Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 12

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Chapter 12


Translator: Mimi

[…The primary interface has been downloaded. System J7823 asks the host Su Wenliang to issue a password to start the initial program.]

Su Wenliang licked his dry lips. He didn’t know what was going on, but he honestly said in his mind, “I don’t know what the password is.”

[The password has been inputted. The password is “I don’t know what the password is”. Does the host Su Wenliang want to modify it?]

“……” Su Wenliang’s face darkened and said, “Modify, modify to J7823 system.”

[Beep beep…The password has been modified. System J7823 is wholeheartedly at your service.] Its voice was still cold with no emotion, like the robot voice in the science fiction movie.

Su Wenliang saw that it had finally changed its style of talking, he muttered, “Before that, can you explain it first? And how do you talk in my mind?”

[I’m called the system number J7823, which is created by high-level universe creatures. Over ten thousand of systems are created at the same time. These systems are sent into different universes through time and space travel to complete various missions set by high-level universe creatures.]

[The system can independently choose the host to complete the mission. I’m chose you as the host and enters the cultivation plane generated by the novel, to help the target mission object Bai Jingchen to grow in his cultivation, achieving his destiny.]

[The reason why you can hear my voice is because you were chosen by me.]

[After you complete the initial stage entry mission and officially become the system host, you have reached a formal transaction relationship with me. Before the mission completes, I’ll always be connected to your mental power.]

Su Wenliang was confused, but he finally understood some information. He paused for a moment and picked a few questions that he was most concerned about to ask, “Why did you choose me as the host?”

[I fell into the earth after the interstellar journey. At that time, you happened to be the most powerful human being among the group of people who died, so I chose you as the host.]

Su Wenliang felt absurd in his heart. The system had just said that he…was dead?!

Although he had such a guess in his heart when he entered Liang Wensu’s body, but now that the guess came true, Su Wenliang found it even more difficult to accept.

He couldn’t go back to the earth because he was dead…what about his family and friends?

Could it be that he going to live forever in this world?

Could it be that he going to live in the body of this murderous villain BOSS forever?

Then, he was going to face the innumerable enemies of the original owner, and faced the chaotic and hard to solve of current situation? He was going to face the enemy that even the original owner didn’t know?

After being confused, Su Wenliang laughed at himself.

At least…he was still alive and he had obtained a system. Even this cultivation world was familiar to him.

His luck was not bad and he had a lot of capital in his hands, so it was no big deal to live in another world. He had survived such a difficult Apocalypse, there was no reason to give up his life and abandon himself to despair just because of transmigration.

After Su Wenliang adjusted his mentality, he calmly asked, “According to what you just said, you chose me when you went to the earth, and then came to this cultivation world with me. Then why did you only show up now?”

[This is the initial program setting of the system. In order to confirm whether the host selected by the system has the appropriate ability to complete the mission, the person who developed the system established a strict test standard when setting the system program.]

[The test criteria are as follows: The host must obtain a body that is entirely his own within the specified time and by his own ability. If the requirements are not met, the system and the host will self-destruction together.]

[You shared a body with Liang Wensu before and it doesn’t meet the program standard, so I can’t talk to you and can only watch from inside your body.]

Su Wenliang frowned after hearing the system’s words. What does this mean? If he understood correctly, the system just said that this body belongs to him completely?! So where did Liang Wensu go?

[The original owner Liang Wensu’s soul has been destroyed, and he has obtained the ending he should have. He is not my host and can’t escape from the heavenly law. The deadline set for Liang Wensu has come, and the heavenly law of this world doesn’t allow him to stay in the world.]

Su Wenliang thought of the memory before the chaos, it seemed that he used the mental ability to attack Liang Wensu’s soul, and Liang Wensu died as a result. Although the system said that it was the cause of the heavenly law, but in fact it was still his work.


Forget it, as it was his initial plan after all. He had always planned to take this body, and now that it had been successfully achieved, don’t think about the rest.

Su Wenliang paused and suddenly remembered something that bothered him and Liang Wensu. He asked, “I remember you said before that you ‘automatically helped the host Su Wenliang to escape once by feigning death’, could it be when Liang Wensu almost self-destruction, but managed to escape in the end. Is it you who secretly helped?”

The system said, [Yes. This is the program setting. The system can independently choose to lend a helping hand to the host once before the host completes the initial stage entry mission.]

Su Wenliang suddenly realized and the explanation made sense in this way.

Su Wenliang said with a smile, “Thank you so much.”

[This is the program setting and I just do it according to the setting.]

