Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1657: Walpurgis Night Committee invitation

The first night is the fight between the no.99 and the no.100.

Frey is going up against Raishin who she wanted to assassinate before.

She wanted to save the Garm Dogs by killing Raishin because she reckoned she would lose 1v1.

Now, she has more than 10 Garm Dogs with her.

These Garm Dogs are easy to manipulate. Hence, she can manipulate the dogs easily despite her skills.

The Surround Howl sound manipulation Magic Circuit is also formidable, especially with so many at hand.

At her current skill level, it would be hard to command 10 dogs, she can control 5 at most.

But, that is enough to upgrade her combat capabilities.

Raishin and her fight is anyone's guess.

Dodging sonic bursts after sonic burst while Frey stands there shows that Raishin is the one having trouble. Charlotte also can't avert her gaze.

This is outrageous.

Raishin is already on par with the top 13 students.

With Frey and her loyal furry friends, she was also on a similar level.

Top 13 level skills fighting on the first night, never has there been a fight so enthralling as this.

At least, the spectators at the stands are enjoying this fight.

The truly weak ones later would feel a pressure to perform.

"This is already more intense than the previous fights last time."

Charlotte analyzed.

"Who is going to win?"

"Hard to say."

Natsuki looked at Raishin who looked like he still had cards to play despite being forced to run and dodge.

"The brat is thinking about breaking this stalemate. If he can do this in 1 hour then he would win."

"One hour?"

Charlotte got the gist of it.

"Waiting for a mistake?"

The lower ranked student must stay in the arena for one hour before requesting a leave.

Raishin has one hour to figure out how to survive the Garm Series bombardment or he could try and survive and request a leave.

Given enough time, Raishin could break this situation.

Frey will lose in that case.

On the second night, no.98 will join so it will be more chaotic.

Nobody can guess the outcome.

The best case would be to have a victor tonight.

If Frey wants to beat Raishin she has to defeat Raishin before he figures out her tactics.

This is a race against time for both participants.

Raishin needs a game plan while Frey needs to pile more pressure and defeat Raishin.


Charlotte noticed someone was missing.

She looked around to see Kanon and Nagisa along with Natsuki. However, Wu Yan, Astrea, and Ikaros were missing.

The trio was gone.

"Huh, where is he?"

Charlotte asked.

"Where are they?"

"No idea."

Natsuki calmly said.

"If I had to guess, they just got themselves into trouble again."

Wu Yan, Ikaros, and Astrea arrived at the main lecture hall.

He looked at the paper in his hand.

Someone passed the note to him.

"Walpurgis Night Committee extends a warm invite to your esteemed self."

Someone sent him an invitation.

The Walpurgis Night Committee.

It is the committee in charge of making sure the Walpurgis Night runs smoothly.

The office is on the third floor of the main lecture hall.

He is near the base of the Night Committee.

However, he has no idea who invited him.

It should be a student.

There are 3 parties inside the committee, student representative, faculty representatives, and the headmaster.

Because the committee needs to serve public needs, most of the operation is fielded by students.

It is most likely that person.

"A feast at Swan's gate (the start of a great struggle and change), huh?"

Wu Yan grinned.

"Come, let's see what you have planned for me?"

Wu Yan opened the main lecture hall's doors as he entered with his guardian angels.

The wide hall entered their eyes when the trio entered.

The interior of the third floor had red carpets, wine-red wallpaper, a lavish dining table at the center, and three comfortable chairs.

A lanky teenager sat on one of the chairs, his aura exuded nobility as he drank his tea with crossed legs.

There is a butler with distinctive tinted glasses near him.

Wu Yan's eyes shone brightly upon seeing the two individuals.

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