Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 23

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Chapter 23


Translator: Mimi

Seeing that Su Wenliang’s face suddenly became stiff, Sun Nancheng frowned and asked with concern, “Little Junior-martial Brother, what’s up?”

Su Wenliang looked up at Sun Nancheng, thinking of the hidden mission released by the system just now, and thinking that Bai Jingchen was still just an outer sect attendant, and his temperament seems to be still young, if he rushed to make friends with Sun Nancheng, it would be backfire.

After all, in the plot, the male protagonist and the male supporting character became best friends, after Bai Jingchen successfully advanced to the Nascent Soul and became a powerful party in the Rook Islet World.

Su Wenliang knew in his heart that this hidden mission was the same as the previous ones. It would take a long time, so he was not in a hurry to do it and put this matter behind for the time being.

When Sun Nancheng worriedly asked again, Su Wenliang slowly shook his head and said, “It’s nothing, I just suddenly remembered something. By the way, where have you been training in the past few years? I went to ask Master, but Master said to keep it confidential.” At the end, his tone was tinging with complaint and confusion.

Sun Nancheng smiled and suddenly reached out to rub Su Wenliang’s cheek and said, “Little Junior-martial Brother is really as cute as ever.” Seeing that Su Wenliang’s face turned dark in an instant, he smiled even more happily.

He stepped a few steps forward and walked to Su Wenliang’s side, then put his arms around his shoulders, and the two of them walked into the Immortal’s Cave together closely.

Sun Nancheng directly took Su Wenliang into the inner room, and then pointed to a pile of rare spiritual tools and said indifferently, “I went to the Wild Beast Forest to train this time. Master said that I have more than enough courage, but I’m lack of killing intent, so let me go to kill wild beasts for a few years, and condense the aura of the whole body. By the way, Little Junior-martial Brother, don’t say I don’t take care of you. These are the spiritual tools I got when I went out this time. I heard Master say that the quality of these spiritual tools seems to be very good. You can pick a few to play.”

“……” Su Wenliang was almost blinded by the spiritual tools that filled the Immortal’s Cave. There were at least seventy or eighty spiritual tools here, and Sun Nancheng threw it to the ground so carelessly. He was really worthy of being the winner of life. Just going out casually like this, he got a lot of spiritual tools that others couldn’t collect in a lifetime.

Su Wenliang himself was now an invisible local tyrant, and he definitely had a lot of spiritual tools and spiritual treasures on him. When he was in the Closed Door Training to absorb Liang Wensu’s memories these years, he had already put all Liang Wensu’s collection in the mustard space. After he saw all of it through, he had gained a lot of knowledge, so when he saw these spiritual tools thrown on the ground casually, he had no other thoughts in his heart other than lamenting the good luck of this person.

However, although he didn’t lack spiritual tools, his identity as Yang Aohan still lacked it. In addition, he was going to accept the male protagonist who would have trouble every minute as a disciple, so if he didn’t have a few convenient spiritual tools at hand, it was really not good.

Although he had countless spiritual tools, it was impossible for him to take out Liang Wensu’s collection. Because the level of those spiritual tools was too high, so the male protagonist couldn’t use it with his current cultivation base, and even after taking it out and giving it to the male protagonist, it would cause trouble for the male protagonist instead.

He was worried about this problem before, but now it had been perfectly solved.

Su Wenliang bluntly thanked him and then squatted down and chose. The level of the spiritual tool he needed didn’t need to be too high. After all, it was not for himself to use, but for the male protagonist who was still in the Qi Refining stage.

Therefore, he took a few low-grade spiritual tools and one slightly better spiritual tool for his own use.

Sun Nancheng sat on the stone stool in the middle, leisurely drinking spiritual tea, and said to Su Wenliang who was picking and choosing, “By the way, I found a small spiritual pond when I went out this time. I will give some spiritual pond water to our several fellow brothers. When you leave later, bring this back.” Then he took out a white jade porcelain bottle from the storage bag and directly put it on the table.

Su Wenliang really saw the generosity of the male supporting character, this was simply a prodigal, but the object of this prodigal was himself. Su Wenliang thought in his heart, he was not a person who liked to take advantage of others, let alone to owe others. Yang Aohan’s temperament was also the same, so, when he went out to do a task next time, he would bring some good things back for Sun Nancheng.

Su Wenliang placed the chosen spiritual tools on the stone table and drank the spiritual tea handed over by Sun Nancheng.

The cultivators in the Rook Islet World, as long as they reached the Foundation Building stage, they basically didn’t need to eat. However, cultivators still have the desire to eat, so even in the cultivation cities, there were restaurants.

