Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 46

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Chapter 46


Translator: Mimi

When Jiang Yanbei, who had been hiding in the dark, saw Blue Iris Snakes swallowed Bai Jingchen, his face looked unwell with fright.

He just planned to protect Bai Jingchen secretly for a while, and when Bai Jingchen’s behavior became a little more normal, he would “accidentally” become his friend.

But this time, he saw with his own eyes that the person he wanted to protect died in front of him, and because of his “scrutiny”, when Nangong Jun made a move, he didn’t even dare to fart.

He hid in the dark, thinking, his cultivation base was at most late-stage of Foundation Building, even if he rushed out, he would just be used as cannon fodder, and the result of rushing out would only be an extra life.

In the end, it was because of this thought that he was going to be forced to death by himself.

His task was to protect and monitor Bai Jingchen according to Su Wenliang’s instructions.

However, before he knew it, the situation had become the current deadlock. It was not known whether Bai Jingchen was dead or alive. Most importantly, Blue Iris Snakes in front of him were still high morale.

The level of the Blue Iris Snake was high, its cultivation base was in the Foundation Building stage from birth, and the deterrence issued by such a group of snakes was enough to make the Core Formation cultivator retreat. Have you seen that even the members of Nangong clan withdraw?

After the members of Nangong clan disappeared into the horizon, Jiang Yanbei suddenly jumped out and stood at the foot of the mountain not far away, anxious and sweating profusely.

It was likely that Bai Jingchen wouldn’t survive. If Bai Jingchen had an accident, his task would fail. Jiang Yanbei couldn’t imagine what he was about to face.

That guy named Su Wenliang was not to be trifled with at first glance, killing people was like playing for him. Although he had killed people himself, the feeling was completely different.

It was as if Su Wenliang would kill anyone who stood in his way, simply treating human life like nothing.

This kind of mentality was simply more terrifying than the devil cultivator.

Jiang Yanbei knew that he had established a master-servant contract with Su Wenliang, and Su Wenliang could kill him completely with just one thought. Therefore, when Jiang Yanbei thought of reporting the news of Bai Jingchen, he felt a sudden panic.

He felt that his death was not far away, so he hurriedly took advantage of this last bit of time to finish what he had to do before he died.

Jiang Yanbei’s face was pale, as he hesitantly glanced at the Blue Iris Snake Mountain. Several Blue Iris Snakes sensed his sight. It rushed out of the snake cave and hissed ferociously at him. Jiang Yanbei instantly terrified, even at this moment he didn’t dare to rush in to save Bai Jingchen.

He was already thinking about whether he was bitten to death by the snakes, or crushed to death by Su Wenliang, both were dead...

He didn’t want to die!

But the possibility of this option was tiny, so Jiang Yanbei tremblingly took out a communication talisman from his pocket, describing Bai Jingchen’s matter with no punctuation, and then let it flew out.

He looked in the direction where the communication talisman was flying, which happened to be deeper in White Horse Mountain. It seemed that Su Wenliang was near White Horse Mountain, and the distance between them was close. It was estimated that Su Wenliang would get the message and rush over soon.

Jiang Yanbei glanced at the group of snakes and unconsciously stood a little further away. He squatted on the ground, recalling his life.

Before people die, they would unconsciously recall everything that had happened in the past, and Jiang Yanbei was no exception.

He came from an ordinary villager’s family. If it wasn’t for the Heaven Spread Sect coming to accept disciples, he would have been sent out by his parents to learn craftmanship just like his older brothers, and then marry and have children at the right age, living his life in a mediocre way.

His original thoughts were the same, but he was fortunate enough to have a spiritual root, which was unique among the ten miles eight villages.

So, he bid farewell to his parents and went to cultivate in the Heaven Spread Sect. He was an ordinary disciple of mortal family background, and he was in a low position among many disciples. He had struggled at the bottom for many years, and even became a lackey of others to survive until now. After he became a Foundation Building cultivator, he finally had equal status and power, and made a name for himself in the sect.

But when he returned to his village again, he found that the war had crushed not only his parents and brothers, but also his kin and village. The village had long been turned into a scorched earth.

The phrase “a day in the mountain was a thousand years in the world,” Jiang Yanbei understood it now.

He had no one to rely on in this world, and he had no family members. His fellow sect members were definitely not trustworthy objects, so he could only trust and rely on himself.

