Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang returned to the Aohan Peak palace and directly entered the secret room.

He sat on the white jade lotus seat, which was often used by the original owner during his life, and expropriated by him after the original owner’s soul dissipated. This was a middle-grade spiritual treasure, and its effect was equivalent to a giant spiritual gathering formation. Meditating on it could get twice the result with half the effort.

Su Wenliang’s expression was stiff, as he silently lowered his head to look at the skin on the palm of his left hand. He stared blankly for a while, and then finally clenched his fist and closed his eyes firmly.

He felt a different aura surging within his body, which differed completely from the warm spiritual energy inside his body. This aura was domineering and rampant, erupting from time to time in his dantian, just like a bomb that was about to explode at any time.

Su Wenliang knew that this was the so-called dragon breath. Now that the matter had come to this, it was useless to think about doing more things. He started to deal with this dragon breath.

Su Wenliang’s divine sense sank into his dantian, and he saw in that vast space a Nascent Soul with exactly the same as this body, sitting upright in the center and meditating with eyes closed.

Beside him, there was a red snake roaming. Su Wenliang looked, only to realize that it was not a snake, but the original owner’s origin life magic weapon, the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip.

It was reasonable to say that the origin life magic weapon was connected to the soul of the original owner. But after the soul of the original owner dissipated, the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip didn’t receive corresponding damage, but remained intact in this body’s dantian.

This was a question that Su Wenliang couldn’t figure out. He guessed that maybe because he had a complete control of this body, and justifiable, the original owner’s soul dissipated according to his destiny, and long before that, he had already entered the original owner’s body, so he could also regard as the nominal owner of the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip, which was why such a situation occurred.

After Su Wenliang figured it out, he lowered his head to see a smaller egg placed between the Nascent Soul’s folded legs.

Su Wenliang was stunned, and suddenly remembered that the snake was an egg-laying creature, and the dragon and snake were originally from the same group. Since he was pregnant with Bai Jingchen’s child, this should be a dragon egg. His divine sense revolved around the dragon egg a few times. The dragon egg seemed to sense his aura and shook his body to show a response.

Su Wenliang was taken aback, and then thought that this thing was a divine beast. As early as a month ago, he could sense the changes in the outside world, and when he detected that Bai Jingchen was attacked and seriously injured, he would take the initiative to warn himself for help. It could be seen that the dragon egg should be conscious now.

It was just that he was still too young to have a complete knowledge system like ordinary people.

According to the system’s notices, Su Wenliang learned that after the dragon egg interacted with him for a long time, he would connect with his soul, and then he could hear the dragon egg’s words in his mind. If this was the case, then it was no surprise that the dragon egg could now move and feel himself.

Su Wenliang quickly calmed down and fixed his attention on the dragon egg with his divine sense for a while, then turned his head and continued to check in his dantian.

That violent dragon breath, staying not far away at this moment, with a bright golden yellow, just like the sun in this space, emitting light and heat.

He didn’t know if it was his illusion, but he seemed to see the dragon breath gradually disintegrating and spreading towards the surroundings.

Su Wenliang was slightly surprising. The novel 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》 wrote little about the dragon race, and the Antiquity Great Wildersness period was too far away from the present, so that he had no means to learn about the dragon race.

He slowly approached the dragon breath, and after observing for a while, he confirmed his previous guess that the dragon breath was indeed disintegrating and scattered to every corner of the dantian.

He looked at the trajectory of dragon breath differentiation and found that a large part of it gathered toward dragon egg and Nascent Soul. When it approached the Nascent Soul, it instantly split into two golden breaths of different thicknesses, and entered the Nascent Soul and the dragon egg, respectively.

The rest of scattered dragon breath roamed in all directions of the dantian. Su Wenliang opened his eyes after staying in the dantian for a while.

He looked at his abdomen with a complicated expression. He was a surgeon before transmigrating, and was very clear about the human body structure, but because of this, he was particularly shocked and puzzled about the spiritual energy and practice in this cultivation world.

In his body, there was no uterus necessary for human beings to conceive a child, but a new life was nurturing in his dantian. Su Wenliang thought maybe he should study the medical practice of this cultivation world.

He had certain advantages. If he could combine his modern medical knowledge with the medical practice of this cultivation world, he may discover more secrets about cultivation.

Su Wenliang was a person with a strong motivation, and he would act immediately when he thinks of it. Now the dragon breath in the dantian didn’t need to be controlled by himself, as it would automatically disintegrating and improve his dantian, so he didn’t need to worry at all.

After the dragon breath disintegration was over, he would look at the changes in this body and record the process.

Su Wenliang got up and walked out of the secret room. He passed the puppet that was cleaning and walked to the Library Pavilion of Heaven Spread Sect.

As the number one righteous sect in the Rook Islet World, the Heaven Spread Sect’s comprehensive strength was at the forefront in the Rook Islet World.

There were nearly ten almighty Nascent Soul and hundreds of Core Formation cultivators in the Heaven Spread Sect, and the disciples accepted every year were also the best aptitude in the East Territory. Not only were there countless high-level cultivators here, but also countless cultivation resources.

For example, the Library Pavilion located in the main mountain range was itself a best quality spiritual treasure. From the outside, the Library Pavilion was in the shape of a pagoda, and the space became narrower as you look up. But in this cultivation world, what the eye sees was the most unreal, and the storing treasure was like this.

On the surface, the storing treasure pavilion was in the shape of a pyramid with a big bottom and a small top, but the fifth floor or higher, multiple folding spaces opened up with secret methods, and the more you go up, the bigger the space will be.