It was just that the food in the restaurant was not the food of the mortal world, but spiritual things with spiritual energy in it. For example, the rice grain and vegetable were the edible rice spiritual plant that grew in the spiritual field, and the meat was also a kind of spiritual beast meat that was full of spiritual energy and contain very few impurities.

Even in the Rook Islet World, although few people eat things, many people like to drink wine and tea. These wines were spiritual wines, which contain sufficient spiritual energy and few impurities. After drinking, it was beneficial to the cultivation.

The spiritual tea was even more so, which was more revered and loved by cultivators than the wine. Almost every cultivator, whether they liked to drink it or not, would have it on their body. Perhaps one day, these spiritual teas could be used to entertain friends and so on.

Because the spiritual wine and spiritual tea were supported in the cultivation world, its demand had never decreased, so many new professions and trades had extended, such as wine maker experts, tea brewer experts, and so on. Although they couldn’t compare with pill concocting experts, but they also respected in the cultivation world.

Su Wenliang took a sip of the spiritual tea and instantly felt a faint spiritual energy pouring into his body, and his body felt much more comfortable. Although he knew the effect of spiritual tea, this was the first time he tried it, so he was a little surprised.

In other words, since he came to this world, he ate nothing for over ten years, except of course the medicinal pill and the spiritual water. The starting point of this body was very high. It was at the late-stage of Nascent Soul, so there was no need to eat at all, and he also forgot about this later.

Su Wenliang couldn’t help but take another sip of spiritual tea. This time the feeling was much lighter, maybe the freshness had passed. Su Wenliang was a little regretful, he was not a person with heavy desire, so after feeling it, he was no longer interesting.

Sun Nancheng couldn’t help smiling when he saw the appearance of his little junior-martial brother. He always felt that he hadn’t come back to the sect for several years, and the soft white dumpling back then seemed to return.

He was more than a hundred years older than his little junior-martial brother, and he watched him grow up. It felt like raising a child, and he had a sense of accomplishment. This was why he liked the little junior-martial brother the most among these fellow disciples of the same master. After all, he was the child he looked after. Even though he had grown into a young man now, the familiar facial features and expression occasionally could make him full of nostalgia and smile.

He considered being the oldest among the Sect Master’s direct disciples. The ranking of the direct disciples originally arranged according to the primary clans of the Heaven Spread Sect. But the current Sect Master randomly scattered it and arranged according to his wishes.

So the little junior-martial brother who was supposed to be the second disciple now became the seventh disciple, and the Sect Master even accepted an outsider like himself, which showed the current Sect Master’s casual style.

Sun Nancheng told Su Wenliang a lot of interesting things about going out this time, and the two of them chatted until late at night before Su Wenliang got up to leave. He was not tired or sleepy, but he had to go back to absorb Yang Aohan’s memories, and then formulated the male protagonist cultivating plan according to local conditions.

Sun Nancheng had a satisfied smile on his face. This time, the little junior-martial brother listened to it for a whole day and half a night, he felt the love of his junior-martial brother, and his mood became very good.

After Su Wenliang bid farewell to Sun Nancheng, he returned to Aohan Peak. After he returned to the palace, the puppet presented some communication talismans again, but this time Su Wenliang didn’t care about it. He waved his hand to signal the puppet to take it out, and pasted a message talisman at the doorway of the palace, the effect was to tell people who came to visit that he wanted to cultivate in the Closed Door Training and didn’t disturb him.

After doing this, he went to the bathroom to take a bath and changed Yang Aohan’s clothes, and then turned around to go to the secret room to absorb all of Yang Aohan’s memories.

After all, Yang Aohan grew up in the Heaven Spread Sect, so he definitely knew a lot about the Heaven Spread Sect. This was another reason Su Wenliang took a fancy to this body.

After he understood the Heaven Spread Sect in Yang Aohan’s memories, he began to learn Yang Aohan’s cultivation method and techniques. He had relevant experience before, and it took him ten years to integrate Liang Wensu’s memory. Yang Aohan’s rank and age was lower, so Su Wenliang only took nearly a month to absorb all of his memories.

He originally wanted to cultivate in the Closed Door Training directly until the last day of the Sect Grand Competition and then accepted the male protagonist Bai Jingchen as his disciple.

But he forgot one very important thing, that was, after nearly a month in the Closed Door Training, the night of the full moon in the Rook Islet World would come tonight…

The familiar system prompt sounded in his mind, reminding Su Wenliang of the information that didn’t make him happy, [Beep beep…System J7823 reminds the host that tonight is the full moon once a month. The host can choose to Double Cultivation with the male protagonist Bai Jingchen, absorbing the moonlight and Bai Jingchen’s dragon breath to shorten the pregnancy time of the little dragon.]

“……” Su Wenliang fell silent without words, but there were ten thousand grass mud horses galloping in his heart!

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