Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 24 Part 1

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Chapter 24 Part 1


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang came out of the secret room with a blank face and raised his eyes to look at the sky outside. At this time, the sun was just emerging and the sky was full of red-tinted clouds. It was obviously early morning, and there was still half of the day before night.

He sat blankly on the white jade seat in the palace hall, giving himself a moment to relax.

He never thought of himself as a cowardly person. It could be seen from his life choices. He was fearless about almost anything. But this didn’t include take the initiative to find a specific teenager to push him down, even if the teenager had grown into a young man by this time.

He knew he would never approve of the Double Cultivation from the bottom of his heart.

However, no matter how long he dragged it and no matter how many excuses he found for himself to push the Double Cultivation to the next time until there was no way to avoid it…In the end, the Double Cultivation with the male protagonist became the inevitable outcome of his rational choice.

In the face of the outcome of his rational choice, the previous pushing with all sorts of excuses would only become a ridiculous delay to make problems for himself, which not only wasted time but also destroyed the mood.

Su Wenliang knew what was going to happen tonight. The only thing he wanted to do now was to clear his mind and give himself a transition time.

He silently sat there, from the rising sun to the setting sun, before finally standing up from the white jade seat.

He stood up and went to the bathroom at the back of the palace to wash for two hours, and then came out of the bath and changed his clothes. Then he calmly walked outside, towards Bai Jingchen’s place in his memory.

He always knew the location of Bai Jingchen’s residence, because his life closely related to Bai Jingchen, and could even be said to be his only focus in this cultivation world.

His life in this cultivation world, whether in the past, now, or the distant future, would revolve around Bai Jingchen, this male protagonist. In other words, Bai Jingchen was his hope and sustenance, so he had always paid close attention to his things.

Days like this would continue…until one day in the distant future, he would be able to go home after completing the mission.

Su Wenliang walked past in front of everyone in the Heaven Spread Sect with a cold expression. He thought in his heart that when he read transmigration novels in the past, he thought it was ridiculous that those people who transmigrated to another world wanted to go home.

But when it was really his turn, he found that there was an alien feeling out of place. Even though he was now turning his hands to cover clouds and rain, he couldn’t feel the slightest sense of reality.

He couldn’t find a sense of belonging in this world, so his heart set on speeding home.

He crossed dozens of mountains, and when the nightfall, he suddenly flashed to a hidden and uninhabited corner, avoiding the sight of everyone, and then put a concealed talisman to his body. He turned around and quickly walked to the place where the Heaven Spread Sect's outer sect attendants lived.

The development of the plot didn’t change much here. Bai Jingchen was still just an outer sect attendant. His status was not very high, and he was not very popular in the sect. Although his character was utterly sincere, it couldn’t withstand the persecution of the Bai clan at him.

People in the cultivation world were simpler than modern people, and the competition was more intense. Their instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages was stronger than modern people, so few people would choose Bai Jingchen, an outer sect attendant with no background and rejected by the younger generation of the Bai clan, as a friend. It was already good they didn’t go up to step on him to prove their allegiance to the Bai clan.

The cultivation world was crueler, but the male protagonist was still naive and silly.

Su Wenliang came here and saw Bai Jingchen still working in the spiritual plant field and over a dozen cultivators standing beside him.

He quietly approached this group of people. He came to a place near to them and stood still. He knew these people came to trouble Bai Jingchen. The Bai clan and those who had humiliated Bai Jingchen before wouldn’t just watch him go to take part in the Sect Grand Competition.

Those small beats and attacks that happened before, when they saw that Bai Jingchen dodged all of it and focused on the matter of the Sect Grand Competition, those people must be anxious. Therefore, on the eve of the approaching Sect Grand Competition, perhaps this was their last chance, and they would never let go of the opportunity to beat Bai Jingchen into the dust.

Su Wenliang knew these people wanted to teach Bai Jingchen a lesson, and knew that they wouldn’t kill him. After all, even if the Bai clan didn’t favor Bai Jingchen, he was still a descendant of the Bai clan.

Just like the first mother could get rid of Bai Jingchen secretly, but once the matter of her conspiracy to murder the Bai clan’s descendant exposed, her end was to be abolished as the legitimate wife and expelled from the Bai clan. Therefore, his first mother would never kill him rashly, but would choose to grind him slowly to relieve the hatred in her heart.

Su Wenliang expressionlessly listened to the conversation of these people. He chose to stand on the sidelines.

There were several young men and women in the Foundation Building stage. One of the young cultivators said to Bai Jingchen, “Bai Jingchen, are you sure you want to go to the Sect Grand Competition? Don’t you know how much strength you have? This matter made the first mother very unhappy. If she is unhappy, your life will be difficult. I said that you should contently be the attendant disciple. When you are of marriageable age, the first mother may find you a gentle and pleasant wife because of your obedience. You can have a child together, and if the child has a good aptitude, you maybe revered and serve as the Bai clan’s steward one day.”

His meaningful and heartfelt words seemed he was really considering Bai Jingchen, and this way out was indeed good, and it was the unanimous choice of those descendants with poor aptitude in the cultivation clan.

This speech also expressed the thoughts of many people present. Except for a few men and women in the Foundation Building stage, they were ordinary people in the mortal world.

They had worked so hard to enter the Heaven Spread Sect. In order to be favored by the disciples of the cultivation world and promoted to be their subordinates, they seriously do things for the cultivators, and get compensation for some cultivation resources. When one day, they had enough accumulation, they would settle in the Black Sky City and find a woman from the cultivation world to marry.