Su Wenliang, “……”

The business-like cold voice of the system sounded:

[The mission list of the system host Su Wenliang is as follows:

Mission target: Bai Jingchen, the male protagonist of《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》.

Mission content: Help Bai Jingchen to grow in his cultivation and achieve his destiny.

Mission time: unlimited time mission.

Mission accumulated points: 1000 points.

Mission reward: Fulfill a wish of the host.]

After Su Wenliang listened to the content of this list, he translated it into his own understanding.

He asked, “It means that I’m going to help Bai Jingchen grow in his cultivation and achieve his destiny, and after my mission is completed, I can realize my wish. Then, can I be resurrected?”


Su Wenliang overjoyed, he finally got the exciting good news. Then, as long as he completed the mission, he could return to the earth and see his family.

After the excitement, Su Wenliang quickly calmed down and asked, “What are mission points for? How do I get points?”

[Mission points are used to trade with the system. Warning: host points are insufficient and the privilege is too low, so the following content can’t be viewed.]

Su Wenliang was choked, so there was also the privilege setting.

[When you complete various missions issued by the system from time to time, you will be rewarded with corresponding points.]

Su Wenliang nodded his head. After the system’s explanation, he already understood almost everything. He finally asked, “Then, what if I can’t complete the mission? For example, the male protagonist suddenly died. What will happen to me in such a situation? Is there a punishment?”

[If the mission target dies, the system mission fails, the system self-destruction program starts, and the host and the system self-destruction together.]

“Cough cough.” Su Wenliang overwhelmed with shock and said in his heart, ‘I must protect the male protagonist’s life. The male protagonist is a high-risk occupation, especially the male protagonist in this novel. It seems that my mission is heavy and a long way to go.’

[The host accumulated points are insufficient, the system enters standby mode, and the system will automatically start when the next sudden mission is issued.]

Then, Su Wenliang’s mind became quiet. He knew that the system had entered the transparent mode again, and it probably wouldn’t appear again until the mission arrived.

Thus, Su Wenliang’s mental power withdrew from his mind. He turned his head and looked at the handsome and childish face of the person beside him. He stiffly pulled the corner of his mouth and said in a low voice, “For the sake of you being an innocent victim, I will leave you with your life.”

As he said that, he wanted to get up to get dressed, but the pain from the tear in his lower body made him angry and dizzy. After the crazy pleasure of last night passed, all that was left was the unbearable pain.

Su Wenliang had lived for twenty-seven years. Although he never met a woman he liked, he considered himself not a gay, let alone the one who was oppressed.

He had always been regarded as frigid by his older brothers and his buddies, because no one had ever seen him like someone. As an adult, he had very little desire.

Su Wenliang helplessly thought that this time transmigration he actually lost virginity and even had a one-night stand with a boy.

While Su Wenliang spat, he endured the pain and got up from the ground. Then, he suddenly felt before his eyes went dark.

There was a sudden burst of pain in his brain. He groaned and staggered, and then immediately fell to the ground.

He pressed his head to endure the pain, as big drops of sweat seeped out from his body.

He didn’t know how long had passed, but after this burst of pain, Su Wenliang finally opened his eyes with a pale face and said with a forced smile, “Is this a parting gift from Liang Wensu?”

Just now, he obtained all of Liang Wensu’s memories.

Su Wenliang unsteadily got up from the ground. He stiffly cast a dust removal spell on himself and took out a set of clean clothes from his storage bag and changed into it. After he neatly dressed, he looked at the teenager who was still lying on the ground. After being rescued by him for so many days, he didn’t even know his name.

Su Wenliang knew that this teenager’s situation was not very good, just looking at the thatched hut he lived in, and he was currently just an ordinary person who hadn’t yet drawn the spiritual energy into his body, so he could tell.

From the storage bag on his waist, he took out an ordinary pouch full of middle-grade spirit stones and put it beside the teenager, and then walked out.

He walked to the courtyard and took out the flying magic tool from his mustard space. He jumped onto it and flew towards the cultivation Immortal’s Cave in Liang Wensu’s memory.

He just got all of Liang Wensu’s memories and was still dizzy. He needed to find a safe and quiet place to carefully integrate and sort out these memories.

At the same time, now that the owner of this broken body was himself, he must restore this body to health himself.

The most important thing was that whether it was to protect the male protagonist or to avoid enemies, he must have strong strength. However, he was not a real cultivator, so he had no understanding of cultivation.

He needed to cultivate in the Closed Door Training and looked into Liang Wensu’s memory, and then mastered Liang Wensu’s cultivation method and techniques.

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