Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 17

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Chapter 17


Translator: Mimi

As early as eleven years ago, Su Wenliang was in the original owner’s body. Seeing the original owner directly went to a special cultivation inn to inquire about news in the Siye Pavilion after he was out of the Closed Door Training. Su Wenliang noted the characteristics of this kind of inn. In the lower right corner of the cultivation inn’s plaque, there was a symbolic pattern of a four-legs cauldron. It represented the innermost room on the second floor of this inn, which was where the Siye Pavilion’s stationary point was located.

Su Wenliang hadn’t been in the secular world for ten years, so he had a lot of puzzles about the current time. He already had the intention of ​​going to the Siye Pavilion and it was indeed the first thing he did after entering the Black Sky City, coming to the Siye Pavilion to inquire about the news.

He walked to the door of the innermost room and pulled the rope at the door. Hearing a brisk bell sound from inside, he knew it meant that there was no customer inside. He directly pushed the door and walked in.

There was no slight difference between this place and the Siye Pavilion in Su Wenliang’s impression. He went straight to the seat on a side of the black curtain and sat down. He took out a middle-grade spirit stone and put it on the table in front of him and asked, “A middle-grade spirit stone for ten questions. Is the price change?”

A hoarse and indistinguishable voice came from behind the black curtain, exactly the same as ten years ago. This was the unified voice of Siye Pavilion and the purpose was to maintain its mysteriousness.

That person said, “It’s not changed. What questions do you want to ask?”

Su Wenliang leaned back in the chair and asked with a smile on the corner of his mouth, “The first question is the major changes that have occurred in the Rook Islet World in the past ten years.”

The other party replied, “First, the Yan Yuan Devil Palace changed hands ten years ago. Xuan Daozi forced the former Palace Lord Liang Wensu to explode his Nascent Soul at the White Horse Mountain and died. But Xuan Daozi is also seriously injured because of this. At the moment, he is still in the Closed Door Training in the Heaven Spread Sect to heal his injuries. Second, the current Palace Lord of Yan Yuan Devil Palace, Gu Hongxuan, has a more friendly and gentle personality than the previous Palace Lord Liang Wensu. The people in the Devil Palace are constraint well by him, and now the relationship between righteous and devil path has improved. Palace Lord Gu Hongxuan become the honored guest of every large sect and respected by righteous path cultivators. Third, the five-yearly Grand Competition of Heaven Spread Sect will be held on the sixth day of next month, when…”

Su Wenliang calmly listened to the major news of these years and continued to ask the second question, “Is Sikong Shang dead and where is she now?”

The other party replied, “Twelve years ago, Sikong Shang’s clan exterminated by Liang Wensu in one fell swoop. In the second year after that, in order to kill Liang Wensu, Sikong Shang chose a life and death struggle. In the end, although Xuan Daozi saved her life, her whole body veins suffered damage. It took Xuan Daozi five years and countless rare treasures to restore her body completely. After she healed, she voluntarily entered the number one female cultivation sect in the Rook Islet World, the Treasure Esteem Sect. She advanced to the middle-stage of Core Formation in five years and became the head of the younger generation of Treasure Esteem Sect female cultivators. Now she is in the Treasure Esteem Sect in the north of Rook Islet World.”

When Su Wenliang heard this, his expression finally changed a bit. He had long mentally prepared for the change in the plot. But when he really heard about this, his heart still felt turbulent.

The female protagonist Sikong Shang was a very important character in the plot of the first volume. Before Liang Wensu exterminated her clan, she was also a heaven proud child. When she was only sixteen years old, she was already a cultivator in the middle-stage of Foundation Building. In the plot, Sikong Shang was originally a Core Formation expert of the Heaven Spread Sect and belonged to Rook Islet World’s important younger generation as Xie Shuyan in the Heaven Spread Sect.

Most importantly, she was Bai Jingchen’s master and her role in Bai Jingchen’s growth couldn’t be ignoring.

She supposed to accept Bai Jingchen as her disciple after the Sect Grand Competition this time and took good care of him. The relationship between the two of them was cultivating from this moment.

