Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 32

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Chapter 32


Translator: Mimi

At this time, it was late at night. It was dark everywhere in the back mountain training place, only the faint moonlight shone in through the tree leaves. Su Wenliang lowered his head to sketch on the map. Not far away from him was a burning bonfire and the sound of “popping” wood cracking was intermittent. Bai Jingchen was roasting a demonic beast's leg on the side, and the delicious scent of meat was already wafting in the air.

Su Wenliang counted the time expressionlessly, then raised his hand to draw a circle at the next place, and wrote “beast” on it.

He put away the map, lay down and leaned against the tree trunk, thinking about the novel’s plot so far.

They had been in the training place in the Heaven Spread Sect back mountain for nearly a month. During this period, because Bai Jingchen’s intelligence exceeded his estimation and imagination, so their actions were much faster than what Su Wenliang had calculated.

Originally, Su Wenliang chose the amount of tasks for more than half a year, but now, he already completed half of it. Although the remaining half was more difficult, according to Bai Jingchen’s ability, he could complete it in one month.

And tomorrow was the time for the beginning of devouring by demonic beast plot. This plot didn’t last long, but Su Wenliang thought that Bai Jingchen’s current cultivation base was already at the tenth layer of Qi Refining, and he could break through to the eleventh layer of Qi Refining at any time.

Under the conditions of his own guidance and unlimited supply of medicinal pills, and in the environment of Aohan Peak where spiritual energy was extremely abundant, he even double cultivated with him, this almighty Nascent Soul, each month, Bai Jingchen’s cultivation base naturally increased extremely fast.

Tomorrow’s plot was another opportunity for Bai Jingchen. His cultivation base would advance by leaps and bounds. Su Wenliang couldn’t help estimating. In the plot, the male protagonist improved his cultivation base by three levels through this incident, so this time, his cultivation base may directly break through to the twelfth layer of Qi Refining, or even directly entered the Foundation Building.

Su Wenliang tapped the map with his finger. If Bai Jingchen really entered the Foundation Building, then the training time this time would be much shorter. It may not take two months to complete the tasks and leave the training place. At that time, how he should have guided him?

Thinking of this, Su Wenliang glanced at Bai Jingchen and saw that he was concentrating on roasting the meat. The childishness on his face had long disappeared. After all, he was twenty-seven years old, even if people in the cultivation world aged slower than people in the modern times, he was now an adult too.

Su Wenliang thought for a longer term and began to worry about how to simultaneously Bai Jingchen’s mental state when his cultivation base was growing so fast, so that he wouldn’t be stuck in the situation like the members of Yang clan.

Su Wenliang recalled the following plot in his mind. At this time, Bai Jingchen was only twenty-seven years old, and it seemed that he would be twenty-eight years old a few days later. The next key plot was when the male protagonist was thirty-one years old. It happened when he was about to enter the Foundation Building.

So, in this way, they had a lot free time, maybe after this time training was over, he could make some more training plans for the male protagonist, beyond the plot, making it according to Liang Wensu’s memory.

Su Wenliang vaguely decided in his heart, but now his focus was on tomorrow’s demonic beast plot, so he put this matter aside, planning to study it carefully after finishing this training.

Just as he was pondering, Bai Jingchen’s clear voice came from beside him, and his voice was much more pleasant to hear than other men. Su Wenliang was so distracted that he didn’t hear what Bai Jingchen said.

Bai Jingchen looked at the roast meat in his hand and hesitated for a while, then said it again, “Su Wenliang, I’m done roasted the demonic beast meat. Do you want to eat a bit?”

Su Wenliang heard it clearly this time. He got up and went to sit next to Bai Jingchen. He bent the corner of his mouth and said, “Yeah, give me a piece.”

The corner of Bai Jingchen’s mouth twitched, but he still handed over the piece of roast meat in his hand. Su Wenliang took it unceremoniously. He worked so hard for Bai Jingchen, eating a piece of roast meat should be his reward.

Su Wenliang took a bite of the demonic beast meat and chewed it slowly. He felt it tasted much better than modern barbecue. The meat was smooth and crispy, and there was a sweet taste, not to mention that it contained abundant spiritual energy. It tasted delicious.

He took out the wine jug from the mustard space. How can there be meat but no wine? Although he didn’t hobby to drink, but he was rarely happy today, so he raised his head to take a few sips, as part of the wine slipped down the corner of his mouth to the neck. The air was instantly filled with the fragrance of spiritual wine.

Bai Jingchen bit the roast meat. When he smelled the spiritual wine, he swallowed unconsciously. In fact, he liked to drink, whether it was spiritual wine or ordinary wine, as long as it was wine, he liked it very much.

It was just that he was always short of money and didn’t have enough spirit stones on him, so even if he drank wine occasionally, it was of low quality and had little wine aroma, so he could only satisfy his craving.

