Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1652: Drugged, a damnable drug

Frey was sneaked into a nearby flower bush that was just tall and big enough to hide her. She thought nobody could see her.

Well, it's not like she is here to do anything fishy.

Plus, she is 100% going to get caught anyway.

She needs to be squatting, she was on her stomach, and her butt was outside the cover.

Anyone could see someone was hiding there.

Plus, her dogs were playing around her, giving her position away.

Even if someone tried to ignore her, anyone would notice the dogs.

Wu Yan was already out of the dorm by now. He expected Freya to spot him first.

In any case, she was still fixated on the window to his room.

Wu Yan was speechless, she had no guard whatsoever.

"I lose if I say anything."

Wu Yan approached the flower patch.

Frey was still oblivious, the Garm series stood up after noticing him.

Frey noticed a change in the atmosphere. She turned only to see Wu Yan staring back at her.

Wu Yan grinned.

"Playing hide and seek?"

Frey shook her head first. She tried to get up but her hands slipped. However, her mountains cushioned her fall for her.

"Uuu... that hurts..."

She rubbed her breasts while oblivious to the impact it had on other people.


Wu Yan instinctively gulped when he saw those racks on her.

"Frey, you came for me, yes?"


She stood up as the 5 dogs gathered near her. She beamed at him radiantly.

"Thanks for saving the dogs, my family, and Loki..."

"Ah, here to thank me, eh?"

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Ikaros asked me to help you so I did. Thank Ikaros, she might be happy to hear it."


Frey looked in the direction of the window.

"Where is Ikaros?"

"In my room..."

Wu Yan smiled.

"What, you wanna see her?"


Frey hesitated before shaking her head.

"Please tell her I said thank you."

"Oh, it's fine."

She wanted to help Frey because she touched Ikaros' heart. The two were on a similar wavelength.

Ikaros isn't used to hanging out with people.

It's not bad to have the two airheads together, right?

Wu Yan liked the idea of Ikaros making a new friend.

Frey brought out a bamboo basket.

It had delicious sandwiches in it.

"It's my thanks."

Frey passed the treats over with an elated look.

"You want me to eat?"

"These treats?"

He picked one up without a doubt. He stuffed it down and decided he would talk with Ikaros regarding Frey later.

But, he just sealed his fate.

A strange heat came from the grub he just ate.

His mind went pale from the stimulant.

Wu Yan changed his expression.

Green, black, red, green, and finally white.

Wu Yan backed off.

"Y-You put poison in these?"

"Not poison."

Frey said panickedly.

"Why is it so unnerving then?"

Wu Yan pointed a finger at her.

"I can't taste any conditioning or material used in this, what did you put in this thing?!"

A strange surge of heat came from within.

Wu Yan thought she was joking about medicine.

Poison can't kill him.

It's not poison, it's something else.

He felt his mind going blur as he snarled at her.

"What did you put in this?!"

"Is it working?"

Frey looked meek but her red eyes were excited to see the changes.

Frey gave him an incredible answer.

"I don't know what medicine I put in there."

Frey tilted her head.

"The medical professors said it enhanced the reproductive ability of male horses and bulls..."

"Bulls and horses?!"

Wu Yan yelled.

Isn't that just potent aphrodisiac and other baby-making materials?

It isn't a toxin so his regen didn't kick in, it enhanced his divine spear and virility.

He was being enhanced but he slowly lost his grip on reality.,

Frey's feminine and floral scent tickled his nose. He is very turned on by her.

"Oh, good god!"

Wu Yan yelled.

"You doomed me!"

On the verge of pushing her into the flower bed and unleashing powerful thrusts into her baby room, Wu Yan chose to run first before he does something he regrets.

Frey looked a bit dejected.

"I failed."

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