Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 14

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Chapter 14


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang sat on the flying magic tool and flew towards the cultivation Immortal’s Cave.

He suddenly obtained all of Liang Wensu’s memories, and now his mind was in chaos. Just when he wanted to find a safe place to cultivate in the Closed Door Training, relevant fragments of Liang Wensu’s memories flashed in his mind.

It was the memory scene of Liang Wensu in different periods, in different places, preparing the cultivation Immortal’s Cave.

Liang Wensu was a cautious and suspicious person. The cunning rabbit had three holes. As the big villain BOSS of the Rook Islet World, he would definitely not take the Yan Yuan Devil Palace as his only reliance.

As early as two hundred years ago, he had prepared more than thirty large and small cultivation Immortal’s caves, and in each Immortal’s cave, he had prepared a spiritual gathering formation and a series of basic equipment that the cultivation Immortal’s cave should have, just in order to guard against the unexpected.

And now it was convenient for Su Wenliang. Su Wenliang was flying towards the closest and slightly larger cultivation Immortal’s cave.

He tried his best to suppress the urge to vomit blood in his chest. His body was riddled with injures and couldn’t stand the slightest toss, but he couldn’t rest at all. He even had to expend a great deal of effort to ride on the flying magic tool and used the spiritual power to control the operation of the flying magic tool, to find the cultivation Immortal’s cave, and then had the Closed Door Training to deal with some matters.

Halfway through the flight, his consciousness began to blur, and only his body’s instinct was driving the flying magic tool forward.

After flying for an unknown amount of time, Su Wenliang opened his eyes in a daze, and saw an Immortal’s cave full of restrictions.

The flying magic tool flew to the front of the Immortal’s cave. Su Wenliang looked at the restrictions outside the Immortal’s cave and sighed with a complicated expression. Then, from the memory left by Liang Wensu, he found the way to lift the restrictions outside the Immortal’s cave without much effort.

He took out a few talisman seals from the mustard space and arranged it based on the memory of when Liang Wensu left here, and then he stamped the talisman seals at various key points of the restriction.

Shortly after that, Su Wenliang saw that the faint red restriction net outside the Immortal’s cave opened an entrance that could allow one person to enter. He immediately put away the flying magic tool and walked in.

After his figure entered the Immortal’s cave, the red restriction light flashed and it returned to its previous appearance.

Su Wenliang slowly walked towards the depths of the cave. It was originally pitch black, but as his footsteps sounded in the Immortal’s cave, bright candles were lit up on the cave walls on both sides of the road one after another.

Not long after he walked, he entered an open cave with not too many decorative items, only a dozen low-grade lamp magic tools. The soft light emitted by the magic tool illuminated the entire Immortal’s cave.

And by the light, Su Wenliang could see that on the wall of this cave, there were eight entrances that could accommodate one person. Through these entrances, one could enter other small caves opened by the Immortal’s cave.

Su Wenliang was not interested in learning about the things in the small cave for the time being. He walked to the spiritual gathering formation in the center of the open cave. He took out the white jade lotus seat that Liang Wensu usually sat on when meditating from the mustard space and placed it in the center of the spiritual gathering formation, and then sat down.

Then, he took out dozens of high-grade spirit stones and several porcelain bottles containing medicinal pills from his storage bag. He opened the porcelain bottles and ate the medicinal pills inside, and then put dozens of high-grade spirit stones according to the pattern of the spiritual gathering formation, it was placed on the nodes of the formation to supply and maintain the spiritual energy of the spiritual gathering formation.

After doing all this, Su Wenliang closed his eyes exhaustingly. He was not fully proficient as he circulated the spiritual energy in his body, trying to repair the serious injuries on his body.

After years of the Closed Door Training and under the dual effects of spiritual energy and medicinal pills, Su Wenliang felt that this body was slowly recovering.

He used the spiritual energy to mend the damaged veins, from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. When the internal injuries on his body were almost healed, he opened his eyes and looked at the thick dust on his robes, only then he realized that he had already in the Closed Door Training for a long time.

He cast a dust removal spell on himself, and then began to absorb and sort out Liang Wensu’s memories.

Although he received all of Liang Wensu’s memories before, he only accepted it and didn’t absorb and comprehend it.

Because Liang Wensu had lived for more than four hundred years, it was impossible for Su Wenliang to digest all of it in an instant. And the sudden appearance of these memories had caused Su Wenliang a great suffering, to the extent that even now, he still felt that his mental power suffered damage and his whole body was dizzy. There was also a throbbing pain in his forehead from time to time, which made him felt particularly unwell.

Su Wenliang took a deep breath, and then absorbing all of Liang Wensu’s memories.

It felt like watching a movie. In Liang Wensu’s memories, Su Wenliang saw some insignificant memories, and every time it came, he would absorb it very quickly.

But when he saw Liang Wensu’s memories of cultivation and enlightenment, the speed at which he absorbed the memory would slow down. He slowly chewed and practiced those cultivation method and knowledge until he was very proficient, and then continued on.

