Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


Translator: Mimi

In the cultivation novel 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, the male protagonist Bai Jingchen encountered the first near-death incident when he was twenty-seven years old.

According to the time calculation, Bai Jingchen got the demon cultivation method at twenty-three. The steward brought him back to the Heaven Spread Sect’s main territory before he could look over the cultivation method. However, his life after returning to the Heaven Spread Sect was worse than exile. He encountered more bullying and tormenting.

Because although he was the concubine son of the Bai clan that was one of the six major clans under the Heaven Spread Sect, the Bai clan didn’t value him. Several brothers and sisters who were close by bloodline also had an attitude of rejection and resistance towards him because the first mother disliked him.

After he returned to the sect, although he cultivated according to the demon cultivation method and quickly drew the spiritual energy into his body, but such action was instead even more feared by his brothers and sisters. They had bullied Bai Jingchen too much before and were afraid that one day Bai Jingchen would turn over, improving his cultivation and increasing his strength, and then seek revenge to them.

Thus, after Bai Jingchen returned to the Heaven Spread Sect, a few low-level younger generations of the Bai clan joined forces with the dandy disciples of the Heaven Spread Sect to trouble Bai Jingchen when they had the opportunity.

In the first year of Bai Jingchen’s return to the sect, he suffered a lot from these people because of his low cultivation. There were major and minor injuries on his body.

This situation didn’t improve much until his cultivation reached the fourth layer of Qi Refining stage in the second year.

He finally grew up to the age of twenty-seven with a bumpy road and great difficulty. His cultivation base also became the highest among the outer sect attendants of Heaven Spread Sect. And his opportunity to go further in the sect came, as the five-yearly Grand Competition of Heaven Spread Sect for Qi Refining stage disciples officially started this year.

Bai Jingchen worked hard to seize this opportunity and won the top fifty rankings of the Sect Grand Competition. He successfully entered the inner sect of Heaven Spread Sect and became an inner sect disciple. But before the Sect Grand Competition, he suffered a life-threatening injury because of this matter.

In fact, in the final analysis, this injury was also closely related to those dandy disciples who bullied Bai Jingchen. They were unwilling and afraid that Bai Jingchen would develop further. They didn’t want this person to climb above them. Therefore, they want to find an opportunity to get rid of him to avoid future troubles.

They schemed to kill Bai Jingchen many times, but Bai Jingchen avoided them all. Among these people, there was a dandy disciple who pretended to be seriously injured by Bai Jingchen. He asked the uncle who the most doted on him in the clan to take revenge for him. His uncle was the Core Formation expert of Heaven Spread Sect.

Bai Jingchen’s cultivation was at the eighth layer of Qi Refining. How could he to be a match for the Core Formation expert of Heaven Spread Sect? So this time he really almost killed by this Core Formation expert. If it wasn’t for the female protagonist Sikong Shang’s unexpected help, Bai Jingchen would lose his life directly in this crisis.

After that, Sikong Shang even brought Bai Jingchen back to her Immortal’s Cave and took good care of him for a month, and finally rescued Bai Jingchen from the brink of death. The relationship between the male and female protagonists sprouted after this incident.

Su Wenliang couldn’t help sighing when he thought about the progress of the plot.

He didn’t care about the feelings of the male and female protagonists, so he didn’t comment. The reason he rushed to the Heaven Spread Sect in such a hurry was because he suddenly remembered what had happened ten years ago.

He was not sure if the female protagonist, Sikong Shang, was still alive. Because the original owner, Liang Wensu, took Sikong Shang as a hostage in order to escape from Xuan Daozi at that time.

Liang Wensu originally had no intention of killing Sikong Shang on the spot, because Sikong Shang was his amulet. As long as she was in his hands, Xuan Daozi wouldn’t dare to attack him rashly. He could seize this opportunity to gain an opportunity of life.

But Liang Wensu underestimated Sikong Shang. He didn’t expect Sikong Shang, who was a delicate fifteen years old girl, to have such a resolute and fierce personality.

After being restrained by the murderous big villain BOSS Liang Wensu, in order to avenge her hatred and not become a tool to threaten Xuan Daozi and let Liang Wensu escape, she would rather commit suicide decisively than being captured.

Su Wenliang watched helplessly as the female protagonist hit the sword and it cut most of her neck off. This kind of injury would be very difficult to treat in modern times. However, if it was in this cultivation world, as long as the treatment was timely, the female protagonist’s life could be saving.

However, after the female protagonist committed suicide, the white-clothed mask man suddenly appeared and Liang Wensu exploded himself up in resentment. Although it was a huge explosion disguised by the system, the female protagonist Sikong Shang was in the nearest position to Liang Wensu, and she was definitely within the affected range.

Adding all these things together, although Sikong Shang was the female protagonist of this novel and had the protagonist’s halo, Su Wenliang was not sure that the female protagonist was still alive.

While recalling the plot in his mind, Su Wenliang stepped out of the Immortal’s Cave and took out the flying magic tool from the mustard space. He jumped on it and flew toward the Heaven Spread Sect.

He thought in his heart that if Sikong Shang was still alive, then the situation would be fine and the male protagonist could look forward to the high-level treatment of the beauty saving the hero. However, if Sikong Shang was dead, then this incident may have really killed Bai Jingchen on the spot.

Although Su Wenliang didn’t want to see “the child’s father” immediately, Bai Jingchen was the mission target he was going to protect and teach, and closely connected with his own life. Therefore, he must rush to the Heaven Spread Sect as soon as possible to prevent that Core Formation expert from attacking Bai Jingchen.

