Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 30

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Chapter 30


Translator: Mimi

After the Double Cultivation this time, Bai Jingchen had the Closed Door Training, and after about two days of effort, he advanced to the tenth layer of Qi Refining.

Bai Jingchen now knew the reason he advanced so quickly, so he was not proud of this achievement at all, but the desire to become powerful in his heart was even stronger.

And just when he started to look at the bamboo slips, he got a communication talisman from Su Wenliang. Su Wenliang said, “Since you have advanced to the tenth layer of Qi Refining, then follow me to the Heaven Spread Sect back mountain to practice.”

Bai Jingchen startled and the scene of himself being swallowed by a demonic beast appeared in his mind. He suddenly wondered, ‘Could these scenes really be dreams that foresee the future?

Bai Jingchen got up and walked towards Su Wenliang’s secret room, while recalling the description of the Heaven Spread Sect back mountain in his thoughts.

Everyone who entered the sect would get an introduction bamboo slip about the Heaven Spread Sect. He also got one when he was twelve years old. He memorized all the things in the bamboo slip, so when he heard the back mountain at this moment, he immediately recalled the corresponding information.

The Heaven Spread Sect back mountain was the most frequented training place for the Heaven Spread Sect disciples of the Qi Refining stage and Foundation Building stage. It was equivalent to a small secret realm with a complete setup. The highest level of demonic beasts here was only the Core Formation stage, and most of the Core Formation demonic beasts live in a deep mountain and wouldn’t come out easily, so it was not dangerous for the sect disciples to practice.

And there were many spiritual plants and rare treasures inside. The scope of the back mountain that the sect opened to disciples every year was limited, and other unopened places were not accessible to ordinary people. Under such a conscious regulation, it guaranteed the constant supply of resources in the back mountain. From the perspective of a modern person like Su Wenliang, the sect’s approach was actually sustainable scientific development.

However, although it was said to be the Heaven Spread Sect back mountain, this description was actually not accurate.

Because the back of the Heaven Spread Sect was actually the mountain range of Core Formation and Nascent Soul cultivators, and the so-called back mountain was in the deep mountain outside the mountains of Core Formation and Nascent Soul cultivators. This place was a vast primeval forest, and the mountains were hidden in between, and the range was vast, so it was a vast territory with abundant resources.

If you want to reach the training place in the back mountain, you need to go to the Heaven Spread Sect main peak and transfer to the sect station outside the training site through the teleportation array, and then enter it with the identity token to do practice.

Bai Jingchen walked to Su Wenliang’s secret room and saw that Su Wenliang once again changed into Yang Aohan’s appearance. He was wearing a light blue robe. Although his face was Yang Aohan’s, the contempt and coldness in his eyes belonged to Su Wenliang.

Bai Jingchen lowered his head. He didn’t feel awkward, after all, he was not a coy woman, and he looked down on such behavior. He just felt a little embarrassed, so he simply lowered his head.

He thought in his heart that as long as he waited until his strength was higher than this person, Su Wenliang could no longer suppressed him. At that time, he would settle good and bad accounts together.

Su Wenliang looked at him, and when he saw he was still wearing the clothes of the outer sect attendant disciple, he couldn’t help sighing. He seemed to have forgotten about registering and getting the new identity token for Bai Jingchen.

He originally planned to go to the teleportation array in the main peak, so that was fine. He might as well go to the Miscellaneous Pavilion and the Mission Hall, finishing everything.

Su Wenliang took a few steps forward and said, “Follow me.”, and then walked out.

Bai Jingchen followed closely behind. He felt nothing when he first walked, but then he had to run to catch up. He looked at Su Wenliang’s leisurely posture, like strolling in the courtyard, and couldn’t help wiping his sweat. This was the gap in strength, a plain slap in the face!

He could barely keep up with Su Wenliang’s pace when running, and was panting behind him. Su Wenliang walked forward with a calm expression, showing no emotion on the surface, but in fact he was absent-minded.

His education for Bai Jingchen was carrying out by combining the plot with some of his own views.

In the plot, the male protagonist didn’t become famous in one fell swoop after the Sect Grand Competition, but just entered the inner sect and became an ordinary inner sect disciple. After more than a month of cultivation, he went to the Heaven Spread Sect back mountain with the other fellow disciples to practice, but almost died there.

After the demonic beast swallowed him, he used this to counterattack and devour the demonic beast’s ability and Gold Core, so that his strength increased greatly, and he entered the eleventh layer of Qi Refining in one fell swoop.

Su Wenliang was now planning to take him to the plot, think of a way to push him into the mouth of the demonic beast and wait until him finished advancing, and then go back to cultivate and study for a period of time, waiting for the arrival of the next key plot.

Su Wenliang thought about how to throw Bai Jingchen into the demonic beast’s mouth until he reached the main peak, and then turned around to say something to Bai Jingchen, but found that Bai Jingchen was gone.

Su Wenliang, “……”

He immediately became angry, but his anger subsided after a while. He thought of his walking speed and Bai Jingchen’s current cultivation base, and embarrassingly pulled his lips, and then went back the same way to look for Bai Jingchen.

He walked for a while before he saw Bai Jingchen who was sweating profusely on the road. Su Wenliang didn’t want to say anything, but he still lectured, “Since you can’t keep up, why don’t you say this issue at the beginning, and I have to come and find you myself.”

