Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 40

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Chapter 40


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang didn’t know his plan. Seeing that Bai Jingchen was a little dazed, he frowned and asked again, “What are you doing now?”

Bai Jingchen woke up from his own thoughts. Seeing Su Wenliang’s impatient expression, he said, “I went to the White Horse City to inquire about the news this time, and learned about the various competitions prepared by the White Horse City in the coming year. I intend to conduct real combat experience for the time being, and after the other abilities are improved, I will go to the White Horse City’s Mission Department to get some tasks and enter the White Horse Mountain to practice.”

Su Wenliang nodded when he heard this. In fact, going out to practice was nothing more than the above methods. He said, “The purpose of travelling is not only to cultivate and improve strength, but also to meet various types of people, expand the social circle, and find companions with common interests. Do you understand these?”

Bai Jingchen said honestly, “I roughly understand that although most of cultivators seek to improve their cultivation base, they are nothing more than powerful mortals before they become immortals, and mortals must have their own life circle. My current strength is low, so it’s suitable to enter the White Horse Mountain with others to complete the training task.”

Seeing that Bai Jingchen knew very well and didn’t become an unworldly cultivation madman, Su Wenliang smiled with satisfaction. He was paving the way for Jiang Yanbei. If Bai Jingchen was not an emotional fool, he should know that people like Jiang Yanbei were worth making friends with.

Su Wenliang turned his head to look at the sky outside. They arrived in the White Horse City at morning, and it was only noon now, which was still early. He asked, “Why did you come back so early?”

“Seeing that it’s not very fun to continue stay outside, I came back thinking that Master is staying in the inn alone.”

When Su Wenliang heard this, he narrowed his eyes and looked at him with a smile yet not a smile. What did this mean? Could it be that Bai Jingchen thought he would feel bored to stay alone in the inn, so he made a special trip back to accompany him?

It seems that the tasks he had arranged for him were too few, or his usual image was too weak, otherwise why would Bai Jingchen say that.

Su Wenliang said with an indifferent expression, “I forgot one thing before, that is, within the next three years, I also have important things to do, and I will leave White Horse City for a while. Now that you have made a plan, then you can choose to live in this room or live in the rented cultivation Immortal’s Cave after I leave. If you have any questions, you can tell me. I will leave this place later on and come back here to find you on the day of Double Cultivation every month.”

A dazed expression appeared on Bai Jingchen’s face, as if he didn’t expect Su Wenliang to say such a thing.

He was used to Su Wenliang going with him all the time, or to put it another way, he was used to following Su Wenliang. But he had forgotten one thing, that was, Su Wenliang once said that the relationship between them was just a temporary transaction, and Su Wenliang would one day leave the Rook Islet World and him.

Bai Jingchen actually knew that Su Wenliang’s life wouldn’t always revolve around him all the time, but he didn’t expect this day to come so soon.

Moreover, what he didn’t expect was that when this day finally came, there was no half joy and relief in his heart, instead indescribable anxiety and anger.

Bai Jingchen tried hard to maintain his composure and calm himself down. He opened his lips, but the question he was about to blurt out was a series of interrogative words, such as: “Why are you leaving?”, “Where are you going?”, “Did you plan such a day long ago, that’s why you said it flatly?”

Because of these doubts in his heart, Bai Jingchen showed a dazed expression on his face. He endured and endured, and finally asked calmly, “Master, can you tell me where you want to go?”

Su Wenliang originally just said it. He didn’t want to follow Bai Jingchen all the time, and he was unhappy when he heard Bai Jingchen say that.

However, after Bai Jingchen asked such a question, Su Wenliang really thought about whether it would be better for him to find a quiet place to concentrate on cultivation, so that he could just take some time off and try the effect of heaven material and earth treasure on the dragon egg. Maybe it could let the little dragon speak in advance.

Thinking so, Su Wenliang said with a faint smile, “I’m going to…visit my old friend in the Rook Islet World, and find something to do in passing. But during the time I’m out, you take this jade talisman with you. As long as you encounter a life-and-death crisis, you can directly crush this jade talisman, and I will come all the way. During this period, you can use the jade pendant with Nascent Soul stage’s full blow that I gave you last time to fight the enemy.”

Su Wenliang thought about it. This time he had ensured everything was safe. Not only did he give him something to save his life, but he also arranged a friend to “accompany and play with him”…Yeah, maybe he had a little pocket money.

Su Wenliang took out a jade talisman and a mountain-like middle-grade spirit stones from his mustard space, and said, “This is the jade talisman and your pocket money during this time. If you still lack something, bring it up now.”

Seeing that there was no reluctance on his face at all, Bai Jingchen felt sullen instead of excitement. He lowered his eyes to conceal the emotion in his eyes, and said, “I don’t lack anything.”

Su Wenliang stood up and said, “In that case, then I will leave now. You should work hard to improve your cultivation, don’t be lazy.”

