Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1650: Happiness returned

Walpurgis Academy, Medical Center.

Frey woke up from her slumber. She opened her eyes to see a very unfamiliar ceiling.

As her groggy mind slowly cleared up, she tried to assess her situation with her slowly buffering brain.

Frey mumbled.

"Have I been kidnapped?"

"Leave the silly talk for after you get out of the hospital."

Frey's remark was met by a sarcastic comment nearby.

Frey shot up to see a female Officer Lady-type woman in white garb staring back at her.

"Professor Kimberly?"

"You woke up eh?"

Kimberly seemed unfazed by Frey's condition.

"Can you recall what happened before you blacked out?"

Frey tilted her head as she thought about it.

Frey finally recalled the duel between Wu Yan and Loki.

Because her blood was suddenly turned into mana, Rabi went berserk.

Frey started panicking again.

"Rabi, what happened to my dog?!"

"Calm down."

Kimberly showed the dog behind her.

"Your dog is right here."

Frey was in a patient's room.

Frey was bandaged heavily but she felt fine.

Rabi is also sleeping nearby with bandages covering it.


Frey jumped down to touch Rabi.

Frey felt faint breathing and Rabi was warm so her dog automaton is still alive.

"iT's fine, Dog Princess."

Kimberly assured her.

"Your mana overwhelmed your dog, it almost died from heart injuries."

Frey flinched.

Eve's Heart injuries?

Is her dog beyond salvation?

"Fortunately for you, you met a guardian angel."

Kimberly sighed.

"I don't know what Magic Circuit is installed in that doll of Scarlet Eyes, that female doll had the powers to reverse injuries to Eve's Heart. I doubt you can find anyone who can do this in the entire world."


Frey asked in hesitance.


"Your dog's fine."

Kimberly said.

"Yeah, Scarlet Eyes used an unknown magic to heal you and your dog."


Frey thanked her.


"Don't thank me."

Kimberly seemed distant but she just didn't want thanks for someone else's work.

"Plus, thanks won't be enough after you hear more."

She looked at the door.

As the door slowly opened, she gasped.

Loki entered and sighed in relief after roaming his gaze over Frey who is alive and kicking.

Loki brought with him 4 more dogs other than Cherubim.

There are Dacschund, German Shepherd, Great Dand, and a Herding dog in armor wagging their tails at her.

Frey started sobbing when she saw the dogs.

"Riviara, Luvi, Liwinna, Robin..."

She called out the names of her Garm Series dog friends.





The dogs started rubbing themselves all over her.

She couldn't believe it, all her furry friends were here with her. She gave each one a big hug as tears welled up in her eyes.

"The other dogs are still undergoing medical checks since they're not used to physical movements from being caged up all the time. But, after physical training and some monitoring, they should be able to visit you."

Loki turned around.

"Your family is all fine and present."

Frey tried to stop him.


"Don't thank me!"

Loki shut her up.

"Scarlet Eyes busted them out! Not me!"


Loki glanced at her.

"The Divine Works is liquidated."

Frey couldn't believe her ears.

"The foster father did something to our hearts. The magic association found out about the failed test subjects and the remains of the unfortunate failed subjects."

Loki grimly said.

"With banned topic research and murder as the crimes, he will be severely punished and jailed away."

"He can no longer restrict our freedom."

Loki warmly said, the first hint of any kindness he had shown until now.

"There is no need for you to join the Walpurgis Night anymore. You don't have to hurt yourself anymore."


Frey understood why Loki tried to destroy Rabi, he was forcing her to quit the Walpurgis Night.

Loki is a tsundere.

His true intention was to keep his sister out of harm's way, even if it meant becoming the bad guy who destroyed the physical body of Rabi.

He cared for her deeply enough that he would go against his principles to hit a weaker one.

Frey started crying hard again.

"T-Thank you so much..."

"I said it, you should thank someone else!"

Loki replied coldly.

"Hurry up and get better. Your dogs are still waiting for you!"

Loki left without turning back with Cherubim.

"I have already registered the dog automata as your property."

Kimberly smiled.

"Someone said you should have custody over them."

Frey nodded while wiping away the tears in her eyes.

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