who was pressed.

But he couldn’t do that, and he couldn’t stand this.

Originally, he didn’t care about it, and even got used to it. But at this moment, when he heard the little dragon say that his father didn’t admit him, Su Wenliang was so angry that he almost wanted to tear Bai Jingchen into pieces.

The dragon had a reverse scale, which could kill you if you touch it, and Su Wenliang himself also had it.

He had always defended the person he cared despite knowing that the person was in the wrong, and this time the person who suffered the loss was his son, the son he had already developed feelings for.

Then, the person who hurt his son, even if it was the male protagonist Bai Jingchen, even if it was the little dragon’s father, he wouldn’t make it easy for him. Since he couldn’t kill Bai Jingchen, then just torment him.

There were plenty of ways in this world to make people feel bad. Su Wenliang secretly thought, ‘Since you don’t make me feel comfortable, then I will make it even worse for you, so that you can’t ask for life or die.’

The little dragon still didn’t know that he had caused trouble with his slip of tongue. He babbled, saying things about his father, such as, “Father, to me, Papa is also...together, we all…together.”

“Papa, Father... smell, comfortable, I like it, Papa, do you like it?”

“Father, name, name, what? Hmm...”

The little dragon’s voice gradually lowered. Su Wenliang knew that this was a sign that he was tired and was about to fall asleep, so he subconsciously slowed down his breathing rate and put his hand on his abdomen, temporarily blocking the spread of the sound with his spiritual energy to create a quiet resting environment for the little dragon.

After doing all this, the little dragon’s voice completely disappeared. Su Wenliang squinted at the distant mountains and began to think about how to torment Bai Jingchen in his mind.

He sat here for a long time, until the light in the forest became dim, before he went back to the Immortal’s Cave. When he saw Bai Jingchen still lying on the bed peacefully and unconscious, he walked forward and threw him to the ground, and lay down on the bed himself.

He slightly narrowed his eyes and rested for a while, then sat up and took out medicinal pills from his mustard space, ate it in large quantities, using the medicinal pills to supply the spiritual energy to his dantian.

In this way, the night passed.

Bai Jingchen finally opened his eyes in the morning. He blinked his eyes, seeing darkness in front of him, and then closed it again.

He sat up and immediately felt that there was no thread on his body. He grabbed around, and finally found a bed sheet not far away, and then draped it over his body.

He was thrown under the bed by Su Wenliang last night, and he had injured his body because of the fight these days and had not recovered so far, and then he was drawn into the snake cave afterwards, so that he was poisoned by the Blue Iris Snake. All these things add up, he felt uncomfortable all over.

He supported his body with great effort to move around. Because he couldn’t see anything here, so he crawled in the Immortal’s Cave almost aimlessly.

He could feel the scalding temperature all over his body, and he knew in his heart that he had a fever. He rubbed against the wall of the Immortal’s Cave. His body felt the cold temperature, which neutralized the burning heat on his body, so he just leaned against the wall, clinging to it, using the cold wall to reduce the temperature of his body.

The Immortal’s Cave was temporarily opened up by Su Wenliang, so not that clean. Just now, Bai Jingchen almost rolled on the ground, which made him stained with thick dust on the ground, so he looked especially wretched at this moment. Coupling with the stiff, almost dull expression on his face, as well as the behavior of being unable to see things, he looked particularly pitiful.

Su Wenliang just watched silently, as the anger in his heart gushed out, even more than yesterday.

To some extent, he regarded Bai Jingchen as his own people, so when he saw him become so down, Su Wenliang was angry, regret, and disappoint at the same time.

He obviously thought of many ways and means to deal with Bai Jingchen yesterday, but when he saw Bai Jingchen’s messed up appearance, he felt stuffy and couldn’t make a move, and finally closed his eyes angrily, what the eye didn’t see, the heart didn’t grieve over.

As Bai Jingchen was clinging to the wall, his mind was dazed and countless scenes swept over him.

It took him half a day to use his chaotic consciousness to understand that these were his memories, and they were all memories of his suffering.

He watched in confusion as he was locked in the firewood room. Because he had angered the first mother, he had no food or even water to drink for several days and nights, and he could only stick to the corner of the wall, and then the rain dripped from the eaves. He saw when he entered the Heaven Spread Sect at thirteen. Because he was crowded out by the brothers and sisters of the Bai clan, other servants also came to step on him. Not only arranging him near the latrine, but also ordering him at will. He saw when he was twenty-three years old and returned to the sect again. The legitimate children of the Bai clan, the first mother’s biological son, and his own younger brother, were as dazzling and splendid as dragons and phoenixes among people...

Scene after scene was his most unbearable memory. He was trampled in the dust, and then stood up again and again.

Bai Jingchen suddenly opened his eyes, but there was still darkness in front of his eyes. He thought maybe he was blind, so he became desperate and lost again. Those negative emotions surged up overwhelmingly, as if it was about to destroy his will, so that he would degrade from then on.

There were thousands of reasons for degrade in this world, and there were thousands of fallen people...

He didn’t want to be one of them.

So, even if he was blind, so what, he must take good care of his body, and then get up again, even if the invisible road ahead was full of thorns.

At this moment, he heard a footstep in a trance, and then he was sure that he heard the footsteps, which seemed to be mixed with a man’s ridicule and sigh.

Bai Jingchen immediately turned his head to look toward the sound, even though he couldn’t see anything.

The sound was getting closer and closer until it stopped not far in front of him, and followed by the sound of clothes rubbing against the ground. A slightly warm body leaned over, and when he couldn’t dodge, the person squeezed his jaw with great force as if to crush his bones.

Bai Jingchen opened his mouth because of the sharp pain in his jaw, and then an unknown liquid flowed into his mouth. He was forced to drink a lot of liquid, before the person finally let go.

Bai Jingchen wanted to spit it out, but the person covered his mouth. He pursed his lips tightly, and suddenly guessed, ‘Who is this person?

The brain, eroded by snake venom, had brought serious sequelae. Even if Bai Jingchen took detoxifying pills, the snake venom wouldn’t completely remove in a short time, so Bai Jingchen’s memory had become disordered.

He frowned and thought for a long time, starting to recall his memory from the age of twenty-three...

Then he thought of the moment before he lost consciousness. a daze, saw Su Wenliang, and couldn’t help kissing him afterwards. Then, the person in front of him with a slightly rude gesture and full of ridicules and sighs was Su Wenliang.

The darkness before his eyes gradually receded. The antidote that Su Wenliang poured into his mouth seemed to have worked. He blinked his eyes and saw a blurry figure.

Bai Jingchen’s hoarse voice sounded low, weak and inaudible, but in the quiet Immortal’s Cave, it was exceptionally clear. He said, “Is, Master?”

Su Wenliang pursed his lips, and didn’t want to pay attention to him, but seeing his current beggar appearance and dull eyes, he said ‘en’, and stopped saying a word.

Bai Jingchen laughed when he heard this, and said, “That’s good, it’s you.”

After he saw the person in front of him clearly, he saw he frowned and pursed his lips, looking impatient, even exuding anger.

Bai Jingchen’s eyes fell on his face, as he repeated in a murmur, “It’s you.”

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