After finishing speaking, he directly walked out, and his back figure looked rather impatient.

Bai Jingchen walked to the window and watched him gradually go away, feeling a sense of loss in his heart. Immediately afterwards, he unconsciously frowned, as he was surprised by his own emotions. He was never a person controlled by emotions, but today Su Wenliang tossed his mood ups and downs.

Bai Jingchen knew that this was not a good sign. They would say goodbye sooner or later, today was just a “warm-up” in advance, so there was no need to feel sad for a friend who would leave sooner or later.

He thought about it. It seems that this time, he had to arrange his daily routine more tightly. Only in this way, he wouldn’t think wildly. But he didn’t know that many troubles in this world were just idlers make problems for themselves.

No matter how the future changes, the first thing he must do was to strengthen his strength and improve his cultivation base, so that one day he would have more right to speak and decide, instead of being led by the nose.

Bai Jingchen saw that it was already afternoon outside, and it was useless to stay in the inn, so he directly went downstairs to check out the room. He went to the Immortal’s Cave renting place on the edge of White Horse City, and rented an Immortal’s Cave. After he entered it, he closed his eyes and meditated. He planned to go to the White Horse City’s competition arena for real combat experience tomorrow.

On the other side, after Su Wenliang left in a moment of heat, his steps became smaller, and his walking became slower.

He was still a little worried about Bai Jingchen, but then he forced himself to forget about it, and began to divert his attention, recalling the secret Immortal’s Cave arranged by the original owner in the Rook Islet World.

However, he discovered that among these Immortal’s Caves, the closest one to White Horse City was over two days’ flight distance, which was quite far. The area of​​​​ Rook Islet World was too large, and it took a long time to go from one city to another.

Su Wenliang didn’t want to leave White Horse City too far, it was inconvenient, no matter from which point of view. So even if the original owner’s Immortal’s Cave was full of spiritual energy and the environment was quiet, he didn’t want to go there. He didn’t lack spirit stones, and if he wanted to cultivate, he could draw a spiritual gathering formation on the spot at any time.

Instead of going to the prepared Immortal’s Cave, he turned around and went to White Horse Mountain.

White Horse City was not far from White Horse Mountain. It had been over ten years since the last time he came to White Horse Mountain.

At that time, the original owner encountered a three-party siege here. Not only was he seriously injured, but he was almost captured by the white-clothed mask man to force give birth. Su Wenliang felt fear and cold when he thought about it. In the end, although he was not forced to give birth, he had an unclear relationship with the male protagonist.

Su Wenliang took a few increasing spiritual energy pills to prevent the poisonous fog and confusing mist. Although these things had little effect on him, but for the sake of the little dragon in his stomach, he still took increasing spiritual energy pills in order to cut off any poison from the root.

Su Wenliang went to the most dangerous deep mountain, which was unpopulated, and was the territory of high-level spiritual plants and demonic beasts.

Su Wenliang walked all the way, and saw many demonic beasts that were afraid of him. Su Wenliang completely ignored them. He walked around the mountain and finally chose a relatively good place. He opened up a rough temporary Immortal’s Cave and then walked in. He casually sat on the ground, and then grabbed a handful of high-grade medicinal pills and stuffed it into his mouth.

The spiritual energy immediately filled his whole body, and he felt a comfortably warm feeling. The effect of taking medicinal pills was like taking drugs. The effect was so strong that Su Wenliang unconsciously associated it with taking drugs, so he rarely took medicinal pills, and after his physical body was repaired, he didn’t try much.

He skillfully guided the spiritual energy into his dantian, and after waiting for a while, he directly sneaked his divine sense into his dantian, carefully observing the effect of taking medicinal pills.

His dantian at this time had changed slightly from what he saw before. His Nascent Soul seems to have become much smaller, and the dragon breath that Bai Jingchen left in his belly was now condensing bigger, faintly suffusing with black and red in his dantian, the golden dragon breath was especially dazzling.

Su Wenliang still remembered his main purpose, so he put his divine sense on the dragon egg. He paused for a moment and then called out, “Can you…can you hear my voice?”

After the dragon egg felt the induction sound of his divine sense, it nestled next to his Nascent Soul and swayed, holding half the effort. When Su Wenliang thought he couldn’t speak, the little dragon squeezed out a few words with great effort, “F…Father…”

“……” Su Wenliang was touched speechless, and thought, ‘Truly my good son! The first word he learned is father. I really didn’t raise him for so many years in vain!

Little did he know, the little dragon then said, “M…Mother…”

Su Wenliang, “……”

If the little dragon realized that he had a father and a mother, then…the father just now, referred to Bai Jingchen?!

After Su Wenliang understood this, a mouthful of blood almost spurted from his throat. He secretly scolded, ‘Really raising an immature white-eyed wolf, just like his father!

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