Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 42

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Chapter 42


Translator: Mimi

Bai Jingchen couldn’t believe it, but the portrait in front of him was enough to prove everything. He opened his lips, and after a long time, he said in a low voice, “Liang Wensu, the previous Palace Lord of Yan Yuan Devil Palace.”

When his voice fell, dozens of bamboo slips flew over. With trembling hands, Bai Jingchen quickly scanned them one by one with his divine sense. These bamboo slips contained a lot of content, but it only took a while for his divine sense to read them all.

Liang Wensu, over 400 years ago, suddenly appeared in the Rook Islet World, and became an entry disciple of Yan Yuan Devil Palace.

His innate talent was not outstanding, but he had been ruthless from a young age. In these bamboo slips, it was written that Liang Wensu killed many people. The most ruthless killing, and even the one who he didn’t leave a whole corpse, was the closest master beside him.

In the cultivation world, this was an act of deceiving master and destroying ancestor, and it was one of the most disgraceful acts.

Bai Jingchen endured his disgust and continued to read.

Liang Wensu spent over a hundred years in Yan Yuan Devil Palace to climb into the attendant’s position. This position was also obtained by killing his leader, so anyone who was close to him would end up killed by him.

This was only his affairs in Yan Yuan Devil Palace, and at other times, such as when going out for training or exploring secret realms, Liang Wensu liked to set up traps, let righteous cultivators kill each other, while he enjoyed the benefits of a fisher. In short, the means were extremely despicable and indecent.

Bai Jingchen couldn’t believe his eyes. He didn’t dare to connect the person described in bamboo slips with his master who was usually cold and looked at people with an impatient expression.

Bai Jingchen took a deep breath, and thought, ‘Maybe it’s because Master already turned over a new leaf?!

So, he continued to read.

When Liang Wensu was over 150 years old, he went to the mortal world.

Although the spiritual energy in the mortal world was not abundant, it had enough resentful spiritual energy. This was the cultivation method that Liang Wensu practiced at the beginning, and it was of great benefit to Liang Wensu.

After Liang Wensu went to the mortal world, he pretended to be the national teacher of the mortal world dynasty, and lured the emperor, who was originally an honest government and loving people, onto the road of cultivating.

When the emperor became muddleheaded, Liang Wensu indifferently beheaded all loyal and important officials and those who opposed him.

Some officials who didn’t die because of the emperor’s old affection were also executed cruelly by him used tricks.

Liang Wensu was already at the late-stage of Foundation Building, plus the mortal world’s affairs, the cultivation world generally didn’t care much, unless he really went too far and caused people to mourn, then they would enter the mortal world to kill this devil cultivator.

But Liang Wensu seized this opportunity and did many utterly heartless things.

In the cultivation world, the blood essence of women, especially the blood essence of virgins, was an excellent thing for cultivation, especially for a devil cultivator like him.

Therefore, Liang Wensu secretly sent people to capture such a woman.

Bai Jingchen didn’t know how to cultivate this cultivation method, but he could roughly imagine it just by thinking about the devil cultivators he had usually seen.

Bai Jingchen couldn’t bear the desire to vomit in his heart.

Liang Wensu’s movement was too big, and so many people disappeared at once, which was unwise for him, because he attracted the attention of authorities. Although he had the status of a national teacher as a shield, and controlled the emperor, but he was arrested by these officials for all day long, causing panic throughout the dynasty, and he couldn’t get such a woman.

Therefore, after careful consideration, he decided that since he was going to be arrested if he came secretly, he might as well collect such girls openly.

Liang Wensu was a decisive character, and he spoke to the emperor the next day, saying that he needed girls to assist him in his cultivation.

The emperor had always kept his word for him, so naturally he immediately drew up the imperial edict, and launched the most grand selection since the founding of the country. The requirements for the girls in the selection were not high, only need to be unmarried.

The people didn’t know it, and thought it was a chance to fly up to the sky and become a phoenix, so there was nothing wrong with it. Those who let their daughters enter the palace had such thoughts.

