Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 11 (M)

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Chapter 11


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang was drowsy, but he didn’t dare to close his eyes and fall asleep. He always felt that something was wrong with Liang Wensu after he woke up this time.

He saw that Liang Wensu stared at his palm for a while, and then tried to inject the spiritual energy into the palm of his left hand many times and the strange black erotic flower was flickering in his palm.

These only showed on the surface, but the changes inside the body were more frequent and intense.

Su Wenliang felt doubtful and puzzled. Whether it was the plot or what he observed personally, Liang Wensu was a person who had a clear purpose in everything he did.

In the two years since Su Wenliang stayed in this body, he had never seen him as he was today, so capricious and his actions were completely inconsistent with common sense.

Su Wenliang could clearly feel this body. Although when he was in the state of spectator and his perception of the body was only 50% of the perception when he was in control of the body, but it was enough for him to experience the restless and almost gushed out of the hot blood and spiritual energy that were turned over by Liang Wensu.

The blood seemed to be tinged with scorching temperature and the spiritual energy became violent. In Su Wenliang’s opinion, it was a miracle that Liang Wensu’s body hadn’t exploded yet.

However, now was not the time to be surprised. According to Liang Wensu’s reckless operation of the spiritual energy, this body would be played to death by him sooner or later. Su Wenliang wanted to stop Liang Wensu. Although this was not the time he estimated to get this body, but he couldn’t care so much now.

He used his mental power to forcibly attack Liang Wensu’s brain, but when his mental power was about to attack Liang Wensu’s soul, he was interrupted by a strange burning sensation surging up from within this body.

Su Wenliang hurriedly withdrew his mental strength and turned to look at this body. He noticed that Liang Wensu began to pant violently. The heat wave quickly transmitted from the black flower on the palm of his left hand to every corner of his body. Liang Wensu’s eyes became red and the sleeping object at his lower body quickly stood up under this upsurge and it grew to a fully awakened length under Su Wenliang’s surprised gaze.

Su Wenliang was also a man, so he was no stranger to this situation. What he felt dumbfounded was not the sudden reaction of this body, but what Liang Wensu had just done.

Right now, Liang Wensu was seriously injured. Although he had been acting cold and gloomy in front of that teenager, Su Wenliang was the person in this world who knew Liang Wensu and Liang Wensu’s body the best.

Liang Wensu was seriously injured two years ago and never recovered. After a year of the Closed Door Training, he recovered a little, and then ran out again and was seriously injured again.

First, he fought with the evenly matched Gu Hongxuan and his body was damaged that there was hardly a piece of good flesh. Then, he was strike in the abdomen by the origin life magic sword of Xuan Daozi, the number one sword cultivator in the Rook Islet World. This sword pierced his body and the result of the injury was not only as simple as breaking a hole in his physical body, but more deadly. Xuan Daozi’s sword energy was stuck in his abdominal veins, which was the closest to his dantian, and directly affected Liang Wensu’s ability to absorb the spiritual energy.

In the end, Liang Wensu planned to explode his Nascent Soul to fight the enemy to the death. If it wasn’t for the unknowing reason that let them escaped, this body would have already turned into pieces of mincemeat.

And in such a physical condition, the original owner of the body still continued to toss it around foolishly to grow a flower? Can it be compared with your own life? Even if the issue of reproduction was involved, wouldn’t it be done to directly capture the male protagonist and had a child with him? The male protagonist was still a tender young man and he couldn’t even draw the spiritual energy into his body. He was simply not one of the best overwhelming male protagonists in the web novel industry.

Su Wenliang gritted his teeth with hatred in his heart. He was affected by this body, and now he also became urgently wanted to solve his physical needs. He wanted to find someone to reproduce. He needed a male snake race of higher rank than him to help him solve the frantic and restless Love Snake Parasite.

Liang Wensu’s current feelings were doubled of what Su Wenliang’s feelings. He was the original owner of the body, so he had a deeper feeling for this body. He had long been unable to see everything in front of him clearly, and there was only one thought in his mind, that was “mating”.

He staggeringly got up from the ground, but his body was so weak that he could barely get up. He couldn’t help letting out an angry roar, the Love Snake Parasite swept in with the momentum like a prairie fire and completely shattered Liang Wensu’s sanity.

When Bai Jingchen was in a deep sleep, he suddenly heard the roar and hoarse sound from the front. He was frightened by this fierce voice that his body trembled and immediately woke up. He thought it was a large demonic beast attack, but when he walked to his thatched hut to see, he met a pair of emotionless blood-red vertical pupils.

