Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 26

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Chapter 26


Translator: Mimi

The Sect Grand Competition of Heaven Spread Sect was a five-yearly sect grand event. During the Sect Grand Competition, most of the sect activities would be temporarily suspended. The disciples who go out to do tasks would return to the sect on the day before the Sect Grand Competition, to take part in or watch this Sect Grand Competition.

For the sect, the Sect Grand Competition was a way to select outstanding disciples, and for the disciples, it was a platform for them to show themselves, and it was also a place for them to watch real combats and learn tactics and moves.

The Sect Grand Competition was lasting for ten days. The first three days were the competition for Qi Refining disciples, and after the competition end, the top fifty disciples would be selected as a reward group. The next three days were the competition for the Foundation Building disciples, and after the competition end, the top twenty outstanding disciples would be selected among these disciples.

For the remaining four days, the first three days were for the Core Formation disciple competition, after which the top ten outstanding disciples would be selected, and the last day was the time for the Sect Master to summarize and award magic tools.

Su Wenliang knew he didn’t need to take part in this Sect Grand Competition, so he didn’t care much about this matter. The only person he needed to pay attention to, that was, the male protagonist Bai Jingchen, could definitely advance to the top fifty of the Qi Refining disciples.

In the plot, he was seriously injured, but he still entered the top fifty, relied on his perseverance and ability. Although he was only 49th, this was enough for Su Wenliang.

Su Wenliang now borrowed Yang Aohan’s identity, so he could accept Bai Jingchen as his disciple without any scruples.

Because Yang Aohan himself was a person who did things quite extreme, he had a moody personality and made relatively outrageous actions in the sect many times. Therefore, with Yang Aohan’s character, it was not a matter that attracting everyone’s attention to accept an outstanding disciple in the Qi Refining stage.

Su Wenliang was in the Closed Door Training for nearly ten days before finally coming out of the secret room. At this time, two days had passed since the first round of Qi Refining disciple competition. In other words, it was now the third day of Sect Grand Competition.

The Heaven Spread Sect currently had nearly ten thousand disciples in the Qi Refining stage. The first day of competition was a scrimmage. From the competition stage with thousands of people, those who were still on the stage after the battle until the specified time could smoothly enter the next round.

The second day was a level battle match, so the eighth layer of Qi Refining versus the eighth layer of Qi Refining, the tenth layer of Qi Refining versus the tenth layer of Qi Refining…In this way, from among disciples with the same cultivation base, the strongest would be selected.

On the third day of competition, they scattered the list of nearly 300 disciples who won to do a random battle. This contest was about the luck and strength of the disciples. The luck was also necessary in the cultivation world.

In previous years, there was a disciple with very good luck. His opponents in six battles were all opponents with lower strength than him, so his final result was six victories in six matches, which was the highest among disciples in the Qi Refining stage. In the end, the sect Core Formation elder fancied him and accepted him as his direct disciple.

Perhaps many disciples hated this screening way on the third day. After all, they believed that if they relied on their strength, their own strength wouldn’t be inferior to the one who won in the end.

However, the rules handed down by Heaven Spread Sect also have a certain rational nature.

Because the difference in strength of disciples in the Qi Refining stage was actually not that big, and the challenge of crossing level happened from time to time, so it would seem unfair instead to rank according to the cultivation base. After the two screenings in the first two days, the last remaining ones were those who were stronger. When these people fight in five or six more matches, except for those who were really lucky, the other people’s distribution opponents were very reasonable.

Su Wenliang waited until two hours before the end of the Qi Refining disciple competition on the third day and then walked unhurriedly to the competition arena of Sect Grand Competition.

The competition arena was in the huge public square in the main mountain range. It equipped with an automatic repair formation, so even if disciples damaged the competition arena, it would be restored to its original state immediately after filling in the spirit stones.

As soon as Su Wenliang came to the arena, he saw Bai Jingchen standing among Qi Refining disciples, wearing the clothes of an attendant disciple. After all, Bai Jingchen’s face was still very attractive, and he was still standing there alone to this day because of the persecution of his brothers and sisters gave him, so he was particularly conspicuous outside the arena where the crowd was standing together.