The Heaven Spread Sect was far away from this cultivation Immortal’s Cave where Su Wenliang was located. Su Wenliang tried his best to urge the flying magic tool, and it took nearly two full days of effort to reach the place where the Heaven Spread Sect was located.

The Heaven Spread Sect was in the Heaven Spread Mountains to the south of Rook Islet World, covering a vast area. According to Su Wenliang’s personal calculation, the area of Heaven Spread Sect was equivalent to the size of half of China in later generations.

Among the mountains of Heaven Spread Sect, most of them were unowned. According to the regulations of Heaven Spread Sect, only cultivators who advanced to the Core Formation could be rewarded the mountain peak by the sect and accept disciples.

The cultivators below the Core Formation stage all live in an independent mountain of Heaven Spread Sect, which was one of the Seven Large peaks of Heaven Spread Sect. Besides the peaks where the disciples live, there were Pill Cultivation Peak, Talisman Cultivation Peak, Formation Cultivation Peak, and Artifact Refine Peak, and last was the largest peak in the Heaven Spread Sect’s main territory, and it was the place where the Sect Master handled major events of the sect.

Su Wenliang directly flew to the Black Sky City under the Heaven Spread Sect’s main territory. After he got off the flying magic tool, he walked to the gate of Black Sky City.

The Black Sky City was the largest city under the Heaven Spread Sect. Gathering here were people from the six major clans of the Heaven Spread Sect, relatives and friends of the Heaven Spread Sect’s Core Formation experts, and other cultivators who moved from other places.

The Black Sky City welcomed all cultivators with clean souls. Comparing with other sects, there were much fewer restrictions on foreign cultivators, so many rogue cultivators would choose to settle here.

Because of this regulation, the Black Sky City attracted many foreign cultivators to settle in. After many years of development, the Black Sky City became one of the major cities with the largest number and scale in the Rook Islet World.

Su Wenliang walked into the line with a faint smile on his face. Although he was using Liang Wensu’s body now, the temperament differed from person to person.

Liang Wensu was the real devil cultivator Palace Lord. The baleful look between his eyebrows was so strong that people almost not dare to look directly at him. Therefore, even though there were many people in the Rook Islet World who have met Liang Wensu, the only ones who really recognize his appearance were those few confidants and enemies.

As for Su Wenliang, he was a surgeon in his previous life. He habitually liked to be warm and gentle, so that he could communicate better with patients.

But at this moment, on Liang Wensu’s feminine face, hung Su Wenliang’s kind expression, making the former Palace Lord of the Devil Palace changed into another person in the blink of an eye. Even if someone felt his face was familiar, they wouldn’t associate him with Liang Wensu.

When Su Wenliang saw the soul detection stone at the gate of Black Sky City, his expression didn’t change in the slightest.

The soul detection stone was one of the necessary cultivation items at the major city gates, because the soul was unique and couldn’t be forging, and by testing the soul of an outsider, one could know the identity and background of this person.

Although Su Wenliang used Liang Wensu’s body, the soul of this body had dissipated ten years ago. The person who controlled this body was Su Wenliang. His background in this Rook Islet World was absolutely clean, so he was completely not afraid of the soul detection stone’s test result.

After all the people in front passed through the city gate, Su Wenliang put his hand on the soul detection stone. The soul detection stone only flashed a white light for a moment and then dimmed down.

The one who was sitting on the side of the soul detection stone for registration was the male cultivator wearing the Heaven Spread Sect’s robes. He asked without raising his head, “Name.”

Su Wenliang lightly said, “Su Wenliang.”

The male cultivator carved the word ‘Su Wenliang’ on a jade slip and handed it to Su Wenliang, and then waved his hand to show that he could enter.

With a soft smile on his face and attracting no one’s attention, Su Wenliang went straight to a cultivator inn with a four-legs cauldron drawn on the lower right of the plaque.

He booked a room on the second floor. He took the door plate handed over by the shopkeeper and was about to go upstairs when he bumped into a handsome and refined young male cultivator. This male cultivator wearing the clothes of the chief disciple of Heaven Spread Sect, with a sword hanging on his waist, which means he was highly recognizable.

Su Wenliang narrowed his eyes, obviously recognizing this person. He slightly moved sideways to let this person pass first. When that person smiled lightly, he nodded in response, and then walked upstairs. He went to the room matching with the plate number given by the shopkeeper.

Su Wenliang leaned beside the window and pulled a small opening in the window. He looked at the male cultivator who walked toward the Heaven Spread Sect’s main territory and thought in his heart, this was the male supporting character with the highest appearance rate in the first volume of the novel 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》. He was the Heaven Spread Sect’s eldest senior-martial brother and Bai Jingchen’s strong rival in love, Xie Shuyan. He was the legitimate grandson of Xuan Daozi, the number one cultivator in the Rook Islet World.

This Xie Shuyan differed completely from the miserable male protagonist Bai Jingchen. He was born as the heaven proud son. He had the rare metal element single spiritual root and was the legitimate eldest young master of the Xie clan, the number one cultivation clan of the Heaven Spread Sect. Although he was currently only thirty years old, his cultivation base was already at the late-stage of Core Formation. His strength was unfathomable depths, and he was the number one among the younger generation.

But the male protagonist three years younger than him was only at the eighth layer of Qi Refining. Apart from that face, he really didn’t know why the female protagonist, Sikong Shang, would choose an outcast from a clan like Bai Jingchen, abandoning such a man with an extremely powerful identity and strength.

Su Wenliang thought of Bai Jingchen and the light in his eyes instantly became dark and deep. He turned around and walked out of the door, walking towards the innermost room on the second floor of the inn.

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