Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 31

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Chapter 31


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang raised his eyes to look at the station environment. He had seen this place in Yang Aohan’s memory, so he didn’t feel curious and just glanced at it to match the general terrain here with Yang Aohan’s memory, and then lifted his feet and walk inside.

But Bai Jingchen, who was behind him, came to this place for the first time. He looked at the deep mountain in the distance and knew that this was the training place. Maybe it was the place he had dreamed about.

He frowned when he thought of his ending being swallowed by the demonic beast, but when he looked up and saw that Su Wenliang had already walked away, he quickly walked a few steps to keep up.

The two of them arrived in front of the station steward, handed over the token, made a record, and got the topographic map and storage bag handed over by the steward.

Su Wenliang familiarly walked to the entrance. There was a stele gate here. He put his identity token in the center of the stele gate, then took back the token and walked through the stele gate. His figure disappeared in front of Bai Jingchen.

Bai Jingchen imitated Su Wenliang’s previous actions and also entered it. Only then did he discover that the stele gate there was similar to a teleportation gate. the outside was connected to the sect station, while the inside was to the training site open during this period.

Su Wenliang glanced at the surrounding environment, then took out the topographic map and task list from his storage bag, matched them one by one, and quickly calculated to draw up the course of action as if there were nobody else present.

Bai Jingchen’s face changed drastically, as he looked at everything here with a look of surprise. He was really sure now that the place he was staying in his dream was indeed the training place.

Looking at the familiar yet unfamiliar environment around him, and thinking of his ending in the dream, he couldn’t help gritting his teeth and say in his heart, ‘This time I will definitely not a person who tries to be on good terms with everyone and die in the demonic beast’s belly in vain.’

Bai Jingchen’s divine sense penetrated into the storage bag. The storage bag issued by the sect station was actually specially used to collect spiritual plants and demonic beasts in the training place, and the storage bag given to him by Su Wenliang contained sufficient spirit stones, plenty of middle-grade medicinal pills, and many powerful talisman seals.

He calculated the amount in the storage bag, then looked at the task list in Su Wenliang’s hand and speculated about the specific time of this training, before finally relieving slightly.

Seeing that Su Wenliang was still immersed in calculations, and there were no other outsiders present, and there was no danger, he walked around to check the terrain and environment here.

After Su Wenliang finally made the plan, he said to Bai Jingchen, who was wandering around purposefully, “This time we will stay in the training place for about half a year. During this period, I will save your life, and what you have to do during this time is advance to the Foundation Building stage.”

When Bai Jingchen heard what he said, he was surprised. How could it be so easy to reach the Foundation Building? There were many cultivators in the Rook Islet World have been stuck in the Qi Refining stage all their lives and couldn’t enter the Foundation Building, not to mention that he was only at the tenth layer of Qi Refining now, it was simply a pipe dream to enter the Foundation Building in just half a year.

Bai Jingchen couldn’t help asking, “Are you…really not joking?”

Su Wenliang coldly glanced at him, then turned his head and walked towards the first destination.

Bai Jingchen helplessly touched his nose. He knew from the look that this man was serious. Bai Jingchen was full of doubts about the Foundation Building in his heart, but seeing this man’s expression of planning strategies and everything under control, he swallowed the words of distrust into his stomach, and obediently followed behind Su Wenliang. Looking at the figure in front of him, he thought, ‘I’m going to become this man’s personal attendant now.’

The first destination Su Wenliang chose was a green shallow lake, where a unique Creeper Angelica Spiritual Plant bloomed, which was the spiritual plant specially used to make the Clear Confusion Pill.

He leaned against the tree with his arms folded, then raised his chin and said to Bai Jingchen, “Here, find a way to pick out the Creeper Angelica Spiritual Plant in this lake. You don’t need to pick all of it, just half of it. I remember this is your old profession, presumably this is not a big problem for you.”

After saying that, he turned over and climbed to the tree trunk, then lay down and closed his eyes to rest.

Bai Jingchen blinked his eyes as he looked at Su Wenliang, who was resting on his own, and then looked at the shallow lake. After a short pause, he walked towards the edge of the lake.

He stood on the side, looking at this extremely vast lake, then kicked a stone into the lake and saw countless small silver fishes jumping out of it.

He stretched out his hand and quickly caught a small silver fish. He took a close look and saw dense sharp teeth in the mouth of this small fish.

Bai Jingchen, “……”

He threw the small silver fish back into the lake and then saw the small silver fish being torn to pieces by other silver fish.

Bai Jingchen looked at the bloody scene in front of him blankly. He turned his head to look at Su Wenliang on the tree and then turned his head back.

He knew that this was a difficult problem that Su Wenliang gave to him, and at the same time, it was a big test. Bai Jingchen could roughly guess what this person was thinking, it was nothing more than tormenting himself and educating himself in passing.

Bai Jingchen didn’t care too much. He calmly squatted down and sat on the ground, then squinted his eyes and looked at the lake seriously.

If he wanted to pick the spiritual plant in the lake, the first thing to deal with was these silver fishes. Although these small silver fishes didn’t look special individually, they were scary enough in large numbers.

It was impossible to use force directly, because there were too many small fishes, and the water in the lake was too shallow to use a boat to pick it.

He looked at it carefully and thought, ‘Generally, all things are mutually beneficial and restraining. In this lake, the silver fish is a well-deserved overlord. But since it lives here, there must be something that is mutually beneficial and restraining with it.’

