Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1655: Taking away the maiden's precious...

Walpurgis Academy, student cafeteria...

Natsuki, Ikaros, Astrea, Nagisa, Kanon, and Wu Yan entered the cafeteria with the students admiring the good looks of his "automata".

Just his luck, Charlotte approached them with a plate of food in hand. The dragon on her shoulder gave her identity away immediately.


Wu Yan called out to her.

"You eating here too, eh?"

Charlotte shuddered. She looked to confirm it was Wu Yan. Then, she panicked.

Without responding to Wu Yan, she fled in the other direction.


Wu Yan knew this would happen that's why he was ready to issue a command.

"Capture her!"

Ikaros grabbed in Charlotte's direction.


Charlotte was enveloped by Aegis and suspended in the air.

"Let me go! Let me go!"

Charlotte struggled while banging against Aegis.

"Help! Someone save me! This pervert is going to violate me!"

"Who is a pervert?!"

Wu Yan retorted as the ladies approached her.

"Even a pervert wouldn't dare assault you, right?"

"You're the creep! let me go!"

Charlotte's eyes turned misty.

"Are you planning on dragging me back to your lair and having your way with me?!"

"That sounds nice..."

Wu Yan moved a chair over to the nearest table as the ladies sat down around him. He also roamed his gaze over his latest capture.

"But, I am hungry, so after I am done eating, we will talk about that again."


Charlotte mewled.

"You're not being serious, right?"


Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"Who called me a pervert and ran when I greeted her?"

"Because you're a pervert!"

Charlotte snorted.

"You forgot what you did to me yesterday? Those unspeakable things!"

Something snapped. Plates fell.

The students heard Charlotte. Wu Yan stared back at Charlotte silently. In just a short while, students started pointing fingers at Wu Yan.

He conquered the T-rex of the academy, he also went to various bases with her apparently. The students can't help but admire Wu Yan's aspirations and skills.

Wu Yan retorted.

"Don't say things that will make people misunderstand, what did I do to you?"

"Huh? You forgot?! How dare you forget!"

Charlotte shrieked.

"You were going to steal a maiden's precious object."

The students coughed up their food.


Nagisa scowled at him.

"You didn't do those things to Charlotte, right?"



"He also almost took your first kisses?!"

"First kiss?"

Nagisa, Natsuki, and Astrea continued.

"Oh, just the first kiss?"

The students were silent as they pondered about what the ladies said.

Just a kiss?


That means Scarlet Eyes didn't just go after T-rex, he went after his dolls.

And, it wasn't limited to just kisses.

The students started judging and respecting Wu Yan at the same time.

"Pervert! Major creepo! Unsalvageable lech, just die already!"

"Oh, I want to die right now."

Wu Yan rubbed his aching temples.

"Please, don't cause any more damage to my tattered reputation."

Natsuki, Nagisa, Astrea, and Charlotte got angry.

It's not slander, it's the truth.

Someone whispered near him.

"Pervy, horny bastard..."

"Like I said, it's not..."

Wu Yan turned around as his expression twisted.


The culprit of his women-pounding frenzy yesterday, Frey herself.

Frey had Rabi with her. She also had a basket, the contents of which intimidated him before he even took a look.

She was fidgeting as she offered up the sandwiches she made.

Wu Yan's face contorted in anguish.

"W-What is this here?"


Frey sneaked a glance.


"You used this tactic on me yesterday!"

Wu Yan turned his head the other way.

"No, take it back."

The lady with pearl white hair turned into stone. She slumped to the floor while crying and hugging Rabi.

"I am the one who wants to cry, okay?"

Wu Yan felt a panic attack hitting him.

"You know how badly you did me in yesterday? You must have put something in the sandwiches, right?"


Frey cried into Rabi's fur.

"You don't believe me..."

"You screwed me yesterday! How would I believe you?!"

Wu Yan changed the topic.

"Oh, it's just Rabi today?"

Frey replied.

"I placed them on rest to get ready for the fight tonight."

"The fight tonight?"

Wu Yan and the ladies asked.


Charlotte who was still stuck in Aegis interjected.

"You didn't forget, right? Tonight is the opening night of the Walpurgis Night."

Wu Yan recalled.


Wu Yan continued.

"That was tonight?"

"the battle between No.100 and No. 99."

Charlotte looked at Frey.

"Frey is fighting that guy from Japan."

All eyes were on Frey.

She gave them a strong smile that calmed their hearts down.

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