Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 39

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Chapter 39


Translator: Mimi

Bai Jingchen’s eyes became deep and serene. When Su Wenliang accidentally caught a glimpse, his heart skipped a beat for no reason. He frowned and seriously looked at Bai Jingchen, but saw his slightly wooden appearance. Su Wenliang wondered if he was thinking too much.

At this moment, Bai Jingchen said, “Master, if there is nothing else, please allow me to leave in advance.”

Su Wenliang’s attention temporarily pulled back. He looked at him with displeasure and asked, “You want to leave, where are you going?”

Bai Jingchen asked with sincere doubts on his face, “Didn’t Master tell me to make my own cultivation plan for the next three years?”

Only then did Su Wenliang realize that his thoughts devious, so he responded dryly and then looked away and frowned. He waved his hand impatiently and said, “Get out.”

Bai Jingchen left with a respectful expression.

Su Wenliang walked to the window and watched Bai Jingchen’s figure go away. He couldn’t help sighing deeply and thought, ‘I become more and more skilled and competent as the male protagonist’s “nanny”.’

He leaned against the window and thought for a while and then took out a talisman seal from his storage bag and burned it. Not long after the talisman seal was completely burned to ashes, there was a slightly hasty knock on the door.

Su Wenliang said lightly, “Come in.”

The visitor opened the door. His resolute face was full of sweat and his complexion became exceptionally pale. He took a few breaths and then closed the door. He knelt on the ground on one knee and lowered his head. He said with a humble expression, “Senior, I’m delayed because of something on the road, so I arrive a little late. I hope Senior will forgive me for dereliction of duty.”

Su Wenliang was still looking out of the window. Although Bai Jingchen had long disappeared in the crowd without a trace, his worries grew deeper. It seemed that he had formed a habit of taking care of the male protagonist. Su Wenliang thought a little irritably.

He suppressed his anxiety and said to the visitor, “Jiang Yanbei, I didn’t summon you in the past few months, but today, it’s time for you to do things for me. The task I will give you this time is to become Bai Jingchen’s friend naturally without arouse his suspicion. Your duty is to monitor and protect him.”

Su Wenliang paused and took out a storage bag from his mustard space and then threw it to Jiang Yanbei.

His attitude was cold and almost unfeeling. There was no emotion in his voice as he said, “I remember that your current cultivation base is in the late-stage of Foundation Building. There are medicinal pills that can help you advance quickly in the storage bag. You can take it once a day. It won’t cause any damage to your body and your cultivation will get twice the result with half the effort. This task lasts for three years, and after three years, if your performance is in line with my wishes, I can reward you accordingly.”

Jiang Yanbei calmed down his breathing and put the storage bag in his sleeve, and said, “Yes, Senior.”

“That’s all I’ve to say, and after that, it’s up to you to find a way to solve the task.”

Jiang Yanbei knew that he had to catch up with Bai Jingchen, so he said, “Yes, I will live up to Senior’s trust. I will become Bai Jingchen’s friend and protect his safety.”

He paused, seeing that Su Wenliang had nothing else to say, he cupped his fists and said, “Junior asks for leave.” Then, he stood up and walked out.

After Jiang Yanbei left, Su Wenliang stood by the window for a while, and then he thought of Bai Jingchen again.

Jiang Yanbei was a move he arranged. He didn’t kill him at that time because to be prepared, just in case. The fact proved that this person was indeed useful. At least he could appear beside Bai Jingchen without a sense of violation, secretly monitoring and protecting him.

Although Jiang Yanbei was greedy for life and afraid of death, he was good at scrutinizing and seizing measure. Besides, when people were alive, there were a few who were really not afraid of death, especially the way of death that was not worth dying.

Su Wenliang’s impression of Jiang Yanbei was quite good. Although there were very few descriptions of him in the plot, judging from what he found out in the Heaven Spread Sect, this Jiang Yanbei was a smooth and sophisticated character.

In the Heaven Spread Sect, whether it was the young disciple or the Core Formation elder, they all had a good impression of him. From this point, it was enough to prove that this person had a high emotional intelligence.

Su Wenliang made up his mind since he became Bai Jingchen’s master. What he wanted to teach was not only to improve Bai Jingchen’s cultivation, but more importantly, to sharpen his mind thoroughly. After all, he could stay by Bai Jingchen’s side for a limited time, and for a long way in the future, Bai Jingchen would need to go by himself.

Su Wenliang knew that he didn’t set a good example for Bai Jingchen, because he was more of a devil cultivator in nature, and now he had a dark and tyrannical personality, treating human life like nothing.

He and Bai Jingchen were actually two opposite types of people, so he was unsuitable to guide Bai Jingchen for mental guidance, while Jiang Yanbei’s guiding role as a friend was remarkable.

Seeing that one matter had been resolved, Su Wenliang felt relieved. He walked to the bedside and sat down, thinking that in the next three years, Bai Jingchen’s cultivation could rise steadily, and he didn’t need to follow him at all times, so, how should he spend the time himself?

