Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 24 Part 3 (M)

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Chapter 24 Part 3


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang twisted his body, and then obediently stretched out his pink tongue and licked it. After being distracted for a while, he licked it again and opened his mouth to suck it in.

He didn’t know what to do next, so he just dully sucked it, looking at Bai Jingchen with moist eyes. His red eyes were full of innocent moisture.

Seeing him like this, Bai Jingchen’s meat stick swelled up. After he thrusted into Su Wenliang’s lips a few times and saw Su Wenliang’s cooperation, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

He slid into the pond and hugged Su Wenliang in his arms, and the two of them kissed again.

His movements that were still not fully proficient before had now become exceptionally smooth and skillful, making Su Wenliang dizzy with just his lips and tongue.

He reached out and put Su Wenliang’s legs around his waist. The two meat sticks squeezed up. Bai Jingchen took a deep breath, and then reached out to fondle and rub Su Wenliang’s upturned buttocks, where the muscles were tight and flexible. It felt good to the touch, making one love it.

Bai Jingchen kneaded for a long time, until Su Wenliang bit the tip of his tongue in dissatisfaction, only then he regretfully shifted his position. He moved his fingers to circle around the well-shaped small hole, and his sharp fingertips stroked the folds there, and then slowly poke a finger in with the help of the water.

Su Wenliang groaned uncomfortably as his expression became particularly aggrieved. Bai Jingchen kissed his lips comfortingly and leaned his head on his shoulder. He put his both hands on Su Wenliang’s lower body, a hand was playing with Su Wenliang’s meat stick, and the other hand was thrusting in and out to open up the back hole.

Bai Jingchen’s hands kept moving, as Su Wenliang narrowed his eyes and panted. His voice rang in Bai Jingchen’s ears, and the hot air from his breathing also rushed into Bai Jingchen’s ear, making Bai Jingchen impatiently speed up the movements of his hands. Maybe the pleasure made Su Wenliang numb up, making the movements of Bai Jingchen behind him became smooth and fast.

With the lubrication of the water, Bai Jingchen thrusted in and out a finger…two fingers…then squeezed in the third finger…

When it finally expanded well, Bai Jingchen’s face had oozed fine sweat. He held Su Wenliang and lay him down on the boulder and then put his two fair and slender legs on his shoulders. He aimed his member at the soft back hole and pushed the crown in.

Su Wenliang’s body trembled in pain. Bai Jingchen slowed down his movements, and while stroking Su Wenliang’s meat stick, he lowered his head to kiss Su Wenliang’s lips.

When Bai Jingchen’s meat stick penetrated two-thirds, the remaining part couldn’t be inserting, no matter what.

Bai Jingchen began to thrust like this, slowly and at a constant speed, until Su Wenliang let out a light moan of pleasure. Only then it changed into an intense in and out.

His meat stick rapidly thrusted in and out, and each time it entered deeper and harder, the back hole sucked spontaneously. Under the bright white moonlight, Bai Jingchen lowered his head and saw the scene of every time his meat stick entering the small hole, it would sucking greedily, and every time he pulled out, the small hole was reluctant to part with the pink flesh, which seems to be unwilling to let go.

Bai Jingchen narrowed his eyes, and his movements became faster. He pulled out his meat stick to the base and then plunged in heavily every time.

Bai Jingchen controlled both parts of Su Wenliang’s lower body. His hand gripped the meat stick, stroking lightly and heavily, and his meat stick violently thrust into the small hole. The pleasure of the two parts swept over Su Wenliang, and he couldn’t restrain moaning, one by one, sometimes high and sometimes low. Hearing this, Bai Jingchen felt more lustful and thrust vigorously. The pouch slapped on the other party’s buttocks, making ‘pow-pow’ sounds. The water flowed in and out into the small hole, made Bai Jingchen’s entry and exit became smoother, and the sultry voice resounded in the air, making the two of them more addicted to this lovemaking.

When Bai Jingchen noticed that Su Wenliang’s whole body stiffened, the meat stick was violently trembling, and the small hole was sucking rapidly, he let out a long comfortable sigh, and the speed of his hands and lower body became faster and stronger.

At this time, their spiritual energies began to surge and rise to their joining parts. After Bai Jingchen’s deep thrust, Su Wenliang suddenly raised his upper body. He hugged Bai Jingchen’s neck with both hands and directly stuck his lips up, kissing fiercely.

The entry and exit of the lower body couldn’t be seen clearly, and one could almost see the afterimage. Su Wenliang let out a muffled groan, and finally couldn’t help letting it out.

Bai Jingchen felt his meat stick being sucked strongly by the small hole, so he quickened his movements and intently thrust, pulling out and inserting in…

After dozens of strokes, he finally trembled all over and pushed deeply into the depths of Su Wenliang’s body, and then shot out a large stream of semen into the depths of the sensitive small hole. Su Wenliang’s body trembled, and they collapsed on the boulder, not wanting to move.

