Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


Translator: Mimi

The full name of Yang Aohan’s father was Yang Sixing. He was one hundred and ninety-six years old. He just advanced to the Nascent Soul last year. Since then, he had been practicing in the Closed Door Training to consolidate his cultivation base according to the instructions of Yang Clan’s ancestor grandfather.

The father and son relationship between Yang Aohan and Yang Sixing was not deep. Because both of them were cultivation madmen who spend most of their lived to cultivate, so their relationship with each other was much weaker.

Besides the five years when Yang Sixing was in the Closed Door Training to break through to the Nascent Soul, he and Yang Aohan hadn’t seen each other for five or six years.

Yang Aohan’s only view of Yang Sixing, this father, was that he was strong and someone to look up to, which was his life goal.

Yang Sixing was serious and decent, and his whole person was rigid and strict. Few people knew his actual personality.

However, Su Wenliang had Yang Aohan’s memories, so he understood a bit about Yang Sixing. Thus, he went to face Yang Sixing on this trip with a plan in his heart.

Yang Sixing was also a very rare cultivation genius when he was young, and he had the unique cultivation maniac characteristics of the Yang clan, so he advanced to the Core Formation at a young age. He smoothly became a cultivator in the late-stage of Core Formation. But besides being a well-known cultivation maniac, the Yang clan was notoriously narrow-minded people.

Although Yang Sixing advanced to the late-stage of Core Formation at forty, but because of his envy and unrest heart, he couldn’t get through his Dao heart, so he was stuck in the Core Formation stage for more than a hundred years, and was steadily surpassing by Xie Xunxi, the current Sect Master, and had no chance of becoming the Sect Master.

Because of this matter, Yang Sixing was very irritable for a while. In the end, the ancestor grandfather of the Yang clan couldn’t stand by idly and watch, and directly packed and threw him into the Wild Beast Forest for training. Until over twenty years later, after his legitimate wife giving birth to his son Yang Aohan, he was completely silent. It was not until last year that he successfully advanced to the Nascent Soul.

Yang Sixing was the first and only Nascent Soul cultivator in this generation of the Yang clan.

In the Heaven Spread Sect, all cultivators who advanced to the Nascent Soul would select as the sect great elders, allocated to more cultivation resources and seized the right to speak in the sect, also had to bear more responsibilities and obligations.

After Yang Sixing advanced to the Nascent Soul, the Yang clan had two Nascent Soul cultivators in the Heaven Spread Sect, which was on the same level as the Xie clan that had two Nascent Soul cultivators.

This made the Yang clan that had always been petty, thrilled. Until today, more than a year later, everyone in the Yang clan still looked at people with their heads up, which made other cultivators who were watching them felt funny and angry.

The Yang clan was a strange clan in the Rook Islet World. The members of their clan were like models made by the same factory, their personalities were similar. They were serious and protective, casual and earnest, but they had a good reputation in the Rook Islet World.

As soon as Yang Sixing advanced to the Nascent Soul, he assigned by the sect to a mountain range with a second-level spiritual vein. This mountain was Yang Sixing’s request, and it was not too far away from the Yang clan’s ancestor grandfather and close to Yang Aohan’s Aohan Peak.

It only took Su Wenliang half an hour to walk here. When he came to the foot of the mountain, he took out the token from the storage bag and hit it on the restriction here, and then smoothly walked in.

Su Wenliang very trusted the White Jade Dragon Hairpin, so even if he came to meet Yang Sixing who was also a Nascent Soul cultivator, he didn’t show any timidity on his face.

He was flying to the top of the mountain with a flying magic tool. Although the Heaven Spread Sect forbade the use of flying magic tools, this requirement didn’t apply in a sealed personal mountain peak.

Su Wenliang arrived outside the Immortal’s Cave on the top of the mountain in the blink of an eye and saw an old and a middle-aged man playing chess in the pavilion.

He looked at them and found that these two men were familiar, one of them was Yang Sixing, and the other was Yang clan’s ancestor grandfather who was now had cultivation base in the middle-stage of Nascent Soul, Great Elder Yang Baojin.

Yang Baojin was over six hundred years old and he had advanced to the Nascent Soul stage for over five hundred years. He was the strongest cultivator in the sect after the number one cultivator, Xuan Daozi.

When he was young, he was also a handsome man, but in the past two hundred years, he had become a fat old man who liked to smile and had a kind face.

However, no one in the Rook Islet World would underestimate him because of this. Because he was a smiling tiger, he was a bit more vicious and ruthless than Xuan Daozi, a true righteous path person. The number of righteous and devil path cultivators who died at his hands was simply innumerable.

After seeing this person, Su Wenliang composed himself, and after summoning his courage, he walked over as if nothing had happened. He stood behind Yang Sixing and carefully looked at the chess game between the two.

Su Wenliang himself was not good at the game of Go, but he had absorbed the memories of the omnipotent and all-rounder Liang Wensu, and also the memories of Yang Aohan who had a little understanding. So not only did he understand the situation of the game, but he also saw the infinite killing intent in it.

In this cultivation world where anyone could kill people, there were threats to survival everywhere. Fortunately, his actual cultivation base was the late-stage of Nascent Soul, so this chess game didn’t hurt his soul.

However, after taking a few glances, he lowered his head with a stagnant expression, not daring to take another look.

Yang Baojin was smiling all the time, and Yang Sixing had a serious temperament. Even if he couldn’t beat Yang Baojin, he persisted bravely.

However, the difference in cultivation between the two was there, after all. How could Yang Sixing, a cultivator who had just advanced to the Nascent Soul, be able to defeat his senior, who had been steadily fighting for hundreds of years.

