STPDS Chapter 28

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Chapter 28


Translator: Mimi

Bai Jingchen picked up a few storage bags on the table and saw that the layout of this room was almost exactly the same as the room of “Cheap Master”, so he tied the storage bags around his waist and turned to walk to the inner room.

He crossed the bedroom and pushed aside the calligraphy painting in the corresponding position, and a new door appeared at the position of the calligraphy painting. He threw the calligraphy painting in his hand on the table and walked in.

The lighting magic tool was automatically lit up in the secret room. He turned his head to look around. As he guessed, this place layout was exactly the same as the secret room of “Cheap Master”, except that there were some discrepancies in details.

Looking at this secret room, Bai Jingchen was instantly in a trance. How long had it been since he lived in such a room? After he entered the Heaven Spread Sect and became an attendant disciple at twelve, he never had it again.

Before the age of twelve, he lived in the cage like Bai clan. He was a concubine son who was most hated by the first mother, so he naturally couldn’t get attention. But the first mother wouldn’t do too excessively. After all, the reputation of hashing a concubine son was not something she could afford, even if this was the cultivation world.

People in the cultivation world, especially those in the lower realm like the Rook Islet World, most of them were low-level Qi Refining cultivators. They also had to experience birth, old age, sickness and death in their lives, so they have the same living habits as ordinary people.

After he was twelve years old, he lived in the thatched house he built. Although it was old and dilapidated, it was at least a place where he could live in peace and shelter from the wind and rain.

Bai Jingchen unconsciously thought of what had happened back then. When he was seventeen years old, he didn’t have the slightest memory of what happened that night, but with the improvement of his cultivation in the past few years, he had vaguely remembered some strange things.

Bai Jingchen couldn’t help frowning. On that night not long ago, he also “dreamed” of some strange things.

Bai Jingchen vaguely had a guess in his heart, but if he had to sleep like that for a night to have strange dreams…His face instantly covered with black lines, and that kind of guessing would be a guess forever, he didn’t want to try it at all.

Moreover, judging from the scene at the competition stage just now and the fact that person could kill Yang Aohan, a middle-stage Core Formation cultivator, with ease, it was enough to prove that the actual cultivation level of the “Cheap Master” must be in the late-stage of Core Formation, or even exceeded the Core Formation stage and reached the Nascent Soul stage, and he was the real almighty Nascent Soul cultivator.

Thinking of this, Bai Jingchen couldn’t figure it out even more. He didn’t understand why the person with such a profound cultivation insisted on holding on to himself, and even accepted him as his disciple.

Bai Jingchen was not really straightforward and stupid. In fact, he was very sensitive, especially when dealing with other people’s gaze and intention, he could always see their real purpose at the first glance.

This “Cheap Master” unconsciously showed a hated expression when he saw him, but as if he suppressed his nature, instead he was sincerely good to him, and even accepted him as his disciple in front of everyone, and then gave him so many precious rewards.

There were not only spirit stones in the storage bag but also medicinal pills and talisman seals, not to mention those bamboo slips that seemed to be prepared for him. It seemed that he had carefully investigated himself and put his heart into arranging them.

The more Bai Jingchen thought about it, the more dizzy he became, and finally helplessly supported his forehead, and then temporarily threw this matter into the corner. Anyway, they had become master and disciple now, and they would interact for a long time in the future. As long as that person had a purpose, he would definitely expose it out.

And what he could do now was to improve his cultivation base, to not let himself be manipulated at will.

Bai Jingchen summoned his fighting spirit. He took out the Dispel Pill from his storage bag and took it, and then closed his eyes to meditate.

He had noticed before that after he double cultivated with that person, the spiritual energy in his body became more pure, and there were signs of breaking through to the ninth layer of Qi Refining. After these few days of competition, he also learned a lot of things. He could try to break through to the ninth layer.

After he took a pill given by the “Cheap Master”, he operated up the spiritual energy in his whole body.

On the other side, Su Wenliang took out the spiritual plants that he picked a few days ago and the pill furnace from the storage bag, preparing to concoct pills personally.

He already absorbed the original owner’s memory of concocting pills, and also had his own views, and practice was the only criterion for testing his learning results. He stood up and walked to the front of the table to sit down and then began to concoct spiritual energy medicinal pills.

It was the first time he concocted pills, so he chose the very simple Restoration Pill. This medicinal pill only needed four kinds of spiritual plants and to master the heat control well, and didn’t need to worry about the rest.

Su Wenliang used the origin flame in his dantian as the fire for concocting pills. First, refining spiritual plants in the pill furnace. He refined one kind of spiritual plants one by one into spirit liquid, before he refined the next kind of spiritual plants.