As for the wine that Su Wenliang drank, the scent alone was extraordinary. Bai Jingchen’s gluttons were about to be hooked out, but could only turn his head away for face, dryly biting the roast meat, but he couldn’t restrain his eyes to always float on the wine jug in Su Wenliang’s hand.

Seeing his appearance, Su Wenliang couldn’t help laughing. He generously took out several bottles of wine jugs from the mustard space and threw them over. Bai Jingchen gratefully looked at him and opened a bottle and drank it in big gulps.

After drinking, Bai Jingchen said in admiration, “This wine is great. It’s the most delicious wine I have ever tasted.”

Su Wenliang glanced at him sideways and said with a smile, “Hearing what you said means you have drank a lot of wine. I don’t know that you are an alcoholic.”

Bai Jingchen took another mouthful and narrowed his eyes as if enjoying himself. His exquisite and beautiful face was flickering under the reflection of the flames, made his beauty beyond ordinary people, revealed a little ambiguous scene under the dim light, simply as mesmerizing as a demon fox. Su Wenliang’s heart jumped twice just looking at it like this.

Su Wenliang looked away with a calm face, but in fact he was speechless in his heart, and finally simply said, ‘Everyone loves beauty, not to mention that the male protagonist inherently has a full attractiveness index.’

Bai Jingchen said, “Besides cultivation, I have a hobby of drinking. But the monthly allowance of the Heaven Spread Sect attendant disciple is not high, even to buy daily cultivation items was not enough.”

When he said this, he suddenly smiled slyly and said with curved brows and eyes, “However, occasionally when I have a craving, I will buy some cheap wine back to satisfy my craving and be happy every time.”

Su Wenliang quietly listened and thought of Bai Jingchen’s life experience.

If he compared it in the novel, most of the male protagonists in the fantasy cultivation novels must have a miserable life experience. At the early stage, it was not at all good. As if in order to confirm that “the heavens would drop a big assigned to them, they must first suffer for resolution, labor their physique, starve their bodies, empty and tired their bodies, and mess up their actions, so they were tempted to be patient and have benefited them.” These words set the male protagonist’s life experience particularly rough.

Although Su Wenliang hadn’t read many novels, most of them were inseparable from this routine.

He didn’t think much of it when he read the novel. Even a few days ago, he still thought that this person got advantages and flaunted cleverness.

However, when he treated this person as an equal as a modern person, and after the transformation, it became such a story.

In modern times, a twelve year old illegitimate son of the wealthy family who was excluded from birth, need to work hard to get everything by himself. His life was hard and he couldn’t dress well and live well.

And after he grew up in such an environment, he didn’t degenerate and drift aimlessly. Instead, he had always been firm in his beliefs and pursued persistently.

Such a person was the person Su Wenliang admired the most.

Bai Jingchen was such a person. In fact, after he grew up, he broke away from the Bai clan’s oppression and control, and began to exude a charm that belonging exclusively to the male protagonist.

In the latter stage, he relied on many times of narrow escapes and persistent efforts to become the most proud outstanding disciple of the Heaven Spread Sect. He even saved the lives of thousands of cultivators, leading the Rook Islet World’s cultivators to a new and broader world, the Middle Realm Age River World.

But now, the future divine dragon Bai Jingchen had just begun his ups and downs magnificent life. At this moment, Su Wenliang suddenly lost his previous sense of rejection and hate for teaching and assisting Bai Jingchen.

Su Wenliang believed himself not a leader, but he was a man with ambitions. In this world, some people were natural leaders, and some were natural assistants.

Su Wenliang thought, ‘If it’s Bai Jingchen, then I have firm confidence in the future, and I even have expectations and great ambitions in this unfamiliar cultivation world.’

Su Wenliang shook his wine cup and took a sip, and said, “Do you really like wine that much?”

Bai Jingchen wiped his mouth and said, “Yeah, that’s just my special hobby.”

Su Wenliang smiled and looked askance at him. He suggested, “Then how about this? Every time your cultivation base increases by one level, I will give you ten bottles of top-grade spiritual wine.”

Bai Jingchen looked at him with a smile, didn’t say yes or no, and said, “Su Wenliang, thank you for the wine. It tastes very good.”

Su Wenliang looked at him with a smile yet not a smile, but his mood became worse.

After eating a few more bites of roast meat, he threw the rest of the roast meat to the lotus leaf on the side, not intending to eat it.

He drank all the wine in his cup and licked his lips. He felt his head was a little dizzy. Maybe this body’s capacity for liquor was not at all good.

Su Wenliang wiped his hands, and then took out a shrunken mansion magic tool from the mustard space and threw it on the spacious grass ground. He walked in, intending to lie on the bed to rest for a night.

Bai Jingchen stayed beside the bonfire alone. After he finished eating the roast meat, he slowly drank the wine, tasting the mellow and rich taste of wine on the tip of his tongue. The good wine would always dull people’s nerves.

He just lay on the ground casually, as his thoughts floating, with no focus. He occasionally wanted to relax for a while, let himself completely relax to relieve the pressure on his body, and tomorrow would be a new beginning.

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