Their spiritual energies exchanged spontaneously from their joining parts, and the pleasure that differed from making love poured into their dantian and blood vessels. Bai Jingchen rested for a while and then continued to thrust. Su Wenliang moaned and kissed him…

The full moonlight sprinkled down, shining on the naked bodies of the two people who intoxicated in the lovemaking and Double Cultivation.

By the time when the moon was dim and the sky was bright, Su Wenliang looked at Bai Jingchen, who was sleeping on the boulder with a gloomy face and gritted his teeth with hatred.

Although he didn’t remember deeply what happened last night, he still remembered some details. For example, Su Wenliang would never forget the humiliation this person did to him.

He took out the clothes from the storage bracelet with a cold expression and put it on, then walked to Bai Jingchen’s side and slapped him hard, before he disappeared from the cave the moment Bai Jingchen opened his eyes.

Bai Jingchen sat up with a dazed expression and scratched his head. He looked at the sky and saw that it was not early. Thinking that it would be a few days before the Sect Grand Competition and he should be on duty in the spiritual plant field, so he hurriedly got up and walked to the side where he placed his clothes.

He picked up his clothes and put it on and then walked to the edge of the pond to look at the redness and swelling on his face. He couldn’t help recalling what had happened yesterday.

He came here to take a bath after getting rid of those people who caused trouble for him. After that, he smelled a familiar scent and felt a naked body hugging and kissing him…

Bai Jingchen, “……”

A seemingly familiar scene! He opened his collar with black lines on his face and looked at the bruise marks on his chest. He couldn’t help raising his hand to touch his swollen and stinging cheek and helplessly let out a bitter laugh.

Could it be that he was plucked up by that pervert again?!

Bai Jingchen couldn’t help touching his butt. Thanks to that person, he had checked a lot of information about this aspect when he was seventeen, so now he knew that the person at the bottom was not him.

While feeling relieved, Bai Jingchen couldn’t help but secretly grumbled “pervert”. That person liked to do that kind of thing. Why did he have to find him? He also ran away after finished every time. He didn’t see a single figure, and that person slapped himself, making him feel like he took advantage of him…

Although, it could be regarded as taking advantage of him…


Sigh, forget it.

Bai Jingchen licked his lips and helplessly took out the healing medicinal paste from the storage bag. He applied it to his face, and then turned around and walked out of the cave.

He noticed that the spiritual energy in his body had become more pure, but the current time was urgent. He would find the time to feel the changes in his body carefully after finishing the task assigned to him by the Heaven Spread Sect in the evening.

For now, let’s go to the spiritual plant field to finish my matter.’

Thinking of this, Bai Jingchen turned around and ran to the spiritual plant field. When he reached the boundary, he found that Steward Li and several other stewards were also there.

He let out a “sigh” in his heart. Seeing that the people who were trapping here last night were not there, he knew it was not good. But he still calmly walked to the front of Steward Li and said with a naïve smile, “Steward Li, I’m really sorry. I bumped into a pillar when I went to the lavatory last night. My face swollen from the bump. As a result, I was sleepless for a while at night, and I woke up late today. I promise I will never do this again next time.”

Steward Li rolled his eyes, and then said with a thunderous voice that shook people’s eardrums. Although he was talking to Bai Jingchen, he was looking at the other people present.

He said, “You are empty-headed. I don’t want to say anything about you. By the way, when did you leave last night?”

Bai Jingchen honestly lowered his head and replied, “12:30 pm.”

Steward Li let out a laugh when he heard this, and then turned around and proudly shouted at the other people present, “I have said that these little bastards are stealing things in the field. Now we captured the people, and the stolen goods, they still want to deny it. Oh, could it be seeing that I’m just a steward, so you all want to turn over and frame me? Hmph, don’t forget, you are not the only ones who have backers in the Heaven Spread Sect. After figuring it out, you still don’t want to get lost!”

They were angry but didn’t dare to talk. They just glared at Bai Jingchen angrily and then turned around and hurriedly left.

Steward Li snorted and said, “Be careful next time, and do things thoroughly. Don’t let me come over to clean up your mess.”

Bai Jingchen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He nodded his head and said obediently, “Yes.” Seeing this, Steward Li let out a snort, and then turned round to leave.

Bai Jingchen squatted on the ground, as the simple and honest expression on his face completely disappeared, and turned into a gloomy indifference.

He knew who was behind all this, but so what?

He knew that pervert slapped him and slept with him all night, but…so what?

He simply sat on the ground, raising his head to look at the horizon with a faint light in his eyes.

Since he was seventeen years old, he had learned to just have a good hold, not kindness. Sometimes saving someone’s life would bring a potential source of trouble. Sometimes blindly enduring would only show you were weak and gullible.

He didn’t have a strong cultivation base to strike in the open for the time being, so he had to do things in the dark, thinking about how to get revenge this time.

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