Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 19

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Chapter 19


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang took the two unconscious people to a deep mountain far away from the Black Sky City. The vicinity was deserted and few people would pass by, so it was the most concealed.

He looked at the surrounding mountains, and finally opened a spacious cave on the cliff wall covered with green vines on the right side, and then walked in.

He placed the two people in two separate places, then went outside the cave and set up the restriction on the cave’s entrance, disguising it as the previous cliff wall, to ensure absolutely safe.

After finishing all this, Su Wenliang took out a few lighting lamp magic tools from his mustard space and let them float in midair. Then, he knocked Yang Aohan out completely to ensure that he wouldn’t wake up again.

After that, he walked to Bai Jingchen’s side to check his current injuries. He saw that all the wounds on his body recovered completely and his skin healed as before. Even the injuries that Bai Jingchen had suffered in the Heaven Spread Sect for many years were all healed.

Su Wenliang nodded in satisfaction. He used the medicinal paste from the original owner’s collection, so the medicinal effect was naturally wonderful.

After checking the wounds, Su Wenliang turned to check Bai Jingchen’s internal injuries.

Bai Jingchen’s fatal injury this time was that palm strike on his back, which was hit by the middle-stage Core Formation Yang Aohan. He was hit on the outside of his heart veins. Fortunately, Su Wenliang rushed to rescue him in time, otherwise he would have died directly before long.

Seeing that Bai Jingchen’s injuries had almost healed after such a short period, Su Wenliang finally relaxed and started to do his matter.

He walked to Yang Aohan’s side and squatted down. He took out a Soul-locking Lamp from his mustard space, and then forcibly woke Yang Aohan up. When Yang Aohan glared and cursed, he impatiently injected the spiritual energy into the Soul-locking Lamp and placed it on Yang Aohan’s forehead.

Immediately afterwards, Yang Aohan’s soul in the shape of a faint white mist was pulled out of his body by the Soul-locking Lamp. After a few breaths, it was completely absorbed by the Soul-locking Lamp, and Yang Aohan’s body became an empty shell.

Su Wenliang put the Soul-locking Lamp into his mustard space, and then took out the White Jade Dragon Hairpin from it. He pulled out the hairpin from Yang Aohan’s long hair and tied the White Jade Dragon Hairpin on Yang Aohan’s hair. Then he leaned against the stone wall, waiting patiently.

At this moment, he felt a probing gaze. He raised his eyes and followed this line of sight. He saw Bai Jingchen who was supposed to be unconscious, was looking at him with surprise and despise on his face.

“……” Su Wenliang puzzlingly walked over. He squatted down and looked at Bai Jingchen face to face, saying indifferently, “You’re awake.”

Bai Jingchen’s chest was undulating, his face was full of anger and blame, as he said, “I should have long ago thought you are this kind of person. You are a devil cultivator, right? Plucking Yin to supplement Yang?! No wonder you seem peculiar.”

Su Wenliang was furious. He must have an incompatible birthdate with the male protagonist. Otherwise, the two of them wouldn’t feel irritating when they saw each other for the first time.

His voice was like spitting poison, as he gloomily said, “Plucking Yin to supplement Yang? Peculiar? Is this your attitude towards your lifesaver?”

Bai Jingchen’s face blushed by what he said. He was still at the stage of thin-skinned and knew honor and shame. He could see that Su Wenliang saved him, but as soon as he woke up, he saw that this person was “molesting” that Core Formation cultivator. He brushed the other party’s hair and touched the other party’s forehead, it was extremely lascivious.

He recognized Su Wenliang, after all, that thrilling incident ten years ago had always left an indelible shadow on him. Therefore, when he saw Su Wenliang’s action just now, he thought about the bad aspect.

When he was only seventeen years old, he kindly saved this person, but ended up with such a result. Bai Jingchen didn’t even know whether he should hate him or…

Bai Jingchen had always been confused about what happened ten years ago. On the one hand, he didn’t like this person’s coercion, but on the other hand, he found out that he was the one who took advantage of him after he went to the Lane Market to inquire. The sense of responsibility as a man always reminded himself to be responsible to this person.

And the result? As soon as he woke up, he saw that he behaved unrestraining. He planned to take responsibility for him, but he had already changed his “target”, which simply made Bai Jingchen indignant and angry, and finally said fierce words.

Bai Jingchen realized that what he said was too much, so he lowered his head awkwardly. Thinking that this person saved his life, Bai Jingchen was not ungrateful, thus he said loudly, “Thank you for saving my life. Then we are even.”

Su Wenliang just couldn’t get used to him, so he deliberately pretended to be a rogue. He said with an unrestrained and unruly appearance, “When I left back then, I gave you two big thanks rewards, which have been even the matter of you saving me. And now, I saved you, so you owe me. If you can also use spirit stones to thank me, it can really be regarded as a write-off between us.”

Bai Jingchen’s face turned red and white in an instant, especially good-looking. He raised his head and frowned, at a loss for words for a while. He seemed to think that what Su Wenliang said made sense, so his face and ears were flushed, as he said, “I don’t have spirit stones, can…can I owe it first.”

Su Wenliang indifferently shrugged his shoulders. He was not lack of spirit stones.

The reason why he said that was because he didn’t like Bai Jingchen, and he felt that every part of Bai Jingchen was very hateful from head to toe. What Bai Jingchen said just now had no other meaning, but it made Su Wenliang felt that his expression seemed to be afraid that they would have a relationship.

Although Su Wenliang didn’t love Bai Jingchen, he couldn’t be as decisive as Bai Jingchen, so his heart was even more aggrieved, and his attitude towards Bai Jingchen was much worse.

