Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 41

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Chapter 41


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang secretly scolded in his heart, and his divine sense fluctuated. The reason the little dragon could communicate with him was because their divine sense had interlinked. The little dragon was keenly aware of something wrong, but he was still young and didn’t know what was wrong, so he could only babble and say short words, “M…Mother…” repeatedly non-stop.

Su Wenliang originally didn’t want to pay attention to him, not because the word little dragon first learned was “father” and was petty, but because he really didn’t have experience with children, and couldn’t understand what the little dragon said.

However, Su Wenliang could hear the flattering meaning in the little dragon’s words clearly. He sighed in his heart. Such a dragon egg was actually self-taught to please others. At the same time, he wondered if he was doing too much. He was just a child, and children would expect attention from their parents.

Thereupon, he restrained his temper and had a conversation with the little dragon.

Su Wenliang said, “Uh…hello.”

The little dragon said, “Hi…”

Su Wenliang said, “You…” ‘Oh no! I don’t know what to say.’ He thought hard for a long time and then asked, “How old are you?”

The little dragon said, “Oh, hu…hi…um…”

Su Wenliang, “……” ‘Can someone translate it for me? Could it be the dragon race’s language, so I can’t understand it? Well, maybe I think too much. It’s just a simple monophonic word.’

The little dragon said, “Ne, ah…ku…”

The little dragon talked on his own, and the more he spoke, the more energetic he was. The joy in his voice made Su Wenliang couldn’t help smiling. He seldom had contact with children in modern times. Patiently listening to his soft and childish voice, he felt a lot of joy in his heart.

It took Su Wenliang a while before he remembered his purpose. He ate a lot of medicinal pills again, and abundant spiritual energy poured into his dantian. This time, he clearly saw the little dragon swaying his body rhythmically. When the little dragon was devouring the spiritual energy, his whole body glowed faintly.

Su Wenliang knew the little dragon liked these spiritual energies, so he decided to use the heaven material and earth treasure to nurture the little dragon.

On the other side, Bai Jingchen was cultivating alone in a dark cave. He had always like this before, and originally thought he should get used to the daily life, but when he cultivated today, he was always restless, as if something in his heart was calling him. However, he didn’t feel it clearly, only vaguely, hanging people’s appetite, but completely didn’t let people know what it was.

Bai Jingchen scratched his head irritably, thinking, ‘I’m indeed getting more and more growing up. Could it be that the more I live, the more I go back? No one is around to watch and accompany me, so I can’t cultivate alone.’

Bai Jingchen was a little angry with himself. He tried to cultivate for a while, but the restlessness in his heart made him uneasy, and he couldn’t calm down at all.

He sighed, seeing that it was still early outside, so he simply stood up and left the Immortal’s Cave.

He thought of the Love Snake Parasite on Su Wenliang’s body and planned to find out what kind of Parasite poison this Love Snake Parasite was.

Bai Jingchen was familiar with the Lane Market. After all, when he was an attendant disciple, he would go to buy some cultivation supplies whenever the Lane Market opened, so he knew some little secrets in the Lane Market clearly.

And this morning, when he went out to familiarize himself with the terrain of White Horse City, he already memorized all the addresses of places that might be useful to him, so this time, he knew the way to come to an ordinary attic. He looked at a four-legs cauldron engraved on one side of the doorpost and walked in.

This was Siye Pavilion, a place where the Rook Islet World’s cultivators inquire about news.

Siye Pavilion had small stationary points in most places in Rook Islet World. It would be set up on the inn’s second floor, but not every inn had such a stationary point, only inns with four-legs cauldron engraved on its doorpost would have it.

Bai Jingchen originally wanted to go to the inn to inquire, but in the end, he went to the Siye Pavilion’s branch. This place was larger than the stationary point, and the asking price was higher, but correspondingly, the information and bamboo slips stored in it were more complete.

