Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 20

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Chapter 20


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang walked in front of everyone with an arrogant expression, while absorbing Yang Aohan’s memories in his mind.

Yang Aohan was the legitimate young master of Yang clan, one of the six major clans of the Heaven Spread Sect. He was a well-deserved heaven proud son. His influence was great, and he had a deep background. “Ling Yin” was the cultivation name that being granted to Yang Aohan after he advanced to the Core Formation.

He had an ancestor grandfather who was a middle-stage Nascent Soul cultivator and the great elder in the Heaven Spread Sect, and six uncles who were at the late-stage of Core Formation. And his father, the current head of Yang clan, was an early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator.

It could be said that if the Xie clan recognized as the number one cultivation clan of the Heaven Spread Sect, then the Yang clan was the second cultivation clan of the Heaven Spread Sect.

Historically, the titles of number one and number two were born enemies. Yang Aohan’s father and Xie Xunxi, the current Sect Master of Heaven Spread Sect, were fellow disciples of the same master. At that time, Father Yang’s cultivation base was slightly lower than Xie Xunxi, so he didn’t get the position of Sect Master. Because of this matter, the feud between the Xie and Yang clans continued.

Yang Aohan’s cultivation base was slightly lower than the senior-martial brother Xie Shuyan, who was ranking second among the direct disciples of the Sect Master. He had a deep prejudice against Xie Shuyan, who was always in front of him. After all, he lived under Xie Shuyan’s halo all year round, and his whole person had become distorted a lot.

The combination of various factors had formed Yang Aohan’s current arrogant and narrow-minded personality.

After carefully examining Yang Aohan’s memories, Su Wenliang came to this conclusion. He engraved it deeply in his mind, intending to show Yang Aohan’s characteristics perfectly and vividly after returning to the Heaven Spread Sect later.

He was not a natural actor, and he never worked in the entertainment industry before. In order not to arouse the suspicion of others, he had to study Yang Aohan’s personality thoroughly.

After reading all of Yang Aohan’s memories, he learned about Yang Aohan’s role in the Heaven Spread Sect.

Yang Aohan was the eldest young master of the Yang clan. He was also a direct disciple of the Sect Master of Heaven Spread Sect, Spiritual Master Qing Zhuo, Xie Xunxi.

In the novel’s plot 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, Xie Xunxi accepted nine direct disciples in his life, and most of them were amazing talents. Such as the number one younger generation in the Rook Islet World, Xie Shuyan, was his eldest disciple. Such as Sikong Shang, the number one female cultivator in the Rook Islet World, was his little disciple.

It had been over fifty years since Xie Xunxi took the position of the Sect Master. The first seven disciples he accepted were all male cultivators. Six of them were geniuses of the six major clans that had routinely included from previous Sect Masters, and the other was a young man whom he was optimistic about.

Among these seven disciples, the lowest cultivation base was the early-stage of Core Formation. These people were the future sect pillars nurtured by the Heaven Spread Sect.

As for what was written in the plot, the eighth and ninth disciples he later accepted were two female cultivators. One was the only daughter of Xie Xunxi, Xie Zhenyuan, and the other was the female protagonist, Sikong Shang.

But now, after Su Wenliang intervened in this world, Sikong Shang changed her original intention and went to the Treasure Esteem Sect. Therefore, Xie Xunxi now had only eight disciples, and the one with the lowest cultivation base was his daughter, Xie Zhenyuan. Her current cultivation base was the late-stage of Foundation Building, and only this level of cultivation could throw the male protagonist Bai Jingchen a few streets away.

Su Wenliang hurried all the way to the gate of Heaven Spread Sect. He took out the identity jade plate from his waist and hit it on the sect boundary stone. Before the barrier was completely open, he directly broke in through the gap.

After entering the Heaven Spread Sect, the number one righteous path sect, Su Wenliang bustlingly acted. He quickly walked without glance sideways. After half an hour, he arrived at Yang Aohan’s exclusive mountain peak, Aohan Peak.

In the Heaven Spread Sect, all cultivators who have advanced to the Core Formation stage would receive a mountain range given by the sect. Some of these mountains were abundant with spiritual energy, while others were slightly depleting. The sect distributed it according to the future development and potential of the cultivators.

A cultivator like Yang Aohan who was a peerless talent and the future pillar of the sect, naturally assigned to a good place.

However, Yang Aohan didn’t like to be close to people, so he didn’t choose to live near the Sect Master like the other fellow disciples of the same master, but chose the depths of the Heaven Spread Mountains, which was really a bit far away from the sect.

There was a rule in the Heaven Spread Sect that disciples didn’t allow to use magic tools to travel. The only means of transportation was the red-crowned crane raised by the sect. The speed of the red-crowned crane was slower than Yang Aohan’s walking. Yang Aohan’s temper was impatient, so naturally he didn’t like to use the slow red-crowned crane, which led to Su Wenliang having to walk today. Su Wenliang walked for half an hour before reaching the boundary where Yang Aohan lived.

Su Wenliang bypassed the Aohan Peak’s restriction and directly walked in.

On the Core Formation cultivator’s peak, there were blindfolds. From the outside, it looked like a very ordinary mountain, but when Su Wenliang walked in and looked, it was as if he had entered another world.

Su Wenliang had to admit that Yang Aohan built this place very well, just like a modern villa garden. As far as the eyes could see, there were well-planned spiritual plants.

