Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 18

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Chapter 18


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang asked with a stupefied face, “Can you explain in detail?” There were too many unclear points, and he didn’t know which one to start with.

The system’s cold voice sounded in the mind, saying, [Dragon race is the head of Four Great Divine Beasts in the Antiquity Great Wildersness, so its pregnant process is completely different from other races nowadays. Generally speaking, in the Antiquity period, it takes ten years for the birth of dragon race. The young dragon race is connected with the parents’ minds at the moment when the embryo is formed. Therefore, whether the little dragon feels a crisis or the parents have an accident, there will be a connection between the two parties.]

[The same is true for the little dragon in your belly. He is closely connected with his father’s soul. Even if he is thousand miles away, he can sense that his father is in danger. He is still an embryo and powerless. He can only choose to ask for help from you, his mother.]

[However, because you are a snake race, so the little dragon temporarily has a very shallow connection with you for the time being. He can’t tell you what he thinks in his heart and chooses to make you feel pain in order to tell you that his father is in trouble.]

[However, you don’t need to worry too much. As long as you let him grow in your belly for a period of time, let him completely develop with your aura, he will be connected with your soul. At that time, you can also get great benefits from it.]

Su Wenliang frowned and lowered his head, looking at his flat abdomen. He asked, “You said before that the dragon race will take ten thousand years to fully develop in the current environment of cultivation world. Is there any way to make him born earlier? For example…heaven materials and earth treasures and so on. As long as I supply enough spiritual energy, can he get sufficient spiritual energy to use to develop as soon as possible?”

Su Wenliang knew that he possessed a lot of heaven materials and earth treasures. The original owner was a devil cultivator. In the Rook Islet World and other cultivation worlds, devil cultivators had never been poor. Not to mention that the original owner, Liang Wensu, was the Palace Lord of the largest devil sect in the Rook Islet World.

He had been in power for more than a hundred years. Almost all the heaven materials and earth treasures in the Devil Palace moved to his mustard space. So there were simply countless treasures inside. Taking one out at random would cause a sensation in the Rook Islet World.

Therefore, if he could use the heaven materials and earth treasures to raise the dragon race in his stomach to born earlier, he needn’t to carry a child while protecting Bai Jingchen.

In this cultivation novel 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, the male protagonist encountered countless troubles and the near-death circumstances were even more numerous. Bai Jingchen’s current strength was low, and now there was no Sikong Shang to take care of him, the difficulty of his mission had increased a lot.

What he was most worried about was that in the cultivation world, all female cultivators who have conceived child would have their cultivation greatly declined during pregnancy. The spiritual energy in their bodies would be insufficient. He worried that he would also encounter such a weak situation when the situation got out of control and his enemies come to him, then the situation would be very unfavorable to him.

Therefore, as long as there was a way to shorten the pregnancy duration, he had to give it a go no matter how difficult it was.

The system replied, [You can use the heaven materials and earth treasures to help the little dragon develop, which can shorten the development time from ten thousand years to a thousand years. And there is a most significant method to supply the little dragon.]

Su Wenliang’s eyes lit up when he heard this and hurriedly asked, “What method?”

[The little dragon’s parents doing Double Cultivation every month when the full moon. While absorbing the moonlight, it can also let the little dragon’s father send the dragon breath into your body. The dragon breath will be directly absorbed by the little dragon. In this way, the pregnancy duration can be shortened to a hundred years.]

Su Wenliang’s expression froze, “Double…Cultivation?!”

[Yes, Double Cultivation is the fastest way for cultivators in the cultivation world to improve their strength. Through the Double Cultivation between you and Bai Jingchen, on the one hand, he can benefit from you. You are a late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator and Bai Jingchen’s cultivation base is only the eighth layer of Qi Refining. As long as he double cultivates with you, his strength will increase rapidly and you will have less worry. And the little dragon in your stomach can absorb the dragon breath and accelerate his development.]

[The most important thing is, you are a snake race, although I can’t tell you which branch of the snake race you are. However, when Bai Jingchen, the real dragon, is double cultivating with you, your snake race bloodline can evolve day by day, and finally you can even achieve the legendary transformation of a snake into a dragon.]

The corner of Su Wenliang’s mouth slowly hooked into a sneer. He said, “So as long as I do Double Cultivation with Bai Jingchen, the three of us can get great benefits. For me, it’s a deal that kills three birds with one stone. If I’m not a fool, I should listen to your suggestion, right?”

The system said, [Beep-beep…This is a fact. I will only tell you the method and won’t force you to make any decisions, because you are the system host to complete the mission.]

Su Wenliang deflated and his heart was in a mess. It was exactly as the system said, as long as he and Bai Jingchen do Double Cultivation, he could save a lot of trouble. But the problem was, he was going to be the one at the bottom in it, even…

He couldn’t cross this threshold in his heart and he had to consider this suggestion again. Even if the final outcome was still a compromise with reality, but at least, the choice was made by himself and he would never regret it!

Su Wenliang took a deep breath and looked at the unconscious Bai Jingchen with a complicated expression, and finally let a breath out helplessly. He picked Bai Jingchen up and directly took him out of the karst cave.

