Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1505: The proactive loli

Kuro looked like she was evaporating.

The orange steam made her go increasingly transparent.


Everyone gasped.

“What’s going on here?!”


Wu Yan approached her.

It looks bad.

Kuro turned pale as she felt her existence fading. She panicked and struggled.

“Release me! Quickly, release me!”

“What? Why?”

Illya also panicked.

“What is happening?!”


He grabbed her fading shoulder.

“What’s wrong?!”

“Release me, Onii-chan! Let me go!”

The terror in her eyes told him this wasn’t a ruse.

He wanted to unbind her.


Luvia stopped him.

“What if she runs away?”

“I won’t! Please, I won’t!”

Kuro pleaded.

“I beg you, Onii-chan, release me.”

“Fuck it!”

He bit the bullet.

“If she runs, I will catch her again.”

He fired two magic beams at her bindings, cutting her loose.


The circles broke apart.

The moment Kuro fell, she slumped forward into Wu Yan’s embrace.

However, Kuro didn’t stop there. She pushed him down before straddling him.


Before he could say anything, Kuro pressed her lips against Wu Yan’s mouth.

A kiss!

Wu Yan, Illya, Miyu, Hinagiku, and Mikoto couldn’t believe their eyes. Rin and Luvia gasped.

Even Sapphire and Ruby stopped hovering.

Kuro took advantage of this stopped moment to go about her business.


Kuro wrapped her tiny arms around his neck. She pushed herself up against him as if to get closer.

Her little tongue flicked around inside Wu Yan’s oral cavity. The two were fencing with their tongues.

The living room fell silent.

They weren’t sure how to process this situation.

What is Kuro doing?

He wanted to shove her away but he sensed something.

She is actively draining his magic power.

Slowly but surely, Kuro was stealing his magic power.

Although the amount was minuscule, the dense magical energy gave kuro a swift recovery. Her fading body turned tangible again.

He got the gist of her plan.

It seems she needed mana to support her existence. Once she runs out of magic power, she will fade like just now.

She must have drained her reserves fighting against the ladies.

So, he relinquished control of his body and allowed Kuro to do as she pleased.

In seconds, Kuro absorbed magic power equivalent to a mage’s entire reserve. This should have been enough for a few months of non-feeding activity.

Yet, Wu Yan exhibited no signs of mana exhaustion or discomfort.

She also got a taste of the energy within him.

It felt like she was sipping from an ocean of magic power.

Not just that, but his magic power’s density is awe-inspiring.

Each drop would be enough to refill an average mage’s magic power reserves.

It wasn’t a question of how much she should suck out of him, rather, it was a question of how much Kuro can take.

If an average mage can supply her with 10 days of energy then the amount she just sucked from Wu Yan gave her enough juice to live for more than a year at a time.

That is the disparity in magic density and magic volume Wu Yan can supply.

It blew her mind that someone with so much magic power was so close to her.

Of course, she didn’t know that Wu Yan was a True Ancestor with magic power to spare. His magic cultivation technique also gave him immense magic power reserves, density, and regeneration.

Plus, he was baptized by the Miraculous Pool and received the augmentations from Avalon Draconic Bloodline. Even other True Ancestors would be hard-pressed to beat him in the magic power department. It wasn’t wrong to say he was the king of magic in this aspect.

His attainment in magic power accumulation surpassed even his Red Jade mode and Vassal Beasts.

In about a dozen seconds, Kuro was back in her usual appearance.


She parted lips with him, leaving a trail of silvery stick strands between them as proof of the debauched acts they did moments ago.


Kuro was heaving with misty eyes, her rosy cheeks suggested the experience was nothing less than ecstatic rapture.

“I can’t live without you anymore…”

Wu Yan’s lips started twitching when he heard that.

The ladies surrounded him, their eyes were filled with anger, negative bias, frostiness, embarrassment, and a mix of other emotions.

But, they judged him nonetheless.


He cried…

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