Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1651: Cultivation, ladies peeking in

Walpurgis Academy, Tortoise Dormitory...

In the room where the student modified the half-floor into a spacious suite on par with the best in the academy, the 5 ladies took up the sofa, bed, and other areas.

The area is just enough to house 5 people so the room is never quiet or desolate.

Even Nagisa who is usually talkative kept her mouth shut.

They looked at one of the beds here.

Wu Yan sat there with legs crossed, his mana was filling up the room.

Wu Yan cultivated his magic power.

In the fight against Bronson, he didn't use the ladies' powers, he used his own abilities.

For instance, psychokinesis consumed a lot of magic power, he threw a ton of weapons around and even folded his iron sand into a giant sword at the end of the fight.

This is already very taxing for even vampires who have a lot of magic power to spare.

Wu Yan might be the True Ancestor-class vampire, a peak entity, but the consumption was still manageable.

Then, he used the Limited Installation of the Berserker class.

After throwing out a psychokinesis-enhanced giant sword, a feat that would normally drain a noble-class vampire, he used Installation too.

To install a class card, he needed to have a Magic Suit in place.

He had to form one from his magic power just to install the card.

Rin and Luvia were already baffled when he first used this.

To use pure mana to construct a magic suit is beyond superhuman.

Even a True Ancestor would be tired of the mana used in such a move.

Psychokinesis arsenal, Psychokinesis Noble Phantasm giant sword, and Berserker Installation.

3 feats demanding extreme mana reserves.

Although he wasn't completely exhausted, he used up a ton of magic power.

After such a great opportunity to enhance his mana, why wouldn't anyone attempt to keep the massive gains such a large drawdown promised?

After all, the more mana the better for the caster.

Natsuki, Ikaros, Astrea, Nagisa, and Kanon watched as Wu Yan steadily increased his mana through cultivation.

Nagisa and Astrea started whispering.

"When is Onii-san ending his training?"

Nagisa grumbled.

"I am famished from last night. There is no kitchen here, otherwise, I would have made curry rice myself."


The moment Nagisa mentioned food, Astrea, or her stomach, answered first.

"I am so hungry..."


Kanon asked them.

"How about some tea first?"

"Tea just makes them hungrier."

Natsuki protested, a tea-lover like her wouldn't let an enjoyable pastime become an emergency ration.

"Ikaros, you've been watching over him since yesterday, shouldn't you take a rest? Come, have some tea with me."


Ikaros answered but she looked at Wu Yan, she spared Natsuki only a second of attention.

"Your loyalty is admirable but slightly over the top."

Natsuki bitterly laughed.

"You lucky bastard, how many lifetimes of karma did you exchange for someone so devoted like this?"

Wu Yan couldn't hear her, his magic power cultivation was too loud and he was too focused on his reserves.

Slowly, the mana that permeated the room returned to Wu Yan.

This is the sign of him coming out of his cultivation.

Natsuki and Kanon sat up straight. Nagisa and Astrea got down from the bed while Ikaros approached Wu Yan.

The mana waves retreated back into Wu Yan as the slight aura lingering on him gave him a monk's vibe.

He opened his eyes as a golden flash replaced his red eyes.


Like waking up from a good rest, his bones cracked as he assessed the gains he made this time. Not bad, he reckoned.


Ikaros who rejected tea before, passed him a cup immediately.


"Thanks, Ikaros."

Wu Yan received it gratefully.

"Good job, Onii-chan (Master)!"

Nagisa and Astrea said next.

"Is the training over?"

"Yeah, it is."

Wu Yan rubbed their heads.

"Sorry for making you all wait."

"Hmm, I see, you made some progress."

Natsuki also praised Wu Yan.

"Oh, it's not just us waiting for you."

"Not just you?"

Wu Yan tilted his head.


Kanon reported.

"Someone has been waiting for you outside. We invited her in but she refused and insisted on waiting outside."

"What the heck? Just come in."

Wu Yan scratched his head. He looked into the courtyard from his window.

A lady with pearl-white hair sat in the courtyard, her dogs behind her gave her position away. She might be pretending to peek but those dogs and the thin tree couldn't hide her.

Wu Yan chuckled when he saw the assassin-wannabe lady.

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