Su Wenliang glanced at him and saw that his cultivation had a slight tendency to break through to the ninth layer of Qi Refining, and then turned his head away, knowing that it was because of that Double Cultivation without thinking.

He walked to the record board on the right side, where there was a list of the next few matches.

The Foundation Building steward was standing there. When he saw Su Wenliang, he hurriedly cupped his fists and said, “Spiritual Master Ling Yin.” Su Wenliang waved his hand, and the steward automatically stepped aside.

Su Wenliang narrowed his eyes and scanned the record board. At this time, most of the matches had passed, and there were still six matches left, and Bai Jingchen was the next third person to compete.

Su Wenliang looked at the two Qi Refining disciples in the competition stage and waited patiently.

After a quarter of an hour, the match’s outcome came out. In fact, in Su Wenliang’s opinion, these two disciples were of the same level of cultivation, and it was because of this that they could drag on for so long.

And the next match was much faster. Basically, in the blink of an eye, the disciple on the twelfth layer of Qi Refining won. It seems that he was a truly powerful disciple.

Next, Bai Jingchen came on stage.

Su Wenliang watched Bai Jingchen walk up to the competition stage in a leisurely manner. He was confronting a middle-aged man wearing the clothes of an inner disciple, with a gloomy expression on his face, and he looked at Bai Jingchen rather unkindly.

Su Wenliang looked at this person’s cultivation base. It was the eleventh layer of Qi Refining, three layers higher than Bai Jingchen, and seeing the condensed blood energy on his body, he knew this person was a ruthless person.

He couldn’t help glancing at Bai Jingchen. At this moment, Bai Jingchen pursed his lips. That gorgeous and fine face was completely devoid of honesty. The way he looked at the person on the other side was like a hungry wolf.

Su Wenliang slightly surprised. He glanced at the middle-aged cultivator again, and then turned his head to look at the name on the record board, only to find that this person was actually the courting death cannon fodder in the novel 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》!

This person’s name was Wang Nianqi, and he was now forty-nine years old. He was a concubine son of the side branch of Wang clan, one of the Heaven Spread Sect six major clans. His personality was gloomy and grim, and his means were even more sinister and cruel. In the novel, the male protagonist Bai Jingchen’s last opponent in the Sect Grand Competition was not him, but an old man at the ninth layer of Qi Refining. Bai Jingchen was young after all, so he got the victory and entered the top fifty.

But this time, because Bai Jingchen didn't injury and his strength had improved significantly, it also changed the opponent of his final match. In this Sect Grand Competition, the list of matches arranged down with the high-grade spiritual treasure of the Heaven Spread Sect. The most fundamental basis was the disciple’s own strength and luck.

And now, because of the change in Bai Jingchen’s strength, his opponent had changed. Wang Nianqi who should have met him after Bai Jingchen entered the Heaven Spread Sect, actually met at this moment.

In the plot, Bai Jingchen was severely humiliated by Wang Nianqi. Not only he suffered serious injuries but also included the deep-rooted hatred.

It was written in the plot that Bai Jingchen had a good friend who was Steward Li’s son after entering the Heaven Spread Sect.

After Wang Nianqi learned of this matter, he thought that Bai Jingchen was not pleasing to the eye, and then he ordered by Bai Jingchen’s first mother to use this innocent person as bait to lure Bai Jingchen out of the Heaven Spread Sect.

Not only did he sneak attack and severely wound Bai Jingchen, he also cut that innocent friend into a human stick in front of Bai Jingchen.

At that time, Bai Jingchen was still weak, but after this incident, his wisdom grew a lot, and he instantly became taciturn from a simple and honest appearance.

Su Wenliang glanced at Bai Jingchen again in wonder, and saw the overwhelming hatred in his eyes. At that time, when he saw himself, the person who “forced” him, he didn’t have such terrible hatred. But when he saw Wang Nianqi, the hatred was monstrous.

This…What’s going on? Did the plot change again? So that these two people have already met each other, otherwise, where did Bai Jingchen’s hatred for Wang Nianqi come from?