He was strike water right and left, flattering and made connections in Heaven Spread Sect. But cultivators were used to the role of acting pragmatically, needless to say ruthless.

So Jiang Yanbei was actually very envious of Bai Jingchen, envious that he had such a powerful master, who was not only powerful but also considered to him wholeheartedly, and even spent money generously. Su Wenliang could be counted as Heaven Spread Sect, no, no, he could be counted as the best and most heroic master ever in Rook Islet World.

Just like now, after he sent out the communication talisman for a while, Su Wenliang, who was dressed in black, appeared in front of him with a gloomy face.

Jiang Yanbei raised his head to look at his gloomy face. The previous anxiety, worry, fear, reluctant...suddenly disappeared.

He wiped his face, stood up, and walked close to Su Wenliang, then described the truth he saw with a calm expression on his face.

After speaking, he closed his eyes, waiting for Su Wenliang’s fatal strike.

His mind at this moment was unprecedentedly calm, but he had deep regrets. He regretted not marrying a wife and having children, and regretted not making a real friend who could sacrifice for each other.

If there was an afterlife, he must make up for the regrets in this life.

As Jiang Yanbei thought so, a fantasy scene appeared in his mind. He would hold his beloved woman and live with their child. Then when the child grew up, he taught him how to cultivate and how to behave in the world. Even if he didn’t want to cultivate, it didn’t matter, he could learn craftmanship...

The thoughts in his mind went around several times, as he was waiting, but he didn’t feel the sharp pain and the darkness of death.

He couldn’t help opening his eyes, but saw that Su Wenliang had already walked to the snake cave, and he didn’t look like he was going to kill him at all.

Jiang Yanbei was puzzled. Could it be that he was wrong? Su Wenliang didn’t really care about Bai Jingchen, otherwise why would he not kill him, the person who failed this task?

While he was thinking wildly, Su Wenliang looked at the snake mountain and asked lightly, “Which snake cave was Bai Jingchen in?”

When Jiang Yanbei heard this, he hurriedly stepped forward and pointed to the snake cave on the cliff, and said, “That one.”

Su Wenliang’s gaze followed the direction his finger pointed, and a look of anger flashed in his eyes. He glanced at Jiang Yanbei and said, “This incident happened suddenly, so I will leave you with your life. If things like today happen again, don’t blame me for being cruel. Leave!”

Then, he jumped up and flew into the outside of the snake cave, where Bai Jingchen was swallowed. He paused, glancing at the group of snakes, and rushed in without stopping.

Jiang Yanbei’s life unknowingly saved. For a moment, he was shocked with joy and sorrow, and the ecstasy in his heart almost completely overwhelmed him. He even shed hot tears. At this moment, he was full of gratitude to Su Wenliang, grateful that he spared his life.

In the end, he didn’t leave this place, guarding under the Blue Iris Snake Mountain.

Bai Jingchen, who was completely swallowed and pulled into the snake cave by Blue Iris Snakes, was calming down his rapid breath at the moment. He staggeringly walked into the narrow snake cave. Although snake tides were rolling on both sides of his body, because of the protective of spiritual tool on his body, he luckily saved his life.

Not long ago, the moment Bai Jingchen was swallowed by the snakes, he secretly injected spiritual energy into the spiritual tool. This was a barrier spiritual tool, which could protect a person and become a perfect tripod-shaped protective layer. It was precisely because of this spiritual tool he saved from being bitten to death by the Blue Iris Snake.

It took him a little effort to stand up from the snake group, and after walking two steps, he was blocked in the snake cave, unable to advance or retreat.

Now that the scene had reached a stalemate, Bai Jingchen could choose to kill the Blue Iris Snake in front of him, and then escape, but there were too many snakes, and he couldn’t kill them all. Instead, he would completely anger the snakes because of his actions.

Therefore, Bai Jingchen stepped on the snakes under his feet at an extremely slow speed, and step by step, walked towards the outside of the snake cave.

The Blue Iris Snake was difficult to get along with, as it was attacking Bai Jingchen’s spiritual tool frantically. Bai Jingchen must walk out while steadily injecting spiritual energy into the spiritual tool, and he ends up in a difficult situation.

He looked at the Blue Iris Snake with their mouths wide open and pounced on him, with a calm face, without the slightest fear.

For some reason, when he looked at these vindictive snakes, he suddenly thought of Su Wenliang.

When he saw him for the first time, his eyes were like poisonous blades, which could pierce through people’s defenses with just one glance, ruthlessly attacking other people’s minds.