The self-defense stick that Bai Jingchen held in his hand immediately fell to the ground. He hurriedly turned around and instinctively wanted to escape, but was captured by that person and dragged back to the thatched hut.

He resisted vigorously, but when he smelled a strange and sweet scent, he slowly stopped struggling. When the other party loosened his hand, he even raised his head and sniffed to the place the scent came from. He breathed heavily and sucked in, leaving one hickey after another on the smooth and elastic skin.

The confined bloodline in his blood slowly glowed with its true vitality along with the excitement and fluctuation of his emotions. He was originally the most powerful creature in the cultivation world. He had been forced to imprison his instincts before, and after being released, everything became overwhelmed and out of control.

Bai Jingchen’s black pupils were now dyed golden from top to bottom. After his eyeballs were completely transformed, the human eyes on his face had turned into vertical pupils. After smelling the extremely alluring female scent in the air, his current soul couldn’t control the violent rouge dragon instinct at all.

Thus, he licked his lips and pounced up decisively.

With his cooperation, Liang Wensu let go of his hand with satisfaction. The two of them rolled together inseparably, disputing superiority.

The Love Snake Parasite occupied Liang Wensu’s sanity. This was the parasite that had been researched by the high-level snake race through countless painstaking efforts. In order to deal with various situations, they considered the pride of the high-level snake race, especially males were proud creature. They would never choose to be subservient to others. If every male held such a thought, then the high-level snake race was not far from the extinction.

As a result, the Love Snake Parasite carried a kind of oppression and madness. When the Love Snake Parasite flared up, it suppressed the arrogance and instinct of the high-level male snake race, made them became frantic and hot.

For the survival of the race, everything was insignificant, or rather, everything became less important.

Both of them had awakened their bloodlines. One was controlled by the Love Snake Parasite to be always submissive and the other regained his arrogance and looked down on all beings. When Bai Jingchen and Liang Wensu were in the contest, Bai Jingchen completely suppressed Liang Wensu’s body under him. Su Wenliang’s complexion instantly turned into mixed colors, red orange to red green to blue to purple, changing rapidly like chaser lights.

He was afraid that the matter would develop into an immeasurable result, so he quickly attacked Liang Wensu’s soul with his mental ability, intending to control the body.

His speed could be called fast and his ability level could be called high, but…

When his mental power attacked Liang Wensu’s soul and completely controlled this body, he only felt a tearing pain from his lower body. When he was stunned and couldn’t believe it, the beast on his body began to thrust frantically.

Su Wenliang quickly struggled, but at this moment, he realized that Liang Wensu was not really willing to be suppressed, rather this body’s betrayal!

Before he had time to think more, the scorching heat swept over. This time, he completely controlled the body, so he felt 100% of the body’s senses.

His last sober thought was the bastard!

However, it was just a second, and then he sank into this most primitive exercise and could no longer extricate himself.

The swaying before his eyes seemed to be never-ending and the place in his lower body where that thing went in and out had long been numb. But every time the other party thrusted, it would bring him waves of indescribable numbness and pleasure.

When this thoroughly adult exercise was finally over, Su Wenliang’s eyes turned back into black. Fortunately, he finally returned to normal.

He turned his head to look at the beast beside him, but saw an exquisite face. The other party’s long and curly eyelashes trembled slightly, and even if his eyes closed, he could see its long and narrow arc. The bridge of his nose was beautiful as if it was done in the most advanced plastic surgery hospital. He was not like a real person at all. Not to mention that pink and plump lips that were tempting people to kiss.

The pink and tender blush on both sides of the other party’s cheeks showed the fact that he was satisfied.

Su Wenliang’s face darkened. This damn bewitching man! He was going to be squeezed dry by him!

When Su Wenliang wanted to cry but had no tears, a series of cheerful music suddenly sounded in his mind. For a moment, he thought he had traveled back to modern times, but when he saw that he was still in the shabby thatched hut, he knew that he was still in this world, and the warm body beside him told himself that he was still here.

After the music played, a cold mechanical voice with no emotion sounded in his mind, [System J7823 automatically starts, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, the activation is complete.]

[The target host is Su Wenliang, the target mission object is Bai Jingchen, confirmation is complete.]

[System J7823 automatically helped the host Su Wenliang to escape once by feigning death. The host Su Wenliang independently completed the initial stage entry mission: Obtain the villain BOSS body. The reward is 1000 points.]

[The accumulated point of the host Su Wenliang reaches the minimum standard of the initial level, and the system automatically enables the primary interface.]

[Downloading and installing the primary interface…please wait for a moment…]

Su Wenliang, “……” What is this so-called system? What is going on here?

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