Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 36 (M)

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Chapter 36 (M)


Translator: Mimi

When Bai Jingchen walked to the secret room, he didn’t see Su Wenliang’s figure. He stood at the door and waited for a while, before he used his divine sense to check the movement in the vicinity, and he detected Su Wenliang, who was taking a bath in the bathroom.

He withdrew his divine sense abruptly, his heart beat slightly faster, and then he sat on the stool as if nothing had happened, patiently waiting.

After waiting for nearly an hour, it was not until the moon in the middle of the sky that Su Wenliang came out wearing a black robe with wet long hair.

As soon as Su Wenliang raised his eyes, he saw Bai Jingchen, and also saw this person’s scrutinizing gaze. Su Wenliang took a deep breath and skillfully injected spiritual energy into the palm of his left hand, and said to Bai Jingchen, “Follow me.”

When Bai Jingchen smelled the sweet scent in the air, all parts of his body, including his psychology, began to get restless. He drank the spiritual tea on the table in one gulp and followed the man, who showed his true appearance without any disguise. They arrived in an outdoor garden of the palace.

Su Wenliang sat directly on the ground and looked at the bright moon above his head, waiting for the Love Snake Parasite in his body to flare up. Bai Jingchen followed him all the way and sat beside him.

Their bodies were very close, but they were not touching at all, and neither of them spoke, as if they were waiting for their bodies to move instinctively.

Su Wenliang’s face was expressionless, but he was a little anxious in his heart, thinking, ‘What’s going on? Why haven’t I lost my reason by now? Didn’t I usually lose awareness as soon as I stimulated the Erotic Flower? What happened today?

He couldn’t help looking at the strange black flower in the palm of his hand, and saw that it was in full bloom at the moment. Its petals scattered in all directions, vividly, as if it would really come alive in the next moment and moved on his skin.

Although Su Wenliang knew that Bai Jingchen hadn’t spoken the whole time, but they were so close, he could clearly hear his increasingly rapid breathing.

Su Wenliang had a bad premonition in his heart, and at this moment, the cold mechanical voice that made him angry and hated sounded again. The system said, [I’m sorry. Because the current plot is progressing slowly, I made my initiative to go to the higher realm Age River World a few days ago to collect all the information in there. During this period, because we are separated by two worlds, I can only hear you calling me, but I can’t answer you.]

After Su Wenliang heard this, he immediately stood up from the ground and said to Bai Jingchen without looking at him, “Wait for me for a while”. Then he directly walked away and stood still at the pavilion not far away.

He said to the system in his mind, “I called you before because I have something to ask you. The dragon egg in my body communicated with me a few days ago. Although he only said one word, does this mean that the dragon egg can be born soon?”

The system replied, [No, the pregnancy process of the dragon race is very long. With the current spiritual energy, it originally would take ten thousand years for the dragon race to be born, but because both parents, that is, the system host and the male protagonist, double cultivated on the night of full moon, the duration of pregnancy is shortened a lot. According to my rough estimate, it’s about ten to fifty years. Now less than half a year has passed, so the little dragon is still very early from the real birth time.] Su Wenliang immediately discouraged when he heard this. He thought he could unload soon.

The most important thing was that when the dragon egg was born, he didn’t need to double cultivate with the little dragon’s father, Bai Jingchen. He could leave here and really hide behind the scenes to push the development of the plot, and he was happy for several days because of this speculation.

But now, after learning the so-called truth told by the system, Su Wenliang’s good mood disappeared instantly.

The system continued, [I told you a long time ago, as long as you let the little dragon grow in your belly for a period of time, let him be completely infected with your aura and develop, he will be connected with your soul. At that time, you can also sense his presence. He made a sound this time is precisely because he has developed rapidly after these two months of growth and getting his father’s dragon breath. He has already possessed a higher intelligence, and began to speak.]

Su Wenliang felt hot and tugged at his collar a little, as a thin layer of sweat oozed from his forehead. He was not paying attention to this issue now, as there was a more vexed matter that made him jittery.

He could feel the Erotic Flower taking effect. Even he could smell the sweet scent in the air. Most importantly, the itching and thirsty from the depths of his body were tormenting every nerve in him.