He thought to himself, anyway, Bai Jingchen was still weak now and he would be an upright gentleman in the future, so he was not afraid of Bai Jingchen’s revenge afterwards.

Su Wenliang mockingly said, “So, you owe me a life and you still speak ill of me, your lifesaver. Is this the way your behavior? It really opened my eyes.”

Bai Jingchen felt uncomfortable after hearing his words and twisted his body, just like a scolded elementary school student. He pitifully lowered his head and said in an apologetic voice, “I’m…sorry, but you shouldn’t do such a thing, it’s not clean.”

Su Wenliang was really confused this time, he asked, “What is not clean? What did I do?”

Bai Jingchen raised his head to look at him, and then his eyes drifted to Yang Aohan, before turned back to him. He curled his lips and said, “You shouldn’t mess around with others, you will get sick. When I was in the Bai clan before, I saw someone get sick and died because of this. You…you are my lifesaver, so I said a few more words. You can do as you sees fit.”

Su Wenliang was stunned for a while, and then he burst out laughing. Under Bai Jingchen’s surprised gaze, he laughed without restraint. But when Bai Jingchen pursed his lips angrily, the smile on his face turned into a cold mockery.

He raised the corner of his mouth and ridiculed, “The benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom.”

It means that what kind of person you are, is what kind of look you see the world.

Bai Jingchen naturally understood the metaphor. His exquisite face was stained with thin anger, making him look more vivid and gorgeous.

He said, “That’s because of the first thing you did, no wonder I think of you that way. You did it in the first place. Can it be you want to deny it?”

Su Wenliang sneered in his heart, pretending to be a good boy when he was the one who took advantage.

The expression on his face became playful and frivolous, as he leaned forward and raised Bai Jingchen’s chin with his right index finger. He leaned into his ear and whispered, “Since you think of me like this, then I will let down the excuse if I don’t do something.”

Bai Jingchen was dumbfounded in fright and hurriedly pushed Su Wenliang away. Fortunately Su Wenliang was just putting on a show, and after being pushed by him, he sat on the ground a little far away from him.

There was an awkward silence between the two of them. Bai Jingchen felt that as a man, he should not lower himself to his level, so he said, “Although you are no good, I will take responsibility for what happened back then.”

Su Wenliang was furious when he heard this. He was not a woman who need other person to take responsibility afterwards. He was again sure that he and the male protagonist were incompatible. As expected, the villain BOSS and the male protagonist were eternal enemies, without exception!

He stood up and glanced at Bai Jingchen with cold eyes. Then he turned around and walked to Yang Aohan’s side. He pulled off the hairpin on his head and let out the Earth Demon Fire from the palm of his hand, and crushed Yang Aohan’s body, turning it into a pile of ashes.

After that, he turned around and left without looking back.

Leaving behind Bai Jingchen who was scratching his head with a puzzled face.

After Su Wenliang left the cave, he released the restriction on the cave’s entrance. He could pass through the restriction he set, but Bai Jingchen was only a small cultivator at the eighth level of Qi Refining, it was absolutely impossible for him to pass through the restriction set by the Nascent Soul cultivator.

He couldn’t let the male protagonist stay in this cave forever. Even if he displeased with him, he still keeps his mission in mind.

Because of this, he felt very helpless about the current situation. He took out the flying magic tool and flew in the direction of Black Sky City.

When the gate of Black Sky City was visible to the naked eye, he drove the flying magic tool into a hidden forest. He took out the White Jade Dragon Hairpin from the mustard space and replaced the hairpin on his long hair with it. In the blink of an eye, he turned into Yang Aohan’s appearance.

This was what Su Wenliang planned. He didn’t want to change the plot and he may not be able to change the plot. At the same time, he couldn’t kill Yang Aohan directly, because he was the seventh disciple of the Sect Master. He was also the legitimate young master of Yang clan, one of the six major clans of the Heaven Spread Sect. He couldn’t kill him rashly, otherwise, it would only bring disaster to himself and Bai Jingchen.

This being the case, Yang Aohan couldn’t be killed. But he couldn’t just let him go, because he had seen his true appearance. If he let him go, he would only let the dangerous person free.

Since so, then he simply pretended to be Yang Aohan to enter the Heaven Spread Sect.

Now the female protagonist Sikong Shang was in the female cultivation sect, the Treasure Esteem Sect, and the male protagonist Bai Jingchen couldn’t do without the guidance of his master, so he used Yang Aohan’s identity to accept Bai Jingchen as a disciple after the Sect Grand Competition.

At that time, he could complete the mission of helping the male protagonist Bai Jingchen grow, and he could also Double Cultivation with Bai Jingchen at any time. He could even lead him to follow the development of the plot, growing up smoothly and bumpy. In this way, it was a move with three benefits.

After that, Su Wenliang put the Soul-locking Lamp on the storage bag at his waist and walked towards the Black Sky City.

When entering the city gate, the the soul detection stone showed that it was Yang Aohan. Just as Su Wenliang predicted, the Soul-locking Lamp controlled Yang Aohan’s soul, so that he could hide from the soul detection stone.

The White Jade Dragon Hairpin was a high-grade spiritual treasure, which could hide his cultivation base and soul after wearing it, and even the almighty Divine Soul stage cultivator couldn’t see through it. It was one of the top spiritual treasures in Liang Wensu’s mustard space. Apart from this, Su Wenliang used the White Jade Dragon Hairpin to perfectly copy everything about Yang Aohan, including memories and weapons. Everything was ready and absolutely safe.

At the city gate, cultivators wearing Heaven Spread Sect’s clothes saluted to Su Wenliang and said in unison, “Spiritual Master Ling Yin.” They welcomed Su Wenliang in with a respectful expression.

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