After he refined all the spiritual plants, it was time to concoct pills. Su Wenliang recalled the feeling of the original master controlling the fire and kept in mind during the concocting process. After half a quarter of an hour, there was the sound of “poof, poof” from the pill furnace. Su Wenliang knew that this was the sound of the medicinal pills was about to succeed, and this was the final stage.

He was not distracting and the origin flame placed under the pill furnace steadily. When there was finally a “pop” sound in the air and the lid of the pill furnace opened, Su Wenliang stopped the origin flame supply.

He lowered his head to look at the ten medicinal pills of different sizes in the pill furnace. He took one of them and threw it into his mouth to taste. He felt that there were still some impurities in it, but the spiritual energy was still sufficient, about the taste of low-grade medicinal pill. In fact, it was already considering a good grade for those who were concocting pills for the first time, but Su Wenliang was used to the medicinal pill made by the original owner, and then tasted the medicinal pill made by himself, it tasted like chewing wax, tasteless to eat.

He glanced with a frown and recalled the process of concocting pills just now and then found out some deficiencies. He threw out all the other medicinal pills and continued to refine.

In the Heaven Spread Sect, a pair of master and disciple who attracted much attention, the first day of their interacting ended in doing their own things.

On the next day, Bai Jingchen opened his eyes and smiled happily. He had smoothly entered the ninth layer of Qi Refining, and even faintly had a sign of breaking through to the tenth layer of Qi Refining.

Bai Jingchen felt very incredible, but he also knew whose credit behind this matter.

Bai Jingchen pursed his lips and thought in his heart, ‘My “Cheap Master” actually treats me well. Although I have never had a master before, I also know that it’s already considered very rare to reach this extent.’

Bai Jingchen remembered this matter in his heart. He always had a clear distinction between gratitude and grudges. He would always remember those who treated him well and never be lenient to those who bullied and harmed him.

The “Cheap Master” had both of them and his strength was really strong. Bai Jingchen’s current cultivation base completely couldn't compete with it, so he recorded all the things that the “Cheap Master” did to him in his heart, waiting for one day to liquidate completely.

He turned around and took out the cultivation method shelf from the storage bag. There were a lot of bamboo slips in it and these belonged to him. Bai Jingchen delighted. Although he had seen so many bamboo slips in his father’s study before, he didn't allow to touch those things, not even permit to take a look.

But at this moment, these cultivation methods, which were more than the bamboo slips in his father’s study, would belong to him completely. Bai Jingchen once again gave a credit to the “Cheap Master” in his heart, and then impatiently pressed the name mark on the bamboo slips to see over one by one. He selected a few bamboo slips and studied it seriously and carefully with his divine sense.

When he met the question that he didn’t understand, after thinking about it and still couldn’t figure it out, he would remember this question, and then skip. When he looked back later, he may have the answer to the previous question.

There were still many questions in it he couldn’t figure out, so he would engrave them on a new bamboo slip, and plan to find Su Wenliang to solve his confusion after accumulating ten questions.

This went on until the accumulation was full. Bai Jingchen arranged the bamboo slips neatly. He placed the one that he had read and planned to study back in one pile, while those that only serve as cognitive knowledge were placed in another pile. He picked up the bamboo slip that recorded the questions and was going to Su Wenliang’s room to find him.

He walked into the sleeping quarters, and when he was about to reach the secret room, he stopped his footsteps and said loudly, “Disciple Bai Jingchen has questions to ask Master for guidance.”

After a while, a slightly indifferent voice came from inside, saying, “Come in.”

When Bai Jingchen walked in, he saw Su Wenliang still dressed in the same clothes as that day, but the secret room was much more chaotic. The fragrant and strong scent of medicinal pills filled the air, which smelled comfortable. Only the spiritual energy gathered on these medicinal pills was not counting little. He looked at the pile of medicinal pills like garbage in the corner, and said in his heart, ‘Waste natural resources recklessly, waste!

Su Wenliang looked up at him and said, “What’s the questions, tell me.”

Bai Jingchen said the first question, and Su Wenliang looked at him and calmly explained his confusion. After that, the two people asked and answered. After he asked all the ten questions, Bai Jingchen already regarded Su Wenliang as a high-level cultivator with profound knowledge. Although Su Wenliang spoke with an indifference attitude, but every sentence could cause him to have a realization, he was really a person with genuine talent.

After Bai Jingchen figured out the problem that had puzzled him for a good while, the cultivation base of the ninth layer of Qi Refining inside his body was faintly loose. Now Bai Jingchen could clearly feel that he was about to advance again. He cupped his fists and said, “Thank you, Master, for your kind enlightening”, before turning to leave.

Bai Jingchen returned to his sleeping quarters. Thinking of what had happened before, he smiled and continued to check the new content with his divine sense.

Because of this interaction, Bai Jingchen was a little less afraid of Su Wenliang and thinking, ‘From now on, I can often go there to ask questions.’

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