Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 24 Part 2 (M)

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Chapter 24 Part 2


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang, who witnessed everything, couldn’t help showing a ruminated smile.

He didn’t expect Bai Jingchen to become so smart now. He thought he was weak and gullible before, but the moment Bai Jingchen made a move, he saw this person’s scheme and calculation. Although overall, it was still crude, but these disciples underestimated the enemy, which made him win like this.

However, compared with the description of him in the plot, this had been a great improvement. At least he was not stiff and blindly enduring.

Su Wenliang finally had some expectations for such a male protagonist. He originally felt that the sky was about to fall when he thought he was going to become Bai Jingchen’s master. Because Bai Jingchen was really foolish in the novel, silly and gullible, kind-heartedly running around saving people…

Because of these characteristics, he was inadvertently involved in many incidents, and almost lost his life many times.

Su Wenliang originally thought that after he became Bai Jingchen’s master, the first thing he would do was to teach him to use his brain more before doing things and not to act impetuously.

However, Bai Jingchen was much smarter now. Su Wenliang looked at cultivators who trapped in the formation and couldn’t move with a smile on his lips, and then chased in the direction Bai Jingchen left.

Su Wenliang’s speed was quick, much faster than Bai Jingchen’s escape speed with talisman seals, so he quickly caught up with Bai Jingchen and followed him into a cave.

This was a hidden cave. Su Wenliang looked at the lush vines and weeds growing in the cave's surrounding, and saw Bai Jingchen walked in through the vines and weeds. He looked at the environment here and thought of the double standard of Double Cultivation under the moon, and finally frowned and walked in.

The sound of his footsteps was inaudible. In this quiet cave, he could only hear the sound of wind and the friction of plants. As he slowly approached, he heard the faint sound of water.

Su Wenliang paused, knowing what was going on inside. He wanted to wait outside, but he didn’t know when Bai Jingchen would come out. After thinking for a while, he finally took a few steps forward. After two turns, he finally saw the innermost situation.

This was an outdoors cave, one could see the full moon right above. The bright moonlight was shining down through the hole above, clearly illuminating Bai Jingchen who was standing in the pond's side and wiping his naked body.

Su Wenliang leaned against the wall. He folded his arms and looked at Bai Jingchen with indifference. Thinking of what was going to happen later, he unconsciously looked at this man carefully.

Bai Jingchen was exquisite. Under the moonlight, he held a kind of indistinguishable beauty, with a sense of seductive charm.

He was the Rouge Dragon. It was said that in the Antiquity Great Wilderness period, it was one of the dragon races with the weakest strength. At the moment, Bai Jingchen’s bloodline was confining, so he looked beautiful, but it was lack shaking one to the core. As mentioned in the plot, along with his cultivation improved, he would become more and more beautiful, and finally become the number one beauty in the Rook Islet World.

When Su Wenliang was reading the novel 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, he really couldn’t imagine such a beauty. What he thought of was the classic flowery, and then he lost interest in an instant.

However, when he saw Bai Jingchen with his own eyes now, he couldn’t help sighing at this man’s facial features and appearance. If it was more, it would look girly, and if it was less, it would look masculine.

Maybe Bai Jingchen should be like this, with eyebrows like swords, phoenix eyes, high nose bridge, moist lips with a delicate red color.

Su Wenliang suddenly stood up straight and stiffly looked down. He was wearing a light blue robe, so he couldn’t actually see that part, but he could clearly feel that part was slightly swollen and hot, an extremely strange but familiar feeling spread from his tailbone to his whole body.

He hurriedly closed his eyes tightly and concentrated his spiritual power in the palm of his left hand according to a certain rule. A Black Erotic Flower bloomed in his palm, and its color was dark, almost purple, making people shudder.

Su Wenliang’s eyes gradually stained red, his heart complicated and intertwined. He was unwilling…not reconciled…and finally sank into it, and gave all his senses to the Erotic Flower’s control.

A strange fragrance gradually surged in the air. Bai Jingchen’s hand that wiped his abdomen paused. He turned his head to look around, but he couldn’t see anything.

The light seemed to dim in an instant. He blinked his eyes to remove the water droplets on his eyelashes, and then looked up at the opening above the cave, only to see that it was a black cloud that blocked the moonlight.

He breathed a sigh of relief, but between breaths, he smelled an increasingly heavy, sweet and seductive fragrance. He became intoxicated…engrossed…with a little familiarity…

When Bai Jingchen was about to lose awareness, he suddenly felt a warm and naked body pressing against him.

The feeling of déjà vu surged into his heart. It was not good. Bai Jingchen just realized something was wrong, but found that he couldn’t escape at all. He opened his eyes wide, but he couldn’t see the face of this man clearly in the dark.

When he stretched out his hands to shove, his lips suddenly blocked and a hot tongue directly squeezed in, and it began to stir wildly.

Bai Jingchen said “hmm, hmm” twice, and wanted to turn his head away, but he was held in the arms of that man and vigorously kissed. It completely released the confined bloodline in the depths of his body. Bai Jingchen suddenly closed his eyes and then opened it again. His obsidian-like pupils turned into golden vertical pupils of a fierce beast.

