Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 43

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Chapter 43


Translator: Mimi

“Bai Jingchen has been behaving like a madman recently. When confronting others, his methods are fierce and desperate.”

Su Wenliang looked at the communication talisman floating in the air. This was the newest and first message from Jiang Yanbei, the servant he arranged beside Bai Jingchen.

Su Wenliang frowned. This was the fourth day after he left Bai Jingchen. During these few days, he devoted all his energy to teach the little dragon how to speak, so he paid much less attention to the male protagonist Bai Jingchen.

He originally thought that he had arranged everything before leaving, but he didn’t expect to get such news.

He couldn’t help guessing. Could it be that there was such a serious deviation in Jiang Yanbei’s cognition of Bai Jingchen and Bai Jingchen he thought?

Yes, it was likely so. The last time Jiang Yanbei saw Bai Jingchen was when he went to the Black Sky City after ten years of Closed Door Training. Bai Jingchen was a disciple who had just reached the eighth layer of Qi Refining at that time. Not only he cultivated to the extreme, but even his expression revealed a silly vigor.

But when they met again this time, Bai Jingchen had changed a lot after taught by him, not only the dramatic increase in cultivation but also the changes in Bai Jingchen’s behavior and demeanor.

It was precisely because of this that he would say such things as Bai Jingchen “mad” and “fierce”.

Su Wenliang knew Bai Jingchen very well. Because he himself had been with Bai Jingchen for more than half a year, and he had read the novel, understanding what would happen to Bai Jingchen in the next few hundred years. He knew that Bai Jingchen was a calm and rational person.

In the plot, although Bai Jingchen lived in an extremely harsh environment from a young age, and then he was bullied and sent to a remote area in the Heaven Spread Sect, but after he grew up and became a real powerful cultivator, he didn’t think of taking revenge on those who hurt him.

Although he had a grudge in his heart for the Bai clan’s second madam, he didn’t take the initiative to take revenge, but let her perish on her own.

However, Bai Jingchen was a cultivator in the cultivation world, and he also had many lives in his hands, but he didn’t kill innocent people indiscriminately.

In the plot, even if someone entrapped him in the secret realm, he still saved people as long as he could when he encountered a common crisis. When Su Wenliang read this in the Apocalypse, he felt he was a bit of a Virgin Mary, but those people were really grateful to him in the end, and later there was a person he saved who lost his life in order to save him.

Su Wenliang sighed at this thought, and when he looked at this massage again, he naturally didn’t trust it.

Bai Jingchen was a typical cultivator, and he was a bit too kind. Even for those cultivators who treat him well, he could repay them to some extent. Although he had killed people, his personality always biased towards the righteous path.

As for being ruthless, it was not counted. After all, Bai Jingchen was a typical righteous path cultivator. Although he had killed people in the cultivation world, he was not a ruthless person. He wouldn’t kill easily, unless others want to harm him first.

After Su Wenliang explained this information in his mind, he thought that Jiang Yanbei must have exaggerated the facts, so he ignored this message.

He burned the communication talisman and then turned around and saw that the daytime was almost over, so he took a lot of medicinal pills and continued to talk with the little dragon.

The little dragon didn’t talk very nimble now, it was often Su Wenliang who tempted him to say a few words, and he was the one who talked most of the time. He thought about the baby education books he occasionally read in modern times.

Speaking of it, it could be regarded as prenatal education. That was to say, the little dragon was born different from people, and he already developed perceptions in his mother’s womb. He still remembered the first time the little dragon’s voice came from his stomach, which startled him a lot.

While Su Wenliang taught the little dragon, he was looking for a solution.

Because besides the first day when the little dragon talked to himself for several hours, other times, that was, in the past few days, he basically rarely spoke. Even if he spoke, he spoke slowly and vaguely. So Su Wenliang knew that this was because of the lack of spiritual energy in the little dragon’s body.

In the plot, the pregnancy duration of the dragon race was extremely long. Even in the distant Antiquity Great Wilderness period, it took a long time to give birth, and after the birth, it was not in a human form, not even a dragon form, but a dragon egg.

During this period, it needed a sufficient supply of spiritual energy, otherwise there would be many problems of one kind or another even after breaking the shell in the future.

Su Wenliang had some headaches. Now it was almost equivalent to the end age of cultivation world. The spiritual energy was not very abundant. In addition, this was the lower realm. It became more difficult to give birth to this dragon race.

Although he took medicinal pills, no matter how powerful the medicinal pill was, it couldn’t compare with the cultivation world in the Antiquity Great Wilderness period. The current cultivation world lacked spiritual energy, and Bai Jingchen and himself, as the little dragon’s parents, there were more or less problems in their bodies.

Su Wenliang knew that his cultivation was restricted here. Maybe it was because his soul didn’t match this body. In short, his cultivation was not comparable to the original owner Liang Wensu, and it was rather difficult for him to cultivate.

As another father, Bai Jingchen, his cultivation base was too low and his bloodline was confined. While he was a high-level snake race, no matter how high-level the snake race was, he was not a dragon race with pure bloodline, so the spiritual energy supply and nutrient supply that the little dragon got was bound to be insufficient.

Su Wenliang knew it was useless for him to be anxious about this matter, so he no longer let himself care about it.

When he took medicinal pills and his divine sense entered the dantian, he felt the dragon egg was more active than usual, absorbing the spiritual energy that poured in.

Su Wenliang said a few words to the little dragon, and seeing that the little dragon didn’t answer, he knew he was still in a deep sleep and hadn’t woken up yet.

