Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1662: Trump card

Walpurgis Academy, tortoise dormitory...

Natsuki, Nagisa, and Kanon listened to Wu Yan explain what went down in the Night Executive Committee office.

Assassinate the headmaster?

He isn't a villain, why should he take the life of someone just because Cedric threatened him with Henriette's life?

Astrea and Ikaros are fine.

They will do what Wu Yan wants.

Natsuki, Nagisa, and Kanon are different.

Natsuki is an attack mage and kind in nature. As an enemy of evil, this kind of despicable deal is out of the question.

Kanon and Nagisa also felt the same.

These two are so kind they would nurse a hurt cat back to health if they stumbled upon one.

"Really? Are we killing the headmaster?"

Nagisa asked with an anxious look.

"But, Nagisa thinks it is bad..."


Kanon was also worried.

"No, we still need to bide our time here."

"The Hearts are almost completed, we won't be found out anytime soon."

"In other words..."

Natsuki frowned.

"You are going to do it in due time?"


Wu Yan said.

"No, it's not a matter of will, it's a matter of can we kill him, I think not."

"Huh? We can't?"

The ladies were stunned.

"Edward Rutherford."

He continued.

"He isn't just a headmaster."

"I've heard Charlotte talking about him."

Nagisa raised her hand.

"She said he was the 19th century strongest Puppeteer."

"19th century?"

Natsuki raised an eyebrow in intrigue.

"So he was once the strongest?"

"We don't know now."

Nagisa explained.

"He was so strong that Satan at the time wasn't his opponent."

"Is the old man that powerful?"

Astrea gasped.

"Indeed, I felt like the gramps had an unusual aura to him."

"Ah, the gauntlet ceremony."

Natsuki interjected.

"I had detected something but I didn't pay it any attention, that was a failure on my part."

"Well, I can't blame you."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"We were severely rebuffed and we are weaker than him at the moment. Heck, it's easy to ignore enemies who are weaker than us at peak form."

"I see..."

Kanon said in an unsure tone.

"If we were at full power, can we beat the principal?"


Wu Yan looked at Ikaros and Astrea.

They're both his greatest trump cards in this universe.

Natsuki also hid her Guardian skill. She only used spatial skills. Nagisa, and her extension, Avrora are still lying dormant. She only used freezing power. Kanon is also hiding her purification technique, only using healing skills.

Ikaros and Astrea are still hiding a lot of skills.

Ikaros is hiding most of her skills, only using Aegis.

Meanwhile, Astrea is using most of her equipment except Aegis L.

Even so, Ikaros and Astrea are his true trump cards on this trip.

What makes them so powerful in a fight? Their Pandora modes.

Wu Yan & Co. might be the strongest magician corps if the Pandora mode is revealed.

Wu Yan also can fall back on his 7 class cards.

By turning himself into a Heroic Spirit, Wu Yan can unleash the power the likes of which hadn't been seen in this world, unlike other magicians.

Even the Principal might not be able to beat him in a straight duel.

Wu Yan dismissed the notion of dueling the principal.

"The Night Committee chairman should also know this. He told us to kill the principal despite knowing most students stood little to no chance."


Natsuki continued.

"Killing the principal is a red herring, he has another motive in mind?"


Nagisa and Kanon interjected.

"We don't have to kill the principal anymore?"

"No, we will carry out the request."

Wu Yan said.

He rubbed their heads.

"You two don't have to do anything, I am enough."


Ikaros and Astrea offered support for Wu Yan.

Nagisa and Kanon wanted to say something but they knew they couldn't pull the trigger if it really came to it.

Natsuki nodded after releasing her locked brows.

"Fail, and the chairman can't say anything. Succeed and it would be because the principal was too weak."

Wu Yan shrugged.

He looked at the bed in his room.

"Mgghh... Mgghhh..."

Henriette was tied and gagged on his bed. She struggled hard to get free.


He smiled at her.

"The bindings aren't tight on you. After you break free, go meet your sister, she misses you a lot."

"Mgghh! Mgghhh!"

She is trying to tell Wu Yan not to do it for her.

"You're reuniting with family after a long tribulation, don't be selfish."

Wu Yan sighed.

"Treasure your time with your family. Don't be distracted by useless thoughts, got it?"

Wu Yan turned around and left without saying anything else.

Ikaros, Natsuki, and Astrea tagged along. Nagisa and Kanon hesitated but they finally made up their minds to follow Wu Yan.

Henriette is the only one left struggling on Wu Yan's bed.

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