He frowned and thought about it. His current cultivation base was the late-stage of Nascent Soul, and according to what the system said before, the high-level snake bloodline in this body was rapidly awakening, and he could feel the feeling of the bloodline confinement’s breaking become more powerful.

In this cultivation world, mortals work and rest like modern people, revolving around daily life, and cultivators like him were constantly cultivating in Closed Door Training and going out to learn through experience, in short, make a series of efforts to improve their cultivation and strength.

Su Wenliang thought for a while and then asked the system in his mind, “System, are you there?”

The system’s beeps noise sounded and then said, [I have always on standby. Host, what’s the matter?]

Su Wenliang asked, “Do you know of any way to shorten the little dragon’s pregnancy? I mean is methods other than Double Cultivation.”

The system replied with a flat waveless voice, [I have told you before that the heaven material and earth treasure can shorten the pregnancy period, and according to my trip to the Age River World, I found out that the Snake Holy Fruit is the spiritual fruit that very beneficial to pregnant males of the high-level snake race. But this kind of spiritual fruit has never grown in the Rook Islet World, and it’s difficult to find even in other worlds. So there is basically no need to think about it.]

“Age River World?” Su Wenliang repeated without emotion.

The system saw his plan and continued, [Do you still remember the last time the original owner went to the Age River World? That trip not only caused his cultivation base to plummet and his body suffered damage, but also caused him to be planted with Love Snake Parasite by other high-level snake race.]

Su Wenliang immediately discouraged when he heard this. His current strength was not as good as the original owner. After all, even if he had the real combat experience of the original owner, it was just what he saw from the sidelines. It was not so flexible and smooth when he used it himself.

And since he repaired his physical body, he had been around Bai Jingchen, and he hadn’t really exercised his abilities. Thinking of this, he frowned and pursed his lips. It seems that he should also improve his cultivation.

Su Wenliang searched for a suitable method to improve his cultivation in his mind, but suddenly thought that he was now a pregnant person, and the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely.

Although the system said that since he was pregnant with a dragon child, he would never have a miscarriage, but he lived in modern society and had seen the fragility of pregnant women a lot, and now he had formed a mindset, he dare not try it lightly.

He had always been resistant to the dragon egg in his belly before, and only treated him as a hidden mission. He was Bai Jingchen’s son, and he only needed to give birth to him and give him to Bai Jingchen.

However, after he really heard the little dragon’s voice in the Heaven Spread Sect back mountain’s training place, his concept changed drastically in that instant.

At that moment, he really felt the existence of this child. The little dragon was nurtured and born by him. Compared with the little dragon’s father, a man who hadn’t yet grown up to mature, he himself, the little dragon’s mother, had the closest relationship with him.

Su Wenliang thought of the little dragon’s soft and childish voice, and his expression softened. His hand trembled as he touched his abdomen. There was a new life there, which conceived by himself. Compared to the child born by a woman, he was closer to him.

Su Wenliang showed a gentle smile and asked, “When can the little dragon talk to me again?”

The system replied, [It doesn’t take too long, just wait patiently for a few days. His spiritual wisdom already opened, the reason why he hasn’t spoken yet is just a lack of spiritual energy, which made him sleep habitually.]

Su Wenliang lowered his eyes when he heard this. In his mustard space, there were never lack of precious spiritual plants, and the high-grade medicinal pills were inexhaustible. He also took a lot of them in order to shorten the pregnancy period before, but the effect was not obvious, and it was not one-tenth of the effect of Double Cultivation with Bai Jingchen. He mentally resisted this matter, so he tried it a few times, and then never tried it again. It seems that he still should continue to eat.

At this moment, the door suddenly pushed open from the outside. Bai Jingchen had a warm smiling expression as he walked in, but when he saw Su Wenliang stroking his abdomen with a strange expression on his face, he suddenly stiffened.

Su Wenliang, “……”

Su Wenliang calmly put his hand down. Seeing Bai Jingchen still staring at him blankly, he explained nonchalantly, “I was sensing the Love Snake Parasite in my body just now. By the way, why are you back?”

Bai Jingchen silently recited the three words “Love Snake Parasite” in his heart, and thought, ‘I have ignored this problem until now. I know Love Snake Parasite is a kind of Parasite poison as soon as I heard it, and this kind of Parasite poison can affect Su Wenliang who is the late-stage of Nascent Soul, and I don’t know if this kind of Parasite poison will have a bad effect on Su Wenliang’s body.’

Bai Jingchen’s feelings towards Su Wenliang were slowly improving. A few months ago, he might didn’t care about Su Wenliang.

However, after the last Double Cultivation, Bai Jingchen figured out some things and ignored other entanglements. Su Wenliang was the best person in the world for him. It seems that he should find a time to check some information to see what kind of Parasite poison the so-called Love Snake Parasite was, and also pay attention how to remove it completely.

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