Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1654: A gorgeous morning

The next morning...

Wu Yan woke up as he felt low on male energy and a slight soreness in his lower back and legs.

Wu Yan woke up feeling different.

Soreness and lethargy aren't a good sign when waking up.

However, he felt like something soft pressed down on him.

Sleep paralysis?

No, this is too comfortable.

This softness, weight, and texture, are so familiar...

He opened his eyes and found someone using his chest as a hugging pillow. It was like a cat snuggled up with him. Except, this pussy was naked.

Wu Yan looked at her.

Nagisa is on top of him?

Isn't she supposed to be sleeping with Natsuki?

And, where are her clothes?

He tried to move a little.

But, he felt something heavy pressing down on all four limbs.

Two angels who are so angelic it's hard to imagine their figures could be so demonic laid on his arms, they had pink and white pairs of wings respectively.

They're also butt-naked.

Ikaros and Astrea used his arms as pillows.

Natsuki and Kanon were holding onto his legs. Their messy hair and sticky porcelain white but flushed bodies suggested that they were pretty roughed up by Wu Yan in bed last night too.

Natsuki, Ikaros, Astrea, Nagisa, and Kanon took up space all around him. They were deeply asleep too.

Wu Yan couldn't help but admire this heavenly scene.

The stench of his fallen future generations sticking onto the sheets, the ladies, and the pillow entered his nose.

He roamed his gaze over the room.

It is like a battlefield.

The ground, sofa, windowsill, and even the plants had clothes on them.

The air is also sultry with the smell of cum and female bodily fluid mixed into it.

He recalled how Frey drugged him and almost caused him to go to town on Charlotte.

He is glad that he didn't go through with the impulse.

He is also glad that he made it back or he would have probably done a lot of things to Freya or Charlotte.

In a way, he won.

Under normal circumstances, it would have been nigh impossible to bed all 5 of his ladies at once.

This is what they say when they say danger and opportunity are two sides of the same coin.

He recalled the things he did to his harem yesterday and he basked in the after glory.

He removed his arms from Ikaros and Astrea's embrace.

He also brought Nagisa up before standing.

"Wakey wakey, my wifeys~"

Wu Yan lightly slapped their faces.

The ladies all moaned sweetly before opening their eyes.


Nagisa stretched as a slight tinge came from her secret garden.



Kanon is also still hurting from being hollowed out by Wu Yan last night. She was also still tired so her mind remained in dreamland.

Natsuki, Ikaros, and Astrea were the first ones to wake up.

Ikaros and Astrea didn't get pounded for nothing last time. They also didn't need rest so with just a few hours of zzzs, they were up again.

They blushed at the same time.

Natsuki also woke up rapidly from the absurdity of the situation.

She recalled how the wolf went to town on all of them yesterday.


Nagisa and Kanon finally woke up and they quickly wrapped the blankets around themselves.

Wu Yan shivered when they glared daggers at him.

"Buster, you wanna explain yourself?"

Natsuki's calm but demanding voice told him it wasn't time to play dumb.

Natsuki is very angry with him.

"Pervert! Wolf! Dummy! Stupid idiot!"

nagisa ranted.

"You didn't give me time to mentally prepare, I am so angry with you."


Kanon is blushing while trying to cover herself and calm down the other two.

"Nagisa-chan, Minamiya-sensei, calm down..."

Natsuki and Nagisa stared continuously at Wu Yan.

Without magic, Nagisa and Natsuki can only do this for now. Otherwise, Natsuki wouldn't mind whipping him with her astral chains.

Wu Yan thought about his words.

"Okay, someone roofied me yesterday, you believe me?"

Ikaros also doubted him, the other ladies definitely weren't buying his crap.

A female student drugged him, a guy?

Is the lady trying to get laid?

It's possible but Wu Yan isn't someone who would pass up the chance to 6p his harem all night long.

"It's true. You should try to listen even if you don't believe me."

He tried his hardest to extricate himself.

"Do I look like a scum who would explode and let my carnal rage take over?"

Ikaros and Kanon excluded, the other 3 immediately replied.

"Yeah, you're not?"

Wu Yan almost spat out blood.

"Try to pretend you believe me!"

The whole place fell silent.


Natsuki snorted.

"At least you look genuine, I don't want to know the details, just know that there will be no next time!"


Wu Yan slapped his chest confidently.

"Next time, it will be with all of you happily joining in!"

Natsuki shrieked.

"Who would do that with you?!"

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