Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 47

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Chapter 47


Translator: Mimi

Their lips touched for a good while, before Su Wenliang finally realized that he had been kissed. Just when he was about to flip out, Bai Jingchen’s head tilted and he completely fainted. He fell directly into Su Wenliang’s arms.

The veins on Su Wenliang’s forehead bulged as his fists clenched, letting out a cackling sound. He held his breath for a while, unable to swallow or get out, which made him even more oppressed.

At this time, the little dragon in his mind kept chattering, calling out, “Father...ah father...papa...father...papa...”

Su Wenliang heard him calling father and papa, and now his voice was in his ears and mind.

He was a little taken aback. He took good care of him for so many days, but when the brat saw Bai Jingchen, he immediately became cordial as if he had never seen him in eight lifetimes.

The most important thing was that this kid was also Bai Jingchen’s kind. When he thought of the kiss just now, his whole body felt strange.

Thereupon, when the little dragon happily called his father again, he finally roared impatiently: “Shut up!”

After his voice fell, the elated childlike voice in his mind finally stopped.

But after a while, the little dragon started to whimper. The voice sounded like he was holding back his crying. He felt wronged and pitiful. Listening to this sound, Su Wenliang knew that the little dragon must have been frightened by him.

Su Wenliang immediately regretted it, and thought to himself, ‘What do I argue with an unborn child? I even yelled at him!

Hearing the little dragon’s aggrieved voice, he just wanted to support his forehead helplessly, but he was holding Bai Jingchen in his arms, so he couldn’t get his hands free. He unconsciously lowered his head. Even in the dim light, he could see the sweaty appearance of the person in his arms.

Thinking about what happened today, he felt in his heart that he must have owed Bai Jingchen in his previous life, and he crossed over to this life to pay off the debt.

He angrily picked up Bai Jingchen and crossed the Blue Iris Snake group like walking on the flat ground, leaving this terrifying and dark snake cave.

When he walked outside, his body was spotless. He raised his eyes and saw Jiang Yanbei, who was still guarding on the lawn in front of the snake mountain. Su Wenliang was in a bad mood now, so his face naturally had no good complexion.

He said displeasedly, “Why are you still here? Get lost! I will call you again later.”

Hearing this, Jiang Yanbei immediately nodded. He glanced at Bai Jingchen in Su Wenliang’s arms, and saw that his clothes were messy, but he was not injury or bleeding, so he was greatly relieved from the bottom of his heart.

Since Bai Jingchen was fine, Su Wenliang wouldn’t punish him. In other words, he was safe.

After Jiang Yanbei realized this and saw that Su Wenliang didn’t want to see him, he cupped his fists and bowed respectfully, then turned around and left quickly.

Su Wenliang ignored him. He stood still and thought for a while, and finally brought Bai Jingchen to the new Immortal’s Cave he opened in White Horse Mountain.

This Immortal’s Cave was located deep in White Horse Mountain. Few cultivators would enter here to practice, because the strong ones didn’t interest in the low-grade cultivation resources of White Horse Mountain, while the weak ones didn’t have enough cultivation base and daren’t come to throw away their life.

Su Wenliang avoided the cultivators along the way and carried Bai Jingchen back to the Immortal’s Cave.

The environment here was much better than the Immortal’s Cave he opened up in the past.

After all, it didn’t matter if it was just him alone, but the little dragon could already sense part of the external environment, so it was equivalent to the child being present.

Su Wenliang tidied up the Immortal’s Cave briefly. Although it was still not comparable to the Aohan peak’s palace, at least the necessary equipment for a cultivation cave was fully prepared here.

He threw Bai Jingchen on the bed and then took off Bai Jingchen’s clothes to check where he was injured.

During this process, he inevitably saw his body, including that hidden part.

It was the first time Su Wenliang saw Bai Jingchen’s body in broad daylight. Although he had seen it before when they were doing Double Cultivation on the night of full moon, the light at night was dim and he couldn’t see clearly.

At this moment, it was a sunny day outside, and Su Wenliang could clearly see Bai Jingchen’s body.

He had seen other men’s bodies when he lived in the dormitory, and modern times were an era of information explosion, Su Wenliang had seen a lot of men’s bare pictures on Internet and magazines.

However, he had never seen a body that could reach Bai Jingchen’s beauty. Yes, it was beauty.

Bai Jingchen looked tall and thin. He didn’t expect that the muscle lines on his body were so smooth and clear after taking off his clothes. Moreover, his skin was exquisite as white porcelain, which was not inferior to any woman’s skin at all.

Su Wenliang’s face was a little burning as he looked at it. He thought sourly, ‘As expected of the male protagonist with the body of Rouge Dragon, even me is moved with this appearance of his.’

However, when he saw the same physical object as his own on his body, he felt as if a basin of cold water poured down on his head, made his heart felt cold.

He looked at it coldly, but there was an indescribable feeling in his heart, very similar to the desire to destroy. He wanted to pinch it to burst.

However, his rationality told him that he couldn’t do it. After all, there was still a great used to keep it. Since this was the case, what the eye didn’t see, the heart didn’t grieve over.

