Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 22

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Chapter 22


Translator: Mimi

Thinking of this, Su Wenliang couldn’t help turning his head to look at Yang Sixing’s expression, but saw that his face was expressionless. But this expression clearly showed that he also agreed with Yang Baojin’s words.

Su Wenliang couldn’t believe that the current Yang Sixing would be the strict and inflexible father in Yang Aohan’s memory.

When he was wondering about Yang Sixing’s reaction at the moment, he heard Yang Sixing say in a flat voice, “Aohan, this matter is what Ancestor Grandfather and I thought. I have figured out some things in the past year of Closed Door Training.”

“Previously, I had an obsession in my heart. I forced you to compete for the first place again and again. I shouldn’t instill in you the idea that the winner is the king. You are still young and shouldn’t be bound by the Yang clan’s way of thinking. This time Sect Grand Competition, I have already told the Sect Master that you won’t take part. I still hope that you will cultivate well. You are still young, only twenty-six years old, and your cultivation base is already much higher than others. I pushed you too hard before, so this time, you can just do it according to what you want.”

When Su Wenliang heard this, his heart complicated, as his current identity actually stolen.

According to Yang Aohan’s memories that Su Wenliang checked, Yang Aohan himself was actually cynical and pessimistic. That was why he caused trouble everywhere.

But Yang Aohan probably never imagined that Father Yang, who he always thought was forcing and confining him, would say such words one day.

Everything was already too late. He trapped Yang Aohan in the Soul-locking Lamp. Although the soul was still there, his body was gone, and the Soul-locking Lamp made him completely lost consciousness.

Su Wenliang wouldn’t change his original intention because of anything. He was now fancying Yang Aohan’s identity, so he planned to live with this identity for a long time in the future. This meant that Yang Aohan wouldn’t be able to see the light again for a long period of time.

But hearing Yang Sixing and Yang Baojin’s words today made his heart tremble, making him who had become more cold-blooded and cruel, thinking of his family in modern times.

Su Wenliang firmly sighed in his heart. The current situation couldn’t be changed, so he could only convince himself that, since he took advantage of this identity, he should bear the corresponding responsibilities. Now the person who enjoyed the care of the Yang clan was actually himself, so he didn’t mind paying a certain amount of remuneration to repay the Yang clan.

He had never been short of spirit stones and magic tools, and if he leaked out a little, it was enough for several uncles of the Yang clan to use. This could be regarded as his concession and gratitude to a certain extent.

As for the Sect Grand Competition, although he could win the top place smoothly, he really didn’t want to take part. Because although he had Yang Aohan’s memories, it was too short a time, and he hadn’t yet integrated all of it. He didn’t want to compete in front of everyone, for fear of showing his secret and being caught by others. Yang Sixing’s words today made him completely relieved.

Therefore, Su Wenliang said with a serious face, “Thank you Ancestor Grandfather and Father for thinking about me, I will definitely work harder, and after twenty years, I will advance to become a Nascent Soul cultivator and win glory for the Yang clan.”

Hearing this, Yang Sixing and Yang Baojin disapproved in their hearts, thinking that Yang Aohan was just a child with a simple personality, how could it be so easy to form a Nascent Soul, and Yang Aohan was only fifty years old twenty years later. In the Rook Islet World, not to mention a fifty years old Nascent Soul cultivator, they had never heard even a hundred years old Nascent Soul cultivator of.

Therefore, both of them didn’t take this seriously. They just looked at each other and laughed at the same time.

Yang Baojin said to Su Wenliang, “Cultivation doesn’t need to be forced so hard. After the Sect Grand Competition is over, you can go to the sect’s Mission Hall to get a few away tasks, and go to various places in the Rook Islet World to see the world. Cultivation is not just about cultivating the body, but also about cultivating the mind. If you go outside and see more, you’ll gain more knowledge. It will broaden your mental state. It’s not right to always shut yourself away. I won’t say more about this principle. I think Bao’er also understands. Well, I have said so much, you should go back and think about my suggestion.”

Su Wenliang knew that this meant to let him leave. He nodded and bowed to the two elders, and then turned around and walked down the mountain step by step.

Yang Sixing looked at this child who made him very proud, and finally couldn’t help pursing his lips into a smile. Yang Baojin couldn’t bear to see his appearance. Pretending, he leisurely said, “Since the matter of the younger generation settled, then come over to accompany me to play chess, to wear down your irritable temper.”

Yang Sixing secretly coughed and cupped his fists to say yes, then lifted his robe and sat on the stone stool, scattered the chess game and continued to fight again.

After Su Wenliang left Yang Sixing’s Immortal’s Cave, he looked at the sky and knew that the time was still early, so he simply turned to go to Sun Nancheng’s Immortal’s Cave.

He didn’t give prior notice in advance, because Yang Aohan’s personality was about to do whatever he thought of, so he went directly outside Sun Nancheng’s Immortal’s Cave and shouted, “Senior-martial Brother Nancheng.”

