Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1661: Pretend nothing happened?

Ding dong

Astrea and Ikaros exited the building with Wu Yan. The clocktower chimed when they made it out.

The first fight is over, 1 hour is the time limit given for the fight.

If Frey and Raishin are still fighting then the 98th will join them tomorrow as the duel will be halted.

The addition of more and more fighters made it so that the duel will become a melee if not settled quickly enough.

Anyway, after an hour of fighting, the duel should be more or less settled by now.

At least, the spectators would start going home by the second half of the hour.

The Walpurgis Night Party will take place over 3 months, battling 100 nights.

The Gauntlet holders will feel tense while the spectators will keep coming back for more.

Wu Yan has more things on his mind.


Astrea asked him.

"Are you really going to kill the Headmaster?"

"I said it."

Wu Yan continued.

"I will play his little game."


Astrea tilted her head.

"What do you mean?"


Wu Yan smiled.

"Don't worry about it, it's a boring interlude."

Astrea didn't get the idea but she decided Wu Yan was already on the case so she didn't butt in.


Ikaros looked back.


Wu Yan turned around. He smiled at the individual tailing them.

A brown-haired lady in a beret cap was peeking at them from around the corner. When she saw that her cover was blown, she quickly hid and turned around to run.

Wu Yan rolled his eyes. He waved his hand and the two angels took to the skies to chase the girl down.


In almost an instant, Astrea and Ikaros hoisted her back to Wu Yan by her armpits.

Her legs were like jelly so her butt hit the floor when the angels released her.

"I didn't think you would follow us."

Wu Yan crossed his arms.

"Henriette, did they guy lock you up?"

"Ah! Man!"

Henriette backed away from Wu Yan as if she had seen a ghost.


Wu Yan asked her.

"I saved you, this is too rude of a reaction no?"

Henriette pulled down her cap to hide her face.

"Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry..."

"It's fine."

Wu Yan helplessly sighed after thinking that he looked like a bully.

"Since you're already here with us, why did you run?"


Henriette she yelped after giving up her restraints.

"I-I don't get it!"

Wu Yan, Ikaros, and Astrea flinched.


"Why did you save me? I am not related to you."


Wu Yan exchanged looks with his angels.

"You followed us and then tried to run after being spotted, because of this?"

"Wh-What's that look?"

Henriette retorted.

"Are you saying I am wrong?"

"You're not wrong."

Wu Yan glanced at her.

"Just silly."


Henriette froze up.

"What do you mean?"

"Hmm, flew over you."

Wu Yan stared at her.

"I need reasons to kill people, I don't need reasons to save people."

Henriette got a little angry when she heard that.

"You saved me because of my sister!"


Wu Yan shook his head.

"That may have played a part."


Henriette turned emotional again.

"As expected of my dear sister, stunning no matter where she goes, people are still willing to help her despite the fall of Belew House."

Henriette's envious, self-deprecating, and admiring tone didn't escape him.

"You hate Charlotte?"

"No, I don't!"

She lowered her head.

Henriette didn't hate her sister.

But, she does admire, envy, and feel small compared to her.

Henriette is beautiful like Charlotte but her personality is weaker.

Judging by the lack of mana waves, she is either a normal human or a mage so weak her mana cannot emit ripples.

Charlotte is one of the Thirteen rounds despite being one or two years older than her.

Sigmund is also her automaton.

Henriette is proud of her sister but feels lacking when comparing herself to her.


Wu Yan sighed.

"You're okay now, let's go see Charlotte, she will be very happy to see you."

"I-I don't want to!"

Henriette closed her eyes.

"Don't mind me! Just pretend nothing happened."

Wu Yan rubbed his forehead before waving his hand to order his angels to capture the fleeing beauty, again.

Henriette shrieked and yelped all the way back when they brought her.

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