Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1610: Chaotic competition

Tortoise dormitory...

"In the end, I got myself into trouble again."

Wu Yan looked at the black gloves he had equipped.

The fingerless gloves had "Crimson Eyes" emblazoned on it.

"Crimson eyes..."

He pursed his lips.

"Can't they give me a better title? Using my eye color as the title just sounds so half-assed."

"Well, I like it."

Nagisa tilted her head. Kanon and Ikaros assisted her with sorting and organizing the laundry.

"In our world, the Second Primogenitor is known as the Fall Gazer. You're a True Ancestor too, you should have a cool epithet."

"I want Avrora's title. Kaleid Blood sounds like a kickass name. I don't know why they called her that when she's such a cutie."

"That's the Fourth Primogenitor's title."

Natsuki thought back on her days on Itogami Island.

"Rejoice, you're not like Raishin, you could have obtained a worse title. Or, would you rather be called the Last One (last in rankings)?"



Astrea was lying on her stomach. She asked him a question while he sneaked a glance at the lucky bed that had two jugs being pressed into it.

"Are you joining that what-cha-thinga-majig Night?"

"The Walpurgis Night?"

Wu Yan shook his head.

"Nah, sounds like a hassle. Plus, becoming Satan won't help my Path of Demigod."

"A farce like that is beneath you."

Natsuki laid back against her sofa.

"You're No.4, imagine how long it's going to take forever you to go up the stage."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Does rank affect your timing to go up?"

"Yeah, the school spent a lot of time to devise this system."

Natsuki explained.

"Gauntlet holders are given special privileges, the higher your rank, the more privileges you get. In terms of order of battle, the higher the rank the better"


Nagisa, Astrea, and Kanon stopped to listen. Ikaros also looked at Natsuki.

"Since you ladies want to hear, I don't mind telling."

Natsuki continued.

"The Walpurgis Nights will use a School Rumble format."

"School rumble?"

"If I remember correctly, this is the mode where a new participant is added to every set interval. Apparently, this is to keep the audience coming back for more."


"The first night is where the 100th go up against the 99th. Then, regardless of whether any contestants were eliminated or not. The 98th will join on the second night."

Wu Yan chimed in.

"This goes on and on for the next night with the 97th coming in."

"The fight begins at 0000 and ends at 0059. This continues until the last contestant."

The more the survivors, the greater the ensuing chaos.

There are even cases where low rankers team up to gank top rankers.

"Isn't this easy to game?"

Kanon asked.

"If someone keeps delaying, can't the participant just obtain a hidden trump card and wait until the No.1 comes and then defeat the guy to claim the Satan title?"

"If the 100th can last that long, anyway... It would be astonishing in another way for him to last that long."

"The 100th Ranker is also the only one without a privilege."


Nagisa, Kanon, and Astrea tilted their heads.

"A higher-ranked student can choose to not appear on the battlefield."

Natsuki explained.

"This means the lower-ranked student needs to stand in the arena for an hour before he can leave and get ready for the second night."

Astrea and the ladies got the gist.

"If the 100th ranker wanted to talk his way to the end of the Walpurgis Nights, he would have to stay in the arena for 100 hours without getting knocked out."

Wu Yan chimed in again.

"The 50 - 100th rankers can rely on grades to participate but the top 49th are powerful fighters. Against the top rankers, if the low-ranking player can continue unabated like this then he would undoubtedly be a Satan in matchmaking and gaming prowess."

"Plus, in a hypothetical situation where the 49th meets the bottom 50 students, the 49th can choose to abstain from battle while the rest must wait an hour to leave."

Natsuki analyzed with glee.

"Under this situation, the No.4 will only have to appear 4 nights before the last."

"Nah, that isn't set in stone."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"High-rankers can choose to take a lower rank. For example, if I wanted to, I could appear on the 1st night by taking on the rank of the 99th."


Kanon looked at Wu Yan with her beautiful eyes.

"Sen-, Onii-sama, are you joining?"

"Don't have to."

He sighed while looking at his gloves.

"I will do as I see fit."

Ikaros, Natsuki, Astrea, Nagisa, and Kanon nodded in unison.

For the ladies, joining the Nights depended on what Wu Yan had to say.

If he's joining then they're joining too.


His window was pelted by something.

Natsuki glanced in that direction.

"It's that young lady, I am sure."

"I guess so."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"She's the closest thing I have to a friend. I am sure the others know well to stay clear of me. And, this sounds like her Modus Operandi."

"Go take a look."

Natsuki pursed her lips.

"I am sure she has something on her mind."

"Is she troubled?"

Nagisa, Kanon, and Astrea couldn't help but ask.

Natsuki can read Charlotte like a book.


Wu Yan stood up.

"I will go take a look..."


ikaros stood up too.

Wu Yan patted her head.

"It's fine, I can do this myself."


Ikaros nodded obediently.

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