Su Wenliang was lying on the tree, although he closed his eyes all the time, but he was paying attention to the movement here with his divine sense, so he naturally saw everything Bai Jingchen did, and felt slightly surprised in his heart.

Bai Jingchen currently examined the situation. He used his brain to think before doing things. This alone was enough to amaze Su Wenliang, who knew the plot.

In the novel’s plot, Bai Jingchen should be partial towards the weak at the current stage. Although he did things seriously and steadfastly, he was easy to act impetuously when doing things.

Just like what would happen in the near future, when Bai Jingchen heard someone calling for help, the first thing he did was not to think, but to rush over to help, completely ignoring the fact that he was not strong enough. In the end, she took him as her stepping stone to save her life. He was buried in the demonic beast’s belly, and that woman escaped because of this.

From this, it could be seen that Bai Jingchen was softhearted and stupid.

But now, Su Wenliang was confused, the current Bai Jingchen was obviously much calmer and smarter. If it wasn’t for the fact that his nature hadn’t changed much, Su Wenliang couldn’t help guessing whether this person also transmigrated.

His divine sense saw that Bai Jingchen finally started to act.

Bai Jingchen stood up from the ground and walked to the shore. He broke off a long and thick branch, then took out a sword and old clothes from his storage bag.

He cut the branches on it, then wrapped the old clothes around its top and tied it with the rope. He walked to the side of the lake and stretched the branch directly into the lake. The lake was not deep, and the branch soon touched the soft and moist mud. He stirred in the lake moist mud, ignoring those frantically jumping small silver fishes, and after a moment of silence, he pulled the branch out.

Bai Jingchen looked at the clothes on the branch, which were already stained with mud. He lifted the branch and stretched forward, touching the Creeper Angelica Spiritual Plant on the edge of the lake. He turned the branch a few times to wrap the Creeper Angelica Spiritual Plant on the mud clothes.

He waited until the branch was full of the Creeper Angelica Spiritual Plant before he took the branch back. He took off the mud-covered clothes and directly put it on his body, staining his body with the mud. He threw the branch aside and covered his body with a layer of spiritual energy shield as insurance, and then directly walked towards the lake.

Seeing him doing this, Su Wenliang immediately sat up from the tree and opened his eyes to see him walking into the lake with his own eyes.

A satisfied and praised smile appeared at the corner of Su Wenliang’s mouth. He didn’t expect Bai Jingchen to come up with a solution so quickly.

Tens thousands years ago, the Creeper Angelica Spiritual Plant was regarded as one of the most difficult to pick spiritual plants in the Rook Islet World, because there were Silver Creeper Angelica Fishes in the environment where it grew. This kind of fish amount was abundant and its attack power was extremely strong. Many people thought that the reward for picking the Creeper Angelica Spiritual Plant was not proportional to the effort, so they were unwilling to do such a difficult task.

There were few people who were willing to pick the Creeper Angelica Spiritual Plant, so the price of the Creeper Angelica Spiritual Plant remained high in the cultivation world. But Bai Jingchen had solved this problem today.

That was the Creeper Angelica Spiritual Plant and the mud under the lake. The combination of the two could create a familiar feeling, so that the Creeper Angelica wouldn’t attack the target.

Su Wenliang knew that the current Bai Jingchen didn’t know the method of picking, because even in the novel, it was several years later. Although Bai Jingchen figured it out, it took much longer than today.

In this way, the actual Bai Jingchen was more intelligent and calm than the one described in the novel’s plot.

Bai Jingchen in the lake, as if entering an uninhabited land, easily picked all the nearby Creeper Angelica Spiritual Plant and put it into his storage bag. And those small silver fishes that would be irritated at the slightest sign of trouble before had completely disappeared at this moment.

After he reached the standard required by Su Wenliang, he walked out, then took off the dirty clothes on his body and washed his storage bag in the clean lake water.

He walked to the bottom of the tree where Su Wenliang was sitting and said, “I’m done picking.”

Su Wenliang looked at him and said nonchalantly, “Good, let’s go to the next location.”

Bai Jingchen lowered his head and said yes, and the two of them continued on their journey.

This was how they spent the first half month of entering the training place.

The tasks that Su Wenliang assigned to Bai Jingchen were sometimes simple and sometimes difficult. Most of the time, Bai Jingchen could complete the tasks and come back unscathed, but in a small part of the time, he would suffer some injuries.

However, this was already much better than Su Wenliang expected.

He found that when he put aside his prejudice against Bai Jingchen and communicated face to face with Bai Jingchen on an equal footing, he had a deeper and clearer understanding of this person.

There was a reason Bai Jingchen could become the male protagonist. Although Su Wenliang felt that Bai Jingchen had a lot of problems when he was reading the book, but it was undeniable that Bai Jingchen was kind-hearted, serious in his work, treat his friends sincerely, and always full of fighting spirit…and so on, absolutely necessary as a male protagonist, the strong points that couldn’t be ignored.

After really entering this world and understanding Bai Jingchen, he realized more aspects of Bai Jingchen and saw more strong points in him.

He was shrewd and wise, calm and always vigilant, but with a sincere heart.

Su Wenliang unconsciously admired Bai Jingchen, he thought, ‘If there is no such strange and intimate relationship, maybe we will become friends.’

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