It was said that the Library Pavilion had ten floors, but in fact, ordinary disciples could only see six floors.

Library Pavilion’s rules were: The first and second floors were open to the Qi Refining stage disciples. The third and fourth floors were open to the Foundation Building stage disciples. The fifth and sixth floors were open to the Core Formation stage disciples. The seventh floor was open to the Nascent Soul stage elders. The eighth to tenth floors were said to be a place to store treasures for sect disciples' trial and hone, hidden treasures…and so on where multiple effects were placed.

No one knew what was on it. Su Wenliang raised his eyes to look at it lightly. His current cultivation base was the late-stage of Nascent Soul, and he was about to reach the great perfection late-stage Nascent Soul, so he could clearly see the seventh floor of Library Pavilion, but he couldn’t see the number of layers above.

There were many blindfold methods in the cultivation realm. He only saw the white mist above the seventh floor, covering everything. Perhaps it was the same in the eyes of other low-level cultivators.

However, although his naked eyes couldn’t see it clearly, he knew the novel’s plot, so he knew what was exist on it.

It was written in the plot that after the male protagonist Bai Jingchen advanced to Nascent Soul, the Rook Islet World was in great chaos. When the whole continent was on the verge of disintegration, he entered the ninth floor of Library Pavilion, and got acknowledgment of this high-intelligence weapon spirit that already had consciousness. He became the true owner of this best quality spiritual treasure, leading everyone in the cultivation world to break through the world forcibly and enter the higher realm Age River World.

Thinking of this, Su Wenliang couldn’t help comparing the shrewd and wise almost terrifying Bai Jingchen at the late stage of plot with the beauty Bai Jingchen he knew. In the end, he only felt that these were completely two people, and he couldn’t help having black lines on his forehead.

He retracted his gaze and walked in.

After entering, he found it was like a library. At the end of a corridor led to the interior, he saw two doors. One of the doors was the teleportation passage for disciples of the Qi Refining stage to enter the official library place, and in the center of the door was an empty wooden token shape with complete specifications. Only those who have the Heaven Spread Sect identity token could enter with their wooden token.

Su Wenliang nodded to the steward behind the huge desk in the center and walked to another door leading to the second floor.

He took out the identity token and placed it in the groove. The door opened and Su Wenliang walked in. After passing through a dark passage, he entered the bright space on the second floor.

The layout here was exactly the same as the first floor below. Su Wenliang paused here and then went to pick out a few cultivation methods suitable for the disciple in the Foundation Building stage.

He specially prepared it for Bai Jingchen. Although Bai Jingchen spent nearly ten years for Bai Jingchen to build a foundation with his own strength in the plot, but now, after Double Cultivation with him, who was the almighty Nascent Soul stage cultivator, Bai Jingchen’s cultivation base could definitely improve quickly.

Most importantly, he would become Bai Jingchen’s master after the Sect Grand Competition was over in a few days. At that time, he would use the comprehensive demon cultivation method to teach Bai Jingchen, so that he could grow as quickly as possible without taking a detour.

In the plot, Bai Jingchen grew up slowly in the early stage. But after accidentally awakening his bloodline, he became a Nascent Soul cultivator in an instant.

The male protagonist’s early stage growth was essential. Since Su Wenliang plans to teach Bai Jingchen, although he still had resentment and anger towards Bai Jingchen in his heart, he was very serious about teaching.

He had prepared a lot of tasks to hone the male protagonist according to the plot, and when the time comes, at the same time the male protagonist’s strength grows, it would also ensure that his mental state grow rapidly.

Su Wenliang had led over twenty interns in modern times, so he was quite experienced. His conduct was indifferent, but the interns he taught were the most accomplishment and the best among the same batch of interns.

Since Bai Jingchen would become his disciple, it was his responsibility to take care of him. He was strict in teaching, and when facing his mission target Bai Jingchen, he would only become stricter. He would expand the teaching field to all aspects and definitely teach Bai Jingchen became the Heaven Spread Sect’s most powerful newly promote disciple.

Su Wenliang chose cultivation methods that were basically suitable for Bai Jingchen’s cultivation, and then collected the primary knowledge of all aspects of the cultivation world, such as basic pill concocting, basic swordsmanship, basic weapon refining, basic formation…and so on, all contents Bai Jingchen would learn in the future.

Su Wenliang casually flipped over the basic pill concocting. The original owner was an all-around talent, so these knowledges were easy for him. He would also pass on the knowledge he knew, only hoping that Bai Jingchen wouldn’t let him down.

After Su Wenliang chose the bamboo slips, he went to the higher floors to find the medical practice records, planning to go back and find the time to study them.

After selecting, he went to the first floor to record the borrowed bamboo slips, copying them all on the blank bamboo slips he brought. This was the borrowing rule of the Heaven Spread Sect Library Pavilion. The cultivation methods in the cultivation world were important, so absolutely not allowed to lend. Even Yang Aohan, this Core Formation cultivator, didn't allow.

Su Wenliang’s soul was powerful. He was a person with mental ability. In the Apocalypse, he could use mental power to attack and take objects. Therefore, after merging with the original owner’s body, his soul became more condensed and powerful.

This time, he also borrowed the cultivation method to exercise his divine sense. Although it could only be used until the Core Formation stage, it was also a good choice to exercise his divine sense for the time being.

After he finished handling it, he left the Library Pavilion and returned to the Aohan Peak.

There were only five or six days before the Sect Grand Competition. He set the timer on the puppet and went into the secret room to do his own study.

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