That aura was so terrifying that Bai Jingchen at that time, to be exact, even now, seeing that kind of Su Wenliang, would feel fear and timidity from the bottom of his heart.

That person was more like Liang Wensu, the Palace Lord of Devil Palace shown in the Siye Pavilion’s information. His eyes were gloomy and ruthless, his aura was astonishing. Even if he was seriously injured, he looked like a poisonous snake, ready to jump up to take people’s lives at any time.

However, Su Wenliang was different.

When they met again, it was in an underground cave. At that time, Su Wenliang’s face carried slight anger and eagerness. Bai Jingchen only remembered that there were less vicious currents between his brows and more gentle helplessness and resignation.

As a matter of fact, the Su Wenliang at that time had become completely different. Thinking of this, Bai Jingchen momentarily lost in his thoughts.

He seemed to distinguish between Su Wenliang and Liang Wensu. They were obviously the same person, but he could feel the difference between them.

Liang Wensu was ruthless, did many evils, killed people like flies, and overbearing.

Su Wenliang was ruthless, but he rarely did it. During the time he spent with him, most of the time he was busy helping him to cultivate.

Su Wenliang once secretly took advantage of the moonlight to sleep with him, and then before leaving the next day, he angrily slapped him hard.

When they met again, Su Wenliang pretended to be Yang Aohan, and arrogantly said that he wanted to accept himself as his disciple in the competition stage of Heaven Spread Sect.

After that, Su Wenliang took good care of him. No one had ever been so kind to him. Spirit stones, magic tools, medicinal pills, talisman seals, cultivation method...and so on, there was never a shortage of cultivation resources, and the supply was constant.

Su Wenliang was knowledgeable. When solving his doubts, although his face was full of dislike for him, he would still guide him seriously and never perfunctory him.

After that, they went to the Heaven Spread Sect’s main peak. Su Wenliang walked fast and saw that he couldn’t keep up. He said some angry words arrogantly, but his pace slowed down unconsciously, and since then, he had never been left behind.

Under the raging flames on the back mountain of Heaven Spread Sect, Su Wenliang’s rare gentleness made him absent-minded.

Below the light of the full moon in Aohan Peak Garden, the intense Double Cultivation between the two of them made his heart trembling and deeply fascinated.

Su Wenliang, you used to be Liang Wensu, you used to be a hateful big devil, but after the last crisis in White Horse Mountain, have you changed for the better?

That’s why you changed, you got a new name, you want to start a new life and say goodbye to everything in the past, right?

This taboo feeling once made him happy, but after learning what that person had done before, it made him feel so much pain that he let himself go.

He even thought after being forced into a desperate situation like this and exerted all his force, the next time he saw Su Wenliang, he could truly make a clean break with him in front of him.

But, in fact, he was afraid in his heart, because he was reluctant to part with him. The contest between reason and emotion, this time, it seemed that emotion won the final victory.

Su Wenliang...Since you’ve changed your identity, you can’t become the Devil Lord Liang Wensu again.’

As long as you keep it up, then we can maintain the current situation...’

Bai Jingchen was in a trance. What he didn’t know was that although he used the spiritual tool to protect himself at the moment he was swallowed by Blue Iris snakes, it was still a little slow, so he was still bitten by the fierce Blue Iris snake on his back. His body became numb, and at this moment he was so dizzy that he was about to be unable to hold on.

The protective layer from the spiritual tool gradually dimmed, and Bai Jingchen knew that if he didn’t persevere at this moment, then what he would face would be torn to pieces by the snakes.

He didn’t want to die. No one wanted to die with not even bones left.

He still wanted to see Su Wenliang. Although he didn’t know why he wanted to see him, but if he really couldn’t hold on and died, the only one he was reluctant to leave was only Su Wenliang.

Because, in this world, only Su Wenliang was really good to him, and his heart was not made of iron, he would also be moved.

He even abandoned the lesson and understanding he had received for so many years for this person.

At this moment, he just wanted to see him again.

He finally couldn’t hold on anymore, as the halo of the spiritual tool disappeared. His footsteps were unsteady, and when he was about to fall to the ground, he fell into a slightly fishy and ​​cool embrace.

He looked up in a daze, and saw a familiar face with slight anger and resentment, just like before.

It was as if all of this coincided with the past.

Bai Jingchen couldn’t help kissing Su Wenliang’s thin lips, and murmured, “You came.”

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