Bai Jingchen wanted to find out the information by himself instead of asking his own questions. He himself didn’t know why he chose a more time-consuming, laborious, and costly method, but he always believed in his intuition.

When he walked in, there was a self-deprecating smile on the corner of his mouth. In fact, he was more afraid of the meaning of the name Su Wenliang. A man with Su Wenliang’s personality would definitely not be a small character, nor would he be a righteous path cultivator. The style of his action was completely the way of a devil cultivator.

Hearing Su Wenliang said that he came down from the Age River World, but he was so familiar with the Rook Islet World, so he should also have a reputation in the Rook Islet World. But a little disciple like him didn’t know it at all.

Part of the reason he came this time was to know what kind of person Su Wenliang was, and the Siye Pavilion knew a lot, and had a stronghold in the entire cultivation world, not just the Rook Islet World, so the news here was the most complete.

After Bai Jingchen walked in, he took out a middle-grade spirit stone as the entrance fee. The price was so high that he was speechless. If it was a year ago, he could never pay it, but thanks to Su Wenliang, um, the pocket money he gave him before leaving…

When Bai Jingchen thought of this, the smile on his face stopped. He pursed his lips and walked to the only manager here. He stood in front of the counter and said, “I come to hear the truth.”

The manager was a young and beautiful girl with no spiritual power around her, so she was actually a mortal. She looked gentle and beautiful with a smile on her face. She said with a completely harmless appearance, “Okay, ask this guest to pay fifty middle-grade spirit stones first, as a fee for the entry token.”

Bai Jingchen gasped in his heart, because of this high price, but for the sake of Su Wenliang, he gritted his teeth and paid, thinking, ‘Anyway, nothing comes for free. I can earn money by myself as a grown man.’

Thereupon, he took out fifty middle-grade spirit stones expressionlessly to get an inconspicuous token, and turned around to go to a room without a token hanging at the door.

He put the token on the door, and the door opened from the inside out. Bai Jingchen walked in, and the door closed automatically.

Bai Jingchen raised his eyes to look at this spacious, almost endless room, and thought, ‘This is the effect of mustard space. It looks like a room from the outside, but it connects to a huge space inside.’

There were full bookshelves here. If he read them one by one, he didn’t know when he would find the things he wanted to see.

Bai Jingchen looked at the using rules on the bookshelf in front of him, and the specific using method was written on it.

After reading it, he faced this space and said, “Age River World late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator Su Wenliang”, but he waited for a long time, but no bamboo slips or records flew out at all.

For a moment, Bai Jingchen felt he was being tricked, but then he realized the truth of the matter and the seriousness of the matter.

In order to prove the guess in his heart, he opened his lips, and after hesitating for a while, he said his name, “Bai Jingchen, a disciple of the Heaven Spread Sect.”

After his words fell, several corresponding bamboo slips flew over and landed on the bookshelf in front of him.

Bai Jingchen’s hands trembled slightly as he took the bamboo slips and opened it for inspection. It contained a detailed record of “Bai Jingchen’s life”, from birth to the present moment.

However, the records here were not detailed, only a few important major events recorded.

For example, it was written here: Bai Jingchen was only twelve years old when he broke away from the Bai clan’s control and entered the Heaven Spread Sect. In the same year, he was exiled to the Heaven Spread Sect’s outside territory. Eleven years later, he returned to the sect again.

This was most of his life experience, but because there was no highlight to speak of, it was basically mentioned only briefly, and like when he took part in the Sect Grand Competition, it clearly recorded his ranking and opponents in the Grand Competition.

Fortunately, it was like this. If it was really detailed enough to his food and drink, Bai Jingchen would definitely blow his top when he saw it.

Bai Jingchen finished reading Siye Pavilion’s record of himself, and felt that his life experience was so simple, but this feeling only flashed in his mind, and he completely forgot it after a while.

What he was paying attention to now was in the entire Siye Pavilion, there was actually no information about Su Wenliang?