Bai Jingchen lifted his hand to wipe the sweat and still looked at him with his lips pursed, like a stubborn calf. Su Wenliang thought when he looked at him, but then thought about it. Wasn’t this person just stubborn?

Su Wenliang also pursed his lips, and then turned around and said nonchalantly, “Let’s go.”

But this time, his walking speed slowed down to ensure that Bai Jingchen could keep up without expending a great deal of effort.

Bai Jingchen wiped his sweat again. He was sweating all over from running just now. He looked at the person in front of him. He couldn’t tell what he felt in his heart, he only faintly wanted to smile, so he curled up his lips to smile up.

When the two of them arrived at the main peak, it was not early. Su Wenliang secretly cursed in his heart about the Heaven Spread Sect’s rule that didn’t allow the flying magic tools. It was simply a waste of time and life. No wonder the disciples of the entire sect were so poor in strength, it was all wasted on the road.

Su Wenliang was angry now, but he forgot one thing, that was, the Heaven Spread Sect was the number one righteous sect in the Rook Islet World.

Su Wenliang took Bai Jingchen to the Miscellaneous Pavilion first. This was the place to deal with the sect miscellaneous matters, but it was not miscellaneous in the general sense. After all, the Miscellaneous Pavilion was a very important department of the sect, and the scope of services here was very extensive.

For example, new disciples need to come to the Miscellaneous Pavilion to get the identity token, and sect storage bag, which would contain a series of things such as disciple clothing, cultivation pills, cultivation bamboo slips, and so on. For example, sect disciples would receive their monthly allowance according to their identity tokens here. For example, if the Core Formation elder wanted to accept disciples, they would register their disciples here. After reporting to the sect, the Miscellaneous Pavilion’s people would make the identity token of the newly accepted disciple and give the new sect storage bag and so on…, things like this were all managed by the Miscellaneous Pavilion.

This was the purpose of Su Wenliang’s coming here. As soon as he walked in, he was scrutinized by everyone’s sights. He said to a black-clothed steward indifferently, “I want to take Bai Jingchen as my disciple. Please deal with it as soon as possible.”

The steward quickly dealt with Su Wenliang’s matter carefully. First, he sent a communication talisman to the sect superior steward.

After waiting for a while, the superior steward went downstairs to handle the matter personally. Su Wenliang looked up and saw a middle-aged man in blue clothes walking down.

The stewards of Heaven Spread Sect were also dividing into ranks, and the rank of stewards was judged according to the color of their clothes.

There were four ranks of the Heaven Spread Sect stewards, green, blue, purple, and black. The deeper the color of the clothes, the higher the rank and the greater the authority to speak in the Heaven Spread Sect.

The blue-clothed steward in front of him respectfully saluted to Su Wenliang. First, his cultivation base in the late-stage of Foundation Building was not as high as that of Su Wenliang in the middle-stage of Core Formation. Second, he himself was an inner disciple and Su Wenliang was a direct disciple of the Sect Master. Third, he himself was a cultivator without a clan and Su Wenliang was a legitimate young master of the Yang clan, one of the six major clans in the Heaven Spread Sect.

With three glaring facts in front of him, the steward couldn’t help being respectful.

The blue-clothed steward handed over the identity token that he had made. Su Wenliang looked at it and said, “Thank you for your trouble.” Then he threw it to Bai Jingchen, who was standing on the side transparently and said, “Let’s go.”

Bai Jingchen nodded dully and followed behind Su Wenliang.

Everyone looked at his back and couldn’t help but lament this man’s good luck. Bai Jingchen’s deeds have been spread all over the sect these days.

He was only at the eighth layer of Qi Refining more than a month ago. After following Yang Aohan and hugging his golden thigh, he advanced to the tenth layer of Qi Refining in a short period of time.

It was really enviable. Seeing these uncommon and newly announced master and disciple walking away, they withdrew their gaze and started to deal with their own affairs.

Su Wenliang took Bai Jingchen to the Mission Hall and took all the tasks in the back mountain training place that he found pleasing to the eye.

His plan was going to the back mountain to practice this time, so he simply took some other tasks so that he could stay there for a while longer and hone the male protagonist in passing.

Of course, it was also because the sect tasks related to individuals accumulated points. The Sect Mission Hall gathered various tasks from all over the Rook Islet World, and as long as these tasks completed, you can get a certain material reward and increase the number of your points.

These points were another type of currency that circulating in the sect besides spirit stones. With the points, you can enter the Treasure Pavilion to exchange for items.

You can also enter the Library Pavilion to exchange points for secret cultivation methods.

Although most of the cultivation methods and records in the Library Pavilion were free, the level was not too high. Now that Bai Jingchen was advancing so quickly, he needed more things, so he prepared points in advance, just in case.

Su Wenliang took a lot of tasks, and after making sure that they would stay in the back mountain training place for about half a year, he left the Mission Hall and walked towards the teleportation array.

Su Wenliang led the formulation of actions all the way, while Bai Jingchen only needed to watch obediently on the side.

The sect rule of the teleportation array was one need to pay ten low-grade spirit stones to send a person over.

Su Wenliang paid twenty low-grade spirit stones and stood in the center of the teleportation array and Bai Jingchen followed closely behind. In the blink of an eye, the two of them arrived outside the Heaven Spread Sect station on the deep mountain.

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