Bai Jingchen’s tongue unconsciously intertwined with Su Wenliang’s tongue, and their tongue blades were rubbing against each other. The heavenly thunder stirred the earth fire, he turned from passive to active. When he felt Su Wenliang’s active submission, he bit his lower lip in satisfaction, and heard Su Wenliang’s slightly trembling groan. It was deep and hoarse, extremely sexy, so he couldn’t help biting and sucking to hear more the hoarse and light groan from the depths of his throat, making his blood veins puff up.

Bai Jingchen picked Su Wenliang up and pushed him to lie down on the boulder at the edge of the pond.

The cold boulder made Su Wenliang’s hot body stiffen. Su Wenliang hurriedly got up and wanted to leave, but Bai Jingchen firmly pinned him on it and he could not move a single step.

Bai Jingchen seemed to comfort him, as he was incessantly kissing him, from his lips to the tip of his nose to the center of his eyebrows, from his cheek to his ear and back to his lips.

Once their lips and tongues touched each other, they tightly connected. After changing the posture, he pressed against that hot body. The two of them were naked and were tightly sticking, so every part of their body bumped directly.

Bai Jingchen kept sucking the tip of Su Wenliang’s tongue, as one of his hand actively roamed from the sensitive waist to the small bump on Su Wenliang’s chest.

After he grabbed a bump, he began to squeeze and rub vigorously in circles, and the originally soft nipple became erect, like a grinding pebble.

His other hand roamed down to Su Wenliang’s waist, and moved from the side of Su Wenliang’s waist to his leg, and then to between his legs, moving inch by inch. Su Wenliang couldn’t bear it and straightened his body, and his whole person was stuck together with Bai Jingchen.

Bai Jingchen’s meat stick had already stood upright, and the moment Su Wenliang straightened his back, their meat sticks immediately pressed together, and a tremor from the depths of their souls hit them.

Bai Jingchen’s movements paused. He looked at the person below him and saw a wet face. This man’s facial features were handsome and refined. The previous gloomy or gentle temperament was completely gone, only the current frail and charming remained.

His cheeks were flushed and wet, his red and swollen lips opened, and he seemed to breathing hard.

Seeing his appearance, Bai Jingchen instantly felt a torrent rushing into his lower body, and his private parts swelled up more, as the beast desire in his heart deepened.

He stretched out a hand to grab Su Wenliang’s hand and put it on his meat stick, and his own hand stimulated the swollen member of the person under him urgently or slowly, relieving the swelling pain in their lower body. The movements brought waves of pleasure. Bai Jingchen suddenly pressed up, as the tip of his tongue entered Su Wenliang’s lips and entangled deeper.

Su Wenliang could only vaguely feel that the tip of Bai Jingchen’s tongue penetrated into the depths, ticking his mouth sensitive part and wandering around irregularly, sometimes licking the sensitive palate, sometimes hooking the tip of his tongue to entangle with his tongue, and sometimes licking deep into his mouth.

That place was already so sensitive, and under Bai Jingchen’s misbehavior, Su Wenliang couldn’t hold back his tears, as two lines of warm tears ran down the corners of his eyes and across his cheeks.

Bai Jingchen paused. He tasted the bitterness in Su Wenliang’s mouth, before he let go of his lips and tongue. He kissed the teardrops on his cheeks, but the movements of his hand below were completely opposite, quickly and forcefully fiddling with Su Wenliang’s meat stick. At the moment when Su Wenliang’s body stiffened, he suddenly dig the small opening at the top between his fingers. A moan sound escaped from Su Wenliang’s throat, and the hot white bodily fluid followed Bai Jingchen’s hand, falling drop by drop into the water.

Bai Jingchen curiously looked down and saw the turbid drops falling from his fair, jade-like fingers. He couldn’t help smear it to Su Wenliang’s nipples on both sides. Even took advantage of the moment Su Wenliang was entrancing after orgasm to insert his fingers covered with white turbid liquid straight into Su Wenliang’s mouth.

That tactile sensation was quite unfathomable. Bai Jingchen felt his fingers touched a warm and soft place, and there was a slippery tongue stirring inside.

Bai Jingchen teased Su Wenliang’s mouth with his fingers, and before he could react, Bai Jingchen self-taughtly thrust his fingers back and forth.

At the beginning, it was just feeling out, but gradually, Bai Jingchen didn't satisfy with this. He suddenly inserted his fingers into a deeper place, and then felt a hot white turbid overflowing from Su Wenliang’s meat stick again, spraying his abdomen.

Bai Jingchen lowered his head and whispered to Su Wenliang’s ear, “It seems that you like this. Your small mouth likes to eat it. How about changing it to a big one?”

Saying this, without waiting for Su Wenliang’s reaction, he directly pulled Su Wenliang off the boulder and pressed him into the water. Bai Jingchen leaned on the stone wall, then grabbed Su Wenliang’s long hair and pressed his head on his member. The red and swollen lips were directly facing the meat stick, and the hot air sprayed slightly on the sensitive glans. Bai Jingchen let out a gasp and ordered, “Suck it in.”

Su Wenliang looked up at him. His eyes were deep red, and he seemed a little hesitant and unwilling. Bai Jingchen changed his method and coaxed, “You do it first, and I will suck yours later.”

Su Wenliang still hesitated, but stretched out his hand to grab the meat stick and covered the length. He stared at the cock with round eyes, and then gave Bai Jingchen a look, as if to say, ‘Why is it so big? How to suck it in?

Bai Jingchen couldn’t help smiling and said, “First stick out your tongue and lick it.”

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