Therefore, after Su Wenliang’s arrival, he persisted for half a quarter of an hour, and then threw the chess piece, sweating profusely. He shook his hands and lowered his head.

Yang Baojin won this match and laughed happily. He didn’t like to grow a beard, so his chin was smooth and round. With such a smile, his whole face became fatter and rounder.

He didn’t care about his own image, and seemed to have discovered Su Wenliang’s arrival only now, and said in surprise, “Bao’er is here. Come to my side. Let me see if our Bao’er has grown up?”

· “Bao’er” --- which mean ‘Treasure or Precious’. It’s used to show familiarity & affection.

Su Wenliang timely reacted. He immediately blushed and walked over to Yang Baojin’s side and stiffly called out, “Ancestor Grandfather”.

Yang Baojin narrowed his eyes and smiled in satisfaction. Looking at this most proud grandson, his eyes were full of tender affection. In the cultivation world, one always liked the grandson but not the son, and he was an old man without descendants. The Yang clan only had his older brother’s direct descendant still passing on, so he liked Yang Aohan, the direct descendant, even more.

He was grinning from ear to ear and asked with a smile, “How long have you been here? This child, why have you been silent since you came?”

Su Wenliang looked to the side awkwardly and said with embarrassment in his tone, “Ancestor Grandfather, I have only been here for a while, and when I saw Ancestor Grandfather and Father playing chess, I didn’t dare to disturb you.”

Yang Baojin sighed exaggeratedly when he heard his words and helplessly said, “Sigh, you are not cute after you grow up. I think back in those days, when you were still a baby, you liked to lie in my arms to act like a spoiled child. Now you grow up, you even turn your head when you’re talking. Sigh, it hurt my heart!”

The corner of Su Wenliang’s mouth twitched, and the veins on his forehead popped out. He curled his lips and said, “Ancestor Grandfather said that it’s when I’m a baby, and I’m now twenty-six years old, how can I still nest in Ancestor Grandfather’s arms and act like a spoiled child, that’s just…”

Yang Sixing on a side, completed, “Not proper.”

Hearing his words, Yang Baojin spat at Yang Sixing and waved his hands impatiently, saying, “It’s proper to be like you! I think back then you still hold my leg and gnaw it. Bao’er, don’t listen to your father. He is jealous of you.”

Su Wenliang, “……”

Yang Sixing, “……”

Yang Baojin, “Yes, it’s jealous. Sigh, Dabao, you need to change your temper.”

· “Dabao” --- da (大) mean ‘big’ and bao (寶) means ‘Treasure or Precious’. It’s used to show familiarity & affection.

Yang Sixing, “……”

Seeing Yang Sixing who had always been serious and inflexible, choked speechless and flushed red, Su Wenliang couldn’t help letting out a laugh. Who would have thought that the almighty Nascent Soul Yang Baojin who killed people like flies would look like this when he saw his relatives in private? Who would have thought that Yang Sixing who was inflexible and strict, would block speechless one day?

Su Wenliang really gained knowledge and experience this time. He sighed in his heart how vivid and real this 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》.

Yang Baojin smoothly choked speechless the father and son. He didn’t stop until he had enough fun. Su Wenliang and Yang Sixing who have seventy percent similar faces, both of their faces were slightly red and the tips of their noses were oozing sweat.

Yang Baojin narrowed his eyes in satisfaction and said with a smile, “Bao’er, do you know why I called you this time?”

Seeing that he finally got down to the matter, Su Wenliang straightened his face and said, “I don’t know.”

Yang Baojin glared at Yang Sixing in dissatisfaction and said, “It’s your fault for teaching my good grandson to be this wooden temper. Sigh, I’m regret.” Su Wenliang and Yang Sixing were speechless again.

Yang Baojin paused for a moment and kindly smiled at Su Wenliang, “Bao’er, this Sect Grand Competition may be very important to you. You have always been serious and you are exactly the same as your father, so I’m worried. Although you have advanced to the middle-stage of Core Formation, you are the youngest middle-stage Core Formation cultivator in the history of the Yang clan. But you are young, only twenty-six years old. When I was twenty-six years old, I was just a Foundation Building cultivator.”

Yang Baojin spoke meaningful and heartfelt words to Su Wenliang. He was like the most ordinary elder. He felt happy about the success of his grandson, but more, he was worried and apprehensions about the state of mind of the younger generation.

He said, “I have lived for hundreds of years and seen countless amazing talents, such as your uncles and your father. Which one of them is not a genius among ten thousand?”

“But no matter how talented you are, if you can’t get through your mental state, then advancing to a higher level of cultivation is just a dream. You are still young and your future is limitless. This time Sect Grand Competition, I know you are holding back your energy to defeat that boy from the Xie clan and wash away the shame of five years ago.”

Speaking of this, he sighed and said, “The Yang clan’s people are serious and focused in nature, they strongly attached to cultivate, and they put too much importance to the difference between victory and defeat. Your father suffered from this back then and waste more than a hundred years on this road. So this time, I don’t want you to compete. In the Sect Grand Competition after this, I also hope that you don’t compete. The comparison is just a victory or defeat. Why bother? It’s better to focus on your cultivation, and when the moment comes, see who is stronger and weaker, and see who is the first to advance to the Nascent Soul. Bao’er, do you think my words are reasonable?”

Su Wenliang thought that Yang Sixing was going to discuss the Sect Grand Competition with him. He thought that Father Yang must have asked him to defeat Xie Shuyan and win the first prize. Unexpectedly, it was the complete opposite of his thoughts.

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