For a moment, tens of thousands of girls were collected.

And these girls, in the end, naturally died the same as those who disappeared.

The empress and emperor were childhood sweethearts, and she didn’t take care of things very much at first, but later saw that the situation was really outrageous, so she jumped out to take care of it a few times. The emperor still had true feelings for her, so he naturally listened to her a few times.

Thus, this virtuous empress became a thorn in Liang Wensu’s side, and he wished he could deal with her sooner.

In addition, Liang Wensu had enjoyed the benefit at this time, and looked down on the resentment of these girls, so he turned his attention to the empress’s maternal family, that was, the household of this country Great General.

He started a war between this dynasty and its neighbors. In this era, a war resulted in millions of corpses and rivers of blood.

Countless lives were thrown into the big machine of war, and countless people died on the battlefield, and they were all still able-bodied manpower. Now the rest of the family were old, weak, sick and disabled.

At this time, Liang Wensu’s big action finally alarmed the Heaven Spread Sect’s disciples. At the beginning, they sent a few disciples to investigate the news, but in the end they were also refined by Liang Wensu for his cultivation.

When Bai Jingchen saw this, he almost vomited.

Liang Wensu discovered that the cultivator’s flesh and blood were the best for his cultivation.

And Liang Wensu did exactly that. The war he started completely overturned the two dynasties, with millions of casualties. Liang Wensu’s strength advanced by leaps and bounds during this period. In ten years, he became a middle-stage Core Formation cultivator.

With his aptitude, such a cultivation speed was already extremely fast.

Liang Wensu took exceeded a million human lives, and after returning to the cultivation world, his crimes were even more unspeakable.

He could kill a clan at will for his personal gain, just like the last recorded incident, the matter of Sikong clan, became Liang Wensu’s last note.

When the news of his death came, everyone in the cultivation world breathed a sigh of relief.

After Bai Jingchen read all the content on the bamboo slips, he couldn’t help clenching his fists.

His brows furrowed and extreme hate flashed in his eyes.

When he saw the first bamboo slip, he could lie to himself that the information may not be completely correct, and there might be mistakes. Even if his reason told him that the possibility of this was tiny, but he preferred to believe it.

However, after seeing dozens of bamboo slips, and most of the contents in the bamboo slips were similar, Bai Jingchen could no longer deceive himself.

Liang Wensu, who was written on the bamboo slips, was ruthless and did things based on his likes and dislikes. Once someone provoked him, he would definitely carry out bloody and cruel slaughtering. He was a well-deserved true devil cultivator, and his reputation would even make the fellow devil cultivators fearful.

Liang Wensu had been an outer sect disciple of Yan Yuan Devil Palace since he was six years old. Since then, he had climbed the corpses of countless people step by step. In just 280 years, he became the number one devil cultivator in the Rook Islet World, and the supreme Palace Lord of Yan Yuan Devil Palace.

During this period, his hands were stained with the blood of countless humans, many of whom were ordinary people. For example, when he was 49 years old, he killed 990 mortals in order to gain the position of inner sect disciple in the Devil Palace.

The list goes on and on.

And the reason why he finally died over ten years ago was because he killed the members of Sikong clan, leaving only the life of a girl who was less than sixteen years old, which provoked the siege of two factions in the Rook Islet World, and eventually exploded his Nascent Soul and diad in the White Horse Mountain.

At that time, Liang Wensu didn’t actually blow himself up. He survived, and even came to the mountain where he was exiled, and was rescued by himself. This was the whole truth.

Bai Jingchen suddenly felt extremely hate and disgusted. All kinds of evil deeds committed by Liang Wensu that he had just seen flashed through his mind.

When he was nineteen years old, he killed other disciples in the same room as himself in order to survive. When he was sixty-nine years old, in order to form a Gold Core, he secretly sneaked into a small sect and snatched the sect’s secret treasure. He poisoned all the cultivators of this sect and burned the entire sect with fire afterward. ...

