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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1506: The reason, an alternate personality

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“Explain yourself!”

Illya shrieked at the sight of Kuro blissfully clinging to Wu Yan’s arm.

“You said weird stuff, did weird things, tried to KILL ME, and you forcefully kissed Onii-san, what is your aim?!”

“Ara, I thought I already explained myself.”

Kuro had a cool smile on. She expected as much from Illya.

“That was to absorb mana from Onii-chan.”


Illya gnashed her teeth like a growling kitten. However, she still looked cute despite her attempt to scare Kuro.

“Moreover, why did you have to do that to get mana?”

“Naive, so naive it’s scary.”

Kuro pursed her lips.

“Do you think anyone could supply magic power like Ruby and Sapphire?”

“Why did it have to be Onii-san?”

Illya blushed as she voiced her thoughts on the matter.

“You used my face to…”


Kuro snickered.

“I sense jealousy. Are you jelly that I stole Onii-chan’s lips?”


Illya started steaming.

“No, it’s not like that.”

The other ladies looked at Wu Yan with cold, distant, and judging looks.

I am innocent.

He wanted to shout but he knew it was useless.

During the whole process, the ladies saw him getting tongued by an alternate Illya.

No matter how one sliced it, he benefited from that interaction so he is guilty no matter what.

He endured this injustice. Then, he asked Kuro who was humming happily while still hugging his arm.

“Kuro-chan, can you please tell us what just happened?”

Kuro stopped humming.

“If I didn’t guess incorrectly, you used the magic power you absorbed to stop yourself from fading away, right?”

He frowned.

“Why was that?”

“Ah, It should be obvious.”

Kuro’s smile dimmed down a bit.

“I was never an existence in this plane of existence. Thus, I had to pay a price to stay here.”

“A price?”

Rin knitted her brows.

“You paid mana to live?”


Kuro pressed her left hand against her chest.

“The class card, Illya’s Phantasm summon transformation, and a pinch of luck, that was how I was born.”

“My existence is similar to the Heroic Spirits you fought. I need mana to continue existing.”

Kuro explained.

“Heroic spirits could absorb mana from the dragon vein in the Mirror World. I cannot do that. I need to take mana from other people.”

“In other words…”

Luvia growled.

“You stole mana from other people?”

She nodded.

“That is too reckless!”

Rin scolded her.

“Mana exists in everyone but if you wantonly stole it from people then you might cause mana-fatigue sickness or even reduce people’s lifespan from excessive mana stealing, do you realize the consequences of your actions?!”

“I don’t need you to tell me that! I know when to stop!”

Kuro yelled back.

“FYI, I sustained myself with the magic I took from Illya. I never stole mana until today when my reserves ran out.”


Kuro revealed a victorious smile. She rubbed her face on Wu Yan’s arm.

“Onii-chan has a ton of magic power. The density of his mana blew my mind away! With this guy near me, I don’t have to worry about mana supply anymore.”

Kuro looked at him with puppy eyes.

“I gave you my first kiss, Onii-chan, you need to take responsibility, okay?”

He closed his eyes as if to escape this situation.

He can already guess what his ladies would say.


He looked at her.

“What are you?”

Everyone listened.

This is the most important question.

Wu Yan asked this multiple times.

Maybe, after settling her survival issue and her vendetta against Illya, she will finally answer.

“I am Illya.”

Kuro said.

“Specifically, I am an alternate personality that existed within Illya.”

“Alternate personality born from weird coincidences.”

Rin and Luvia turned dark.

“Illya’s mind…”

Miyu turned to Illya.

“Another personality?”

Illya gasped.

“But, I never knew, you never exhibited yourself.”

“I said it, my existence was out of various incredible coincidences.”

“Anyway, some individuals decided unilaterally to have me sealed away. I would have never sprung into existence if you didn’t unlock that seal with your incredible will.”

“Sealed away?”

Rin gasped.

“There is a seal inside Illya?”

“Give me more details!”

Illya grumbled.

“Who are these ‘some individuals’, what do you mean by seals? What do you mean I forced you to carry pain and the past?”


Kuro shrugged.

“I don’t know…”


Illya was outraged.

“Since you keep blaming me, you could at least tell me what I did wrong!”


Kuro denied her request.

“I knew from the start that you couldn’t be faulted. I was just tricking myself.”

Illya sagged down powerlessly.


Wu Yan sighed before rubbing Chloe’s head.

“Anyway, Kuro-chan. Now that we’ve settled this issue and Illya’s innocent. Please don’t attack her anymore, okay?”


Kuro looked at Illya one more time before acquiescing to Wu yan’s request.


Illya and everyone else sighed in relief.

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