When Su Wenliang was distracting, a sneer appeared at the corner of Bai Jingchen’s mouth. Bai Jingchen pulled out the sword magic weapon from his waist and attacked Wang Nianqi.

Wang Nianqi calmly dodged away and glanced at Bai Jingchen, his eyes were full of malice and loathe. What he disliked the most was a man with empty beauty like this, especially a man like Bai Jingchen, who was more beautiful than ordinary women, made he couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart when he saw him. He wanted to trample him firmly on the soles of his feet.

He smiled fiercely and scattered over ten black seeds from his palm. The moment the seeds fell to the ground, the competition stage instantly turned into a primeval forest, with needle-like tree leaves and vines full of thorns completely covered the competition stage. It hid the figures of the two people on stage, making it impossible for people to see any circumstances inside.

Su Wenliang’s eyes slightly narrowed. His divine sense entered to check and saw that Bai Jingchen was fleeing in a sorry figure, as those thorny vines were frantically attacking him from all directions.

Such a situation was very unfavorable to Bai Jingchen. His body was covered with bloodstains in just a few breaths, while Wang Nianqi who was secretly operating it and hidden on the other side, was unscathed.

Su Wenliang watched indifferently. Although this was indeed a big threat to Bai Jingchen, he didn’t take it seriously. With Bai Jingchen’s current results, even if he lost this match, he could still enter the final top fifty.

Su Wenliang patiently waited for Bai Jingchen to admit defeat. The gap between Bai Jingchen and Wang Nianqi at this moment was not only in strength but also in many aspects, such as cultivation methods, experience, and weapons.

In just a short while, Wang Nianqi was already laughing wildly. While directing the thorny vines to closely chase and attack Bai Jingchen, he took out more than a dozen talisman seals and manipulated the place where Bai Jingchen was dodging, and then a series of explosions followed one another.

Bai Jingchen soon fell into a disadvantage position, as his body battered and exhausted and the sharp thorns cut his face, but he still tightly held the sword in his hand. Su Wen scolded secretly, “Idiot!” ‘When your strength is not enough, you should take the initiative to give up, and then wait until your strength becomes strong, or secretly retaliate back. What’s the matter with being so stubborn now?

The veins on Su Wenliang’s forehead popped out and the aura on his body became more and more intense. There was no one within a few meters around him. The others looked at him in alarmed, as they were moving further away step by step from Su Wenliang.

Su Wenliang didn’t notice this, and even if he did, he would definitely not care. In this competition arena, there were many disciples in the Qi Refining stage. They naturally couldn’t stand his might pressure, even if Su Wenliang forcibly suppressed his cultivation base to Core Formation stage.

Su Wenliang gritted his teeth and looked at Bai Jingchen. There were more and more scars on his body. He was so angry that he almost vomited blood. He already regarded Bai Jingchen as his disciple and he was the most protective person. In those years when he taught interns, he stepped in to solve many interns’ difficult problems.

At this moment, when he saw Wang Nianqi laughing triumphantly, a sinister smile appeared on his face, as he said in his heart, ‘You just wait!

Su Wenliang’s divine sense penetrated in, and when he was about to pull Bai Jingchen out, he suddenly saw a faint smile on the corner of Bai Jingchen’s mouth, and there was a smug light shone in his dark and deep eyes.

He was originally going to make a move, but at this moment, the situation was greatly reversed. Suddenly one, two…and even thousands of red lights flashed across the competition stage.

Those strong almost indestructible vines and trees instantly turned into ashes, and Bai Jingchen quietly approached behind Wang Nianqi, and the talisman seals followed closely. After Bai Jingchen jumped away, it instantly exploded, and its power was stronger than the previous talisman seals.

The onlookers stared at the messy stage in a daze. When the steward saw it was Bai Jingchen who won in the end and Wang Nianqi was blown beyond recognition, he was stunned for a while before stammeringly said, “This…this time, the final winner…is the eighth layer Qi Refining outer sect attendant disciple Bai Jingchen.”

Su Wenliang slightly raised his eyebrows in surprise. He looked at Bai Jingchen who had regained his simple and honest expression, and couldn’t help pursing his lips and said with a smile, “I underestimated you…”

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