In this way, he practiced the cultivation method and techniques of the cultivation world, while reading Liang Wensu’s memories.

By the time when he finally saw all the memories of Liang Wensu’s life, he could already be counted as a qualified cultivator in the cultivation world. This body originally had physical memory, so when he practiced the cultivation method and techniques, he learned it very quickly. As long as he remembered that feeling, he could quickly perform Liang Wensu’s techniques.

Although he couldn’t reach Liang Wensu’s skill now, at least it was not a problem for him to deal with a cultivator in the early-stage of Nascent Soul. What he lacked was only real combat experience.

Moreover, after seeing many bloody scenes in Liang Wensu’s memories, some of his views and opinions also changed.

It felt as if he and Liang Wensu had completely merged into one. He still held his determination and main viewpoint, but Liang Wensu’s action style also had an immeasurable impact on him.

For example, his attitude towards human life, he originally hated killing, but after seeing Liang Wensu’s memories, his views on human life and killing, also had some new changes.

Although he wouldn’t abandon his worldview as a person from the earth, at least he knew that he must be ruthless and decisive in doing things, and he must never procrastinate and delay the opportunity.

In this Closed Door Training, although Su Wenliang achieved his desired goal, he didn’t feel happy at all in his heart. Because at this moment, there was an unexpected thing.

Su Wenliang opened his eyes with a wry smile on his lips.

He didn’t expect that the good-looking teenager who saved him back then was the male protagonist of the novel《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》.

All this time, he forced himself to forget the chaotic night at that time, because for him, being done by a minor was not something worth remembering. After so many years of Closed Door Training, even quite effective, he had indeed forgotten that teenager.

But when he was absorbing Liang Wensu’s last memory yesterday, he saw Liang Wensu ask the name of that teenager and the teenager respectfully replied that his name was Bai Jingchen.

Su Wenliang felt like a bolt from the blue at that time, his complexion turned alternately green and white, and he even said to himself, this must be an illusion, what he saw just now must be because his head was dizzy. But no matter how many times he watched that memory, the result was always: That teenager was the male protagonist Bai Jingchen.

Su Wenliang’s mood was complicated and hard to describe. Should he be glad that he didn’t kill that teenager back then? Or should he worry about how to face the male protagonist when he was protecting and teaching him?

Su Wenliang sighed and cast a dust removal spell on himself. As the old saying goes, there was no sense of time for cultivation. He himself didn’t know how many years he had been in the Closed Door Training this time. The outside world must have changed a lot. Maybe no one in the Rook Islet World knew Liang Wensu, the previous Palace Lord of Yan Yuan Devil Palace.

It was also time for him to go out to find the male protagonist. As for what kind of appearance and identity he should use to face the male protagonist, it could wait until he saw the male protagonist.

Su Wenliang thought so, and then raised his feet and wanted to fly outside the Immortal’s Cave. He had to find the Lane Market first and asked himself how long he had been in the Closed Door Training, so that he could deduce the current age and location of the male protagonist.

Just when he walked to the entrance of the Immortal’s Cave and was about to open the restriction, a familiar but unfamiliar cold mechanical voice sounded in his mind. Su Wenliang immediately stopped his steps and leaned over to listen. He heard the system said, [The host Su Wenliang touched the hidden mission——the mission of bring up the descendant of the male protagonist Bai Jingchen. The mission reward is 1000 points.] ‘Uh…the descendant, the descendant of the male protagonist Bai Jingchen?!’

Su Wenliang puzzled. Didn’t it say in the 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》 that the male protagonist was unable to have offspring? Why was it that the male protagonist even had a child during his Closed Door Training this time?!

Could it be that he had been in the Closed Door Training for hundreds of years this time, so that he jumped directly from the earliest stage when the plot of the book hadn’t started yet to the next plot of the unfinished book? Otherwise, how could there be the male protagonist’s descendant who never appeared in the plot?

Su Wenliang asked in confusion, “Do you know how many years I have been in the Closed Door Training this time?”

The system said flatly, [The host Su Wenliang cultivated in the Closed Door Training for ten years.]

Ten years? Not a hundred years or a thousand years? How come the male protagonist was so impressive to create descendant?

The male protagonist was only twenty-seven years old now. It was reasonable to say that he hadn’t yet met the female protagonist, so how could he have descendant?

Could it be that the plot of the novel 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》 was not necessarily correct? Or he changed the plot and it changed everything that happened next. Then, wasn’t his only advantage of knowing the progress of the plot gone?

The system saw that Su Wenliang’s thoughts more and more deviated, so it kindly said, [The descendant of the male protagonist Bai Jingchen hasn’t yet born. It’s only detected by me a minute ago and is only an embryo now.]

“Ah…that’s it…” Su Wenliang said. For some reason, an ominous premonition suddenly surged in his heart. His premonition told him that what was going to happen or know next, must not be something good.

The system’s cold voice sounded, [A minute ago, the host Su Wenliang is detected to be pregnant with the male protagonist Bai Jingchen’s descendant.]

Su Wenliang, “……” Hehe!

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