Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1649: Shooting the Hundred Heads


The broken Lucifer was disarmed, its body was in tatters.

Bronson backed away in shock.

A supersonic combo attacks of 8 slashes in less than a second.

How is this possible?


Even for the highest-spec automaton, to deliver such speedy attacks was impossible.

At least, Bronson never saw any dolls capable of this level of attack.

And, that human is his opponent.

Bronson calmed himself down.

Wu Yan made a fatal error.

Automata aren't humans.

As long as the Eve Heart is intact, even a headless doll can be repaired.

Lucifer might be damaged but the Eve's heart is there so he can still fight.

But, Bronson miscalculated.

Nine Lives is the technique-type Noble Phantasm born from Hercules' attempt to kill the Hydra which resurrected every time one took down one of its heads.

Hercules adapted this style to every weapon: sword, axe, spear, bare fists.

The essence of this Noble Phantasm is to unleash 9 blows at godspeed.

An attack from a noble Phantasm.

Wu Yan only slashed 8 out of a total of 9.


Wu Yan pierced the broken doll one more time.


Bronson saw a bolt of light exiting his doll.

That bolt of light hit the doll's chest area.

Bronson heard the sound of his doll's Eve's heart breaking apart.

The bolt of light returned to its sword axe form, decimating what remained of Lucifer in that last attack.

Lucifer was skewered by his attack.

Bronson turned pale with fear.


The doll exploded into more broken chunks of metal.

The head rolled in front of Bronson.

He had lost.

Lost to a brat who didn't even bring his automata. He lost to the brat who blackmailed him. He lost to the brat he tried to assassinate.

Wu Yan brandished the sword axe. He slowly walked in Bronson's direction.

"That is the power of One, was it entertaining?"

Bronson looked left and right, trying to scout out an escape route.

But, he gave up on that idea.

He was facing someone who could unleash 9 attacks in less than a split second.

Even if he was quick, the attacks were quicker than him so escape is futile.

"I lost."

Bronson admitted.

"Do you really want to kill me"

Wu Yan got closer with the sword axe.

"Even if you exposed me, there is no benefit for you."

Bronson started sweating hard.

"You want the Garm series, right? You can have them. Did you want to avenge Frey? You got your revenge, there is no point in continuing this fight, right?"

Wu Yan still said nothing. He encroached on Bronson like a predator claiming his prey.

"Frey's heart was modified by me, only I can return it back to normal. You need me!"

Bronson got desperate.

"If you wish, I can return it back to its original form."

No matter what he said, Wu Yan just stared straight at him.


Bronson pleaded.

"Is there a need to be so stubborn about this?"

Wu Yan grinned.

Bronson knew Wu Yan wasn't going to let him get away.

He will die if he doesn't come up with something good.

Bronson reached into his pocket and pulled out a gun on Wu Yan. He fired without hesitation.



A sword axe deflected the bullet.


Gasping, Bronson did his last move of the battle.


The sword axe smacked him from the side.


Bronson landed heavily some distance away from the hard smack.


Someone grabbed his hand from the side.

"He is a sinful man but killing him will put you in trouble."

Kimberly assured him.

"Leave this to me."

Kimberly already had control of the situation. Killing Bronson against Kimberly's wishes is just kicking a dead horse at this point.

"Okay, Miss Kimberly from the Magic Association."

Kimberly bitterly laughed.

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