They hope that the next generation or even the more next generation to have a child with a cultivation spiritual root and then revive the clan and become another Wang clan or Chen clan in the future.

These ordinary people thought so, and those from the cultivation clan also thought so, but Bai Jingchen never thought so.

He still kept his head down to work without saying a word. Recently, because the Sect Grand Competition was approaching, they oppressed and threatened him more. Correspondingly, the steward above assigned a lot heavier work tasks to him to receive the Bai clan’s favor. Therefore, he had to be busy until late every day.

He knew that he would just have to endure this period of time, although he now had the appropriate strength and could beat them back, he wouldn’t attack them in a hurry.

Because once he made a move on these people, that steward could just take advantage of this fault and exaggerate it into an incident of harming fellow sect disciples. The steward could easily expel him from the Heaven Spread Sect, and he wouldn’t be able to compete in the Sect Grand Competition.

Therefore, all he could do now was to endure. Anyway, he was used to it. As long as he ignored those people's ugly words and things they do to obstruct him, it would be no big deal.

Now he had no choice but to swallow his anger. He would definitely “repay” them one by one in the future.

Everyone saw he could not tell good from bad, and several men and women in the Foundation Building stage were angry. An older female cultivator among them put her hands on her hips and disdainfully said to Bai Jingchen, “Bai Jingchen, do you think that after participating in the Sect Grand Competition, you can get rid of the Bai clan’s control and become a superior person? Hmph, ridiculous. Have you forgotten that several of us are inner sect disciples of the Heaven Spread Sect? The base camp of the Bai clan is in the Heaven Spread Sect’s inner sect. Even if you win by chance, the final result is that more Bai clan members will deal with you. Instead of doing this, it’s better to give in to the elders and admit your mistake. The first mother may punish you lightly.”

When she said this, she raised her eyes and glanced at Bai Jingchen, seeing that he was still unmoved. She sneered and said, “You want to be a pheasant become a phoenix, but you don’t even look at your aptitude. You just have a weak spiritual root. Even if you want to work hard, it will take a hundred years just to enter the Foundation Building stage. By then, you will be an old man, and the final outcome is not even as good as ours. There will be no one who will take care of you.”

The others nodded in agreement. This was their unanimous opinion. They suddenly felt that Bai Jingchen was pitiful. This kind of person whose heart was higher than the sky, but life was thinner than paper. The most miserable ending was like this.

Everyone pitied him, but even if they felt pity on him in their hearts, they still had to act under the first mother’s suggestion.

The first mother didn’t want this “son of a lowly maidservant” to take part in the Sect Grand Competition, so she gave them this task. Whether they used reasons or simply resort to violence, it would suffice as long as the result was Bai Jingchen didn’t take part in the Sect Grand Competition.

After these people saw that Bai Jingchen remain unmoved, they finally lost patience and made a move against Bai Jingchen.

For today’s matter, they had done a lot of planning. As early as a few hours ago, they had expelled all the surrounding outer sect attendants, and now, no one was present except them in this almost desolate spiritual plant field, which created convenient conditions for them.

Today, even if they broke Bai Jingchen’s legs and it completely paralyzed him on the bed, no one would jump out to accuse and sue, because these people were all on their side. Even if Bai Jingchen went to file a complaint, he was alone and unable to seek justice.

There was a cold light in their eyes, as they took out the magic weapon from the storage bag, and walked towards Bai Jingchen step by step, thinking, ‘Since you refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, don’t blame us for being impolite.’

The attendant disciples in Qi Refining stage were the first to do it. The lowest cultivation base among them was the seventh layer of Qi Refining. They had done things for the Bai clan these years and received some benefits from the Bai clan, so their cultivation had grown extremely fast.

They had been listening to the Bai clan member’s persuasion from the sidelines, they only felt that Bai Jingchen could not tell good from bad, and they had wasted their cultivation time, so they didn’t fight Bai Jingchen one by one, but all went up together, trying to solve Bai Jingchen at once, and then go back to cultivate or rest.

The strength of the seven or eight Qi Refining stage disciples shouldn’t be underestimated. Even if it was a Foundation Building stage cultivator, he might not match for them, let alone Bai Jingchen, who was at the eighth layer of Qi Refining stage.

Bai Jingchen had been mentally prepared, so when these people were about to make a move, he already raised his vigilance. When these people made a move, he thought of a way to deal with it in his mind.

He dodged sideways and quickly dodged more than a dozen attacks. But because the attacks were too dense, he still suffered some injuries. While running around, he took out one after another middle-grade spirit stones from the storage bag and seemed to drop it on the ground carelessly.

When his body was covering with deep and shallow scars, he finally stood still. He took out a talisman seal from the storage bag and poured spiritual energy into it, and then threw it to the Bai clan members who were standing on the sidelines. Before these people had time to look down, he put two talisman seals on his feet, and then quickly fled away and disappeared.

And just after he left, the talisman seal suddenly burst out with lightning flashes and thunder rolls, and its attack power was equivalent to the full blow of a Foundation Building stage disciple, so that after the effect of this talisman seal passed, the Bai clan members were in disorder and covered in injuries.

And just as they were cursing, the formation that Bai Jingchen had buried long ago activated, directly trapping the cultivators near the spiritual plant field in a prison formation, while he himself had already escaped.

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