Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 33

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Chapter 33


Translator: Mimi

At morning the next day, the two of them got up in succession. Seeing that Su Wenliang had returned to his usual indifference, Bai Jingchen ate the Dispel Pill, then tidied up his messy clothes and followed behind Su Wenliang.

Seeing that he was so obedient, Su Wenliang raised his eyebrows and said with a smile yet not a smile, “Today’s task is to arrange for you to enter the Foundation Building. But your current cultivation base is only the tenth layer of Qi Refining, and if you want to enter the Foundation Building, you must use extraordinary means. I will find an opportunity for you, and everything after that will be left to you to achieve yourself.”

Bai Jingchen was taken aback when he heard this. He didn’t say yes or no, and just recorded this matter in his heart. With this person’s behavior style, since he pointed it out in advance, it really means some kind of “extraordinary means”. However, he was not worried. After all, Su Wenliang didn’t cure his so-called Parasite poison, so his life closely linked to himself. He would never harm him, and at most he would just make him sufferings a little.

Bai Jingchen thought clearly in his heart, and then directly nodded with a calm face.

Seeing him like this, Su Wenliang thought of his plans this morning, and evil tricks couldn’t help rising in his heart.

He glanced at Bai Jingchen who was packing his things, then turned around and walked unhurriedly towards his destination.

Bai Jingchen had little to pack, so he finished it in a short while, and then ran to catch up with Su Wenliang.

Along the way, although they hadn’t used the flying magic tool, Su Wenliang’s cultivation base was there, so when he was in a good mood, he would take care of Bai Jingchen and walk a little slower.

But once he was in a bad mood, his walking speed would be much faster, and Bai Jingchen couldn’t catch up with him.

This time, it was still the case.

Bai Jingchen was breathing roughly, as he looked up into the distance, but there was no trace of Su Wenliang. Although there were beasts and insects crying, and the sound of wind blowing the grass and trees at the surroundings, there was no trace of a cultivator after all.

Bai Jingchen couldn’t help smiling. He could see that a man like Su Wenliang was probably a bit petty, he had to be coaxed, and if he didn’t let him get his way, he would suffer a calamity.

Now that Su Wenliang was gone, Bai Jingchen thought of what Su Wenliang said in the morning, and he had a bad premonition in his heart. He couldn’t help raising his eyes to look at the surrounding environment carefully, but there was a sudden “pound” in his heart.

There was nothing else, and there was no danger, just because the environment here was exactly the same as the scene in his dream.

He took a few steps forward with a slight sense of surprise and stood still in his position in the dream. He felt a familiar, almost strange feeling in his heart, and he sat down directly on the ground. This was an opportunity!

As he thought about it, he felt uneasy about the weird dreams that would appear in his mind every time he finished the Double Cultivation. The phenomenon of so-called foreseen dreams, even the most powerful cultivators couldn’t achieve it.

However, he, an ordinary Qi Refining disciple, had an foreseen dream.

While paying attention to the movement around him, Bai Jingchen frowned doubtfully, what if it wasn’t a foreseen dream? In this case, what if he once experienced what happened in this dream?

Could this be himself in another world, after experiencing it in advance, under the premise of Double Cultivation, it triggered the intersection of memories…

This idea was too mysterious. Bai Jingchen didn’t know how to explain this matter, nor did he know how to understand it.

However, no matter what, if this time coincided with the dream again, then including this time, he had already dreamed three times similar to dreams that happened in the future.

The first time, after he and Su Wenliang’s had the Double Cultivation, he dreamed of something that seemed to be more distant, the powerful himself, the hypocritical himself, himself who was about to hold the Double Cultivation ceremony with a Core Formation elder…

Assuming that after every Double Cultivation, he would dream of the future that “himself” had experienced…

Bai Jingchen’s heart tightened. In this way, he could avoid future dangers and find more opportunities.

Bai Jingchen laughed unconsciously. This was not bad.

At this moment, he heard a vague sound of someone seeking help from afar. Bai Jingchen narrowed his eyes and stood up.

This time, his cultivation had improved a lot, and it could be said that he was waiting for the things in the dream to happen, so he heard more things than himself in the dream.

He heard the men’s screams, followed by their cursing, and said vaguely, “B*tch, what have you done?”, “Junior-martial Brother Zhou, quickly run, that woman is right behind you.”, “Kill this woman!”, “She plans to use us to open up the path.”


So that’s the case.’ The corner of Bai Jingchen’s mouth curled into a mocking smile. This time he still walked forward slowly, and came to the place where he met the woman in the dream, and saw a female cultivator running over from a distance. She was in a mess, and when she saw him, a sneer immediately appeared on her face, and then she shouted for help, saying, “Please…save me.”

Bai Jingchen smiled foolishly and hurriedly stepped forward. He clumsily protected her behind him and said, “What’s the matter?”

The female cultivator wiped the bloodstain on her face in a charming manner, and then raised her eyes and said, “I met a high-level demonic beast, luckily you are here this time.”

Bai Jingchen smiled softly and looked at the aggressive demonic beast that was rushing towards him not far in front. He turned around to look at the female cultivator and grabbed her lapel, and threw her directly into the demonic beast’s month without mercy.

The female cultivator didn’t notice it, so when she struggled, it was too late, as the demonic beast directly bit her, and she was screaming repeatedly.

Bai Jingchen indifferently looked at the female cultivator’s crazy howl, as the demonic beast gnawing at her waist. When the demonic beast bit out her storage bag, it put her storage bag on the ground and sniffed it. Its paw slapped the storage bag open, and all the contents inside poured out in an instant.

The demonic beast didn’t care about other things, only took a blue spiritual plant with faint light, then glanced at Bai Jingchen and planned to leave.

This demonic beast was indeed a high-level demonic beast, which was equivalent to a cultivator at the late-stage of Foundation Building. It had already opened up its spiritual wisdom. Seeing that this person had the smell of a stronger cultivator, the demonic beast knew it couldn’t get rid of this person rashly. Now it had got back the spiritual plant, it was about to leave.

Seeing it walked away, Bai Jingchen squatted down to pick up the scattered things on the ground. There were many people in the cultivation world who kill people for goods. Since that woman had a bad intention, then why should he be spendthrift and foolish.

The quality of these items was much higher than what Bai Jingchen himself saw. Although it was not as good as those given to him by Su Wenliang, these were enough for him to use. Even if he didn’t need it, he could exchange it for some spirit stones in the Lane Market.

When he didn’t notice, Su Wenliang, who was standing in the distance and hiding his figure, finally regained his composure. He waved his sleeve and directly gave the demonic beast who was walking away a fierce strike, and then came to behind Bai Jingchen in a flash. Before Bai Jingchen realized it, he directly kicked Bai Jingchen’s back, kicking him into the mouth of the demonic beast who came back to take revenge.

Bai Jingchen who felt pain in his waist, following by the darkness before his eyes, “……”

The innocent demonic beast who couldn’t figure out the situation, “……”

Su Wenliang pursed his lips and smiled. Yeah, his plan was progressing smoothly. The male protagonist entered the Foundation Building was just around the corner!

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