What does this mean? Even a little disciple like him, who was completely unpopular, had a few bamboo slips of introduction information. But Su Wenliang had none. This could only prove that Su Wenliang was completely an unworldly expert, and another possibility was that there was no such person as Su Wenliang in this world.

Bai Jingchen frowned. Su Wenliang was real, and he didn’t look like an unworldly expert who detached from the world. He knew the Rook Islet World very well, and he was the almighty Nascent Soul cultivator…

So, what if the name Su Wenliang told him was fake? His identity was also fake?

Thinking of this, everything became clear at once. He didn’t want to believe that Su Wenliang would deceive him, but at the moment, only this kind of explanation was the most reasonable.

Bai Jingchen was a little depressed. If Su Wenliang was here, he would definitely…

Well, it was better not to be here. The strength gap between the two of them was too big, and there was a difference between master and disciple…

Bai Jingchen let out a long sigh and looked at the bamboo slips in his hand. He asked a new question, “How many late-stage Nascent Soul experts are there in the Rook Islet World?”

When his voice fell, another new bamboo slip flew over. Bai Jingchen tapped the wooden bookshelf with his fingers, and a steady and clear sound came, which made him gradually calm down.

After a while, Bai Jingchen opened the bamboo slip and saw that there were only four names engraved inside, namely: Xie Wenshan, Jimo Cang, Li Linsheng, and Liang Wensu.

Bai Jingchen had only heard of the first name. The others were very unfamiliar to him.

He pulled the bamboo slip back and saw the slightly detailed information after it. It said:

Xie Wenshan. His cultivation name was Xuan Daozi. He was the head Great Elder of Heaven Spread Sect, and the number one cultivator in the Rook Islet World.

Jimo Cang. He was the Lord of White Horse City and the patriarch of Jimo clan, the number one cultivation clan in White Horse City.

Li Linsheng. His cultivation name was Yu Yangzi. He was the great elder of the Hunyuan Sword Sect and the number one sword cultivator in the Rook Islet World.

Liang Wensu. He was the previous Palace Lord of the Devil Palace and the number one devil cultivator. Eleven years ago, he blew himself up and died in White Horse Mountain.

When Bai Jingchen saw this, he paused, and he became restless again.

After circling in the original place a few times, he said, “I want the portrait of late-stage Nascent Soul experts in the Rook Islet World.”

Then the four scrolls flew over and landed in front of Bai Jingchen. Without Bai Jingchen unfolding it, the four portraits floated in midair and spread out.

Bai Jingchen looked over one by one. They drew not only the current appearance of these powerful people in the portraits, but also their formerly young appearance.

Bai Jingchen saw that Xuan Daozi, who now looked like a grandfather, was so handsome that he was not like mortal when he was young. He looked like an exiled heavenly immortal.

Jimo Cang, on the other hand, looked robust. When he was young, he had a big beard, which almost covered his facial features, but now his brown beard turned into grayish white, making him look a little older.

Li Linsheng was a skinny old man who looked like a beggar. He seemed to have such an unpleasant appearance too when he was young, and it was difficult for people to get close to him.

At this moment, Bai Jingchen really felt that no matter how famous and powerful these experts were in the Rook Islet World, they were still cultivators, only stronger than ordinary people.

Then, he set his sights on the last painting.

Unlike the previous three portraits that had many appearances drawn in it, this one had only one picture drawn on it.

This was a feminine and handsome young man. He was wearing a black robe. His face was like jade, his eyes were deep and narrow, and there was an indelible fierceness between his brows. Even if it was only drawn on paper, it gave people a very threatening sense of fear.

He was familiar with this person. Bai Jingchen couldn’t help taking a few steps back, and even fell to the ground unsteadily. This person——

He was Su Wenliang, the man who had been with him for half a year, and was now his master. He was precisely the number one devil cultivator in the Rook Islet World, Liang Wensu!

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