Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


Translator: Mimi

Liang Wensu tightly clenched his fists. After the spiritual energy gathered in his palm dissipated and he stretched out his fingers, he saw the erotic flower representing the Love Snake Parasite in his palm slowly faded and disappeared. The skin on his palm returned to its original state. Everything just now was like the flower in the mirror or the moon in the water.

Liang Wensu wanted to act as if nothing had happened, but he was a calm and restrained person, and he immediately thought of how he could solve this matter.

According to the signs that he planted with the Love Snake Parasite, it was obvious that his true self should be a high-level snake race. But in these four hundred years of his cultivation, his physical appearance all show that he was a human being, and he could cultivate humans’ cultivation method. He even practiced the devil path and became a devil cultivator.

So, what was wrong with his body? There were actually two kinds of bloodline?

Liang Wensu didn’t know, but what he was most concerned about right now was how to find a way to undo the Love Snake Parasite. Of course, he had to come up with other ways besides the orthodox method.

He gathered the spiritual energy in the palm of his left hand again and the erotic flower totem slowly appeared. He recalled the details of two years ago, but found that besides he was brought down and captured by the white-clothed mask man, when he woke up, he heard him say some absurd words, similar to asking himself to conceive an heir for him. He was proud and arrogant at that time, how could he agree, he naturally resisted in every possible way, and even planned to explode his Nascent Soul. In the end, he escaped by chance and his body had not yet recovered. Then not long ago, he encountered the rebellion of the subordinates of the Devil Palace and the siege of righteous path cultivators.

When he saw the white-clothed mask man appeared in front of him again, Liang Wensu knew that he was going to be in trouble. He had detected the existence of the Love Snake Parasite when he repaired his body in the past two years, and the reason why he now knew the details of the Love Snake Parasite was because he read the books in the Yan Yuan Devil Palace.

His previous physical symptoms were similar to those described in an old silk book. It was the early stages symptoms of the Love Snake Parasite. But at that time, the erotic flower hadn’t yet grown out, so he could convince himself that this was an illusion, the enemy’s lie to deceive him.

But now that everything had come true, he had to recall more about the Love Snake Parasite in that silk book.

He had a very good memory and almost had a highly retentive memory. He felt desperate for the first time, because it was clearly written in the silk book that there was no other way to solve the Love Snake Parasite except for that kind of removal method.

He would rather die than bear children for another male. This was simply trampling on his dignity!

Liang Wensu looked at the extravagant black flower in his palm, a determination and ruthlessness flashed in his eyes.

And Su Wenliang in his body woke up just when Liang Wensu’s mood took a dramatic change.

This time, he slept peacefully and slept for a day and a night before waking up. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the strange black flower in his palm through Liang Wensu’s sight.

The shape and appearance of this flower gave him an extremely uneasy sense of familiarity. Su Wenliang was sure that he had never seen such a flower that resembled a bunch of snakes tied together in modern times. After all, if he saw a flower with such a special shape, he would never forget it.

But what’s with this sense of familiarity?

Su Wenliang looked at the black flower suspiciously, and thought of the novel《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》 in his mind. This was the only way he knew about this world. He quickly recalled the plot he knew, and then it was like a bolt from the blue, he froze there in an instant.

He remembered that he had indeed seen this flower in the novel, which was a sign that the high-level snake race had planted the Love Snake Parasite, and the specific description chapter was at the end section of this novel.

At that time, the male protagonist Bai Jingchen and the female protagonist Sikong Shang were already together, and they were in harmonious. Even after the male protagonist broke through the Core Formation stage, they secretly rolled in the bed because the author spilled a lot of melodramatic.

After that, the male protagonist and the female protagonist were officially together. After the male protagonist tasted the forbidden fruit, he showed a strong desire and interest in the matter of Double Cultivation. The author just described the XXOO scenes of the two of them nearly one-quarter of the book.

So although this novel was not a stallion novel, judging from the Internet censorship part, it could be regarded as a typical sensual web novel.

And after doing it for decades, and the male and female protagonists had reached the Age River World from the Rook Islet World, and from the male protagonist at the Core Formation stage to the Synthesis stage, the two of them hadn’t produced half of the result.

At nearly the end of the book, the mystery of the male protagonist’s past history was revealed. Everyone in the cultivation world and readers who followed the novel suddenly realized, oh, it turns out that the male protagonist is not human, it turns out that different races can’t breed offspring, it turns out that the male protagonist of this book was unable to have offspring.

Su Wenliang was very impressed with this matter, and the result of his deep impression was that his impression of other plots was shallow. Now that he could recall that this black flower was related to the reproduction of the male protagonist and it was already very rare.

Seeing that Liang Wensu didn’t shift his eyes from his hand for a long time, Su Wenliang knew that Liang Wensu’s mood must not be as calm as it appeared on the surface.

Su Wenliang squatted on the ground and touched his chin, thinking in a daze. This black flower seems to be related to the reproduction of the male protagonist, and Liang Wensu has such a black flower in his hand, could it be

Male protagonist! And! Villain BOSS! Have a child! Huh?!