He withdrew his divine sense, and then took out a jade slip from his mustard space and put it on his forehead, using his divine sense to study it.

This was the cultivation method of cultivating divine sense he found in the Library Pavilion before leaving the Heaven Spread Sect.

He had always thought that mental ability was actually another word for divine sense, and the two were completely equivalent. He had been trying to find a way to combine his modern advantages with things in the cultivation world. Like the combination of surgery and medical cultivation, and the combination of mental ability and divine sense.

His own strongest strength was mental power, but now his mental power couldn’t match the cultivation base of this body, so in order to save his life before leaving this world, he didn’t allow any shortcomings in his body.

Thinking so, after memorizing all the information in the jade slip, he began to cultivate his divine sense according to it.

At this time, on the competition stage specially set up by the White Horse City for rogue cultivators to compete daily, Bai Jingchen stood on the stage with a pale and expressionless face, facing the challenge of one cultivator after another.

From early morning until dusk, Bai Jingchen stood here steadily. His strength rapidly increased at an incredible speed under the witness of everyone.

His cultivation base hadn’t changed fundamentally, but every sword he stabbed was faster and more lethal than the previous one.

The time for him to end the competition was gradually shortening. Under the eyes of everyone, he refreshed the competition time again and again. This was very difficult, because according to the rules of White Horse City, only cultivators with the same level of cultivation could compete on the same competition stage in the arena.

This means that everyone who competed with Bai Jingchen were at the middle-stage of Foundation Building.

In the cultivation world, cultivators had the same level of cultivation, but the criterion for judging strength was not only the level of cultivation, the most important method of judging competitors of the same level was the contest of skills and real combat experience.

Bai Jingchen even shortened the match time after competing with so many opponents of the same level, which was enough to prove his strength.

Not to mention, he was the overlord of this stage. He hardly rested and settled all the cultivators who came to fight on the stage.

He had been victorious until dusk. The black clothes he wore had become tattered, and his whole body covered with scars from sword energy and sharp swords, some of which were even deep enough to show bones.

There was a large area of bloodshot in his eyes, and the fundus of his eyes was black, which was especially obvious against his pale skin. He tightly pursed his lips into a line, and his whole person looked like in a difficult situation and dire straits. Such a look deducted his exquisite appearance.

After defeating his opponent with a sword, he said expressionlessly, “You let me win.”

The man didn’t seem to suffer much damage on his face, at least compared to Bai Jingchen, the injury was almost invisible, but only he knew how ruthless the beautiful man in front of him was.

At the moment when he was about to beg for mercy, Bai Jingchen’s sword stabbed into his dantian. The long sword mixed with fierce and domineering spiritual energy almost destroyed his spiritual root, making him a useless person from then on.

After hearing Bai Jingchen say “You let me win”, this person scolded him frantically in his heart, but he had just suffered at this person’s hands, so he naturally didn’t want to provoke him again, otherwise he would be caught by him again, then it would really be a dead end.

So, he perfunctorily cupped his fists in front of the public and then coughed and said, “You won, I concede.”

The organizer standing on the left side under the stage stood up and said, “The winner of today’s sixty-seventh round is still the mid-stage Foundation Building cultivator Bai Jingchen. This is the end of today’s competition, and the competition will continue here tomorrow.”

As he spoke, he knocked on the gong beside him three times, showing the end of today’s competition.

The White Horse City had spent a lot of effort in order to avoid random fighting among rogue cultivators, and the most notable place was this competition arena, a real combat place specially provided for rogue cultivators, which was open from early morning to dusk every day.

Seeing that today’s competition was over and there was no more excitement here, everyone turned around to leave.

But Bai Jingchen had a gloomy face, as he put his sword into the scabbard and turned around to walk down the competition stage. He took the winning reward from the organizer, which contained dozens of middle-grade spirit stones. This was the accumulated victory rewards for each victory from start to finish in one day, were spirit stone he had earned himself.

After he put it into a new storage bag, he cupped his fists to thank the organizer, and left the place.

It was dusk at this moment. After he stood blankly at the doorway for a while, not only did he not go back to the Immortal’s Cave, but he walked towards White Horse Mountain instead.

He left the gate of White Horse City, and after leaving the city, he still chose to walk. He walked a long way, until the night fell, before he suddenly stopped and closed his eyes, and said with no emotion, “You’ve been monitoring me for a whole day. There’s no outsider here. Just come out.”

After his words fell, there was no human sound in the surrounding area, only the resounding animal sounds, whistling sound of wind, and the sound made by the wind blowing flowers, plants and trees.

Seeing that this person wasn’t so tactful, Bai Jingchen sneered and continued to walk forward.

He walked all the way to the periphery of White Horse Mountain before stopping. At this time, the sky had brightened, and he had walked all night. He looked at the misty White Horse Mountain in front of him, and looked down at the empty space in his waist, then sat on the ground, and just rested like this.

He suffered a relatively serious injury today, and it looks like his skin was torn apart, but these injuries were all superficial, and it only took a few days to recover. If he took medicinal pills or ointments, it would heal faster, and no damage to the body at all.

He didn’t like quiet or rest, because at that time, he couldn’t control his thoughts.

Bai Jingchen knew in his heart that the more he hated in his heart, the more difficult it was to let go. He felt detest and spurn for such a self!

He closed his eyes and tried his best to empty his mind, and without his own knowledge, he actually fell into such a quiet sleep for a while, until the sky was getting brighter. He took a first-grade increasing spiritual energy pill and walked into the misty White Horse Mountain, heading towards where Su Wenliang was.

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