When he was 170 years old, in order to form Nascent Soul and refine the origin life magic weapon, he didn’t hesitate to use the blood of hundreds of thousands of people in a mortal country to refine it into the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip. When he was 234 years old, in order to seize the position of Palace Lord of Yan Yuan Devil Palace, he personally killed his master and killed all his master’s relatives, leaving no one behind.


This was the real Liang Wensu. He did all of these things with his own hands. Such a big devil who killed without batting an eye was the master who taught him, and also the man who does the most intimate thing in the world with him on the night of full moon every month. At the same time, that was, Su Wenliang who had moved his heart, and he was even willing to get along with him!

Su Wenliang, Liang Wensu; Liang Wensu, Su Wenliang!

Bai Jingchen thought these two names over, showing a self-deprecating smile on his face. The two names were so similar, they were just reversed in order. This was already irrefutable evidence, and there was nothing else to say.

At this moment, Bai Jingchen only felt an endless chill from the bottom of his heart. He didn’t want to stay in this room at all. Originally, he came here this time to investigate the matter of Love Snake Parasite, hoping to help Su Wenliang get rid of the Parasite poison in his body. But now, it made him suddenly know the truth hidden behind.

He didn’t want to stay any longer, such an evil and bloody man, how could he be worth of him doing this for him? Bai Jingchen’s eyes glowed with a red cold light, and he left the room in a daze.

The token automatically fell to the ground the moment he closed the door, and Bai Jingchen came back to his senses a little when he heard the sound.

He picked up the token that fell on the ground. The chill from his limbs and bones made him break out in a cold sweat on a hot day. His complexion was as pale as paper, but his lips tightly pursed into a line.

He handed the token to the mortal manager. The manager took the token and said, “Guest, the total is a thousand middle-grade spirit stones.”

Bai Jingchen agreed stiffly. He took off the storage bag at his waist, and put it on the table, “All these are for you.” Then he turned around and left with a desolate figure.

Standing under the sun, Bai Jingchen only felt that even the scorching sun couldn’t dispel the chill in his heart.

His current thoughts were in a mess, as the bits and pieces of his acquaintance with Su Wenliang flashed in his mind one by one. Only then did he realize that he had remembered everything about this person so clearly.

However, these scenes, when he thought of the countless outrageous acts that Liang Wensu had done, were all dimmed.

Different scenes intertwined, bloody, cruelty, killing…

Bai Jingchen’s mind was a little confused, and he muttered to himself, ‘Which one is the real him? The arrogant and cold Su Wenliang, or the cruel and murderous Liang Wensu.’

He couldn’t tell the difference anymore. He was in a mess now, and just wanted to find a place to calm down.

Bai Jingchen returned to the Immortal’s Cave staggeringly. He took out the spiritual wine from his storage bag and drank it.

He used to drink for taste, but now he drank to blur his mind. He didn’t want to be sober at all. He just wanted to calm down for a while.

He gulped down the wine, as his heart was full of entanglements.

On the one hand, he hated what Liang Wensu did, and his actions had completely proved that this man was a villain who committed all kinds of crimes. But on the other hand, he remembered Su Wenliang beside the fire, smiled faintly, and said, “Then how about this? Every time your cultivation base increases by one level, I will give you ten bottles of top-grade spiritual wine.” At that time, his expression was gentle, completely different from his usual cold and serious. Under the warm flame, he was even tender and harmless. But his eyes were still overbearing and proud. Two diametrically opposite elements could perfectly blend in him.

It made his mind dazed for a moment, and it was precisely because of this that he ignored Su Wenliang at that time.

Su Wenliang…Liang Wensu…

Which one was the real him?

Bai Jingchen smiled wryly and threw the wine jug out. There was a crisp sound when the wine jug hit the ground. The color in Bai Jingchen’s eyes became deeper and darker.

He thought, ‘Maybe this is not necessarily human nature, and all Su Wenliang did was because he want to find something to do when he was boring.’