His male part had already stood upright, swollen and hard, and the desire to be relieved was getting stronger and stronger. But he didn’t lose his reason at all at this moment, even his brain could be said to be very clear. In this situation, it was hard for him to tell what really happened with Bai Jingchen.

He rubbed his hair and frowned fiercely, and asked displeasingly, “Why haven’t I lost awareness this time?”

The system said, [This is the real reason I’m in a hurry to go to the Age River World. The higher realm has a more comprehensive description of the Love Snake Parasite. According to my investigation, I learned that the Love Snake Parasite only confuses the high-level male snake race in the first few times. After the high-level male snake race actually conceives offspring, the effect of the Love Snake Parasite on the pregnant male will weaken in an instant, and its performance is very similar to your current situation.]

[You have the Love Snake Parasite of the high-level snake race in your body, and you can conceive the dragon race’s bloodline, which proves that you are not a real human being, but a high-level snake race. The original owner, that is, the dead Liang Wensu, had been acting like a human being for hundreds of years, because without his knowledge, someone imprisoned his true high-level snake race’s bloodline at the cost of his life, temporary disguised him as a human being.]

Su Wenliang breathed urgently, as big drops of sweat dripped down, but he still gritted his teeth and listened to the system’s analysis. He had to figure out what was going on in the current situation.

The system said, [However, as you grow older, your strength improves, and you have Double Cultivation with Bai Jingchen many times, and because you received Bai Jingchen’s dragon breath, the high-level snake bloodline in your body has officially awakened, and this part of bloodline is frantically conflicting with the disguised human bloodline on your body at the moment. The high-level snake bloodline has broken the confinement of the human bloodline. You will completely transform from a human to a snake race in the near future, which will strengthen your strength.]

[And the side effect is your current situation. The effect of the Love Snake Parasite on you will become weaker and weaker with the awakening of your bloodline. After you became pregnant, the Love Snake Parasite can still make you lose your awareness because you are not completely snake race, but now your bloodline is transforming into a high-level snake race, the Love Snake Parasite won’t work on a pregnant high-level snake race. Then the Double Cultivation after that can only rely on your own decision.]

After hearing this, Su Wenliang immediately scolded, “It means that I will be sober in the future and take the initiative to find Bai Jingchen to top me?!”

[That’s right.]

“F*ck!” Su Wenliang gasped fiercely twice. The hot feeling made his mouth dry, his feet went limp, and he directly fell to the ground.

When he was holding on to the pillar of the pavilion and was about to get up, someone suddenly suppressed him.

This time he was sober, so it was the first time he saw Bai Jingchen’s appearance in the Double Cultivation. He had become a completely different person, or not even a human being.

He saw that the black pupils on Bai Jingchen’s gorgeous and blushing delicate face turned into golden vertical pupils at this moment. It filled with a strong desire to plunder and occupy, just a look, seems could make people hot all over.

The hot lips and tongue suddenly blocked his mouth, and the rough and slightly callused big palms crudely tore open the robe on his body. Bai Jingchen blocked his lips that he could hardly breathe, and his face was flushed and sweated. The tongue that didn’t belong to him was stirring frantically in his mouth. Its movements were disorder, irritable and urgent.

The tip of tongue moved rapidly that he couldn’t catch it. Sometimes it licked his sensitive palate, and sometimes it scraped the deep corner of his lips. Su Wenliang couldn’t help swallowing, but the man held his tongue and sucked vigorously. Half of his body became limp and numb, and he was completely unable to move.

Before he knew it, all the clothes on his body were gone, his legs were forced apart, as a lean and powerful waist squeezed in, pressing against the most sensitive part between his legs.

Bai Jingchen didn’t even take off his clothes, but only exposed his meat stick, as their naked parts collided into each other. The two men who controlled by desire simultaneously letting out the sound of pleasure.

Su Wenliang was fully awake this time, so he could clearly feel Bai Jingchen’s roughness. Bai Jingchen’s tongue blocked him so that he couldn’t speak, even breathing became exceptionally difficult. The two hands rubbed his upper body, pulling and swirling two small nipples on his bare chest. The poor nipples were as hard as stones, and Bai Jingchen played with the already painful and sensitive parts so indiscriminately.

