Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1656: Fans? The start of the Walpurgis Night

Ding dong dang dong

The clocktower of the Walpurgis Academy rang vibrantly as the echoes filled the school.

Behind the main lecture hall of the academy is a large field. And in the front left corner was a stage.

The seats are being constructed in a Roman Colosseum style.

Students gathered near the finished stage.

The plain here is the main venue.

The students here are all Gauntlet holders, the top 100 of the school's ranking system.

There are also students who are here to spectate. They're noisier than the competitors.

There is just 15 minutes before the event begins.

The event begins at 6, this is just the warm-up before the event.

The Gauntlet holders, spectators, and the various food & beverage stalls here watched the warm-up ceremony like it was a circus.

Well, it is a circus, in a sense.

While the Gauntlet holders are vying for supremacy to get the Satan Title, the rest of the students are trying to get the most entertainment out of their money, even if that means grabbing food and just busting balls with friends.

Some vendors even sold booze.

Wu Yan and Charlotte arrived with their automata in tow. The moment they appeared, students started pointing fingers and whispered.

Charlotte stomped in an annoyed manner.

"Why can't we go in straight away? This is so frustrating, we are at the center of everyone's attention."

"Well, the stage isn't a better alternative."

Wu Yan pointed at the crowd still cheering for their favourite rankers.

"They're here to watch monkeys dance."

Charlotte wanted to say something but a vendor interrupted them.

"Pancakes~ Get your fresh pancakes right here~"

Astrea's ears, or rather, her feather-like accessories twitched. She raised her arm.

"Me! I want it! Give it to me!"


The vendor ran over with a business smile. She was a cheerful lady who looked slightly older than Astrea.

"Astrea-chan, I thought you ate already?"

Kanon tried to stop her.

"Eating too much isn't good for you."


Astrea sounded disappointed.

"But, I want to eat that..."

"No! Astrea-chan!"

Nagisa started chiding her.

"A lady shouldn't eat too much in public, it's not good for your image."


The pancake lady wasn't sure whether to move or stay.

Wu Yan got his wallet out.

She already ran over here, might as well buy something for her trouble.

"Hey, sorry, give me one pancake."


The lady's eyes shone brilliantly.

"Wait, those eyes, you're Scarlet Eyes, Lord Wu Yan?"


Wu Yan flinched.

"You know me?"

"Know? This is an honor, to meet you!"

She grabbed Wu Yan's hand.

"Right, this pancake is free, I hope you win the Walpurgis Night."

"Oh, I can't, that's not good..."

"No, I insist."

The lady used the hand she grabbed as a pivot to sneak a kiss on Wu Yan's cheek.

"Ya~ I kissed him!"

The lady escaped soon after that with a bright smile on her face. Wu Yan was left with a pancake in his hand.

He felt frosty auras coming nearby.

"A pervert, as predicted."

Charlotte said.

"You look happy, you jerk."

Nagisa puffed her cheeks.

"Master! You dummy! Lech!"

Astrea also berated him.

Ikaros and Kanon said nothing but they looked nervous, like how a kid would be afraid of someone taking her candies away.

Natsuki, on the other hand, said nothing, she used her aura to pressure him.

"I didn't do anything?!"

Wu Yan yelled back.

"How would I know she would do that?!"


Charlotte turned her head the other way.

"She's probably one of your fans."


"You're one of the top 13, it's not surprising to have fans."

Charlotte glanced in his direction.

"Stop freaking out."


Wu Yan sighed.

"Well, do you still want this?"

"Of course!"

Astrea turned that frown upside down immediately.

"Astrea, reject the offer!"

Nagisa said in frustration.

"You're going to let him get away with this."

"The pancake is innocent."

Astrea said before chomping down on her food.

"So good!"

The other ladies bitterly smiled.

Birds were released as the musical instruments started playing.


The students cheered and clapped.

This is the start of the Walpurgis Night.

"Dang, we need to go soon."

Charlotte tightened her grip on her clothes.

"Okay, let's go."

Wu Yan shrugged. He went to the stage with Ikaros, Astrea, Nagisa, Kanon, and Natsuki.

A student rushed by as he brushed past Wu Yan, knocking his arm and hand in the process.

The student left after completing his mission.

Wu Yan raised his hand.

The student slipped a paper into his hand during the brief encounter.

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