Ahem! Su Wenliang was shocked by his own association and hurriedly threw this thought behind his mind. He shared the same body with the villain BOSS now, so he must not think too much!

Although he said so, the image of the beautiful male protagonist standing with the feminine and domineering villain BOSS seemed to have taken root in his mind, and he couldn’t get rid of it no matter what.

Liang Wensu didn’t know the thoughts of the person in his body at this moment. He was pondering about thousands of possible effective solutions in his mind, and was making assumptions one by one and then eliminated them.

It was only when the familiar sound of footsteps came from outside that Liang Wensu finally came back from his thoughts. He raised his eyes and looked at the person who came. He saw that the teenager was cut in a very sorry figure at the moment, with hair and clothes were covered with weeds and mud, and several obvious scratches appeared on his exquisite face.

After Liang Wensu glanced at him, he looked away and began to meditate. The most indispensable thing in the cultivation world was irreconcilable adversaries. It seems that this teenager had not injured too badly. That was just a small fight and it was not worth for him, this grand Palace Lord, to care about this matter.

Bai Jingchen limped to the side of the well to draw water.

He met other attendants in this area of spiritual plant field today. He had a good relationship with these people at first, but since his older male cousin’s visit, these people had rejected him a lot, and even occasionally have a nasty attitude, and they would trick him out to beat him up.

Bai Jingchen was strong and vigorous, as he had always persevered with meditating to cultivate. Even if he didn’t draw the spiritual energy into his body, after absorbing the spiritual energy of the world, his body and strength were much better than other ordinary attendants. Therefore, when they made troubles, Bai Jingchen was never afraid and rarely in the disadvantageous position.

But this time, after he went up the mountain, he immediately planted multiple traps. In order to find themselves an opportunity, they even called non-sect cultivators to enter the territory of Heaven Spread Sect, just to teach him a bitter lesson.

Bai Jingchen suffered a great loss under their siege today, but those people were not any better. It was not that he wouldn’t fight back, but he usually didn’t pay much attention to this matter on his body, because most of his focus was on cultivation.

However, this time they went too far and it had overstepped Bai Jingchen’s tolerance limit. He had never been a doughty person. Although many people think that he had a kind temper, he clearly knew that if these people step on his bottom line, he would definitely return the principal and interest doubled.

Bai Jingchen felt that he should teach them a lesson at this time instead of continuing to concede. He was also a person with a temper, how could he always be bullied by others. Bai Jingchen scrubbed the wounds and filth on his body while thinking about the way to take revenge in his mind.

By the time he finished bathing and changed his clothes, he already had a way to take revenge.

Bai Jingchen felt a little relaxed, and then washed his clothes. Seeing a few holes on it, he shook his head helplessly. There were only five sets of clothes in his storage bag. The Heaven Spread Sect sent out a set of attendant uniforms every year, so a set of clothes was damaged this time, he certainly would be feel sad for a few days.

But last night, he got a lot of spirit stones from that person, so he was not short of money for the time being. He planned to buy two sets of clothes the next time he went to the Lane Market to buy cultivation method. As for this worn-out clothes, he wouldn’t throw it away. After mending the holes in the clothes, he could continue to wear it. Anyway, he was a man and he didn’t care about the appearance, and this good-looking appearance brought him more insults.

He thought about it and planned to wait until the person in the hut left, and then go back to the room to get a needle and thread to mend the hole.

He had a storage bag on his body, but the daily necessities were not in it, but placed in the hut.

Because his storage bag was the lowest grade, the kind used by mortals without spiritual energy, so the stuffs that could be contained in it were very limited.

But despite this, this storage bag was very precious for Bai Jingchen, which he had bought back with difficulty. He hadn’t yet draw the spiritual energy into his body, so for the time being, this storage bag was the only one he could use. Therefore, he placed the most valuable things in this storage bag. The stuff such as the needle and thread, he placed it in the corner of the thatched hut.

After Bai Jingchen hung the clothes to dry on the shelf, he went around the thatched hut and sat down on the pile of straws at the back, and then began to meditate.

Since he saved this man, he had been taking care of him, and he still had work tasks as an attendant, so he didn’t have time to cultivate these two days. He rarely went home early today, he had to take advantage of it to cultivate for a while before going to sleep.

According to the content of his newly acquired cultivation method, he began to try to draw the spiritual energy into his body. After five years of cultivation, he could already sense the fluctuations of the spiritual energy in the air. He looked for the spiritual energy that matched his spiritual root attribute.

Three minutes passed…

Ten minutes passed…

Thirty minutes passed…

Bai Jingchen opened his eyes in frustration, knowing that he had failed to draw the spiritual energy again today.

He knew that he was unable to perceive the spiritual energy because of his weak spiritual root and his spiritual root too difference. So he just pulled his mouth and patted his forehead, and then lay down on the straw to sleep. He believed that work hard would compensate for one’s limited abilities. As long as he improved a little every day, one day, he couldn’t be mediocre, and one day, he could become no longer ordinary!

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