Su Wenliang wanted to kick him angrily, but just as his outstretched foot was half lifted, he was bumped into the lower body with the same structure as his, and rubbed frantically.

The two hot meat sticks were tightly pressed together, and the man’s impact was so violent that he sometimes poked the pouch underneath, and sometimes poked around his sensitive little hole.

Su Wenliang felt as if he had split into two people. One person watched him being pressed and played by another man with cold eyes. The other person was absorbed in it, and even if he knew that the person who held him was a real man, but so what, the pleasure on his body couldn’t be ignored, it was a real pleasure from the body, and it was a fullness that he couldn’t achieve by himself.

He was originally forced, but at this moment, he took the initiative to stretch out his hands and hugged Bai Jingchen. He tore off the clothes on Bai Jingchen’s body like fragile pieces of paper, and used the same fierceness to pull his red nipples, caressing the man’s smooth body.

Su Wenliang even had the leisure to think, ‘I usually look at Bai Jingchen’s handsome face, but ignoring that he is also an adult man. I know very well that this person has tight muscles, no soft breasts on his chest, and even an extremely aggressive male pride in his lower body.’

However, he didn’t seem to care at all. He liked this person’s lean body, like the pleasure of their lower bodies tightly pressed together, and like this person’s hot palms and lips.

Su Wenliang tightly closed his eyes as the hot tears kept pouring out.

He seemed to understand something, but it was vague. Perhaps the saying that men love because of s*x was true.

A hot palm with thin calluses touched Su Wenliang’s meat stick, with a fast speed, and the movement and strength of a man.

Immediately afterwards, a finger with distinct joints pierced the small hole that he had never touched with his own hands. He groaned, not because it hurt, but because he couldn’t get through that mentally.

Every transformation was exceptionally difficult, and it was even more difficult to break through people’s cognition and habits.

Su Wenliang vaguely felt that maybe after this night, everything would change drastically from what he expected, and he would sink down because of lust or…

Just because of this man on his body, because he was Bai Jingchen…

The inclusiveness of the small hole was beyond Su Wenliang’s own imagination. He clearly felt one, two, and even the third finger went in, and they were thrusting and circling around. The small hole didn’t overflow the clear liquid, but the person on his body seems to be very skillful, skillfully lubricating the dry tunnel with the white turbid overflowing from the top of the meat stick.

When Bai Jingchen finally pulled out his fingers, Su Wenliang felt the loss in his heart because of it.

Su Wenliang refused to look at the voice coming from his body. He was in a very complicated mood at the moment, but Bai Jingchen didn’t give him the right to choose.

Su Wenliang felt he was being picked up, and after walking a certain distance, they came to a place with brighter light. Bai Jingchen laid him down on the floor, and then with the cold floor under his body, his legs were bent straight over his head. Su Wenliang thought unexpectedly at this moment, ‘So this body is so flexible.’

However, his attention soon called back, as his small hole pressed against something hard and hot. He felt a wet touch from his thin eyelids, which was Bai Jingchen licking his eyes with the tip of his tongue.

Bai Jingchen kept teasing him, until Su Wenliang opened his eyes and looked at him angrily, and then he lifted his body in satisfaction. Bai Jingchen’s golden vertical pupils narrowed slightly, and then his meat stick suddenly thrusted in without mercy.

But Su Wenliang still felt a strong pleasure, and the sense of loss in his heart completely disappeared. When his tunnel was rubbing firmly by the hot and hard meat stick, he couldn’t help letting out moans one after another.

The collision seemed endless, and Su Wenliang repeatedly penetrated by Bai Jingchen and ejaculated. Bai Jingchen smeared the white turbidity on Su Wenliang’s body and even probed into Su Wenliang’s mouth.

Pleasure, anger, intense collision.

Finally, when Bai Jingchen finally stopped moving and pressed on Su Wenliang’s body, Su Wenliang’s eyes were dark, as he looked gloomily at Bai Jingchen who had fallen asleep after “eating his fill”, and said fiercely, “You! Give! Me! Just! Wait!”

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