However, because of his appearance, Liang Wensu’s plot and the female protagonist’s plot were changing. In the end, the female protagonist even left the Heaven Spread Sect and entered the Treasure Esteem Sect. What about Bai Jingchen? Without Sikong Shang as his master, Bai Jingchen would miss many opportunities in the Heaven Spread Sect, and it would change the plot beyond recognition.

The more Su Wenliang thought about this, the more he felt uneasy. His finger knocked on the table involuntarily. This was Liang Wensu’s small habit when he was thinking deeply. But at this moment Su Wenliang actually took over and show it.

After hearing the familiar knocking sound, he strangely calmed down. He asked a few more questions closely related to the Heaven Spread Sect. After receiving the answers, he gradually understood the changes in the past ten years.

He asked the last question, “What time is it?”

The other party was speechless for a while, as if he was a little surprised by this question. But his personal integrity still made him quickly reply, “It’s the second day of the fifth month in the twenty-fourth year of Xiaozhen’s reign of the Great Beam Country.”

Su Wenliang repeated this time in his heart, and then his expression changed instantly. He stood up abruptly and left the Siye Pavilion’s stationary point in large strides. He rushed towards a place deep in the mountains outside Black Sky City.

The novel 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, like most fantasy novels, written from the perspective of third person. When he read it, there was no specific time description. Just like the description of the male protagonist returned to the sect. It only written that the male protagonist returned to the sect at twenty-three, but it never written at what year, month, and day he returned to the sect.

This time was the same. Although Su Wenliang knew that Bai Jingchen would encounter a life-threatening crisis, he never knew the specific time. He only knew that it was a month before the Sect Grand Competition. So his expression changed drastically after learning the current time.

Su Wenliang didn’t even know the exact location of Bai Jingchen’s accident. He quickly walked outside Black Sky City and immediately took out the flying magic tool and then searched quickly and carefully around the mountain range on the west side of Black Sky City.

He didn’t dare to slack off. After finding a few places exactly like the plot description, he immediately pasted the warning talisman seal there. As long as there was the slightest whiff of trouble, he could sense it immediately.

After he searched the entire land, he still didn’t find Bai Jingchen, so he guessed that Bai Jingchen should still be safe now.

In the plot, the author wrote that when he was returning from the sect distribution task, he was intercepted by the Core Formation expert outside the Black Sky City and seriously injured by him. Then, he rescued by the female protagonist Sikong Shang.

After Su Wenliang didn’t find Bai Jingchen, he subconsciously thought that Bai Jingchen was the male protagonist of this novel and the key figure of this cultivation world, so he would definitely not have an accident easily. Now he couldn’t find any trace of him, which could only mean that he didn’t meet the Core Formation expert yet, so he was still safe.

Su Wenliang comforted himself this way, but his abdomen suddenly felt a burst of pain.

He even fell off the flying magic tool because of the pain and almost contacted the ground. If it weren’t for his profound cultivation, such a fall might have thrown the child out. After all, as far as Su Wenliang knew, people in the early stage of pregnancy were always particularly fragile, and the child may be lost because of a trivial matter.

He quickly wrapped his whole body with the spiritual energy and finally landed on the ground unharmed. He slowly squatted down on the ground, unable to straighten up because of the pain in his waist.

At this moment, there was a rush of beeps sound from the system and a familiar mechanical voice sounded in his mind. It said, [Beep-beep…beep-beep…Warning, warning, the mission target, Bai Jingchen, suffered a fatal blow. Warning, warning, the mission target, Bai Jingchen, suffered a fatal blow. Ask the host Su Wenliang to go to six o’clock direction as soon as possible and walk forward five kilometers deep underground and then rescue Bai Jingchen from the crisis.] Su Wenliang’s forehead was sweating because of pain and the system in his head was still incessantly beeping.

He didn’t have time to worry about the sharp pain in his stomach and hurriedly jumped on the flying magic tool. He moved forward at full speed and arrived outside a canyon in the blink of an eye. He looked down at the bottomless canyon with a pale complexion and finally jumped straight down.

In the depths of the canyon was a huge karst cave space, where there were hundreds of karst caves of different sizes, leading to all directions.