After he flew out of the karst cave and reached the ground, he saw a few cultivators of the Heaven Spread Sect standing on the edge of the canyon. The moment these people saw him appearing with Bai Jingchen in his arms, one of them asked loudly, “What is your relationship with this boy? If you are only treating him with kindness, I advise you to act as if you haven’t seen today matter. After all, this is a matter of my Heaven Spread Sect, it has nothing to do with you as a passerby. As long as you put Bai Jingchen down, I can let you leave. Otherwise…”

He didn’t finish his sentence, but the meaning of threat exhibited in his speech.

Su Wenliang raised his eyebrows. He was in the worst mood right now. He couldn’t deal with Bai Jingchen, the male protagonist. But he could deal with a few little flies from the Heaven Spread Sect, right?

The corner of his mouth showed a savage arc, as he directly threw Bai Jingchen to the ground. Although he was very strong and Bai Jingchen could directly fall to death, he still sensibly covered Bai Jingchen’s whole body with a layer of spiritual power. Then he took a few steps forward and arrived in front of the male cultivator who had just spoken in the blink of an eye and strike this man’s head with a palm.

When the feeling of bone shattering came from his hand, Su Wenliang even narrowed his eyes. He thought he was not a good person. After absorbing Liang Wensu’s more than four hundred years of memories, he became even more ruthless.

Today, if he didn’t kill these people, there would be endless troubles in the future. If he let them go because of his soft-heartedness, then Bai Jingchen would encounter more troubles, and his identity would be exposed because of this.

Therefore, these people must die. As long as he finished this well and disguised it as if these people were robbed by the devil cultivator, he could divert the attention of Heaven Spread Sect. At the same time, he could cause some trouble for Gu Hongxuan.

Since Gu Hongxuan chose hypocrisy, then he should tear off his hypocritical face.

Su Wenliang directly killed without saying a word and it frightened the other Foundation Building stage cultivators. One of them even took a few steps back and fell to the ground.

With a suppressed sneer on his face, Su Wenliang took a few steps forward and harvested the lives of other cultivators, leaving only a male cultivator at the Foundation Building stage who peed his pants and a male cultivator at the middle-stage of Core Formation with a pale face.

After he killed everyone neatly, the male cultivator at the Foundation Building stage immediately knelt down on the ground and tremblingly said with cold sweat, “This younger generation fails to recognize Senior’s strength. I will treat today’s incident as if nothing happened, please spare my little life. I’m willing to establish a master-servant blood contract with Senior and be sent on errand by Senior.”

The Core Formation stage cultivator immediately glared at that person. When he was about to “dispose” him, Su Wenliang suddenly made a move and grabbed his head, and he was unable to move a single step.

Su Wenliang looked at this Core Formation stage cultivator with a calm and unruffled face. This person was the Core Formation cultivator who gave Bai Jingchen a fatal blow, and then forced to let Bai Jingchen go because of Sikong Shang. He was the seventh disciple under the Sect Master of Heaven Spread Sect. His name was Yang Aohan. He was the legitimate second young master of the Yang clan, one of the six major clans of the Heaven Spread Sect.

Yang Aohan’s strength was not weak, but he was narrow-minded and had a good impression of Sikong Shang. Therefore, although he was forced to let Bai Jingchen go because of Sikong Shang’s presence, but after that, he had always regarded Bai Jingchen as a thorn in his eyes and couldn’t wait to get rid of him quickly.

Most of the troubles Bai Jingchen encountered in the early plot were caused by this person in secret.

Su Wenliang could kill him easily. After all, he was now a powerful Nascent Soul cultivator. But a flash of inspiration flashed in his mind, so he knocked him unconscious and tied him up, and then threw him on his flying magic tool. Then he threw Bai Jingchen up too, before turning his head to look at this male cultivator of the Foundation Building stage.

Under Su Wenliang’s gaze, the male cultivator knelt down and kowtowed frantically, saying, “Junior Jiang Yanbei, swear with my soul, willing to become Senior…”

Su Wenliang said his name lightly, “Su Wenliang.”

Jiang Yanbei glanced at Su Wenliang when he heard this, and then quickly lowered his head and spit out three drops of his origin life blood, which fell into Su Wenliang’s hand. He said with tears streaming down his face, “Junior Jiang Yanbei, swear with my soul, willing to become Senior Su Wenliang’s loyal servant and serving Senior Su Wenliang for generations. If I’m disloyalty, I’m willing to suffer the punishment of heavenly thunder strikes and the pain of being burned inside.”

Su Wenliang laughed with satisfaction and put Jiang Yanbei’s origin life blood into a bottle. He jumped on the flying magic tool and looked down at Jiang Yanbei, saying coldly, “Today’s matter, you don’t need me to teach you how to report to the Heaven Spread Sect, right?”

Jiang Yanbei’s body quivered and hurriedly said, “When I’m going out to do the task, I met the devil cultivator of Yan Yuan Devil Palace and chase to kill. My several fellow sect disciples are killed by the devil cultivator. With the help of Core Formation expert Yang Aohan, I escaped from the danger, and Core Formation expert Yang Aohan is now missing.”

Hearing this, Su Wenliang took out a bottle of medicinal pills from his storage bag and threw it into Jiang Yanbei’s arms, saying, “This is a bottle of middle-grade restoration pills. Since you have become my servant, I won’t treat you unfairly, as long as you are serving me seriously.” Then, he turned into a white light and disappeared before Jiang Yanbei’s eyes in the blink of an eye.

As for Jiang Yanbei, he immediately fell to the ground after seeing Su Wenliang left. He looked at his fellow sect disciples who had fallen on the ground and tremblingly shrank his body into a ball.

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