Because his innate was weak, he had to look at people’s faces from a young age. When he was a child, he looked at the faces of his servants. When he grew up a bit, he looked at the face of the first mother. After he entered the sect, he looked at the face of his fellow sect members. After he became an inner sect disciple, he looked at the face of Su Wenliang…

All because he was too weak. Su! Wen! Liang! How dare you!

Bai Jingchen closed his eyes and thought, ‘From now on, I’ll no longer be softhearted, never blindly trust and obey, never be weak again. I will become strong! Become stronger!

The next time they met, he would definitely end his gratitude and grudges with Su Wenliang! It was a clean break!

Su Wenliang in the White Horse Mountain was totally unaware that the identity of his body had been exposed. At the moment, he only felt dizzy and tinnitus.

God knows this dragon egg, which was almost the size of a fist, was actually so energetic. After he opened his mouth to speak, he had been chattering non-stop. His intonation was still ups and downs, and his emotions were especially rich, sometimes serious, sometimes amazed. If Su Wenliang didn’t know him very well and watched him grow up from a small, he would definitely think that this guy was talking about some profound topics.

The most important thing was the little guy was unwilling to be lonely. Once he said something and Su Wenliang didn’t respond for a long time, he would whine aggrievedly, or yell sharply. He didn’t know at all how to write the word quiet.

Su Wenliang was about to be driven crazy by him. The little guy couldn’t understand what he said, he just babbled to himself. His voice was soft and cute, but he couldn’t stand being forced to listen to it for hours!

Su Wenliang now felt regret. If he had known that the little guy had such a personality, he would never expect to have a conversation with him. It was really vexing.

Later, Su Wenliang lost his patience, but the little guy was always full of energy. Su Wenliang had no choice but to teach him how to speak.

The little guy had a good memory, and he was very smart, which was simply beyond Su Wenliang’s imagination.

In just an hour, he had learned part of the daily language, and under Su Wenliang’s threats and promises, he learned to behave. He didn’t call Su Wenliang “Mother” again, but call him “Papa”.

When Su Wenliang heard him call himself that, he felt an indescribable sense of satisfaction and achievement.

He couldn’t help recalling his classmates and friends in modern times. In his previous life, when he was twenty-seven years old, he hadn’t married or a blind date. Among his peers, he belonged to the left over’s group.

Those classmates and friends of his had long been married and had children. Sometimes when they met occasionally, he would hear his friends complain their children were here to collect repayment, which was simply troublesome. But although they complained like this, the love in their eyes couldn’t be covered at all.

Su Wenliang didn’t understand it. After seeing the destructive power of those children, he felt they were the number one killing device in the universe, and the attitude of his friends and classmates towards children made him felt unimaginable.

They would quit smoking and drinking for their children, they would stay up all night for their children, and they would be happy and excited at the sound of a call from their children.

Su Wenliang didn’t understand, but now he understood a bit.

The little guy was connected with his own blood. The little dragon said softly, “Pa…pa, I…hi lu ha ah…”

Su Wenliang pursed his lips and smiled, saying, “Speak of the words I taught you before, or I won’t pay attention to you.”

The little guy was aggrieved, he said with a faint shaking voice, “Papa…my name is…what?”

Su Wenliang couldn’t help laughing, but this time he understood what he meant, saying that he should give the little dragon a name. What should he call him?

This child was a descendant of the dragon race, and he was the child of the male protagonist Bai Jingchen. Su Wenliang originally thought about throwing his son to Bai Jingchen after giving birth, but now he was a bit reluctant.

However, no matter how reluctant he was, he still had to do it. After all, he was not the dragon race, and although his identity was well concealed, if the Rook Islet World’s people found out that he was not dead, what awaits him was definitely hunted down everywhere.

At that time, he wouldn’t be able to take good care of the little guy, and would bring him countless troubles instead.

Su Wenliang felt complications, and thought, ‘I will let Bai Jingchen name him. After all, he is his child, and he will take him with him later. Yeah, the next night of full moon, I will ask Bai Jingchen. Anyway, He is not conscious, and won’t remember it afterward.

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