According to the system notice, Bai Jingchen was currently in the depths of one of the karst caves. He took out the tracking talisman seals he had practiced to make in the past ten years from his storage bag and threw it towards the sky after injecting the spiritual power into it. The talisman seals immediately flew to different karst caves. After Su Wenliang closed his eyes and felt the aura, three talisman seals returned from the karst caves.

Su Wenliang immediately flew towards the smallest karst cave among it.

After flying in the dark and deep karst cave for half a quarter of an hour, he heard a heavy breathing. There was strong and almost sticky smell of blood in the air.

He took out a lighting lamp magic tool from his mustard space and poured the spiritual energy into it, illuminating this dark karst cave. He used this light to see clearly his acquaintance, Bai Jingchen, who was leaning against the corner and covered in blood.

Su Wenliang clearly saw that the moment Bai Jingchen saw him, there was a fierce and decisive expression on his face. But he might have recognized that he was not the Core Formation expert who hurt him, as his expression immediately became stunned and absent-minded.

When Bai Jingchen heard the subtle movements in the air, he thought that person was chasing after him. He was about to fight to the death when he saw the person clearly with the help of the lighting magic tool suspended in midair. He was instantly in a trance.

This person was precisely the feminine man who rescued by him because of his momentary softness ten years ago. He was a pervert with special hobbies who had depth contact with him. After he clearly saw this person’s appearance, the anger and embarrassment of these years surged in his heart. His emotions fluctuated, and he immediately vomited a mouthful of blood, and then completely fainted.

Su Wenliang hurriedly stepped forward a few steps. He took out the healing medicinal paste and pill from his mustard space and squatted beside Bai Jingchen.

He first fed Bai Jingchen the medicinal pill, which temporarily stopped his injuries. Then, he used the spiritual energy to shatter the bloody garment on his body and washed the bloodstains on Bai Jingchen’s body with a hundred years of spiritual water, before beginning to apply medicine to the wounds on his body.

Ten years had passed and Su Wenliang was still inexplicably unfamiliar with the person in front of him, or they had never been familiar. Even if they did the most intimate thing, it was because of helplessness, and Bai Jingchen must be the same.

After Su Wenliang expressionlessly put the medicine on Bai Jingchen’s body, he wiped Bai Jingchen’s bloody cheeks.

This face was more beautiful than ten years ago. Su Wenliang had a highly retentive memory as early as when in the Apocalypse, so even though he didn’t interact with Bai Jingchen for a long time, the impression was deep. If he hadn’t deliberately forgotten it, he wouldn’t forget this person’s gorgeous face, no matter what.

At this moment, Su Wenliang looked at this exquisite and beautiful face with the help of the bright yellow light. He stared blankly for a moment, and only then he realized that the sharp pain in his stomach had completely disappeared as early as the moment he saw Bai Jingchen.

He took out the robe from his mustard space and put it on Bai Jingchen, and then sat down on the ground and asked the system, “System, are you still there?”

[Beep-beep…] The system’s cold sound seemed to ring in his ears at this moment, as it said, [I have always been watching in your body, merely most of the time is in standby mode. I have important news to tell you this time.]

Su Wenliang listened to its sudden pause and said amusedly, “Do you want me to ask you? Okay, what important news do you want to say?”

[Beep-beep…the current cultivation world, especially the lower realm Rook Islet World, has insufficient spiritual energy. The development of the dragon race needs a sufficient spiritual energy supply. With insufficient spiritual energy in the outside world, the development of the dragon race will become abnormally slow. The time can even reach ten thousand years.]

Su Wenliang blinked his eyes in surprise when he heard this, and he said in disbelief, “You mean that because of the lack of spiritual energy from the outside world, this dragon race in my stomach will be born after ten thousand years of development?!”

[Beep-beep…In theory, that’s right.]

“……” Su Wenliang didn’t know what to say. He said dumbly, “Then the sudden pain in my stomach just now, is it because the dragon race in my stomach feels that there is not enough nutrition, so he is protesting to me?”

[No, the reason you have abdominal pain is that the little dragon senses that his weak father is in danger, so he is warning you, his strong mother.]


Hearing this word, Su Wenliang felt that his egg broken!

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