He learned from Yang Aohan’s memory that these were essential spiritual plants to make medicinal pills for the Core Formation stage. Many of them were close to maturity and could use directly.

This hit Su Wenliang’s mind. During the ten years of Closed Door Training to absorb Liang Wensu’s memories, he almost learned and integrated all the knowledge that the original owner Liang Wensu had learned.

But the only thing that was unfamiliar and skipped to be learned later was concocting pills.

Because the grade of the spiritual plant in the original owner’s mustard space was too high, it could be over a hundred to ten thousand years. It was obviously a waste of natural resources to use it for practicing a skill. Even if Su Wenliang didn’t spend a great effort to get these, he had an attachment towards goods after going through the Apocalypse.

It was absolutely impossible for him to use a hundred years spiritual plant to practice concocting pills.

Now these spiritual plants solved one of Su Wenliang’s concerns.

Su Wenliang crossed the spiritual plant field with satisfaction. When he reached the top of the mountain, he saw a magnificent and huge palace. Its scale and size were not inferior in any aspects than the former imperial palace in modern times.

He knew that this palace was a spiritual tool, a scarce and rarely seen multi-functional weapon, which was a reward from Yang Aohan’s ancestor grandfather after he advanced to the Core Formation stage.

Yang Aohan was a rare genius of the Yang clan in five hundred years, which could be seen from the fact that he was only twenty-six years old and had already advanced to the middle-stage of Core Formation.

His grandfather gave him this spiritual tool, which showed his grandfather’s expectation and satisfaction with him.

In the cultivation novel 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, the weapon levels were divided into magic tool, magic treasure, spiritual tool, and spiritual treasure. Each level divided into four grades: low, middle, high, and special.

After that, there were also immortal tool and immortal treasure. But these weapon ranks were only available in the Antiquity Great Wilderness time. In the current cultivation world with exhaustion spiritual energy, the immortal tool had not seen for ten million years, let alone a higher level immortal treasure.

After Su Wenliang saw this palace, he walked in. While he sighed with emotion in his heart about the wealth of the second generation of the big clan, he couldn’t help rejoice for the excellent living environment that as if it was tailor made for him.

He walked all the way from the sect gate to this place. In the last ten minutes, the mountains he passed were desolate and ownerless. In other words, the environment he would live in the future was absolutely secluded, which undoubtedly brought him enough security.

Besides, Yang Aohan’s mountain peak was arranging according to his intention. Yang Aohan spent a lot of effort in arranging this place, but after it finally completed, he didn’t live here for a few days and now it was convenient for Su Wenliang.

Su Wenliang stepped into the main hall. There was no living person here, because Yang Aohan didn’t like people’s aura, so only rows of puppets were operating with the help of spirit stones.

When the puppet saw the “master” coming back, it immediately stepped forward, followed by a few communication talismans attached to its body.

Yang Aohan left the sect for only a day or so, but now the Heaven Spread Sect’s Grand Competition was coming soon, not only the disciples of the Qi Refining stage would have a competition, but also the disciples of the Foundation Building stage and Core Formation stage.

Therefore, even Yang Aohan, this Core Formation cultivator, got busy.

On the surface, the Sect Grand Competition was to test the cultivation base and learning results of the disciples, but in fact, it was to create an opportunity for hardworking and talented disciples to climb up and stand out.

If the disciple got good results in the Sect Grand Competition, they wouldn’t only get the respect of other disciples, but also rewarded with a high-grade magic tool and magic treasure taken from the Sect’s inner treasury by the Sect Master. More importantly, the Core Formation expert and even the Nascent Soul expert of Heaven Spread Sect valued it.

Adding all these things together, the five-yearly Grand Competition of Heaven Spread Sect was always particularly lively and attracted people’s attention.

Su Wenliang poured his spiritual energy into the communication talismans, and the messages transmitted in an orderly manner.

“Aohan, come to my place immediately after hearing my message. I have something important to tell you.”

This was Yang Aohan’s father. Su Wenliang estimated that the important thing he said was to win an honor for the Yang clan, beat Xie Shuyan, the young master of the Xie clan.

“Aohan, I have recently returned to the sect after completing the assigned task. You cultivation madman, take a break for a day. Take some time to come out and gather with us.”

This was the communication talisman of the fourth senior-martial brother Sun Nancheng. He was the only disciple of the Sect Master outside the six major clans. Because of his excellent aptitude and personality suitable for cultivating a righteous path, the Sect Master selected him and became his fourth disciple.

Sun Nancheng’s personality was unrestrained and acted according to his will. Such a person was the most suitable to be a friend. Therefore, even though he was from an ordinary background, only the prince of the Great Beam Empire, but with his charm, he had the best relations with several fellow disciples.

Yang Aohan had the best relationship with Sun Nancheng, so after thinking about it, Su Wenliang replied to Sun Nancheng as soon as possible.


After that, there were scattered messages, including Yang Aohan’s biological mother’s message of concern, and several younger sisters’ messages of asking for help.

Su Wenliang finished listening with a blank face. Although he puzzled by Yang Aohan’s high popularity among the female family members of the Yang clan, he still focused on his business.

After replying to Sun Nancheng’s communication talisman, he went to the sleeping quarters and took a leisurely bath, then changed into Yang Aohan’s robe, and went out to the Immortal’s Cave where Father Yang was.

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