“It’s the little junior-martial brother who came.” a slightly cynical reply came from the Immortal’s Cave, and the footstep sounds were getting closer and closer. Just as a smile appeared on Su Wenliang’s face, he saw the person walked over with big strides and crossed the Immortal’s Cave’s restriction, and directly hugged him in his arms. His big palm slapped his back fiercely and his deep laughter vibrated his eardrums.

“……” Su Wenliang hurriedly pushed him away and said with an angry face, “I’ve told you countless times, don’t get so close to me.”

The person who came shrugged his shoulders and said, “I didn’t forget this.” Then he heard him mutter in a low voice, “Junior-martial Brother Aohan is not a woman, and you won’t suffer losses from the hug. Really, there is no brotherly love at all.”

Su Wenliang paused after hearing this and then raised his eyes to take a careful look at this person.

What came into view was a man with a height of 1.9 meters, long uncombed hair hanging casually over his left shoulder, and his facial features were deep and robust.

Sun Nancheng’s appearance was slightly profound, not as elegant and handsome as other male cultivators of the Heaven Spread Sect, and his body was more robust than ordinary male cultivators. Compared with Su Wenliang’s current appearance of a handsome scholar, he was a little more pure masculinity.

Sun Nancheng was the prince of the royal family of Great Beam Country, but his biological mother was of a low status. She was a dancing girl from the Western Jin Dynasty. Because her appearance differed completely from the women in the East, she was favored by the emperor of Great Beam Country. After a few spring nights, they had the prince Sun Nancheng.

Sun Nancheng’s appearance inherited his biological mother’s foreign outline. He was not as handsome and graceful as the emperor, so he was not favored in the imperial palace.

However, in contrast, he inherited the warrior character and physique of the Western Jin Dynasty.

During a royal hunt, at twelve years old and with only a mortal body, he killed more than a dozen devil cultivators who had fled here, so he was value by the Sect Master who tracked them down here and accepted him as a direct disciple.

Now, Sun Nancheng had entered the Heaven Spread Sect for more than a hundred years, and he was already at the middle-stage of Core Formation.

Sun Nancheng was stunned for a while when he saw Su Wenliang staring at him with such eyes, and then brightly smiled and said, “Why, Little Junior-martial Brother doesn’t know me anymore? Or Little Junior-martial Brother thinks I’m more handsome after a long time not see?”

Su Wenliang’s face turned dark when he heard this. The reason he carefully looked at Sun Nancheng was because he suddenly remembered the description of Sun Nancheng in the 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》.

Don’t look at Sun Nancheng’s sloppy look now, in fact, in the last part of the book, the fact that he had the bloodline of the deity race revealed, so another large transcript opened, but unfortunately, the content not described in the book.

He and Bai Jingchen, who also exposed to the identity of the dragon race, were chasing to kill by cultivators of the Age River World, in order to seize their bodies and luck.

According to the last paragraph of 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, which was like the description of the spoiler section, it wrote that Bai Jingchen and Sun Nancheng were the Antiquity Great Wilderness bloodline that generously left behind by the heavenly law. Sun Nancheng belonged to the deity race, while Bai Jingchen belonged to the dragon race. In the future, they would bring a rain of blood and great changes in the 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, and finally achieve the mission of heavenly law and advance to the deity’s position.

Su Wenliang thought of the plot and looked at the young man in front of him again, and thought in heart, ‘This man will eventually become a close friend with Bai Jingchen, a best friend. He will also play an inestimable role in Bai Jingchen’s future growth. It seems that I will also take advantage of my current identity to get along well with Sun Nancheng and benefit from his luck.’

Among the two future new deities in the book of 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, Bai Jingchen had a rough life for half of his life and seemed to be plagued by misfortune, while the opposite of him, Sun Nancheng’s luck was soaring.

Such as Sun Nancheng casually killed a few devil cultivators and got favored by the Sect Master of Heaven Spread Sect, the largest righteous sect in the Heaven Spread Sect, and accepted as a direct disciple. Randomly chose a sect task and went out to do a task. He could get a great gain while neglecting a greater danger, easily picked up a spiritual treasure. When he went to the secret realm, he could open the Lord Palace Secret Realm in the secret realm that only opened once every ten thousand years, and easily got the inheritance of the Lord Palace and become the final winner; ……

There were countless events like this, which were simply the best example of a winner in life. He was the biggest lucky star in the novel 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, and the ultimate male protagonist in Su Wenliang’s mind, this onlooker reader.

When Su Wenliang was plotting and sighing in his heart, he heard a familiar cold mechanical voice sounded in his mind, [The host Su Wenliang triggered a hidden mission—secretly helping the male protagonist Bai Jingchen to get the male supporting character Sun Nancheng loyalty, becoming Bai Jingchen’s loyal brother. The mission reward is 1000 points.]

Su Wenliang, “?!”

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