When he checked out the most serious injury on Bai Jingchen’s body, which was the wound bitten by the Blue Iris Snake on the back, he turned Bai Jingchen over and began to treat him.

The wound on his back was obviously two blood holes, and the blood flowing out of it started to turn black, so he knew that Bai Jingchen had been poisoned by the Blue Iris Snake.

He expressionlessly took out the healing pills and ointments from his mustard space. He first fed two detoxifying pills to Bai Jingchen, then washed the wound with spiritual water before applying the ointment there.

After everything was done, he recalled the abnormality of today’s incident, so he picked up Bai Jingchen’s clothes that he had stripped off and searched. But he couldn’t find the jade talisman. Even the dozens of storage bags he gave to Bai Jingchen disappeared at this moment.

Seeing this, Su Wenliang frowned. He flipped through the only storage bag on Bai Jingchen’s body and checked it with his divine sense. He only saw a few bottles of medicinal pills, some magic tools, and a considerable amount of spirit stones, but it was absolutely incomparable to the pocket money he gave Bai Jingchen.

Su Wenliang threw the storage bag aside and sat on the bed. He slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at Bai Jingchen, a gloomy chill flashed in his eyes.

Everything just now had actually proved something.

He arranged for Jiang Yanbei to monitor Bai Jingchen all the time, and all the things he gave to Bai Jingchen were gone. If someone robbed Bai Jingchen, Jiang Yanbei would definitely help him, and immediately send a communication talisman to tell him, just like today.

There was no movement from Jiang Yanbei’s side, and the only communication talisman that came over only mentioned, “Bai Jingchen has been behaving like a madman recently. When confronting others, his methods are fierce and desperate.”, this message.

Su Wenliang didn’t care about this message before, but at this moment, when all the things he gave to Bai Jingchen disappeared, it was obvious that Bai Jingchen threw away those things himself.

What does this mean?

This means that Bai Jingchen’s mentality had undergone earth-shaking changes in the past few days, which was why he did such an unusual thing.

Su Wenliang wanted to call Bai Jingchen up for interrogation now, but according to his understanding of Bai Jingchen, this guy was a typical righteous path cultivator and upright person, in other words, pedantic.

Not only that, but also exceptionally stubborn. Anything he was unwilling to do, it wouldn’t settle even if you reason with him. You can only resort to hard methods and resolutely fix him up. Maybe this brat would figure it out himself.

Therefore, to sum up, even if you ask, you may not be able to ask anything.

Well...maybe it could be speculated.

Su Wenliang recalled the details of these days. On the day he left, Bai Jingchen was still fine. Although his personality was a little inconsistent with the plot, at least he was normal.

But within a few days, Jiang Yanbei said that Bai Jingchen behaved like a madman, and this madness must be a real unusual behavior.

When he checked Bai Jingchen’s body just now, he saw some scars, and according to the efficacy of medicinal pills made by Bai Jingchen, if the scars didn’t recede under the effect of taking medicinal pills, it meant that Bai Jingchen had suffered a serious injury.

He didn’t choose to ask himself for help at a critical moment, which meant that the key point of the matter was on him. He threw away what he gave him. This behavior was basically a resistance and protest.

Su Wenliang could see the truth of the matter at a glance. He curled his lips mockingly and looked at Bai Jingchen, thinking, ‘Could it be that I haven’t troubled Bai Jingchen for a long time, making him think I’m a good-natured person? The relationship between us has always been decided by myself, so he wants to draw a clear line. But he actually uses such a childish trick as throwing things and even hurts his body all over. It’s simply stupid.’

However, since he had almost figured it out now, he would wait for Bai Jingchen to wake up, and then fix him up properly.

It was just that...

What happened to Bai Jingchen in the past few days?

And, the last...that kiss, what’s the matter?

Su Wenliang thought of the kiss that happened in the daytime, and his face suddenly became paralyzed.

He and Bai Jingchen had done Double Cultivation several times, and the kiss during Double Cultivation was reasonable.

The point was, it was not the night of full moon, and they didn’t have Double Cultivation, so what’s the matter with this sudden kiss?

Su Wenliang thought, could it be that Bai Jingchen recognized the wrong person?

Otherwise, why would he take the initiative to approach him, and even vaguely say, “You came.”

Who was the “you” in his words?

According to Su Wenliang’s analysis, the person who could make Bai Jingchen take the initiative to kiss would definitely not him, and Bai Jingchen was poisoned at that time, if it wasn’t because Bai Jingchen hadn’t met the female protagonist yet, Su Wenliang would have thought that he recognized the person who came as the female protagonist Sikong Shang.

The more Su Wenliang thought about it, the more he felt it was a mess. He glanced at Bai Jingchen, who was sleeping peacefully, and said in his heart, ‘I must have owed him in my previous life. Not only I have to take care of him, but also take care of the little dragon that has not yet been born. It’s simply do hard toil as a compensation for the dragon race.’

Su Wenliang rubbed his temples. Since the big dragon had fainted, he would deal with him later when he woke up. For now it was better to coax the aggrieved little dragon first.

Su Wenliang gritted his teeth and thought,‘Am I owe these father and son? It must be!

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